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Coraline Smith

"Rosemary for power; basil for purity."

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a character in “Element”, as played by zen_ink



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Type: Earth

Gender: Female
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Scarlet Prim (Scarlet/Scar); Cora
Age: 22

Appearance: Cora is a delicate girl who appears subtle and withdrawn. She has straight blonde hair that goes a bit past her shoulders, a bit straw-like in appearance, a soft face with sharp features and piercing gold eyes, and black-rimmed glasses. She is of average height with a lightweight body and typically wears formal clothing (such as skirts, suits, stockings, heels, blazers, collar shirts, etc.) When she becomes Scarlet however, her appearance completely changes and her hair turns blood red, she dons a skimpy costume made of foliage, and her makeup becomes intense.

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 121 lbs
Eye Color: Gold

Notable Features: Nothing about Cora's day-to-day appearance is particularly notable; she makes a very strong effort to blend in, and after many years of living a "double life" she has mastered the art of looking like your average Joe (Josephine?). Despite her best efforts not to draw any attention, there is something about her, some unseen quality that tends to attract people. She's been complimented on her "remarkable beauty".

Personality: Cora is an extremely practical and down-to-earth girl, which perfectly befits her element. She has a deceptive quality to her; there is always much more going on beneath the surface than she leads on. On the outside, she appears very kind, unassuming, and gentle. On the inside however, she is constantly observing, calculating, and thinking. Nothing gets past Cora's sharp eye, even those little things that most people wouldn't expect her to pick up. She has a good heart and pure intentions, but the scars of her past have left their mark, lending to her character a certain sharp and sardonic quality. She is loyal to the ends of the earth and would gladly give her life for someone she cares about. She is not quick to trust or to fall in love. She always puts her logic before her feelings, meaning if the circumstances call for it, even though she doesn't trust a person she will not hesitate to cooperate with them if it is in both parties' best interests.

Cora is highly intelligent and analytical, with a "get things done" kind of personality. She doesn't like being in the spotlight, and so she is not one to readily take a leadership position, but she can be very bossy and manipulative. Cora likes to analyze all possible options and then settle on whatever she believes to be the absolute best course of action, and then doing whatever it takes to make that happen.

In addition, Cora is known by those close to her for her selfless and giving nature. She is the type of person who cannot help but care about everyone and everything; she holds all forms of life in extremely high regards. This idealist side of her personality motivates her to use her powers wherever she can to help people, especially the sick, whom she is always readily willing to sacrifice her own time and energy to take care of.

Scarlet has an entirely different personality; in addition to many of Cora's original personality traits, Scarlet is much more outspoken and has a proclivity for seduction. She can also be very vindictive and has something of a sadistic streak, preferring to savor her enemies' pain and anguish while she disposes of them.[/center

[center]Likes: Reading, studying, puzzles, nature, meditation, foreign food, fashion, cool pens and pencils, tea
Dislikes: Any form of strong odor, clutter, emotional displays, noisy places, crowded places, germs, selfish people, dark mages, violence
Hobbies: Writing, gardening, botany, spiritual practice, herbalism

Fears/Phobia(s): Cora's greatest fear is feeling out of control, although she would never admit to it. Also, seeing her loved ones be hurt or killed.

-Plant Manipulation-

So begins...

Coraline Smith's Story