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Fang Hunter

"Call me an idealistic fool, but I say we've quite proven that we can work together!"

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a character in “Elemental Battles: Rage Ch. III: Rebirth”, as played by Seveneleven


Name: Fang Hunter

Pack: Kamaria

Gender: Male

Description: Fang sports the quite common, ebony pelt that the Kamaria are known for. He has bright blue eyes and big, prominent ears that are ideal for listening for prey. His most distinguishing characteristic would be his tall and lanky frame. You could say he is a quite a long Wolf who's about 78 inches in length from the tip of his long snout to the tip of his tail. His fur often looks silky and well-groomed as it sometimes glistens if a light directly shines on it. While his long frame might not seem ideal for hunting or sneaking; Fang was born with a little more fur padding around his paws that help to soften the noise of his approach.

Personality: Fang is quite unusual among the Kamaria in terms of behavior. While most Kamarians are aggressive and slow to trust, Fang appears to be quite the opposite. He's very friendly and hospitable regardless if they are friends or strangers. That's not to say he is naïve, and he understands that most Wolves he'll encounter are hostile. Fang just likes to give everyone a fair chance and would rather speak than fight. He is quite diplomatic, and approaches situations with rationality and a level-head. His optimism and easy-going demeanor often makes Fang the voice of reason within the Group. He never seems to lose his cool and always tries his best to ease those around him.

In a fight he shows a great deal of strategy. He might not share the same physicality as some of the warriors in the group, but he has a sharp wit and keen reflexes. His time as a hunter has built patience, discipline, and sensitivity. Each trait he uses to great effect making him a little more versatile than some of the other fighters. While his empathetic nature is a strength it is also a weakness. He can be blinded by his own selflessness and will place himself in danger to help someone in need. Even if that move is unwise and could lead to him getting hurt.

Abilities: Fang has developed his Element in order to assist him in his hunting. Fang likes to make use of the Shadows to conceal himself and lie in wait for prey to come near. While Fang mostly uses his Element for stealth, it can be useful in a fight to confuse and surprise his enemies. Fang's Individual Signature grants him the ability to "morph" into the Shadows. This causes him to enter, what he calls, the Shadow World. This allows him to travel between shadows causing him to disappear and reappear elsewhere. This ability has certainly been useful to him when out hunting. Little does he know, but this is a Rare Signature among the Kamaria.

Equipment: Nothing of note.

History: A Kamaria Wolf, born free to the long since separated Kamarians in Black Valley. Unlike the Kamarians from the Canyons, those from the Valley tend to be less hostile. They'll show more restraint and forethought than their barbarous counterparts. Yet, they are very cautious and become defensive when it comes to strangers entering their lands. The Kamarians in the Valley are majorly female. Many of the males where unwilling to give up their chance to become Alpha, and strike it out elsewhere. While the she-wolves get by with hunting and taking care of the townships, there are very little to defend their borders in case of invasion. The Kamarians of Black Valley have to rely on the natural formations to be the bulk of their defense. For now they have lived a comfortable existence, but the fear of invasion often hangs on many of the Shadow Wolves' mind. Fang Hunter is a first generation of Kamaria to be born in the Valley and he could not think of life beyond the Valley.

Fang, by coincidence or fate, is in fact a hunter. That is his job in the Pack, to travel the land hunting wild game to bring back to the village. Fang was indeed a mighty fine hunter that many could rely on. He was quite content with his life and never would've guessed that he'd be whisked away on a wild adventure. One day while Fang was on a hunt, a particular deer veered far off from the normal grazing areas. Seeing the deer separated made for an easy target. Yet, this deer was rather evasive it seemed to be on high alert. It managed to detect his coming and moved further and further away from the Valley. Then, it happened. Another Wolf pounced on the deer and that Wolf was Mydnyte. Fang was at first startled by this sudden development, but then he grew curious. He has never seen this Wolf before, and he knew every Wolf in the Valley. This was an outsider.

Fang could tell by looking at him that he was Kamarian just like himself. Going against the wisdom that he had learned from his mother about Wolves from the outside. She would always tell Fang, "Never leave the Valley. Because the Wolves beyond our territory are violent, and cruel. They will sooner kill you than look at you. So, if you ever do see one be sure to turn the other way, and run." He was scared, sure, but he couldn't help himself. He wanted to know what life outside of the Valley was like. Mydnyte sniffed him out and at first was overly defensive. He barked at him, threatening to kill him if he came any closer. Fang walked out into the open and shakily spoke, "Sorry, I mean you no harm. I-I just wanted to ask you some questions?" While the stranger was indeed awkward, Mydnyte was surprised by this. He knew that any brainwashed soldier of Rashid's would just let loose and attack him. They would never show any form of politeness whatsoever. Mydnyte began to lightened up some, he never thought he would meet another free Kamarian. Noticing this, Fang relaxed as well. The two began to speak as Mydnyte was flabbergasted when he learned that Fang came from another territory where the Kamaria are free.

Fang's interest was piqued when Mydnyte's seemed to brighten up like he was a Kita instead. Fang asked about his Pack and Mydnyte would tell him the awful story of what his Alpha did. This stunned and offended Fang who could not believe that one of their own would commit such an atrocity against their own kin! Fang decided right then and there to help Mydnyte. "I'm sorry to hear what happened...I can't even imagine such a thing. If you would accept I would like to help you." Fang spoke as Mydnyte pondered his words. He would ask why? Fang would reply, "Because you are my long lost kin and I would do anything to help my Pack!" Fang barked resolutely. Seeing that the young Kamarian wouldn't take no for an answer, Mydnyte accepted. While Mydnyte would not admit it he felt gladdened to have a traveling companion once more. The two set off to free the Kamarians underneath Rashid's control. Despite their team up they always seemed to be two steps behind Rashid who seems to change his hideout ever so often. There fortunes would change when they spotted Prometheus colluding with Kamarians. This piece of information would lead the Vigil to watch the scarred Tenneth quite closely. Good thing that they did.

After Prometheus's meteoric rise, the Vigil would assemble a team to investigate Prometheus. The team composed of Mydnyte, Fang, Durandel, Nova, Blue, Vesta, Amarok, and Summanus. They traveled to the Vulcans and became embroiled in the conflict between the Insurgency and the Prometheans. Fang participated in the Factory Raid and helped to smuggle insurgents and barrels of blasting powder. While the Raid was a success it came with heavy costs to the team. Now Fang wishes to help rescue their comrade Summanus and prevent his execution.

So begins...

Fang Hunter's Story