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Ren Young Ming

"Ten years, and I'm still on a streak!"

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a character in “Element”, originally authored by Kamibito, as played by RolePlayGateway


Group 1


Type: Dark

Gender: Male
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): "Seal", Mr. Dirty
Age: 16

Ren appears as the stereotypical shady person at a blind eye, but he isn't really like that. He inherited his hair and eyes from his mixed ancestry, and his height from his father, who was about his height when he was Ren's age. He usually wears a black hoodie, with a yellow tatter shirt under, along with baggy pants and black boots. He has pale-ish skin, but that doesn't mean he doesn't try to go outside a lot. He does. Trust me.

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eye Color: Yellow-ish, brown-ish

Notable Features:
Yellow Eyes
Ren is a sadist full of humor. He alway is aloof, funny and sometimes reckless, but when it comes to fighting, especially non-mages, he loves to see them in fright or panic. He is also an outstanding liar and prank-player, but if he gets found out, he usually makes a break for it. Though he is always like this, that doesn't mean he has no soft side. He is extremely sensitive when someone talks about loved ones getting harmed. Ren hides this behind his ability- that probably explains why he is such a good liar.

Likes: Playing around / Soda / A good fight
Dislikes: Sore losers / "Heroes" / Jerks
Hobbies: Playing pranks / Drawing

Fears/Phobia(s): Getting power-hungry and taking out loved ones

Powers: Hallucinations

Weapon: Throwing knives, pistols. Ren prefers to stay light.

Personal History: (Full paragraphs, please)

Before Ren was shoved into this prison, he was born to a modest family, along with a brother and a sister, both now mages, but constantly on the run. He was unaware of his powers until he got the virus. He eventually used this to do mischief, like stealing or making people think he wasn't there. But he started to do worse, like make people run around screaming, saying that Bigfoot was chasing them, while he was sitting back eating an apple. It was "peaceful then"- until he and his family were not allowed to stay in their own home.

This made him angry. Every day, he would get a box of eggs, and make all around him think he was the mayor of the town, and he would egg the town hall.bhe was eventually caught and brought to confinement al lot, but he would always get bailed out, and he would continue doing the same thing over and over again. Then, when he became 16, two years later, it was found that the government were killing mages. So his family was on the run, but not for long. They were caught, and his father and mother were both killed delaying their children's capture.

Nothing seemed more important to Ren at that time than getting away safely. That didn't work out. He and his siblings were caught a month later, but Ren didn't want any more death. Though he liked seeing people afraid, panicked or freaking out, he couldn't bear seeing his siblings die. So he held off the government forces as long as he could, before eventually being knocked out cold. And he woke up, in a dark room, like a convict. Well, he is already a convict.

"Hehe.. I guess this is what you get for 10 years of being a really good liar."

Theme Song: Yobanashi (Night Tales) Deceive | Jin (Shizen-No-Teki-P) feat. IA
~Living a life in slight misery
"Lying is my forte, you know?"
"But I'm not so good at being honest..."
"It's kinda funny, actually..."
"My truest tales sound the most false!"

A floating, bebop sensation, as the night diffuses my reflection
Shining with the two-beat - I guess I can complain sometimes, huh?
Hey, can I talk for a bit? It's about some stupid, hurtful habits,
But I can't keep still anymore - it's just a short tale; you up for one?

Well, I guess I'll get talking. There's something unique, unusual about me;
I've disguised it as common, but it's always troubled me
One day - feels like it's been ten years now - a "monster" spoke to me,
Gulped down my heart, and said "Keep on lying!"

Since then, I've been a true liar,
Nothing and no one I couldn't fool
I guess I've been reduced to a "monster"...
...Hey, sorry! Don't cry, now! It's all just a tall tale, okay?

Oh my, dirty! So disgraceful! I falsify it all;
So I say - but doesn't this truth seem a little uncanny?
I'm deceiving, turn the other way as the lies pile on;
Once again, I sneer at the tedium...

Bebop - could vanish any moment, a girl who seems to hate night;
Two-beat - could cry in a second, a youth who hates lies
Yes, much the same way, they had input their petty "ideals,"
And their hearts were gulped, and afterward, they noticed...

We simply had our wishes granted,
So there's no way we can live alone in our world
Is that a lie? No way, I'm serious, okay?
My crumbling mind fills with "no"...

Oh my, dirty! Listen closely! Listen to my heart;
To my ego, to these lies, and to my truths...
Go and say it's lonely, it won't change me;
I'm always a surpriser, making jaws drop...

Oh my, dirty! How I hate it! Come on, listen to me!
You look surprised, but I can't be saved, alright?
Just say "Ain't no problem"? Ah, you never change
"Whoops, I screwed up..."
As always, I'm drowning in my uncanny self...

"Ahh, maybe I went on a little too long..."
"But hey, like I said, it's just a tall tale."
"Well, that's where I'll stop for today..."
"Next time you hear the signal..."
"I'll tell you an even stranger tale!"


Other: Anything else that does not fit in the app, stick it here. [/font]

So begins...

Ren Young Ming's Story


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(Font in progress)
New Eden City | Government Holding Facility "Death Row" | 3 pm

The boy was at his knees, the first time in years. An egotistic grin was on his face, eyes covered by the hood on his head. A pickup truck with a large wooden pole was carrying him through the camp, with about a dozen of heavily armed guards at the front and back. His arms were tied tightly to the pole, binded by a rope. He was bluffing: he knew he was going to die, and he hoped that his siblings were still alive at this point. It was extremely hard to believe, especially because he was brought in. He saw a soldier eating bread under a small tent: he looked bored, forgotten like the crowds of men in the camp. The prisoner boy smirked, like he was about to wreak havoc on this poor man. "You having fun?" The soldier looked up at the boy, and the truck stopped, and they started to prepare to execute the boy. "Hehe, I'm just starting to have a little fun of my own. Watch you bread, though." The soldier was perplexed.

It appeared that he was kneeling on a wooden platform with wheels and a handle. He was carried off, hands still tied to the sturdy pole. As the boy was rolled away, a scream was heard minutes later. The soldier's bread had appeared to have slimy maggots crawling out of it, and the soldier saw that the bread started to crumble at his hands. It turned into a mass of maggots, and they started crawling all over him. "Ahh.. AAAAAAH!" he screamed as he felt maggots crawling into his uniform pants. They were crawling through his buttons, and through the Corporal badge. "Get them off... GET THEM OFF NOW!!" he screamed as he started swatting and curling up in agony. To him, it felt like slimy tendrils were caressing his body. He let out one last shriek before he dropped to the ground, heart pulsing at full speed. Cardiac arrest? Heart attack? It didn't matter to Ren Young Ming. He had to pull off his biggest show before he died: he promised himself he would die happy.

But to the others, they didn't seem perturbed. To them, they just saw a soldier lying under his tent, taking a nap. No maggots, not shrieking soldier. Yes. It was all the boy. I guess you could call him the master of illusion.


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#, as written by Maestro

New Eden | ACO Holding Facility | 3:05 pm

“New Eden City; it was meant to be paradise on Earth, a home for all of God’s children… that is until his children decided to have some of their own. We were the product of a world at war within itself as mankind attempted to take their fate into their own hands. The result? Disastrous… for them. All we ever wanted was to be loved, to be accepted by the very vermin that brought us into this world. I never asked for this power, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to take advantage of it. It’s time humanity pay, and for the mages to learn just how much sin they’re willing to live with.”

Silence had befallen the calm before the storm, and nobody dared anymore venture into the dark if they valued their lives. A thick eerie fog had set in the heart of New Eden, so no one could make out the ungodly bloodshed occurring in one of its alleys. Blood painted its streets and splattered its walls, and what remained of the lifeless carcass that it once belonged to found itself slumped onto the ground – with its head neatly displaced nearby. “Fucking disgrace against your own kind.” What came next was enough to send chills down the spine of any ordinary person as he dug his fingers into the man’s skull; the excruciating sound of mutilating flesh as he removed its right eye. “An eye for an eye.”

“Bastard.” Spitting on its corpse and taking up his sword, he became a mere silhouette in the enveloping darkness that continued to writhe its way through the city. Slowly the skies began to grow dark and the streets ran cold, the silence broken by thunderous applause overhead before the rains came. Still clutched in his palm was the slimy sphere he had taken from the mage; but he wasn’t any ordinary mage. He was a dog of the government who sold out his own kind for a few pieces of silver and a warm bed. The only use he would ever serve was giving his assailant access to one of the most heavily fortified lockups in the city.

If there was a hell, this prison was it; inside was every unimaginable horror ever committed to anyone who ever called themselves a mage. Torture, genocide, and worst of all traitors. But soon enough they would all be taught a lesson to know what fear truly tastes like. Raising his arm and smirking in the distance, he closed his eye, and with a wave of his hand you would think he was maestro to Beethoven’s 9th as lightning violently struck the control tower. Screams echoed in the courtyard as chaos ensued, all the while the maestro stayed true to his ballad of death.

When the guards finally took notice it was already too late as he had made his move, slaughtering the men as if they were sheep. “Too slow.” Coming up on his last victim, he grinned as he drove his sword through the man’s back, bursting through his sternum as a spew of blood poured out just as he removed his blade. Alarms triggered, calls for backup could be heard screamed over the intercom. Using the eye he had procured earlier, he overrode the retina scanner to gain access to the inside – and was welcomed graciously to a firing squad on the other side. “For me... ? You shouldn't have!"