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"Oooh please can't we just turn the other way!?"

0 · 48 views · located in The Floating Mountains of Era

a character in “Elemental Battles: Rage Ch. III: Rebirth”, as played by Seveneleven


Name: Chaz

Pack: Tenneth

Gender: Male

Description: Chaz has reddish brown fur that covers his back with white fur covering his underbelly. While a bit of an unusual coloration amongst the Tenneth, white furred Fire Wolves are not unheard of. His eyes soft and timid shine an emerald green. He's pretty puny when it comes to the other Tenneth who are mostly big and strong. He comes down to an unimpressive 64 inches or 5'4" in length, and is about 2.4 inches in shoulder height. His small frame does have the added benefit of going largely unnoticed by the more towering Wolves.

Personality: Chaz has been described as "A failure in every sense of the word." It's not going too far to say that Chaz is a total wimp. Compared to the rest of the Tenneth Pack he's down right pathetic. He's characterized by having a meek demeanor, and a cowardly attitude. He's easily frightened and easily gets discouraged when chastised or humiliated. This poor Wolf barely has any self-confidence or self-dignity, as he is permissively subjected to all manner of verbal, emotional, and physical abuse. When in danger Chaz is spastic and panicky causing him to over-react even to the most simple of prodding. Because of this behavior he is saddled with the nickname, Chaz the Spaz. In addition to his pitifulness he is also quite dense. He's not the cleverest of wolves and is incredibly gullible.

The only redeeming quality this wolf seems to have is his kindness. Despite all the abuse he has suffered through it hasn't dampened his soft and gentle nature. So gentle that it would make even a Jivanta blush! The Wolf is practically harmless as he cannot bring himself to hurt even a fly. If one can get past his nervousness and cowardice he's quite a genuine friend, and one that would never lie. After all he's got a horrible poker face. Even when Chaz stays out of trouble he is plagued by almost, comical levels of bad luck. His clumsiness and ineptitude are always the cause of series of unfortunate events. This much to the chagrin of his superiors who do everything in their power to give him as little responsibility as possible.

Abilities: Much like his personality, Chaz is absolutely pathetic when it comes to using his Element. While he does have Prana it doesn't appear to be the strongest of connections. He has difficulty producing even the tiniest of flames, and it's barely even hot! Feels more like a cozy hearth fire than the blazes the Tenneth are known for. Suffice to say that Chaz is next to worthless in a fight. The worst a Wolf will get from him is probably a sunburn. But, at least he knows how to take a licking. It's unclear if Chaz has an Individual Signature. He's never been serious in a fight having shown no distinguishing abilities or traits. Perhaps it'll reveal itself one day?

Equipment: Inspiring little confidence from others, Chaz hasn't been given even the standard weapons, and armor the Tenneth employ. He once had a courier bag, but ever since he lost the mail he was never trusted with even mundane items.

History: Chaz for all his life has been known as a loser. He had a difficult childhood growing up. When being educated on how to use their Prana it was clear that Chaz was far behind his peers. Most Cubs could produce a sustainable flame, but Chaz's always seemed to fizzle out. This often caused him to suffer ridicule by his peers, and despite his teacher's attempts could never advance Chaz. This was only the beginning of Chaz's troubles. Chaz would often come home crying to his mother after being bullied by numerous Cubs. His Mother, a kind and nurturing soul, always found a way to cheer him up. Chaz loved his mother, she was his world and the only source of comfort and love he knew. Chaz never knew his father and when he would ask his mother would say, "I'm not sure your father was...quite the oddball. He ran off looking for a mystical bone but I have no idea if he ever found it." Chaz was always curious about this magical bone but it would forever remain a mystery.

However this would lead into his favorite hobby of bone collecting. Chaz would scour the land looking for bones of every shape and size. He would bring back his hauls and bury them within the Earth. He even drew a map to where he hid his treasure trove of bones, in case he ever wanted to find them. Even as an adult Chaz will stop and pick a bone that interests him. He will then compulsively bury it in the dirt saying, "I'll come back for it later." While this hobby helped to make Chaz feel closer to his dad, it did little to earn any friendships. Most Wolves stayed away from Chaz, well, except for the times they decide to pick on him. That was until a she-wolf named Terecia came into his life. It happened when he enter the lava flats to find a bone of the infamous Lava Snake. He searched about avoiding the streams of lava that coursed across the flats. It was then he stumbled upon Terecia. She was surprised to see someone out in the lava flats. After all dangerous creatures roamed this area. Chaz of course fumbled over himself but he managed to blurt out finding a bone of the Lava Snake. Terecia was surprised she was looking for a bone as well!

From there Chaz started to fall for her. She was a Canicus and beautiful. He couldn't believe someone like her was into bone collecting. He asked if she's seen one about. She decided to let him in on a little secret as she led him to an area were there was signs of the snake. There they found the bone they both been looking for. "No way! Terecia you're a genius!" Chaz exclaimed as he ran to the very large bone. He tried to pick it up and carry it with him but it was far too heavy for one Wolf alone to drag. Terecia laughed as she decided to give Chaz a paw. That was then a Lava Snake appeared from beneath a pool of lava. It hissed at the two Wolves. Chaz of course immediately panicked. Terecia then called upon her powers to cause the pool to erupt as lava splashed unto the Snake's face blinding it. "RUN!" She yelled. "But the bone!" Chaz cried. "Forget it! Let's go!" At her behest Chaz abandoned the find of a life time and ran off before the Snake could get it's bearings. As the two ran away to safety they both enjoyed a laugh. Chaz laughing after certain death, who was this wolf!? It didn't matter all he could think of was Terecia.

The two would hang out whenever they had the chance. This was the happiest Chaz had ever felt in his life. Even more so than the time he created a sustainable flame! (Even though it was tiny and he passed out after two minutes, but still! It was a record!) Even though Chaz was no where near as talented as Terecia she never made the Tenneth feel bad about himself. If anything she was encouraging and Chaz felt like he could do more, be more. Yet if something is too good to be true then it most likely isn't. This cruel lesson in life would soon be taught by the Wolf he admired most. It was about a month since they met and it felt like this friendship was about to enter into something more serious. Terecia sent Chaz a letter one night and it was quite cryptic but also suggestive. Either way Chaz was eager to accept and went to a rendezvous with Terecia. Once he met at the designated spot something was off. It was quite dark as smoke clouds covered the moon. It was then Chaz received the worst humiliation of his life. A sudden fire erupted and before he knew it he was douched with tar formed naturally in the area. The fire began to spread to him as Chaz ran about like a mad wolf. While the fire would certainly be painful it would not kill a Tenneth, but then again he wasn't nearly that hardy. Before the fire reached Chaz he cried out in terror and that was when the fire died! Chaz was pouring out tears when he turned towards the sounds of laughter.

Stepping out of the darkness was a group of young Tenneth and one Terecia. Chaz was incredibly confused by this sudden turn of events. "W-Wha...I don't understand?" He blubbered. "Don't you get it yet Spaz? You've just been duped!" Spoke the Tenneth that stood shoulder to shoulder by Terecia. He then laughed as the others around them laughed. "Duped?! What does he mean by that Terecia?" He asked to the Canicus with a pitiful look in his eyes. "Wow you really are dense aren't ya Spaz? She set you up from the very beginning! And boy wasn't that flaming funny!" He laughed again. "You're lying!! He's lying! Right Terecia, you wouldn't do this to me on purpose. We're friends right?" He beseeched the Canicus. Terecia then shot Chaz a disgusted glare, "Friends? Why would I ever want to be friends with a failure like you?" She snidely remarked. It was at this moment that Chaz felt his heart completely dropped. He was more than shocked, he felt traumatized. "B-But...I thought y-you liked me...," His words faded as uproarious laughter followed. "Like you?! Are you joking? Did you really believe you had a chance with her? Get out of here!" Chaz felt so ashamed as if he would die right there on the spot. He looked on to Terecia who adverted her gaze from his in disgust. Utterly heartbroken he could think of nothing else to do but run. Run he did, as fast as he could and as far as he could. This moment completely shattered any self-confidence or self-assurance he might've had, and transformed him into the nervous wreck we know today.

Chaz eventually found himself being recruited due to mandated conscriptions by Prometheus. Of course his superiors would've never wagered to guess just how much of a handful Chaz would be. Every detail and assignment given to this anxiety ridden Wolf would end in spectacular disaster. Often lambasted and chided by his officers Chaz would eventually be given a checkpoint detail. And it is no surprise that he was positioned at the most obscure and nonessential location they could think of. It was here that Chaz would meet Blossom and Tiberius. The two young Wolves were at first terrified of Chaz believing him to be a threat. That is until they got to know him and any thoughts of him being a threat quickly subsided. Blossom would convince Chaz that they were emissaries and were on a mission to deliver an important message. A story that Chaz would of course buy into. Despite his nerves he was won over by Blossom's and Tiberius's kindness. Never before had any Wolf beyond his Mother have been so kind to him and in genuine fashion. He quickly became attached to the duo and by chance would lead them right to our gang of misfits. So much has happened to Chaz in such a short time, and while he isn't keen on joining the Insurgency, he doesn't want to leave Blossom's and Tiberius's side either. Who knows what misadventures Chaz will find himself in this time?

So begins...

Chaz's Story