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"I make with what I got."

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a character in “Elder Scrolls: Empire”, as played by ShykKedid


Character Name: Qu'mar

Race: Khajiit

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Homosexual

Age: 28

Birthdate: Loredas, 13th of Hearthfire

Birthsign: The Thief Stone

Class: Thief/Assassin

Mother: Mokar - Dead - Khajiit

Father: Ja'Zara - Dead - Khajiit

Other Family: Brother; Za'kir - Missing - Khajiit

Relationship status: Single

Spouse: N/A

Powers/abilities: Night vision, natural agility and stealth, claws (can favor claws over weapons).

Main Skills: Sneak - 83, Lockpicking - 75, Archery - 58, One-Handed - 59, Light Armor - 56 ((Just got to add, these are my actual top stats on my Qu'Mar Skyrim character))

Personality: Qu'mar is the type to get to the point, in one fashion or an other. She's been known to not play around, and not give second chances. She's not one to be seen as caring, though she's not outright ruthless. She will take a step back to hear the plead of a target, even to extract information form them before cutting ties and going after her own motives. Maybe not the most trustworthy of people, but a good ally to have when needing to get rid of someone fast and swiftly.

Friends: Good friends of both the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild and respectable friends of the many Khajiit Caravans.

Secrets: Though she seems to wish to follow every order of the Dark Brotherhood, it is not known that she wishes to continue search for her younger brother. She is also wielder of the Dagger of final Wounds, the Bane of the Righteous, the Kingslayer; Mehrunes' Razor. She also has plans to assassinate the Emperor.

Affiliations: Renowned member of the Dark Brotherhood; former member, present ally of the Thieves guild.

Titles: Renowned Assassin, Master Thief

Character image: Image

Biography: Born in Elsweyr, life was momentarily well for Qu'mar, but that was before her parents wished to move. They wanted to move to see if they could sell their goods any where they could raise the prices due to lack of the right environment. To follow this go, they moved north to Skyrim. They were devastated to find that they were even worse off than they were back at home. They almost made their journey back to Elsweyr, but Qu'mar's mother became pregnant with who would be her younger brother. Trying to make a living, they joined a small Khajiit Caravan that traveled around Skyrim selling their goods outside of the large cities. Time and time again upon setting up camp, her ahnurr (father) would go off. It wasn't until she was older and the Caravan was attacked by bandits that she learned her father had been stealing from the farms and stables usually out side of the cities. Her mother, including others of the caravan were killed during that attack. After, wanting Qu'mar and her brother to be safe, Qu'mar's father sought shelter from his new friends: the Thieves Guild. From then on, around the age of ten to eight-teen, Qu'mar was taught by not only her father but others of the Guild at the art of thievery. Until the day her father took her brother to due his time. Qu'mars father framed his own son to serve would should have been his time in jail for attempting to steal from the Jarl. Someone had known and put a hit out on her father, and she decided her deserved it. She sought to break her brother out of jail, but he was already gone, and was said to have fleed. Angry at her father, she sought out the Dark Brotherhood to put her...โ€talentsโ€ to other uses, and she took a liking to it. Now, finding her brother is more of a second thought than a first.

Likes: Skooma, Moonsugar, Daggers, Her claws, Being sneaky, A successful assassination, Sweetrolls, Ghrilled Salmon

Dislikes: Racist Nords, Nord Mead, Trolls, Water, Argonians, When the target lives

So begins...

Qu'Mar's Story


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"This one might stop at Whiterun this day, hmm, yes?" Qu'Mar says aloud to herself as she looks over the land. It's the break of dawn and the sun just starts to go over the clear land. Rabbits hop around while a pair of elk trot by. A lone fox cuts in front of the horse Qu'Mar rides, and he stops. Patting the horse slightly to calm him, they continue forward to Whiterun. Qu'mar spends most of her days traveling, whether it's to the sanctuary for word of a client, to the home of a target, or for personal business and pleasure. This time, it's merely to see her few...friends that reside in or near the city before heading on down to Riften to do some business.

Pleased with her thought of visiting Whitrun, she sped up, her horse galloping down the road. Passing a small group of Khajiit, she gives a nod before continuing. She knew the group, but the group she searching for likes to camp right outside the gates of the city.

Leaving her horse at the stables, with a little intimidation, she went and greeted the Khajiit she grew up with. "Ah, is that Qu'mar this one see's?" An elder Khajiit by the name of Ri'Dara said, his eyes narrowing on Qu'Mar. He watched as she walked up, giving the slightest nod in respect. "Ri'Dara is right about that." Qu'mar replied, a sly smile hinting on her face. โ€œPlease, sit with Ri'Dara.โ€ Ri'Dara said, his accent thick, and Qu'mar gave a nod and did just that, sitting next to him in front of his small tent with crossed legs and talked about their many adventures and many treasures.


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"Good morning," Greeted a Bosmer as she walked up to the Khajiit.

Ri'Dara's ears perked up at the sound of the Bosmer's voice and a toothy smile came upon the cat's face. Almost simultaneously, Qu'mar and Ri'Dara both rose to there feet in the effortless way Khajiit seem to move around. Ri'Dara, clearly knowing said Wood Elf, steeps forward. "Awh, Malina, how was trip in city? Ri'Dara was deciding on going and searching for Bosmer." He gave a hefty laugh at the end of his sentence.

Qu'Mar was quite surprised by this and hardly noticed the puzzled look that came to her own face as she watched Ri'Dara. She had basically grow up with the elder around and hardly saw him laugh, even by his own joke. He must trust this elf enough to let down his guard a little bit. Maybe she was a fellow merchant?

"Awh, yes, yes, but this one must introduce Qu'Mar." At that, Ri'Dara stepped aside slightly to allow Qu'Mar to step up to the plat, metaphorically speaking. "Qu'Mar finds pleasure in making..." pausing, not catching the elves name, she shot a look to Ri'Dara. "Malina," Ri'Dara whispered, trying to be as discrete as an old, deafening Khajiit can. Qu'Mar looks back to Malina. "Malina. This one finds pleasure making Malina's acquaintance." With a small, slow nod, she gives her regards.

While introductions are happening between the Khajiit and Wood Elf, Ri'Dara sneaks away to go get the trio some sweet rolls, returning with a plate of three Sweet Rolls. "Sweet Roll?" He says, offering. Qu'Mar, with a hint of smile, takes one slowly.


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"So, what brings you to Whiterun?" Malina asked, Qu'Mar looked up from her sweet-roll.

There's two things one could do in this situation. One, she could tell the blunt truth, but that may not be too smart. Considering she just met this woman, she could go the other route and lie, but, with Qu'Mar's luck, she'd be confronted upon leaving by Ri'Dara, and she doesn't wish to explain herself. Or, she could say something that's not entirely a lie. Of course, the latter is the best way to go. "Just paying a visit to some old friends before heading out." Qu'Mar said with a casual tone, or as much as a casual tone a Khajiit can possibly muster.

"Awh, where was Khajiit heading?" Ri'Dara buts in with a mouth full of sweet-roll. "Khajiit was planning on heading to Riften, but Khajiit isn't sure if Khajiit will make it today. May need to wait until tomorrow." Qu'Mar said, looking at Ri'Dara, before turning back to Malina. "Does smooth-skin always stay in Whiterun?" Qu'Mar eyed Malina for a moment before eying a guard as he walked by, her eyes ever so narrow. Guards. Nothing ever goes right around guards.