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Sid Lozo

Abuse? Nah. Simply testing the limits.

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a character in “Element”, as played by PoBeeb



Sid Lozo

Type: Fire

Gender: Male
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Sid, Smoke
Age: 24

Appearance: Tall and muscular, Sid towers at a fitting 6'3". He's often seen with his silver hair slicked back, as he finds it exasperating to keep his hair out of his face in mid-battle, and too much of a bother to get it trimmed monthly. He wears tight-fit clothing, as he finds it easier to use his abilities on things that are touching him, rather than loose hanging clothing. He arches his back just slightly when standing, due to his large frame. He has a narrow face and a protruding jaw-line, that draw out his masculinity.

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 200
Eye Color: Red

Notable Features: Silky silver hair - the color became prominent at age 18, apparently due to high stress levels.

Personality: Sid's always been the comical type - a humorous man with a playful sense of humor. In fact, he usually oversteps his boundaries, insulting others quite easily. He was nearly born this way, taking on every tense situation with humor. Such was his only way of coping with his hardships. He's not much of a lady's man, though his never-ending attempts to catch women are often futile, leaving a jarred impression of the young man in his wake.

Likes: Food in massive amounts, specifically sweets. Soda, and children.
Dislikes: Spicy foods, "rich-folk", and loud noises
Hobbies: Smoking, drinking, hitting on women

Fears/Phobia(s): Sid has a fear of emotional attachment, and as a result he cuts relationships short, never giving away true intentions or letting other in.

Powers: Smoke

Weapon: Sid prefers bare-handed combat, and is skilled in martial arts. However, if by chance his enemy is too powerful, he may equip himself with a simple metal baseball bat.

Personal History: Sid was born into a happy, caring, loving family. Unlike many others, he wasn't shunned for his abilities, but praised. His family saw him as a miracle maker, and angel of sorts. Though they were wise enough to keep his gift a secret, they pleaded with him to practice his abilities in confidence. "This is a coming of a new era, son" his father would tell him "and I want you to secure your place at the top." Sid loved his family dearly. His younger sister was 4 years old at the time that Sid discovered his abilities. The 12 year old boy was a responsible older brother, often caring for his dear sister's health and safety. His mother was a flower saleswoman, with a small and humble shop in the center of town. She was gracious, beautiful and patient, and cared for her children with great endearment, working long hours to support their every desire.

However, their perfect plastic life came to a halt one stormy afternoon. Sid had a habit of losing control - not being able to consciously stop his actions when in training. In real life situations, he knew he could become a dangerous weapon unstoppable by even himself. However, preoccupied with his own power, he never gave it a second thought. Late one evening, his mother was cooking breakfast. Though Sid knew it was a safety hazard bringing his smoke into the home, he was eager to control his abilities with little effort and in turn, practiced in secrecy. He sat on the sofa, snapping his fingers. One by one, they'd disperse into a foggy ribbon of smoke. His crimson eyes followed the trails as they reversed back into fingers, like time rewinding before his very eyes. Again and again, he played with his super natural ability, never once considering that the scent of smoke was due to anything but burning dinner in the kitchen. Dazed by his on perplexing capabilities, he was unaware that a thick fog of smoke hovered above his head. His mesmerizing practice continued, until he could hardly see the fingers that flexed inches from his face.

He snapped out of his daydreaming, his fingers a tad bit tired from the practice. He awoke to a world of grey and white. For a moment, he almost considered the possibility that he may be blind, until sirens alerted him otherwise. His mother made it out alive, but his sister - who had been asleep at the time - suffocated immediately. The Fire Marshal was baffled by the inexplicable smoke residue that covered the home, and Sid was in self-loathing shambles. He nearly turned himself in the very same day. However, his mother pleaded with him, she had already lost one child and Sid knew very well that she would risk her own health to keep him safe. As a result, he left - afraid that if he were to stay much longer, he'd hurt another person he cared about. He traveled the world, hitching rides and selling his belongings simply for the finances needed to survive. At 18, he worked in a restaurant as a waiter. At 21, he took up the life of an undistinguished bartender.

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So begins...

Sid Lozo's Story


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#, as written by PoBeeb
New Eden | ACO Holding Facility | 3:15 pm

"Why haven't you escaped?" His voice was trembling, fluency interrupted by unsettling nerves and the blasts of pandemonium just a few floors above. The officer flipped open a notepad, setting down a steaming cup of tea in front of the shackled man who twitched his lip in uncontrollable amusement.

"Got any coffee? I don't do tea." Sid grinned, his pearly whites illuminated by the deliberately intimidating florescent bulb that hung above his head. He had been taken to a remote location for "questioning". In reality, he knew that this happened to be a sound room in a safe and hidden location of the building. He was being protected, for reasons unknown.

"Answer the question, Mr. Lozo."

"You're sweating." He cooed, swiftly crossing one lengthy leg over the other. He was rather enjoying the taste of the man's trepidation.

"You could have turned to smoke. You could have walked right out of here. Why didn't you?"

Sid stared at his hands. Slowly, finger by finger, he began to dismantle into a misty fog of grey. The shackles, no longer holding anything, fell to the ground with a disquieting clatter. In an instant, the black smoke returned to it's original shape as though time it's self had reversed.

Sid flexed his fingers, glancing up at the officer from behind messy locks of silver. "Maybe I like it here."

"No one likes it here." The officer curved his lips into a grimace, setting down a hefty manila envelope. "Since you've proven yourself an exceptional behavioral inmate, we'd like to offer you a proposition. The badge, a salary, safety- all for your assistance. Of course, this requires that-"

"Do I get to kill'em?" Sid mused, swirling the brownish liquid in it's glass before taking a short sip. His expression twisted into a childlike display of disgust. Nasty shit.

"Yes." The grim look on the officer's face was nothing short of agonizing.

"Kay." Sid placed both feet on the ground, dumping out the contents of the envelope. A small badge, and a stack of freshly printed papers. He reached for the black-ink pen, quickly scribbling his name across the entire sheet.

"That's not how yo-"

"See you around, then." Sid stood up, tossing the pile of papers onto the desk. They scattered, many of them hitting the confused and rather irritable officer.

"But- Wait, Lozo!" The officer stood from his chair, stopping Sid just as one side of him had dispersed into smoke.

"Yes?" He glanced back, hand in pocket and a stolid expression on his face.

"You shouldn't go out there. I have orders to keep everyone inside."

Sid simply shrugged his shoulders and continued his dissemination. "You're not my authority anymore." His voice echoed as he transformed into a thick smog and disappeared through the plated wall.


New Eden City | Rural Fields | 3 PM

"Jo. Are you ready to get moving?"

"To get moving where?" Josephine growled under her breath. "I may as well be cheering on the sidelines. Even then, I'd be getting more action." She sighed, breathing in the appetizing scent of seasoned chicken. Her stomach growled, a reaction of which she paid no mind to.

She held her mace in her hands, staring back at the irate reflection in the gleaming metal. "Who are our opponents today?" She sighed, rotating the weapon. She was anything but excited. After all, healers were generally the main target of the opposing teams, and they were rare at that. She should be idolized, shouldn't she? Then why was she persistently treated as damsel in distress?

"We really need that new guild hall. Think Gramps would kick me out for disobeying his orders a second time?" She mused, her imagination wandering off in a foolish direction. Nothing sounded more delicious to her than taking the winning K.O.