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Aslo Brightkrom


0 · 470 views · located in Tamriel

a character in “Elder Scrolls Infinity”, as played by PulseTrick


Name: Aslo Brightkrom
Race: Breton
Age: 37
Main Skills:
  • Destruction
  • Heavy armor
  • One-handed
  • Block

Secondary Skills
  • Restoration
  • Smithing
  • Alteration
Physical Appearance:
Country of Birth: High Rock

Profession: Sellsword/Dwemer Expert

History: A stuttering apprentice once swore that he would be stronger one day. He discarded books for a hammer and tongs, and fashioned himself a suit of armor from the race that he had devoted his life to studying. After praying to the Atronarch stone, his dragon skin allows him to absorb all magicka that flies towards him, and with his shield, he is an impenetrable fortress of Dwemer origin. Truly, he is the Bronze Sentinel.

Standing Stone: Atronarch

----------------------------------------------------------------------------Will you be following these rumors?-------------------------------------------------------------------
Who else but the dwemer would be able to build an flying city? Aslo will be trying to knock the "damned blasphemy" down if it isn't Dwemer.

So begins...

Aslo Brightkrom's Story


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Kvatch- Cyrodiil

Playing errand boy was not the first choice I would have made to get on the Aldmeri Dominions better side, but now I am stuck on there little quest: Deliver the letter to Ganlas, the owner of the local apothecaries. It seemed simple enough to help in the long run, dissolve into their ranks, learn spells and information on the Dwemer, and blow them up, leaving them a shell of what they always were...tyrants.

By the time I walk through the gates, and past the stalls, night had already fallen. I manage to make out the figure of somebody running in the darkness. I decide to cast Candlelight, and sit down, back against a wall. I am trying to make myself easy prey, and begin snoring rather loudly, or at least pretending to snore.


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Time: Night
Town: Kvatch
Country: Cyrodiil

Blade walked about the street in the dark. He had just gotten kicked out of the inn due to a bar fight, so he was left to wander the night. It was peaceful to him, that was until a bright light hit him like a canfeer. After a moment of recovery, Blade decided to investigate.

He spotted a man in dwemer armor, with a light spell above him. Blade couldn't tell if the man was sleeping or awake. He wasn't good at reading people who didn't show their faces. So, Blade sat just out of the light, watching for anything to happen.