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"i am stained by blood on the outside, but stains you can not see are much darker"

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a character in “Elemental Battles: Rage Ch. II: Fire”, as played by Darkstarwolf777


Name: Tate
Pack: Jivanta Pack
Gender: female
Appearance: white fur with blotches of red staining it. Over her right eye a wolf claw mark, her right eye is black and dead. Her teeth are blood red from the meat she eats. On her left side scars litter her, making her fur part and show her past as like an open book.
Personality: After being captured and tortured by The Kamaria Pack. She has grown to hate all wolves even going as far as killing her own kind on site no matter how friendly. Due to her element of life she does not kill the wolves but leaves them to bleed out leaving her with a brutal reputation. The wolves she does not fight and leave for dead find her to be cold, full of hatred and yet somehow she can seem warm and nurturing. She struggles with the Ideals of her peaceful loving people, while after seeing the world as curl she feels stuck and because of this feeling stuck she has been found torturing other wolves bringing them an inch from death just to have her heal them and begin again. Her warm nurturing side is shown in a little fox that follows her encouraging her to do mischievous things, as well join a much dark side of the world.
Abilities: she uses her shapeshifting to approach wolves and other animals in a stealth mode she can caught food for herself and her little fox friend. Her healing ability has far surpassed others from her pack honed by her unorthodox approach to healing; by torturing and healing her victims and bring them back from extremely fatal wounds. Her Fangs and claws are naturally sharped from the fighting and combat with many other wolves. Her combat experiences, smaller frame and has made her a tactical master. Setting traps, using her shape shifting, using small fur animals as a distractions so she can caught her opponents off guard and even playing a dead wolf with her blood stained fur. Her tactic is normally never to leave any survivors.

• a metal brace on her back legs that improve her start running speed
• on her right paw is a fitted metal claws she uses for quick take downs
As a pup she loved to dance play and the most ultimate thing that led to her down fall.... adventure... far and wide from the safety of others. On these adventures she would commune with animals even making friends by changing into them. One day she saw another pack and not heading the warnings of the elders approached them….. Unfortunately for her this pack was none other than The Kamaria Pack. To make matters worse they did not kill her, but they captured and imprisoned her. Her life became that of being a toy of brutal cruel torture. The unspeakable things done to her are so mentally damaged she doesn’t remember the horrors, but the scares on her body are like volumes of written lore of her life as a slave. Though the day she escaped was a bloody day and stained her fur with blood, she slaughter 20 wolves taking there cruelty to the next level on their alpha. She tortured him for 7 full days bring him to an inch of death then back again using her healing magic then repeating the methods that she learned from what them. On the final day she ripped open his heart just enough so he would die 3 hours later. She walked away leaving him for dead…. She would later go on to torture many other wolves honing her skill. One day she found a young fox being tortured by a fire wolf. She in kind defeated the fire wolf and then for 30 days tortured him to death, she would later find out the fox pissed off the fire wolf because of his mischievous behavior. After the fire wolf died she took his leg equipment and metal claws that he had. She then raised the fox as her own, they became a team. every once in a while she will see her pack and the joy she had and wish she could go back, but more than her teeth and fur are stained.

So begins...

tate's Story

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Tate followed closely by Vixen walk though the burned down landscape. As Tate walks fresh seedlings and grass grow at her feet leaving a distinct trail. At the river the trees are thicker the area is cleaner and the water sparkles like diamonds. Tate turns to Vixen
"You may play but stay close Tenneth still roam the area, the forest is also alive and can shallow a little one such as yourself easily". Vixen giggles her blue markings begin to glow and fish jump onto the land and small woodland creatures jump into the water drowning themselves, Vixen giggles sadistically and runs to the river to watch her handy work. Tate lays next to the river bed bring the ground she lays on to life. She stares at the metal claw she now wears, As she lays there her mind drifts to her past stuck in the shadow wolf clutches. At this point Vixen has a small woodland chipmunk and playing with it like a puppet on strings. Suddenly Tate's sensitive ears pick up movement from the river to the north. "SHADOWS" Vixen's ear stick straight up, with her mind powers she shatters the skull of the chipmunk, blood splatters on the ground. Vixen runs into the shadows suppressing her blue markings become the shadow itself.

A female Dimitrios wolf comes into view following the river. she is on the cusp of being stock and lean, her saddle white markings stand out to the black, and her brown lower fur makes her stand out even more. Tate stands in a defensive potion engaging her metal claw "Greets Dimitrios pack member, are you alone? My name is Tate, yours is?" Vixen opens her backpack quietly and waits to see how this is going to go down.

The setting changes from The Burning Edge to Dead Forest


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Ash was watching horizon, ignoring how the sun began to make her coat heavy with uncomfortable heat. Her eyes were wide, enough to drink in the beautiful sight of the world before her.

The water was alight with the morning sun, the reflection making it much much more brighter so that she had to squint now. The sudden brightness just made it all the more beautiful, if only a bit painful to witness. It was a beautiful sight, indeed, if only Ash had the ability to properly comprehend it and enjoy it like the common wolf. This sight before her, was only a brief beauty that could hardly be compared to her precious immortal jewels she loved so much. It was the lasting Beauty in this world that she loved so much. For the short and dying beauty of life held only pain, and strife for her.

The time of when the world was painted in the color of the sun at dawn, was gone quickly and with it Ash's attention toward it. She looked down to her paw and began to groom herself exactly like a cat. Linking her paw to comb the fur behind her ears, then licking the knots she had accumulated through the night into submission. It was an important morning routine for Ash, as she always felt better looking her best when dodging danger. And what if she were die? Well, at least she'd die looking her best. The better to meet the gods.

It was when she was nearly done with her morning routine of cleanliness that she heard someone speak. And it wasn't one of the Dimitrois guards she was traveling with. Unease made her scowl, which she normally tried not do as it was bad for her face, but she did it anyway. Turning to look back at the unknown speaker, she moved her paw and the earth beneath her rose up several feet to increase the distance between her and the stranger. It also added another advantage. It made her look down her nose at the stranger. Literally.

"Greets Dimitrios pack member, are you alone? My name is Tate, yours is?" Ash raised a brow, and a small smile formed on her lips all the while thinking, A name too good pass through your lips.

She wanted to speak her mind, but it would terrible manners, especially when the stranger, Tate, had politely told her. Well.... making it so that Tate had to look up at her wasn't so polite, but in this world, when wars were being fought?

"Why, hello." Her accent made it so that the 'e' sounded like an 'a' and the 'o' was a bit stretched. It wasn't really a Dimitrois thing, but it was an 'Ash' thing. "My name is Ash; what do you want?" So much for being polite.

She didn't answer the question about her being alone. Which she wasn't, but she didn't feel like spoiling this morning with bloodshed, which is what would happen if she were to alert her guards/soldiers about it.

The setting changes from Dead Forest to The Burning Edge

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She looks up at the wolf as she rises above the river using her earth magic. Tate gazes reverts to the simmering water as the blood from the mass murder of small creatures that vixen has murdered earlier. “Well one I was checking to make sure you were not a threat to my pup. And second it looks like your bath was just about to be interrupted but the blood in the river.” Tate engages her metal claw weapon the cracks the rocks underneath her. “My name is Tate, And you are?” Tate positions herself between the wolf and where vixen is hiding.

The setting changes from The Burning Edge to Maxim Lake


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“Well one I was checking to make sure you were not a threat to my pup. And second it looks like your bath was just about to be interrupted but the blood in the river.” Ash raised a paw, as if silently laughing at this wolf for thinking she'd take a bath in a lake. Or, perhaps it was hilarious how this wolf was treating her. Even when pretending to be strangers, Nova and his group had treated her with some sort... of respect or deference.

Or at least until he shouted at me. The thought brought back the memory of having been assaulted with Nova's heated words, leaving a bad taste in her mouth.

It quickly ruined whatever light mood she was in, and all previous thoughts of not wanting to shed blood on this day evaporated.

“My name is Tate, And you are?”

The repeated question made her mood drop even more. Her ears were laid back, and her facial expression spoke nothing but irritation. Ash was quite clearly, no longer in a merciful mood. "I told you already." The ground began to shake with her sudden anger, notifying the soldiers and guards she had been traveling with that she may possibly need their help.

A howl to the north arose and Ash glared at Tate. "I suggest you and your cub leave. Now."

Normally, Ash was a civilized wolf in that she never really fought or killed anyone. But it didn't mean she didn't know how to fight using her element. In fact, it was easy when she was angry as she compared her killing methods to crushing bugs. Just on a larger scale. Or perhaps, she'd entomb these enemies in the earth. Living but unable to escape or eat, or drink.

But most of the time Ash didn't kill other wolves with her own paw. Most of the time, just her word was enough to kill as she had servants to do the killing for her.