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A thief-assassin

0 · 428 views · located in Tamriel

a character in “Elder Scrolls: Empire”, as played by Krazy13


Character Name:




Tirdas, 5th day of Heartfire, 4E 462

(Standing Stone) The Thief Stone

Theif, Assassin, Hunter

Ahkari • Missing • Khajiit

Dar'ziha • Dead • Khajiit

Other Family:

Relationship Status:

Werewolf Transformation, Claws, Resist Disease, Night Eye, Nightingale of Shadows

Main Skills:
Sneak, Light Armor, Lockpicking, Archery, Illusion, Pickpocket

Khayla is kind to the ones she knows. She is shy and prefers the shadows. She is a bit of a loner, but loves animals. She stays in the forest quite often to hunt and think. She prefers a bow over the sword and uses trickery to catch her targets that come in through the Dark Brotherhood. She won't start a conversation with a stranger, but will talk if someone speaks to her.

Nocturnal, Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild

She is more loyal to the Thieves Guild than the Dark Brotherhood. She will betray the Dark Brotherhood if it goes against the Thieves Guild.

Working with the Dark Brotherhood, Working with the Thieves Guild, Former member of the Companions


Character Image:

Khayla was born on the road. Her parents were wealthy merchants who traveled all across Tamriel. When she was seven years old, their caravan was attacked by Orc bandits. Her father was killed and Khayla and her mother were taken captive. The bandits separated them and abused Khayla. She has a long scar across her hip and down part of her leg where one of them got too 'rough'. The Dark Brotherhood had a contract for the bandit leader and since he never left the camp, they were forced to wipe out the whole camp. One of the assassins felt bad for Khayla and took her in. They trained her to fight and sneak. She left them after a while to explore Tamriel by herself. After she returned to Skyrim, she became a member of the Companions but quit soon after they gave her the werewolf curse. She uses her werewolf form often to kill her contracts or to intimidate people. She has helped Hircine and therefore has unlimited werewolf transformations. She later joined the Thieves Guild and was taught to pickpocket, pick a lock, and shoot a bow. She thought of them as her real family and traveled Tamriel once more, this time pulling off heists and stealing food to survive. She eventually found her way back to the Dark Brotherhood and officially joined them. She does an occasional contract for them. When she returned to Skyrim, she was accepted as a Nightingale and chose the Nightingale of Shadows path. She is now a full time thief, basing her operations in Skyrim, and a part time assassin. She does still leave Skyrim for a bit of exploring and hunts often, both in Skyrim and anywhere else she goes. She is studying within the School of Illusion.

The Dark Brotherhood, Thieves, The Thieves Guild, Merchants, Skyrim, Exploring

Bandits, Orcs, Vampires

So begins...

Khayla's Story


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#, as written by Krazy13
Khayla drew her bow and let her arrow fly. It peirced the elk's heart as it flew, dropping the animal instantly. She jumped down from her tree and walked up to her kill. She skinned it and took the valuable parts. She headed back to Riften to sell her loot. She went to the general store to lighten her load and sold the antlers and meat.

Khayla wandered around the city for a bit, looking at a few of the merchant's wares. As she walked, she managed to find a few septims left laying around in peoples pockets. A guard stopped her on the street and began asking questions.

"Have you seen anything suspicious lately?" he asked, "There's been a chain of burglaries around the city."

"No sir, I haven't seen anything. I'll keep an eye out if you like." she said, trying to act casual.

"You do that." he said, eyeing her cautiously, like he was ready to attack if she made one wrong move.

She walked around the guard and continued on her way. The truth was, she HAD seen something suspicious and she was involved. The Thieves Guild had been a little more active lately, obviously catching the Jarl's eyes. She decided she should be more careful when she stole if the guards would be watching closer. She turned a corner to get away from to eyes of the guard, which were still staring. Relieved to be free from his line of sight, she worked her way back to The Bee and the Barb to get something to eat.


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#, as written by Miyer
Koko grinned as she pulled away from the deadly pale man below her. If anyone else had seen the same scene, they would assume the man was dead but Koko knew better, with the sound of his faint but steady heartbeat she knew the man would live to see another day. As she stood to leave, she glanced down into the reflective metal of a plate that the man obviously used as a cheap and makeshift mirror. Her eyes glowed a brief red before returning to their pale baby blue. Her skinned gained more life and her cheeks were flushed with the new blood flowing though her body.

Exiting the mans room, she entered the main room of the Bee and Bard, glancing around the room briefly before walking down the stairs, causally brushing past people every now and then as she made her way towards the Innkeeper. Her hand whipping out quickly and nimbly to grab coins from each pedestrians pocket.

"Hay Keerava, How are you this fine evening?", Koko asked charmingly, her 100-watt smile in place as she leaned forward just enough to pocket one of the money pouchs resting on the table top as Keerava turned to face her.

"Fine as I will ever be, I hope your not causing trouble again.", she grumbled out, perfectly aware of why the young halfling came to her tavern in the night. Keerava had no problem with the girl's illness and saw no issue in what she did, as long as she requested permission from the person she drank from in front of Keerava herself so that she knew everything was... 'legal' in a way.

Koko offered the women her most innocent smile that set the air around her to sparkling. "Of course not...", she trailed off briefly as she cased another glance around her before leaning closer to Keerava who mimicked her, "Have you talked to your family about allowing me to stay with them for a little while until i can get onto my feet?", she asked quietly, so quiet that none other then Keerave would be able to here her. The Argonian gave a small nod before backing off swiftly. Turning around to see what the argonian had seen, Koko felt her eyes darken as the Khajiit, Khayla, walked in. A good thief and a decent person but also an employee of the Dark Brotherhood, I.E someone who could cause her a whole lot of trouble if she didn't keep her eyes out and cautious.

"Khayla! Hay! Over here!", Koko shouted enthusiastically over the bustle of the tavarn, gaining more then just a little attention as she waved happily with a charming smile, eyes closed and face completely trusting as she pushed her guild persona to the surface.


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#, as written by Krazy13
"Khayla! Hay! Over here!"

Khayla looked up and instantly spotted the origin of the voice. She wove her way through the crowd, her hands slipping into a few pockets to fish out what little change she could. She sat down next to the speaker, Koko, the second in command of the Thieves Guild. "Hello, Koko." she said, nodding. The inn was always dimly lit, causing Khayla to be more at ease scince she could see better in the dark than most. She passed a few septims to Keerava, who nodded in response and brought out her meal. Khayla always ordered a slab of pheasant roast, so the Argonian knew exactly what she wanted. She started to tear it into little pieces as Koko spoke.