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"What I do, I do for my pack. You just have to ask yourself, are you part of my pack?"

0 · 37 views · located in Gothaire

a character in “Elemental Battles: Rage Ch. III: Rebirth”, as played by BlueWind_22



Unaffiliated with any known packs

3/4 Kamarian, 1/4 Alvan


Blue appears to a somewhat younger version of her mother, a basic black she-wolf with blue eyes and a Borak pendant she keeps on at all time. She is quite tall for a she-wolf, and is built a bit more for speed with lean muscles and big paws for better traction. Her fur is black and lustrous, almost thick enough to rival an Ausi's winter coat, except one would know better since her coat isn't that great. Longer fur, doesn't always equate to being warmer. She also has a few scratch marks on her legs and behind her ears that no one can see cause of her long fur. On the bottom of her paws, she shows signs of scarring from burns.

Blue is a clever she-wolf with the ability to tell a lie like the truth. Her acting skills are amazing, too amazing in fact. So amazing that one would even think she became the good she-wolf she was trying so hard to act like. What her true personality was like, none of the Rebels knew what it was like, seeing as how she was acting every time she was around them. No one can really tell if she is being good because she is good, or if she's just pretending to be good to get close to other wolves to learn their secrets. No one could, except for, say a certain shocky wolf. It was this wolf, that she realized she shared some similarities with, that she always spoke the truth to.

Being a 2nd generation hybrid, her abilities had never been particularly strong in one element or the other. But don't let this fool you. She is a deadly opponent in that, like an Alva, her abilities lie in her eyes. One look, and she'll plunge a wolf into a black abyss that they can't get out of. It's like the Alva's ability to make a wolf live their worst nightmare, except, she makes them experience a nothingness of darkness. And often times, one would think this is harmless, equating it to sleeping... Which is a big mistake. This type of nothingness, given enough time, will make a wolf forget what light is, what sensations are like, what is up or what is down... After awhile, it'll numb you to everything and when you're pulled out of it? It's a bad shock to the system. Don't forget to mention, that while their minds are experiencing this time of cold abyss, their bodies will lay prone in the real world... The perfect way to disable an opponent.
Other than that main ability, she shows some small, very small talent for shadow kinesis. Only able to make a shadow corporeal for a few measly seconds, enough seconds for a tendril of darkness to trip someone.
That said, her only other ability would be making a shadow clone of herself. This is not tangible. It just a glob of darkness that looks like her, but if one were to inspect such a clone close enough, they would see it doesn't have her eye color.

Nothing other than her claws, teeth and basic strength, but her speed is her key strength.

Blue's history is just one long spiraling ride down to hell. Figuratively and literally. Her mother, BattleDemon, was a well respected Alva warrior/general/alpha and whatever titles she held before she died. While Blue's father was a Kamarian assassin, that no body had heard of. Their romance of course led to BattleDemon giving up her pups when they were born, to be raised by an omega of the Alva pack.
Raised by a nice omega, Blue didn't know who her mother or father was and probably would have grown up unaware of the fact if she hadn't been separated from her pack at young age.
Somewhere between trying to find her way back to her pack and enjoying the freedom of being without stern adults, she was found by the wrong wolves who taught her about her lineage and abilities.
Skip several years and she pops up in the middle of Dimitrois and Tenneth pack lands without her memories, claiming to be BattleDemon.
In reality, she had used her abilities alongside one her packmate's abilities to wipe her memories so that she infiltrate a group of wolves to set them in the right direction. To take out several of her Creator's competition.

So begins...

Blue's Story