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"I will stand by your side no matter what."

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a character in “Elemental Battles: Rage Ch. III: Rebirth”, as played by Seveneleven


Name: Durandel

Pack: Canicus

Gender: Male

Description: Durandel has what you would call a warrior's build. He is a large and burly Canicus Wolf with wavy, reddish-orange fur. He very much looks like a walking, talking river of lava. The most interesting aspect of his appearance are the black, tribal-like markings that are painted up and down the ends of his fur.
This is traditional Canicus war paint used to differentiate Canicus warriors from Tenneth warriors. Although this practice of marking warriors has fallen out of fashion, Durandel has never been one to forget such time honored traditions.

Personality: Durandel is a proud and loyal friend who loves his home and Packmates. He has grown a lot from his early days as a meandering border guard. The fear and mistrust he once held for the other Packs have now dissipated after his many travels and adventures. He is staunch and resolute in his belief that all the Packs can indeed co-exist in harmony. A belief that has served him as motivation to take action and help forge a better world. Despite his lofty idealism, Durandel is also a simple Wolf. He enjoys the simple comforts of home, food, drink, and a good fire. He believes in the values of a hard day's work and takes pride in the thought that his contributions are helping others.

Durandel also has a warrior's spirit. His lineage was one of a warrior line amongst the Canicus. While his line has dwindled down to him, he still holds some of those ancient values in his blood. Courage and valor in battle are some of the ethics he tries to uphold. He will risk fang and claw to provide protection to others who are in need of it. There is honor to be found for the warrior who protects his friends, family, and home. Honor that will surely be rewarded when he dies and visits the heavenly realm of Isra.

Abilities: Being a Canicus, Durandel is blessed with having natural resistances to some of the most inhospitable environments found in Nigerius. He is heavily resistant to extreme temperatures as he, and many of his Pack, are able to swim in molten lava. Durandel is also resistant to deadly fumes since he's grown up, breathing in air that is laden with sulfuric gas. Durandel's Prana, is what is known as Lineal Prana. This type of Prana is only found within a few Packs and thus makes their Elements akin to the Pack Prana. Durandel has access to the Lava Prana giving him the ability to invoke and manipulate lava. Durandel's Individual Signature, allows him to alter the viscosity of the lava. This has an effect on the speed of the lava flow, it can be slow like syrup, or fast like water.

Equipment: He doesn't have much in the way of equipment, suffice to say, he just has his fangs and claws.

History: Durandel was born near Mount Hephaestus like many of his kin. His carefree days would consist of playing in and out of the many lava beds that surrounded the area. He did not know much of the outside world and the war that raged. His parents were pretty keen on not talking about certain matters when he was around. Yet, little hints of the terror that is the Great War would seep into conversation from time to time. From what Durandel could remember, a lot of it was about lambasting the other Packs. Calling them all sorts of nasty and demeaning words. Durandel picked up on their rage and their hate towards the outside Packs, and while he couldn't understand at first. He could tell his parents didn't like them, and so too would he.

Durandel's father would be recruited for the war effort. The Tenneth were on the decline during this time in the war. The Fire Pack was becoming fatigued as soldiers and resources were stretching thin. The Alpha passed a mandate that conscripted civilians into the army. While many were upset at this change, it was a necessary one if they were to resist Dimitrios encroachment. As Durandel watched his father leave their home he cried out to him, "Why do you have to go!?" His father turned and spoke, "When a Wolf is called upon by his Pack, he must answer their call. Because, what good is a Pack for if we are not there for each other?" Durandel while just a crying cub wouldn't forget those words of his father. The very last words he would ever hear from again. His father, just another casualty in a longstanding war and it tore at Durandel's insides. Grief and mourning was given but soon those thoughts turned to anger and wrath for the other Packs. Durandel would sign up for the war effort and would be tasked to guard the borders. While he hoped to be out on the frontlines, he was sure he would get an opportunity to fight the enemy soon.

Fate, however, had other plans for our Canicus friend. One day he took his usual break from his border patrol to search for something to eat. As he stalked the wilderness beyond the Tenneth borders he would find something more than just food. What he would find is a moment that would alter his path in life forever. He came across Cerise and her friends. Thinking them would-be interlopers he moved into to intercept. He had hoped that this was the opportunity to finally live up to the legacy of his father and fight the invaders. That was until Erebus and his posse entered the fray. This forced Durandel to pick a side and he chose the side of our traveling band of Wolves. Erebus was a tough fighter but Durandel got a hit in by splashing lava onto Erebus's face. This neutralized him long enough for Mydnyte to deliver the crushing blow. And this was only the beginning of his troubles. Durandel would be dragged into a great deal of trouble as Rashid set his sights on this misfit group. He and the others would soon be captured and taken to Rashid's prison where he broke the minds and wills of other Wolves.

For the first time in his life, Durandel saw what true horrors war seems to breed. He saw the face of the true enemy and his viewpoint on the other changed drastically. Durandel fought alongside the others and was able to break out of Rashid's prison freeing a great deal of other Wolves. Durandel returned to the Vulcans to warn his Pack about the danger that lies just near their own borders. Alpha Cendrillion took this incident seriously ordering his forces to investigate, and possibly apprehend this monster. Unfortunately, they were too late. Rashid and his followers had disappeared without a trace. This gave Durandel and the others a distinction amongst the various Packs. They have freed many Wolves that day and each were hailed as a hero amongst their Packmates for their bravery. This would propel Durandel from simple border guard to a Council member. It was during this time that a new force was rising among their ranks. The radical and the brutal, Prometheus.

Prometheus at first, seemed to be a daring Tenneth whose guerilla tactics were proving successful. But others like Durandel and Ezra, saw Prometheus as dangerous. If only their colleagues had listened. Prometheus rise was meteoric. He was a sensation amongst the downtrodden Fire Pack and believed him to be the hero that would end the war once and for all. Alpha Cendrillion at the advice of his councilors appointed the Great White Wolf as Supreme Commander. Prometheus would then immediately backstab Cendrillion and usurp the throne for himself. Luckily Durandel was out on assignment during the coup and was spared being thrown in prison like his colleague Ezra was. When Durandel heard about this startling development, he immediately wanted to return home and stop Prometheus. After making contact with the Vigil, he learned that Prometheus maybe in league with Rashid. This prompted him and the others to journey into the Vulcans and get to the bottom of this mystery.

When they arrived, Durandel found his home in a state of unrest. There was a civil war raging beneath the surface of Prometheus's rule. The Loyalist Insurgency, a group of Tenneth and Canicus that were still loyal to Cendrillion were resisting against the Promethean Regime. Durandel would align himself with the Insurgency and would aid them in their raid of the Factory. While the Insurgency managed to destroy the Factory, it came at great cost. Many died during the operation and Durandel and the others were no worse for wear. The worst part of it all was that their comrade Summanus was captured during the raid. Having recuperated since then, Durandel looks to rescuing his friend before he suffers a terrible fate.

So begins...

Durandel's Story