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Malina the Swift

May the shadows be forever in your favor.

0 · 197 views · located in Tamriel

a character in “Elder Scrolls: Empire”, as played by ChaosxChild13



Character Name:
Malina the Swift [She prefers not to use her last name]

Wood Elf



13th Evening Star * Sundas

Lord Stone -
Provides 50 points of damage resistance and 25% magic resistance.

Traveling Merchant - Resides in Whiterun with the Companions on her down time though.

Tara - Wood Elf - Alive

Brent - Wood Elf - Alive

Anthael - Eldest Sister
Brenna - Middle Sister

Relationship status:

Werewolf transformation
Make all surrounding animals your allies for 60 second

Main Skills:
Archery - 100
Alchemy - 87
Speech - 100
Sneak - 100
Light Armor - 90

Bow and arrows - Daedric Bow of Fate - 50% chance for each attribute to absorb 25 points of Health, Stamina, and/or Magicka
Dawnbreaker - received from serving Meridia - burns for 10-15 points, and if killing undead, a chance to cause a fiery explosion that turns or destroys nearby undead.

  • Adventurous - Malina has always been extremely curious, and loves to travel.
  • Introverted - Malina likes to be alone, she likes having her own thoughts, and finds it difficult to become close to people because she is normally in her own world.
  • Spiritual - Being a champion of Meridia, she is very spiritual and believes the Daedra will watch over her battles and always have her back as Champion.
  • Empathetic: Malina will always listen to others, she believes that you can always learn by listening to others.

    Being Outside

    Being pushed around
    Being taken for a fool
    When others talk down to her, or belittle her.

Malina attempts to make friends, but mainly she is more interested in making good relationships for money, jewels, and things to sell.


The Companions
Also good friends with the Khajiit Caravans, for she traveled with them in her past.

Champion of Meridia


Born in Solstheim to her two parents, she was the youngest of three children. By age eighteen, after working hard as a hunter and treasure hunter for her parents shop, she took a boat to Windhelm and started a new journey in Skyrim. She befriended the Khajiit merchants and traveled with them to Whiterun, where she became a Companion. She has been working as a Companion and a traveling merchant, and treasure hunter.

During one of her treasure hunts, she stumbled across Meridia's temple and soon became her champion, receiving the Dawnbreaker as a token of her success.

So begins...

Malina the Swift's Story


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Malina tossed in her sleep, this way and that, letting out a huff of distress.

The cave walls seemed to be quaking as Malina dodged a falling rock and it smashed onto the ground a few feet from her. As the cave walls became thin, a dragon ripped through the top, its fangs hanging inches away from Malina, the hot stench of rotted flesh seeped from its gaping mouth. Heart racing, she gripped the Dawnbreaker firmly in her right hand, facing the beast in it's full grown glory.

The corners of the dragons mouth curved into a deadly smile, "Wake up."

Malina tilted her head to the side, "What...?"

"I said," The dragon roared, anger dripping from his voice as he spoke, "WAKE. UP!"

The cave walls rumbled and quaked as the dragon's claws gripped Malina, dragging her upwards. He batted his large wings and began to fly sky high, Malina was left astounded. It was then, she began to fall as his claws unhinged his grip on the wood elf. She began to fall, fast. The ground below her came to greet her and an increasingly fast rate and she shut her eyes, and prayed.

As she hit the ground with a final thud...

"I SAID WAKE UP!" Malina awoke in shock, sitting up in her bed, an angered maid beating her with the end of her broom.

"Lovely to see you as well..." Malina grumbled, rubbing her head where she had been struck relentlessly.

"Wake up, get a move on, I need to clean this room." The maid stated, whipping the sheets from the elf, "I've got a lot of work to do today and I would like to start EARLY."

The wood elf's eyes narrowed for a moment, a growl lingering in her throat, but she swallowed it, and stood up from her bed. Getting dressed, Malina equipped herself with her bow, and quiver of Daedric arrows and walked outside. The sun was just peaking over Dragonsreach, a new day stretching it's tired legs, as the dusk shook off Whiterun.

Noticing a few Companions already out and about in the courtyard, she gives a small wave.

Today was a big day, she planned to go exploring in search of jewels and treasures to bring back home and sell.


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"Good morning," Greeted a Bosmer as she walked up to the Khajiit.

Ri'Dara's ears perked up at the sound of the Bosmer's voice and a toothy smile came upon the cat's face. Almost simultaneously, Qu'mar and Ri'Dara both rose to there feet in the effortless way Khajiit seem to move around. Ri'Dara, clearly knowing said Wood Elf, steeps forward. "Awh, Malina, how was trip in city? Ri'Dara was deciding on going and searching for Bosmer." He gave a hefty laugh at the end of his sentence.

Qu'Mar was quite surprised by this and hardly noticed the puzzled look that came to her own face as she watched Ri'Dara. She had basically grow up with the elder around and hardly saw him laugh, even by his own joke. He must trust this elf enough to let down his guard a little bit. Maybe she was a fellow merchant?

"Awh, yes, yes, but this one must introduce Qu'Mar." At that, Ri'Dara stepped aside slightly to allow Qu'Mar to step up to the plat, metaphorically speaking. "Qu'Mar finds pleasure in making..." pausing, not catching the elves name, she shot a look to Ri'Dara. "Malina," Ri'Dara whispered, trying to be as discrete as an old, deafening Khajiit can. Qu'Mar looks back to Malina. "Malina. This one finds pleasure making Malina's acquaintance." With a small, slow nod, she gives her regards.

While introductions are happening between the Khajiit and Wood Elf, Ri'Dara sneaks away to go get the trio some sweet rolls, returning with a plate of three Sweet Rolls. "Sweet Roll?" He says, offering. Qu'Mar, with a hint of smile, takes one slowly.


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Character Portrait: Malina the Swift Character Portrait: Qu'Mar
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"So, what brings you to Whiterun?" Malina asked, Qu'Mar looked up from her sweet-roll.

There's two things one could do in this situation. One, she could tell the blunt truth, but that may not be too smart. Considering she just met this woman, she could go the other route and lie, but, with Qu'Mar's luck, she'd be confronted upon leaving by Ri'Dara, and she doesn't wish to explain herself. Or, she could say something that's not entirely a lie. Of course, the latter is the best way to go. "Just paying a visit to some old friends before heading out." Qu'Mar said with a casual tone, or as much as a casual tone a Khajiit can possibly muster.

"Awh, where was Khajiit heading?" Ri'Dara buts in with a mouth full of sweet-roll. "Khajiit was planning on heading to Riften, but Khajiit isn't sure if Khajiit will make it today. May need to wait until tomorrow." Qu'Mar said, looking at Ri'Dara, before turning back to Malina. "Does smooth-skin always stay in Whiterun?" Qu'Mar eyed Malina for a moment before eying a guard as he walked by, her eyes ever so narrow. Guards. Nothing ever goes right around guards.