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"I'm sorry for being gone so long. Its alright if you don't want to forgive me."

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a character in “Elemental Battles: Rage Ch. III: Rebirth”, as played by Seveneleven


Name: Cerise

Pack: Avira

Gender: Female

Description: A snow-white pelted Wolf boasting a wingspan of about 8 feet in length! Her feathers share the same color as her fur except for having black tips. She keeps her fur and feathers well-groomed as neither seems to lose their luster. Her eyes are a shade of deep blue that gleams like sapphires when she's happy. Her figure is quite petite for a Wolf adding up to about 5'5" in length. She likes to say that her frame helps to make her more aerodynamic.

Personality: A wide-eyed and expressive she-wolf, it's always easy to tell when she's feeling happy, angry, upset, or frightened. Despite being read like an open book Cerise is very intelligent and kind. She has an avid love for Art and Music and often indulges in these mediums whenever she has a chance to. She can identify any musical movement by hearing the first few notes and loves to play instruments. Even though she has many artistic pursuits her favorite activity will always be flying. Nothing feels better to her than rising above the clouds with the wind blowing right underneath the wings. While she is a beacon of positivity that seems to endear many to her side, she isn't always the most confident.

She can be very shy and bashful especially around other Avira. When her anxiety peaks she tends to become spacey and distracted. While this behavior makes her a social outcast among the Avira ironically, she is much more sociable around outsiders. Cerise loves to meet new Wolves and will openly engage them in conversation. She loves to make new friends every chance she gets, and this amiability has served her well in the past. While Cerise is a peace-loving Wolf she has engaged in numerous, life-threatening skirmishes. She hates violence and bloodshed, but she will fight for the safety of others.

Abilities: While Cerise would prefer to avoid a fight she has nevertheless developed techniques to defend herself when the need arises. Having access to the powerful Wind Prana, Cerise can manipulate the air around her. Through the beat of her wings she can create sudden gusts of wind, and with more finesse even create twisters. Her Individual Signature is the one Rare Signature the Avira possesses. Cerise has the power of Zephyrus which grants her the ability to quite literally "see" the Prana within the Air. Through this power, she can see and communicate with Spirit Wolves and even see glimpses of the afterlife.

Equipment: Cerise carries a travel bag that contains her sketchpads and pencils, as well as a mysterious book she found.

History: Cerise's birth was one marked by tragedy and mystery. On the day that she was born her Birth Parents were fugitives wanted by the Avira for reasons yet unknown. While it was a bitter pill to swallow Cerise's father, Tate, knew that they could not bring their newborn daughter with them. Tate convinced his love, Illayse to leave their daughter with his old friend and colleague, Eddington. When the pair showed up on Eddington's doorstep he was more than a little shocked and concerned. When Tate proposed they he should raise his daughter Eddington originally couldn't accept. That was when his Mate, Aubrey interjected. "We cannot abandon such a little one in need!" She decried. Her parents left their daughter behind as they flew off into the night sky never to be seen again. Eddington and Aubrey raised Cerise on their own. She quickly became the Cub they never had and grew to become a family to them.

Eddington was a professor at the University of Zephyrus and Aubrey, an accomplished painter. At a young age, they taught Cerise the Aviran way which was to value the Arts and Sciences. Culture, to the Wind Wolves, was everything. While she tried her best in her studies she was a bit of a daydreamer. While she had difficulty paying attention in Science, she was an avid drawer. Cerise would take to a sketchpad like the Arlyne take to the water and would draw anything she saw. Whether it was the trees, the birds, or a coin stuck in between the floorboards, she drew it. Her Stepmother encouraged Cerise's artistic talents even though her Stepfather urged her to become more invested in academics. Nevertheless, her early life was good, and when she old enough, Cerise was sent to attend school.
When Cerise first stepped a paw onto the school grounds, she was excited to make her very first friends. When she approached a group of Cubs that seemed nice enough, she introduced herself and asked if they wanted to be friends. Their reply was a resounding no! Cerise was not only stunned by this rejection but also distraught.

Many in her class were unnecessarily mean to her for no reason that she could explain. Cerise came home that evening bawling over the incident with her classmates. Her stepparents did their best to soothe her, but they understood why this occurred. It was because of their association with her birth parents. Eddington and Tate were part of the same research team, and while he did not follow Tate it did not spare his reputation. Their family were considered to be Omegas to the Avira's and lived under much scrutiny. Bearing this in mind they never told Cerise about her birth parents in fear of what the Pack might do if they knew. Cerise grew up in this unfriendly atmosphere for much of her life as she struggled to feel a connection. This caused Cerise to retreat further into her own imagination as she dreamt of what life might be like beyond the Floating Mountains of Era. Soon this dream would turn into a fascination and finally into a desire. She resolved herself to leave Era and fly down into Nigerius proper and learn about all the other Packs firsthand. Of course, when she told her stepparents about her decision they were terrified. They said it was too dangerous to leave with the Great War raging on down below.

They tried to convince Cerise to pursue art college and become a great artist like Aubrey, but Cerise was dissatisfied with life as is. She wanted more than what her stepparents wanted, and she didn't want to be amongst Wolves who wouldn't treat her with dignity and respect. Cerise understood that her stepparents wouldn't understand and decided to strike it on her own. Early one morning before her parents awoke from their nightly slumber, Cerise decided to run away. The naive Avira gathered her sketchpads and pencils and placed them in her bag. As she was about to fly out the door she wrote a goodbye letter and left it on the doorsill. Cerise took one last look at her home and with a tear in her eye flew off for adventure and the unknown. When her stepparents awoke they were shocked to not find Cerise asleep in her room. Eddington and Aubrey looked around and when they found the note they took off to find their wayward daughter. That was when tragedy would strike.

Cerise flew above the forest canopies drawing every tree she could find. She was so taken with these trees they were so much bigger and grander than those found on the Floating Mountains. Cerise would then unwittingly spring a trap and tried to fly away in a panic in a panic. This leads her wing to become stuck in a tree dangling her high above the ground. In her distress was the moment she met her very first friend, Nova. Cerise called out to the sandy pelted Wolf to help free her from the tree to which he obliged. Flying down to thank him she overwhelmed Nova with her bubbliness and excitement. The two would form a strong friendship that would carry them through the trials to come. While Cerise felt deep joy, great sorrow would soon accompany it. An Avira soldier would find Cerise as he came bearing grim tidings. A Tenneth raid commenced on the Floating Mountains and her stepparents were caught in the crossfire. Fearing the worse Cerise flew back home hoping and praying that her family was unharmed. When Cerise returned Eddington had already perished and Aubrey was trapped beneath a burning log. Cerise flew down to try and save her stepmother but she pushed her away.

"Run, Cerise! It's...too dangerous." She weakly said. "No, mother! I can't leave you here like this!" She cried as she tried with all her might to remove the log. Unfortunately, it was too heavy and the fire too fierce. "'s too late for me." "," Cerise began to cry. "It's all my fault! If I hadn't run away you and dad would, would, would...," Cerise stammered. "It's okay...we forgive listen, away, pursue your dreams, live a life that makes you's all we ever wanted." Aubrey wheezed. Some Tenneth raiders were drawing near and with that Aubrey beckoned Cerise to fly away before they got her too. She listened to her stepmother and flew away. Cerise landed by a remote pond where she mourned the loss of her family. It would be during this moment of deepest despair that she would meet her next friend, BattleDemon. Cerise decided to travel the world looking to find a way to end the fighting. During her journey, she would run afoul of the evil Rashid. Cerise and her friends were instrumental in exposing Rashid forcing him underground. While Cerise helped to delay Rashid's plans his evasion caused her to feel defeated.

Cerise returned to the Floating Mountains with grand fanfare, much to her surprise. The Pack of Wind commemorated Cerise for her brave actions in exposing Rashid. Her harrowing story of capture and escape became something of a legend amongst the Aviras. At first, this was enough for Cerise. All her life she never felt wanted by her Pack but after her adventures, she came back a hero. Her neighbors who once looked at her with mistrust and disgust now showed friendliness and care. No longer did she suffer the short replies from the grocers when she wanted an apple, nor did her questions go unanswered by her art instructors. She belonged once more and life was good for a while. The Avira Pack was not the only thing her journey has changed, but it's changed her as well. Something began to feel amiss in Cerise's life, something she couldn't quite place her wing on. The answer would come to her on the day of the Anemoi Festival where she was the Alpha's guest of honor. Feeling lost within the dizzying pomp and circumstance of the Alpha's Palace her swimming mind would be directed by a familiar voice. Cerise looked to see the disembodied spirit of Hero. The Old Avira beckoned her away from the elegance and grandeur of the fairytale like Ball and into the night sky.

Cerise followed Hero's Ghost until he led her to his old abode. It was there Cerise found the answer to the question that lingered in the back of her mind. Her adventures was not one of happenstance but of prophecy. Hero had kept safe an old Alvan text that foretold the coming destruction of Nigerius and the Saviors that would rise to stop it. Destiny beckoned Cerise to return to the lands below just as Nigerius faces it's darkest hour. Feeling spurned on by the apirits of the afterlife Cerise leaves her home once more. She flies on to find her friends and reunite with them one more time.

So begins...

Cerise's Story