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Electric Blood and Magic

Electric Blood and Magic


A child cursed by a witch has to rely on the witch's daughter to break the curse. (searching for a partner!)

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In a world filled with science fiction technology and fantasy magic, there is very little that can't be accomplished. People charge their phones with their own energy, teleportation can be done through complicated tech or through magic that has been researched for years. Technology and magic have co-existed for a long time. One kingdom though was not so welcoming of magic practices. After a very fatal incident that had costed the lives of many civilians, a few nobles and one of the princes of the kingdom, magic had been banned. Because of this ban, the royal guard have been ordered to seek out those who practice magic and kick them out of their homes, and purge them from the cities and villages of the kingdom.

Most left willingly, but a few either could not afford to move or had other motives to stay behind. These quiet few were hunted by a special group of the royal guard to forcibly remove these people or to imprison them if they attempted to fight back. During this hunt, one member of this special team had come upon a powerful witch. One that had no intentions of leaving their land as it was their property. The two got into a nasty battle, but the guard ended up winning. This guard arrested the witch, but not before the witch had cursed them. The guard was transformed into the most inconvenient thing she could think of. The guard and anyone in the guard's bloodline would now have a terrible thirst for blood and a need for electricity, what they would dub as a cybernetic vampire. This creature needed the electricity for the energy, and could only digest blood. Going out in the daylight burns their skin and if they wanted to do anything, magic would have to be involved. There was no control over what they took energy from, anything they touched meant that energy would be consumed and quickly drained.

Our story begins with the children of these two enemies. The child of the guard seeks out the child of the witch to cure this curse. To go back to having a normal life. Unfortunately, the witch's child may not know much about magic and how to solve this curse.

I'm willing to actually rp the original witch and guard too if that's more what you'd like to do. Either pairing works, I'm also willing to add and do more than one story with this setting. And even do different pairings like maybe the crowned royalty of the kingdom that banned tech has been arranged to marry a member of royalty from a different kingdom and this royalty practices magic. Or we could do just the lives of two people in this world of fantasy and sci-fi that have nothing to do with the others. Or even something darker with a group of criminals working to overthrow the corrupt royalty. Anyway, please say something if you're interested!


The world itself is pretty simple to explain as a high technology fantasy world. It's a world filled with sci-fi gadgetry such as robots, smart houses, robotic prosthetics and holograms. It's also a world filled with magic that is nearly all specifically geared towards technology so like magic that allows a person to program a machine just by talking to it or someone being able to charge their phone using their own energy. There's also more mundane magic like potions that boost energy or enchantments the help focus or calm anxiety. It's vast and there's different countries and cities, some people still live in kingdoms, others live in a completely free capitalistic societies with monopolies that basically run their country.


Space travel is something that has been done by a select few, but it isn't something this planet is interested in, so it isn't done a whole lot. It's mainly something done for study and nobody plans to really use that power to colonize other planets. Those that do, are seen as crazy, since it's not a common interest or a solution to any of their problems. Outside of that, most people rely on mass transit to get from place to place. Planes, Boats and Trains are used to get to far off places, while buses are used for smaller distances. People may rent cars to get from place to place or hire a taxi service. Cars that are owned are generally owned by the rich and cars and buses drive themselves now.

In the world of health, there are robotic prosthetics for those that lose a limb. They move just like a regular limb, but do take some time for the technology to understand what the wearer wants, but after a while of having the new prosthetic the limb will move just as naturally as what it replaced and occasionally even better than that. Stem cells and cloning are used to replace damaged organs, on occasion something electronic used instead, but they are seen as just a cheaper option that will need to be replaced frequently and run with risks. There is also some human augmentation, those that want stronger limbs bur really have no medical need will get robotic prosthetics or those that want better eyesight that is better than that of a normal human might switch out for robotic eyes. This is also something done mainly by those that have a lot of money to spend and not done by the average person. These objects are also made to keep the wearer looking human, so it does cost a lot more than some of the other options that don't require synthetic skin or natural looks.

In a more domestic place, homes are all smart houses. Sensors are everywhere that sense when someone is home, lights will turn on in rooms where people are and will turn off when people leave. Refrigerators are able to tell you what you have in stock and suggest recipes for what's available and also give a grocery list for those that plan meals ahead of time. Rooms are kept at temperatures to what the person prefers. The wealthy have humanoid robots that will clean their homes, take care of their laundry and have personal assistants. Some of these robots are even trusted to watch and care for children. In a more normal family a person may have a automated vacuum cleaner that takes care of cleaning the carpets daily and a robot that mops up floors. There might be an AI assistant built into the house that is just a voice over a speaker system.

As for how everything is powered, solar power is the preferred method. Most things run on electricity and most things use solar power, usually gathered from more desert like areas and then transported around the world, but more sunny areas may still have solar panels on their roof tops. People have also found a way to harvest energy from magically imbued objects, so those may be used to power a system as well and would run kind of like a battery that can be recharged.


Magic has evolved with the needs of the people. Those that decide to practice magic and become good at it, usually use it for convenience. The most common and first spell people learn is how to charge their own devices with their own energy. But, there are also people out there that can use magic to program devices just through their speech or even those that can transfer their own consciousness into another piece of technology. Some have learned how to use electrical wires as a sort of way to travel, being able to teleport from place to place as long as there is electrical wiring around. Some others have used it for mundane tasks as well. Like reviving energy, like caffeine that instantly works and wakes a person up, or to help them focus on the task at hand. Magic can be used to create barriers around homes to keep those with intent to harm out, and can be used to heal minor injuries.

  • I want this rp to be an MxF romance and I want to play the tech witch
  • I can write up from 2 to 5 paragraphs, of course I can manage to do more or less depending on what I'm given, but my preferred minimum is 2 paragraphs.
  • I'm still a college student and will be still taking classes through the summer, so I may get busy from time to time. I should still be available to post at least once a week, but I will probably post way more than just once a week.
  • So I know you've read this please tell me your favorite animal in the OOC thread
  • I'm 22 and female for those that care about the age of the person that rp with.
  • I don't mind OOC talk, and would actually love to encourage it! Even if we're just talking about our characters in the rp and planning for what to do next, either way I'd like to keep some kind of communication up.
  • Please ask me any questions you have!

  • Please be open to have romance in our rp!
  • Be able to match my posting length. I set a minimum of 2 paragraphs per present character, but understand the occasional small post.
  • So I know you've read this section, tell me your favorite color in the OOC thread
  • Understand that OOC talk is going to be really important for this RP so please be cool with OOC chat and keeping up with it
  • If you have any other questions on what I'm asking for, please ask.

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Re: Electric Blood and Magic

It's cool, we can just figure it out as we go! If that's cool with you.
I think it'd be interesting to maybe still have both descendents of the original characters. So that they have to get over the obstacle of not killing ea h other while taking down the government.

Re: Electric Blood and Magic

I would totally be up for doing a criminal uprising with this world! I don't really have much of an idea plot wise though, just to let you know ahead of time.

Re: Electric Blood and Magic

Hello! First of all, I love dragons and the color black. Second, this is an interesting setting and I would like to be your partner if you'd have me! You seem like a nice person to not only RP with but to talk to.
I think it'd be really fun if we went for the darker criminal uprising, but if you'd rather do the original, I'm completely down for that!

Just a warning, I am brand new to this website (but not roleplaying) so I hope I'm posting this in the right place...

Electric Blood and Magic

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