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Eirrhea's Glade

Eirrhea's Glade


For centuries the Guardian has protected the Khalindar Forest and Eirrhea's Glade hidden deep within it. But now an enemy of the past has unexpectedly returned and he is determined to take control of the Glade and the Khalindar Forest.

454 readers have visited Eirrhea's Glade since Roseclaw created it.


NOTE: Please be sure to read EVERYTHING. I know there's a whole lot but if you don't read everything you might miss something important. Thank you!!

The Beginning

“Where am I?” the mare asked aloud, completely awed by the sight before her.
She stood within the most beautiful glade she had ever seen and it was hard to believe that it was located within the depths of such a dark and dangerous forest. The beasts that lived within the forest were entirely wild and controlled by the evils of darkness. How could this glade survive in such a place? she wondered to herself.
Wide eyes roamed around the glade, taking in everything about it. There was a small pool of crisp, clean water off to one side where one could get a drink whenever they needed. Flowers of all kinds decorated the glade, trees and other plants dotted here and there. Some of the bushes and trees were those that provided fruits like apples and blackberries. And even though large trees surrounded the glade to keep it casted in darkness, the sun was still able to break through the canopy above and provide light. It seemed like an everlasting battle with the darkness gradually taking control.
What caught the mare’s attention though was the altar made of stone in the middle of the glade. It was a simple altar but that didn’t mean it was any less significant. Besides, the altar had to be important since above it floated a diamond. It sparkled and glowed in the ray of sunlight that shone down upon the altar.
“So beautiful…” she whispered as she stepped closer to the altar, admiring them.
“Yes, it is, but also very powerful.”
The voice startled the mare and she turned around to face the one who had spoken. What she didn’t expect to see was a maiden of great beauty standing before her. The maiden’s skin was as pale as milk and wheat gold hair hung all the way to her thighs. She was dressed in nothing more than what looked to be a light blue slip that reached all the way to the ground with a silver belt cinched at her waist.
“Who are you?” the mare asked, wary of the maiden.
The maiden only smiled softly and walked to the altar with such impossible grace, almost as if she were grace incarnate. When she reached the altar, the maiden gently lifted the diamond from its place and turned to face the mare.
“My name is Eirrhea and this is my glade. It is a place of power and I have led you here to be its guardian,” the maiden said as she held out her cupped hands to the mare, the diamond held within them.
“Guardian?” the mare asked. “How can I be a guardian? I’m still young and don’t know very much about the world. Surely there are others who are better suited to be the guardian of this place. And even if I wanted to, how do I know you’re not some trick of evil?”
Eirrhea just smiled. “Yes, you are young and still new to this world, but there is no other better suited to be the guardian. And if you hold such doubts about me, you need only look into my heart to find the truth. You are a unicorn, are you not?”
The mare stared at the maiden for a few moments, studying her. Then she stepped forward and lowered her head a bit to point the tip of her horn towards Eirrhea while closing her eyes. She stood there in silence, completely unmoving as she sought out the maiden’s heart and soul and searched both for any flicker of evil. She found none but what she did find had her jerking back in surprise.
“You… You’re…” she stammered in a shocked voice, unable to believe what she found. “Please, forgive me… I did not know…”
“Shh… It is quite alright, young one,” Eirrhea replied softly, calming the unicorn. “I did not wish to deceive you but I thought it best if you found out for yourself. And now that you know what I am, do you believe me now when I say that you are suited to be the guardian of my glade? I will not force you if you do not and find another.”
“I…” The unicorn wasn’t sure what to say now and could only stare at Eirrhea. The maiden was a goddess, a being of divine energy that commanded a great deal of respect. And usually when a god or goddess asked you to do something, you usually do it even if it was at a personal cost of your own. But Eirrhea was giving her a choice and it was because of that that she knew that if she agreed to become the guardian then she would be giving up something very important.
“I accept,” the unicorn eventually said, lifting her head high.
“Very well. As the guardian of my glade, and thus the Khalindar Forest, you will know everything you need to about both. This diamond I am bestowing upon you to be its bearer. There are six in all and each one represents a different element.”
“Six?” the mare asked, confused. “But the diamond was the only one on the altar.”
“Yes, let me explain,” Eirrhea replied, a hint of sadness creeping into her voice. “As I said, there are six jewels in all and each one represents an element. Diamond for Light, Ruby for Fire, Sapphire for Water, Emerald for Earth, and Obsidian for…”-Eirrhea looked to the encroaching darkness surrounding them-“..Darkness.”
“Yes. The obsidian jewel is the cause of the darkness within this forest. For ages the obsidian and diamond have been battling it out, each one trying to take the other out so it can control the forest. The other four are spread out across the forest and lay dormant for now. They will only awaken when darkness threatens to take control of the forest. At that time, you must place them together on the altar with the diamond and the darkness will once again be banished.”
She listened carefully to what Eirrhea said but became confused when the maiden explained about banishing the darkness. “What about the obsidian? Shouldn’t the obsidian jewel be placed upon the altar with the rest in order to banish the darkness?”
Even as the unicorn asked Eirrhea shook her head. “No. The obsidian must never be placed upon the altar under any circumstances.”
“Why not?”
Turning around, Eirrhea went to stand next to the altar. “Come. Tell me what you see.”
Confused, the mare followed Eirrhea to the altar and studied it carefully. It was only then that she noticed that there were only five available spaces where a jewel could be placed. “I don’t understand…”
Eirrhea looked the unicorn in the eye and explained. “The sapphire, emerald, ruby, and topaz jewels will always have a place on the altar. As for the space in the middle? Only the diamond or obsidian may be placed there. The altar will only accept one or the other. Never both and nothing will happen if neither is placed there.”
“You said that when the diamond is placed with the four dormant jewels then darkness will be banished from the forest,” she said while looking at the altar, remember Eirrhea’s words. A moment later she looked to the maiden, a shadow of fear glinting in her eyes. “So if the obsidian is placed there instead then…”
“Light will be banished instead and the forest will become a place of nightmares.” Eirrhea’s voice was grave as she finished the unicorn’s sentence and could see that she finally understood what was being asked of her. She would be in an eternal battle with the darkness but she would have the advantage as long as the obsidian did not find a bearer of its own. “Do you still accept?”
“Yes.” There was no delay in her reply. Even though the task of guarding the glade and protecting the forest sounded daunting, she was still a creature of purity and goodness. She would do everything and anything she could to protect even a part of the world from evil and darkness.

The Past

“Marrok, you are charged with the murders of your Alphas and attempting to take control of the three packs of Khalindar Forest! What do you have to say for yourself?” she said aloud to the clearing while eyes stayed locked on the black lupine before her.
The Dire Wolf snarled and bared his teeth at the unicorn, gray eyes blazing with rage as he lay on the ground. He wasn’t lying there by choice though, instead being held down by the new Betas of his pack. Or former pack considering the circumstances. Several times he’d tried to pull himself free already but it had been no use so far. He was only one wolf and there were two wolves that were pinning him down, both just as strong as he was. It pissed him off.
“’What do I have to say for myself’ you ask? I’ll tell you…” he finally replied, a constant growl in his voice. “Yes, it was me who killed them and I relished their deaths! I’m glad those fools are finally dead!”
“But why, Marrok?” came a voice from behind him. It was confused, full of sorrow and pain. “Drex was your brother, your own blood and flesh.”
The traitor barked out a laugh in response. “Fool… Drex was no brother of mine. He and his mate were weak! They didn’t have the strength to take what rightfully belongs to the Dires so I killed them!”
The sound of many shocked gasps made Marrok grin in delight.
They’re all fools, he thought to himself. They have no idea that those deaths were really meant to keep them busy, especially her. Marrok grinned even more. Everything had gone according to his plan and he had found what he wanted.
Well, not everything had followed his plans. He had meant to leave the forest before getting caught but that hadn’t worked out so well. They had managed to figure out his part in the death of the Alphas sooner than he expected. Luckily, though, he had found the stone and managed to hide it elsewhere before anyone caught him. All he had to do now was get to it and escape the forest before she figured out his true plan.
When the voices around the clearing finally died down the unicorn stepped forward until she was standing less than three feet away from the lupine. “Marrok”-she began-“you are hereby labeled as a traitor to not only your pack, but the other packs and the entire Khalindar Forest as well. From hence forth on, you are banished and may not step foot back into this forest. If you do, you will be immediately executed.” The unicorn spoke aloud so that all present could hear and understand her meaning that if anyone caught Marrok within the forest after being told leave then they were to kill him on the spot.
Of course, Marrok understand her meaning as well. No matter though. He had no intention to return, or at least, for a very long time. He grinned and chuckled to himself a bit, causing the two wolves above him to look at him worriedly. There was also the fact that he had expected her to only banish him and he had left the stone in the perfect place to be picked up on his way.
“Get him out of here,” the unicorn told the Beta pair. She watched silently as the two wolves carefully moved off of Marrok and took up positions on either side of him. Other wolves wandered stepped around the trio to place themselves between the Guardian and Marrok in case the traitor decided to try and go after her.
He wasn’t that stupid though, or that impatient. The best laid plans were always carried out with patience. Marrok stood and took a leisurely moment to stretch and shake his fur out before finally turning to let himself be led away. He stopped at the edge of the clearing though and glanced back at the Guardian with an evil grin.
“Don’t think you’ve gotten rid of me so easily, Your Grace,” he said with a mocking tone in a low voice.
“Oh? And why is that, Traitor?”
“You’ll find out when it’s too late. Just wait and see…” Marrok chuckled aloud this time and only then was he finally gone from the Khalindar Forest.
But not for long…


(Positions will be changed as needed based on interest.)


Goddess Eirrhea - OPEN (Would like for someone other than myself to play her. If you end up playing her, please keep in mind that none of your characters will be chosen as a bearer. At the same time, you may still have 3 other characters in addition to this one. Also, she will only be used for certain points in the play and cannot directly interfere with what's going on so, no, you can't smite the Traitor or any of his followers.)

Guardian - OPEN (Must be a female unicorn.)

Traitor - Marrok (Roseclaw)

Traitor Followers

Position 1 - Valceth (Roseclaw)

Position 2 - OPEN

Position 3 - OPEN

Position 4 - OPEN

Position 5 - OPEN

Normal Wolf Pack 1 - OPEN (Detailed list of pack members is below.)

Alpha Male - OPEN
Alpha Female - OPEN
Beta Male - OPEN
Beta Female - OPEN
Male 1 - OPEN
Male 2 - OPEN
Male 3 - OPEN
Female 1 - OPEN
Female 2 - OPEN
Female 3 - OPEN

Guardian Followers

Position 1 - Regan (Roseclaw)

Position 2 - OPEN

Position 3 - OPEN

Normal Wolf Pack 2 - OPEN (Detailed list of pack members below.)

Alpha Male - OPEN
Alpha Female - OPEN
Beta Male - OPEN
Beta Female - OPEN
Male 1 - OPEN
Male 2 - OPEN
Male 3 - OPEN
Female 1 - OPEN
Female 2 - OPEN
Female 3 - OPEN

Dire Wolf Pack - OPEN (Detailed list of pack members below.)

Alpha Male - OPEN
Alpha Female - OPEN
Beta Male - OPEN
Beta Female - OPEN
Male 1 - OPEN
Male 2 - OPEN
Male 3 - OPEN
Female 1 - OPEN
Female 2 - OPEN
Female 3 - OPEN


List of Approved Beasts

(Only mythical beasts will have descriptions of some kind. The only thing needed to know for the real animals is that they must follow realistic sizes, colors, characteristics, etc. Also, if something is not listed, it is either because they will not be allowed or I just didn't think of it.)

Normals: Wolf, Tiger, Panther, Jaguar, Cougar, Bobcat, Hawk, Falcon, Eagle, Horse, Fox


Dire Wolf: Twice the size of a normal wolf. Pelts and eyes can be any color and have dew claws on all four paws. Their senses are ten times better than a normal wolf's and they are ten times stronger than a normal wolf. They live five times longer than the average wolf.

Pegasus: Winged horse; can be any standard horse color. Only feathered wings allowed. Horse body must follow that of realistic horses but can be any breed.

Hellcat: Equivalent to a Dire Wolf in its comparison to its normal cousin. Better thought of as a demonic feline and each one is somewhat different in appearance to the rest. Twice the size of a tiger/lion, senses and strength are ten times better than a tiger's/lion's. Fur and eyes can be any color and have any pattern found on wild cats. Only males are able to have manes but not all of them do. Live five times longer than the average lion/tiger.

Nightmare: Tainted unicorn; can only be red or black in color. No wings. A unicorn becomes tainted if it kills at all (unless it is defending itself), is cursed, or anything else that generally goes against its pure nature. Also, a tainted unicorn is constantly in pain and its descent into darkness is gradual with its tainted side always trying to taint it further by getting it to commit more acts that goes against its pure nature. (NOTE: This is the ONLY kind of unicorn a character may be besides the Guardian.)

Gryphon: Head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion with feathered, horse-like ears. Feathers only come as black, brown, or white; fur is only tawny like a lion's. Average height is that of a Clydesdale but bulkier.

Hippogryph: Head and wings of an eagle and the body of a horse. Feathers and fur can come in any standard horse color. Average size is that of a Thoroughbred horse.



(Would greatly appreciate it if someone drew up a map of the forest with all of the below locations pointed out. It will also need to include the territories of the three wolf packs.)[/center]

Eirrhea's Glade: The sacred glade of the goddess Eirrhea is hidden deep within Khalindar Forest though its exact location is known only by its guardian and protector. This glade is widely believed to be nothing but a legend by the many races of people that inhabit the world; however, the many creatures that dwell within the forest know it is real. Most will fight to protect it and its guardian, while others are determined to take control of it. There is a myth attached to the glade that explains that as long as the guardian is there to protect it then the world will stay in balance, but if evil takes control of it then the world will fall into eternal darkness and chaos.

Khalindar Forest: Covering one-third of the continent it’s located on, this forest is both dangerous and beautiful. Though elves have made their homes along the outer areas of the forest, the true and rightful residents are the many creatures that inhabit its darker depths. Only a few man-made roads run through the forest but those are strictly along the outer areas for whenever one is attempted to be put down through the middle of the forest it is always halted and the worksite reclaimed within days of it starting. It is believed by the races of the world that the forest itself is alive and it is in a way. Eirrhea’s Glade is the very heart of the forest and keeps it alive against man’s attempt to destroy it.

Brulin Mountains: A mountain range located in the northeastern part of the forest, it spans over hundreds of miles with the length of it twice that of its width. The range is mostly covered by the forest but the terrain becomes rockier and trees sparser on the higher peaks. A dormant volcano lays within the range itself, providing warmth to any creatures that live within the many caves located in the mountains. The Lakrin River is the only river that runs through the Brulin Mountains, its flow going into Nairi Lake.

Moana River: One of the four major rivers that run through the Khalindar Forest, it flows from Nairi Lake to the west.

Brahma River: One of the four major rivers that run through the Khalindar Forest, it flows from Nairi Lake to the east.

Lakrin River: One of the four major rivers that run through the Khalindar Forest, it is also the only one that runs through the Brulin Mountains. The Lakrin River’s flow goes from the Brulin Mountains into Nairi Lake, which then splits off into three other rivers.

Pevla River: One of the four major rivers that run through the Khalindar Forest, it flows from Nairi Lake to the south.

Nairi Lake: One of the four major rivers that run through the Khalindar Forest, it flows from Nairi Lake to the south.


Other Important Info

The Guardian

The guardian is one of the purest creatures in the world - a unicorn. She was chosen by Eirrhea, the Goddess of Life and Purity, directly eons ago and has forever been bound to Eirrhea's Glade. The guardian is immortal but not in the traditional sense. She is entirely immune to sickness, plagues, poisons, etc, the purity of her magic immediately destroying them. However, she can be killed if she is away from the glade long enough since it is the source of her strongest magic. The guardian also acts as a kind of ruler to the entire Khalindar Forest though she only becomes involved with an issue or disturbance if it concerns the entire forest in any way. Like all unicorns, she is able to heal others no matter their ailment, sense the evil in one's heart, and purify an area of land or water. Unlike all unicorns, she is able to heal herself of even the most grievous of wounds, though this ability is somewhat limited since every time she uses it it greatly weakens her and her magic. The guardian may leave the glade whenever she likes and can wander around the forest at her leisure but she must return there every so often to replenish the magic that Eirrhea has bestowed upon her since the source of the magic is the glade itself.

The Traitor

Marrok, a Dire Wolf of legend, has returned to the Khalindar Forest after being banished centuries ago. He had been the Beta Male of the Dire pack within the forest, a vicious and merciless beast not to be taken lightly. And that is no less true now. Just as before he is determined to take control of Eirrhea's Glade and rule over the Khalindar Forest as he believes he should. But he has returned...changed. The evil in his heart and soul has consumed him entirely and he has gained some abilities of his own. His patience though has always been an inherent talent of his and he is using it now, waiting for the day to come when he will take control of Eirrhea's Glade as he works silently from the shadows.

The Packs of Khalindar Forest

Within the Khalindar Forest resides three wolf packs, each one led by a mated Alpha pair. Two of the packs are made up of mainly regular wolves with a few Dires and the third pack is strictly made up of Dire Wolves. The two normal wolf packs have lately been in opposition to each other, the reason and cause being lost decades ago. The Dire pack on the other hand keeps a neutral stance and never sides with either of the other two packs so that the power stays balanced. Also, the Dire pack is granted council and mediator status in exchange for their promise to never use their better strength against the other two packs to take them over and rule them all as one pack. One of the normal packs has no issue with this and is usually always agreeable to compromising terms that would benefit all packs. The other pack, however, is not at all happy with the fact that the Dire pack has better status than they do and despises both of the other packs, wanting everything to be theirs and rule over the other packs.

1. The first Alpha that is approved for each pack gets to decide on the pack’s name. Or, if you prefer, you may discuss the pack’s name with your fellow Alpha. Make it unique and creative. I don’t want to see anything really simple or obvious.

2. Only ONE of the normal packs will be generally aligned with the Betrayer, meaning the Alpha pair has chosen to have their pack on the Betrayer’s side. The other normal pack and Dire pack will be good and aligned with the Guardian. However, dissent among the packs is allowed but none of the Alphas may change their alignment from how the pack is aligned. Only Betas and pack members may do so and only 3 or 4 members of each pack may be aligned opposite of the pack’s alignment. Also, only one Beta in each pack may be aligned differently than the pack’s general alignment.

3. Each pack has an Alpha Male & Female and Beta Male & Female. Including those positions, there may only be 6 to 10 members in each pack. This may change in the future after the play has gotten started and based on interest.

4. There is only ONE Dire pack. No others will be allowed. Dire Wolves may be members of any of the three packs, though for the two normal ones there may only be a total of 3 each and they may not hold a Beta or Alpha position.

5. A player may have only two wolf characters and only one of those wolves may hold an Alpha or Beta position. Both wolves may be in the same pack or each in a different one.

6. Each pack has its own territory. The two normal packs have the same size of territory as each other and the Dire pack territory is bigger than either one.

7. Rogue wolves are allowed but I will only accept a limited number. Also, a player may only have ONE rogue wolf character. It can be normal or Dire. If you play a second wolf, it must be in one of the packs.

Jewel Bearers

Diamond (Light) – Guardian
Obsidian (Darkness) – Traitor (Roseclaw)
Ruby (Fire) – Unknown
Sapphire (Water) – Unknown
Emerald (Earth) – Unknown
Topaz (Air) – Unknown

1. There are only 6 jewel bearers – ruby, sapphire, diamond, emerald, topaz, and obsidian.

2. Other than the Guardian and Traitor, no other bearer positions may be reserved in any way. The characters that fill those positions will be chosen by me specifically. The consequence of asking to be a bearer or trying to reserve one is that none of your characters will be considered to be one.

3. Each jewel represents an element but that is all. A bearer does not have any ability to control the actual element their jewel represents in any way. Instead, their abilities will just represent the element in some way.

4. Bearers will not be chosen until further in the play. The players of chosen bearers will be notified via PM with details. A single player will NOT have two bearers.

5. Each bearer will be a different beast. This means that if I chose a tiger character to be a bearer then no other feline or feline-like beast (panther, jaguar, hellcat, etc) will be a bearer.


Character Sheet

Name: (No last names. These are animals. They just need first names.)

Beast: (Must be an already approved beast. No unicorns except for Nightmares. A good mix of beasts is preferred.)

Appearance: (Image, description, or both - doesn't matter. If you type in a description you must make it a good paragraph. If you use an image but have something to add/change you can ignore the paragraph rule. This is also were you should mention any physical deformities like scars or missing limbs.)

Alignment: (Good or Evil only. If your character is going to start out one and switch to the other you must put what they're going to end up as. I want both sides to have about the same number of allies, meaning that if approved good characters start to outnumber evil ones then I will accept/approve only evil characters until the members have evened out and vice versa.)

Position: (Applicable to only the wolves, Guardian, and Traitor. Alpha (F or M), Beta (F or M), Member, or Rogue.)

Pack: (Applicable to only the wolves who are in packs. Pack 1, Pack 2, or Dire Pack.)

Personality: (Needs to be at least one paragraph.)

Other: (Put here anything that you want to add about your character. It can be anything within reason.)

History: (Needs to be at least two really good paragraphs. The more the better.)

Sample Post: (Required!! It lets me know if whether or not you understand the posting requirements. Must be about the character you are submitting in this sheet. The better the post the better the chances of your character being approved, as long as everything else in the sheet is good.)

Toggle Rules


1. No god-moding, power-moding, power-playing, etc. Your character is not invincible and can be hurt. Granted, some will be stronger than others for one reason or another but everyone is mortal.

2. No killing or taking control of another player’s character unless approved by that player. I must also be notified of such approvals.

3. Each player may have up to 3 characters only. If you are playing 2 or 3 characters, you MUST have at least one character in each alignment of good or evil.

4. This is a very literate play so correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation is required. You don’t have to be perfect since we’re all only human but you do need to put forth effort.

5. Posts must have a minimum of 500 words in at least two paragraphs with correct structure.

6. Players must post no less than 3 times a week.

7. Please be sure to read all new posts carefully before making your own. This will help with avoiding putting in something that contradicts what someone else’s character is doing.

8. Absolutely no drama. If you have an issue with another player, take it to PMs or contact a site moderator.

9. Curse as much as you want but be mindful of which words you use. Some are worse than others.

10. All characters are beasts/animals of some nature: Pegasus, wolf, dire wolf, tiger, panther, hellcat, nightmare, etc.

11. Use provided character sheet. All characters are subject to approval.

12. Position reservations are available but a character must be submitted within 72 hours of reservation. If a character is not submitted within that time then the position will be open to all again. Additionally, that position cannot be reserved for 24 hours and all characters submitted for that position before it is filled will go through a strict screening process by me at the end of the 24-hr mark.

13. I have the final say on all matters concerning this play.

14. Most importantly…HAVE FUN!!! :D

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