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Rose Davis

"Life lived too seriously is no life at all, so dream a little."

0 · 372 views · located in Metro City

a character in “EIDOLON”, as played by Ketsueki Tora


"Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless."


Hair: Dark Brown, wavy, and falls to her mid-back
Eyes: Blue-Green
Build:Slim Athletic
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 117 lbs
Handed: Right
Body Markings: none
Scar Tissue: none
Unique Body Features:"Hey. Everyone's unique, right?"
Clothing Style: Her style is relatively simply and relaxed, and she goes light on the makeup, though she usually wears mascara and a little eyeliner. Her closet consists of T-shirts, jeans, button-ups, hoodies, a handful of skirts, and a couple of dresses (though the skirts and dresses are rarely worn). She usually keeps her hair either down naturally or up in a ponytail, as she's to lazy to actually do anything with it.

Despite her simple style, she loves Halloween makeup, cosplay, and vintage fashion. You most likely will never see her in these things, though.

Rose Davis

None as of yet


Visual Age

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation

Power Ranking

Magnetism Manipulation - 4
Tin Mimicry - 2


Rose enjoys being around people. She doesn’t even have to be interacting with them. Simply being in the same room as another person while they completely ignore each other is okay with her. Whether they have a conversation or sit in silence doesn’t matter. She also really loves to watch and observe people. She finds it entertaining to see their reactions to different things. At the same time, though, she finds people to be extremely annoying. Exhausting, even, and will sometimes withdraw and isolate herself. Stupid people annoy her as well as people who refuse to or can’t see/understand either her logic or creativity. She doesn’t like strict guidelines or rules either, so she finds it very irritating when someone tries to give her orders or tries to “correct” her way of doing something.

Sarcasm envelopes most of her thoughts, though she doesn’t always voice her sarcasm, as she thinks it usually doesn’t go across very well. Plus, not everyone can decipher between when she’s being serious and when she’s being sarcastic, which can be annoying. However, she absolutely loves it when she can have completely sarcastic, nonsensical, and/or witty conversations with a person. On the flip side, it frustrates her when she's trying to be serious and someone else is sarcastic or joking towards her.

As somewhat of an introvert, it's natural for her to be quiet or reserved around people. That said, if she's hyper, excited, or feels comfortable around a person, she can be talkative and/or invasive. She's also pretty open and has no qualms sharing her opinion and telling exactly what she thinks. However, she usually doesn't care enough to share it unless either someone asks her directly or if she's annoyed or emotionally hyped. When she feels comfortable with/likes a person, personal space kind of vanishes. She'll start to constantly poke, hug, etc. without really thinking about it. Sometimes she'll realize she's invading someone's personal space, and apologize as not everyone is okay with or enjoys constant physical interaction. She herself prefers having her own personal space when not comfortable around a person, so she understands. Controlling her automatic reactions and impulses are not always a simply thing, though.

Rose is an open-minded person, full of imagination and creativity, and is always willing to listen to ideas and opposing points of view. She's good at simply accepting people and seeing where they're coming from. However, she herself is very firmly grounded in her own beliefs, so it takes a lot to change her point of view on serious issues. She doesn't like for people to continuously challenge her beliefs, and it very much annoys her when someone persistently tries to change her. She has her own logic and reasoning to how she thinks, so when someone downplays or insults her logic, it frustrates her. Especially when the other party's point is based in emotion rather than actual logic. Also, she quickly loses respect for people who are quick to share their opinions and ideas, and yet won't allow others to do the same. She also sees being offensive and being disrespectful as two separate things entirely, as people tend to be "offended" by everything they disagree with. She couldn't care less about offending you.

While Rose has a lot of difficulty forming deep and/or lasting emotional connections with people, she very quickly and easily attaches herself to them. When she's in public or in a group, she'll naturally gravitate towards one person, and will stick with and seek that person out in future social situations. However, if her best friend, sibling, or whatever moves away and she never sees them again, it doesn't bother her in the slightest. She says it's an "out of sight, out of mind" kind of thing. She still cares for them, but she doesn't usually think about people if she isn't around them. Too many things are already taking up her thoughts. She's not good at making emotional connections, so when people leave, she might feel sad for a second, but that's all. They simply become absent from her everyday life, almost as if they stop existing. This isn't to say that she doesn't have emotions. She simply moves on quickly. Like I said, she attaches herself quite easily to people, and believe me. Those people have the power to hurt her deeply (though she'll try to cover it up) and cause her to withdraw for a little while.

Rose isn't a pacifist, though she's always thought fighting was stupid and useless, as it accomplishes and solves nothing, but usually creates more problems. At least, that's her opinion. Despite this, she very much enjoys violence, blood and gore, and dark humor. Some of her randomness and sarcasm stems from this. She's extremely imaginative and creative, and is always thinking and coming up with new ideas. She doesn't always know how to explain her thoughts verbally, though, and is often daydreaming. When she's daydreaming, she hates to be interrupted by anything because she's so focused on the story playing out in her mind. "What ifs" as well as her writing stem from this. She understands reality, but (or maybe because of that) she doesn't like to take life too seriously most of the time.

Also, though she prides herself on being logical and calm, she's randomly emotional for seemingly no reason at all. In fact, her emotions change rather quickly at times, though she doesn't really realize it. Excited one minute, annoyed the next, and then depressed... She always ends up back in a quite and calm state at some point, though.
Moral Alignment
Neutral Good/Chaotic

She's motivated by multiple things: 1) her own morals, convictions, and logic, 2) doing the "right thing" avoids people and annoyances that she feels are a waste of time, 3) she wants to make something of herself and live rather than simply exist, and 4) fear.

  • People say she "writes like a left handed person" because of how she holds pens and pencils
  • In public/a group, she usually attaches herself to one person (who she's more familiar with or who makes her feel more comfortable), and will naturally gravitate towards or seek them out in future public/group settings.
  • Tends to categorize people as either idiots or non-idiots with no in-betweens, and it has nothing to do with the person's intellect or anything, but rather with whether or not she likes them.
  • Is always chewing gum (specifically the green EXTRA Spearmint gum)
  • pokes, hugs, etc. people she is especially comfortable with, with no regard for their personal space
  • Has a very slight Southern accent (barely detectable, but becomes obvious occasionally)
  • Will randomly start humming or singing lyrics/melodies that pop into her head

  • misunderstandings
  • betrayal
  • losing consciousness (Well, rather the feeling of losing consciousness. To her, it feels like her brain is shutting down, and she has an automatic panic reaction)
  • rejection
  • having no purpose
  • failure

  • Anime/Manga
  • Cats
  • Cloudy Days
  • Coffee
  • Cosplay
  • Daydreaming
  • Fire
  • Mexican Food
  • Music (most types besides screamo and rap)
  • Patterns and Designs
  • People (they are interesting and she enjoys their company)
  • Physical Contact
  • Reading
  • Sarcasm
  • Sharp Objects
  • Sports
  • Violence/Blood
  • Video Games (does not like shooting, racing, or sports games)
  • "What-Ifs"
  • Writing

  • Arrogance
  • Being Challenged/Questioned
  • Being continuously ignored
  • Being ordered around
  • Bugs
  • Conflict
  • Getting lost
  • Having to explain herself
  • Her slight accent and/or her state being made fun of
  • Misunderstandings
  • Needles
  • Not being taken seriously when she wants to be
  • People (they are annoying and exhausting)
  • People saying "I would die" or "I don't know" and such to her "What-Ifs"
  • Planning Things
  • Sleeping
  • Someone being too serious
  • Strict rules
  • Tardiness
  • Very emotional people/situations

Writing: Whether it's to create, organize her thoughts, explain something, inspire, apologize, debate, or whatever, writing has always been her best outlet.
Cooking: She has a talent for experimenting with food, and rarely has an experiment failed. Plus, she was raised on good Southern cooking.
Voice: Her voice is her instrument, and she's been using it for as long as she can remember.
Accuracy/hand-eye coordination: .

C O M B A T || P R O W E S S

Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Hand-to-Hand Combat:Poor
She used to play sports, but that's about it.

Melee Combat:Very Poor
She doesn't have much experience, though she used to fight with her brothers, and though she loves knives and such.

Ranged Combat:Below Average.
She took archery in college, but only for one semester, and has never really touched a gun.

Control Over Power:


Group Affiliation

Marital Status

Mom/Sarah Davis/53
Dad/Allen Davis/55
Younger Brother/Joshua Davis/21
Older Brother/Zachary Davis/28
Grandmother/Roslyn Kanger/86
Grandfather/Jonathan Kanger/Deceased

Tennessee - USA

Student: Has English BA, a Psychology minor, and is now in the first year of her Masters Program for Library Science
Freelance writer working part time at a cafe

Rose was born in Memphis, Tennessee as what most people in the South know as a PT kid, meaning her father was a pastor and her mother was a teacher. They were both good and genuine people who loved and cared for their children, so Rose had a relatively good early childhood with her brothers (Zach and Josh). As an outstanding little girl, she made friends quite easily, so had little trouble when she first started school. However, the first in a chain of events that would end up shifting her personality happened when she was six. There was a misunderstanding between her and her best friend, who was the most popular girl in the class. Rather than working the problem out and being fiends again, the girl chose to turn the entire class against her. At six, Rose became an outcast. Too young to understand complex feelings and concepts such as betrayal, trust, loneliness, and such, she thought what she felt was simply a little sad and very annoyed. She decided that if they were going to ignore her existence, then she would ignore theirs as well. Left alone, the only thing she had to keep her company and to entertain her was her imagination.

A year later, Rose and her family moved to a very small town in middle Tennessee after her father accepted a pastoral position there. Her brothers were quite upset. Rose, however, could barely contain her excitement. They were moving to a new place with new people and, most importantly, away from the people who'd hurt her. Like before, making friends was quite easy, as everyone seemed to want to be friends with the new girl. It was a pleasant surprise for her, and she again ended up being best friends with the most popular girl in class. After two years of getting attached, she again was betrayed by her best friend because of a misunderstanding. This time, the result was that she was kicked out of their friend group, which was devastating to the young girl. She responded emotionally and verbally at first, trying to explain herself and call her friend out on a bluff. However, it wasn't a bluff, and she experienced the same hurt, betrayal, and loneliness as before. She didn't want to lose another friend, but it became painfully obvious after a while of being accepted back into the group only to be rejected again, that their bond was absent and could not be repaired. She subconsciously reached the decision that the only people she could trust were her family. Everyone else would hurt her. With that set into her being, for everyone she met and every friend she made, there was an invisible wall. Nothing really changed very noticeably about her besides the fact that she became a little quieter and seemed to daydream more. Besides that, she seemed to be the same outgoing, imaginative little girl whose hobby was meeting new people and making friends.

Things were pretty peaceful for the rest of elementary school, and she ended up attaching herself to a girl who happened to be the daughter of another teacher in the school. When they reached middle school, however, the girl started ignoring her. This time, though, when her best friend left, she hardly felt anything at all. She'd expected something like this to happen, after all, and had her invisible wall to "protect" her. The years during middle school, though, were in all the hardest three years of her life. The last thing she still trusted began to fall apart: her family.

It all started with her older brother entering into the rebellious stage. With strict but loving Christian parents who expected their children to respect them and follow the rules, this created lots of tension, arguing, and yelling.

((end of edited part - still editing the rest))

This is when she started to become quieter. Especially after a teacher yelled at her for talking when a boy had asked her for a pencil, and after her emotionally stressed out mother started to be touchy about everything. Rose tended to get the brunt of her mother's emotional instability, with some verbal abuse and problems arising when there were none. She would stay up at night listening to her parents and brother arguing and yelling at night. She withdrew from people as she started to believe she was only in the way and that she caused more problems for everyone. To protect herself from being hurt, she started to stuff her emotions, and she began to write.

After a while, she became depressed, numb, and felt like it'd be better if she could disappear. However, that wouldn't be logical. Disappearing wouldn't solve anything, and it wouldn't do any good for anyone. At one point, unable to express her feeling verbally, she wrote a letter to her mother about how she kept taking her frustration at her brother out on her and how it made her feel. Because of that, her relationship with her mom was restored, but her personality was already changed. Still, she found she loved to write, and that she was quite good at it. It started out with poems, then songs, stories, and so on. Usually, the creative things she wrote ended up somehow dark or depressing. She just found it much easier to write those things rather than happy things. She started to live more in her mind and enjoyed isolating herself from people so she could write, daydream, and read in peace. She started to observe people regularly, and opted to listen rather than talk for the most part. She rarely would ever get angry or anything, though little things constantly annoyed her. She always found herself in an "outside looking in" kind of position, or at least it felt that way. Logic usually overruled emotions for her when it came to reality, and it baffled her that other people could be so illogical and, well, stupid in real situations. She also didn't really understand or handle emotional people or situations very well. Her objectivity caused some people to tell her she was wise, but she highly doubted that.

In high school, Rose was pretty much a loner besides having her one friend (Lizzy), whom she attached herself to very quickly. Rose's emotions and her silly and imaginative side came out whenever the two of them were together, and unlike the others, this friend never betrayed her. She was still quiet and such around other people, and she didn't really seem to care much about them and was known as the quite "shy" girl, though she wasn't really shy at all. Shy and sweet seemed to be the impression she gave people, and she was fine with that. If people saw her as shy, they'd leave her alone. High school is also the time where she found out that the world was filled with idiots, and she started to find people to be annoying. Though she was extremely creative, she had also become very logical and somewhat blunt and insensitive. People, their emotions, and their thoughts were all very interesting, and she found something called psychology that she quickly became obsessed with. Another obsession came through one of her high school "friends" in the form of a comic book called a manga, which lead her to discovering anime.

Along with all of these events, plus her overstimulated imagination, she started to develop a curiosity towards blood, torture, and other things. Her imagination made her see things happen, like a car exploding or the cafeteria glass breaking inwards and slicing apart and impaling everyone. These "visions" of imagination would simply happen, and she would go "Oh my gosh! That was amazing!" or would ask, "Hey! What would you do if..." and such. "What ifs" whether violent, silly, or whatever started to come out of her mouth regularly, and she absolutely expected creative responses to whatever she asked. She didn't seem very serious about anything, not even life and death, so people for the most part stopped taking her seriously. This constantly annoyed her, especially since they seemed to only take her seriously when she was being sarcastic. At some point she started to become curious about and contemplated what it would feel like to cut or stab herself. However, actually performing those acts she found to be illogical, thus simply imagined, her imagination actually making her feel pain. Ex: She could focus on her wrist and imagine a blade slowly running across it, and she would feel a sharp burning pain run across her wrist if she was focused enough. Her personality became a strange mix of being overly realistic and overly imaginative.

In college, she started for a psychology degree. However, she found that though she loved psychology and personality, she didn't want it as her career field. She became bored with a lot of it, so changed her major. The only things she could think of doing that she wouldn't get bored of were writing, copy editing, and working in a library, so she changed her major to English, as all three of those things fell under this category. She also found many like minded people, and had her first real friend group. She could easily be herself around them, so gradually came out of her shell and formed real connections. College was the best time in her life, and working towards the goal of obtaining an English degree gave her purpose. However, after she obtained her BA and went on to graduate school, the people she connected with all went their separate ways. In her mind, they ceased to exist unless they contacted her.

For her graduate program in Library Science, she decided to move far away from home, having a craving to be on her own and to be, well, free. She ended up in Metro, New York. Here, most of her time and energy is spent on school and work, though she never lacks times for daydreaming. She has to study either at work or in the library, though, because there are too many distractions in her apartment.

So begins...

Rose Davis's Story