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"Violence and Death will not be the legacy of our Pack!"

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a character in “Elemental Battles: Rage Ch. III: Rebirth”, as played by Seveneleven


Name: Mydnyte

Pack: Kamaria

Gender: Male

Description: Living up to his namesake, Mydnyte is a wolf with pitch black fur. He is a warrior, built large and in charge as his frame nearly reaches three feet off the ground. While his fur is mostly black, age is beginning to show as his fur is greying around the mane and chin. Mydnyte also sports scaring around the face and body that's indicative of the many battles the Kamarian has faced over the years. His eyes while still fierce have grown softer during his time with the others.

Personality: Long since removed form his days as one of Kaveh's most vicious Wolves. Mydnyte has seen much change within himself ever since running across Cerise and the others. Mydnyte is a proud, stern, and noble Wolf who makes good on his word. Despite behaving in a harsh and cantankerous manner, he is ultimately sheltering and steadfast. He watches over his friends and will place himself in the thick of danger to see them through. While this comes from a place of genuine care, you'll be hard-pressed to get him to admit it. He doesn't like embarrassment and avoids showing vulnerability as often as he can. Still a glimmer of that kindness within him will shine from time to time.

The worst quality about Mydnyte would have to be his domineering attitude. This stems from Mydnyte's Alpha mentality as he likes to take charge and be in the lead. His bossiness often comes to much of the chagrin of those around him since his friends show a great deal of pride and stubbornness like himself. Despite this it lends itself well when the group comes into conflict. His tenacity and ferocity in battle have long been traits he's possessed since his youth. When it comes to those who have betrayed his Pack, he shows nothing but rage as he desires to avenge his Pack no matter what.

Abilities: Mydnyte is well versed in his Element being able to invoke and manipulate the shadows with ease. His Individual Signature allows him to control the opacity of the shadows. This means he can determine how dark they become allowing less and less light to enter the black void. His signature move is called "Blackout," this occurs when Mydnyte absorbs all of the light from a room leaving it in total darkness. Anyone caught is essentially blinded making it difficult for anyone to figure out where the Kamarian will attack. The downside to this ability is that it's only effective indoors. Once outside he is very limited to how dark he came make the shadows since there is far too much light than he can absorb.

Equipment: Mydnyte only has what the good Gods gave him, his fangs and claws.

History: Long ago, the Kamaria Pack was once whole living in their ancestral homeland of the Darkness Canyons. While incredibly hostile to all outsiders they at least treated each other with respect. That was until their Element began to fade. As the shadows receded they felt themselves growing weaker and weaker. This caused many of the Betas to turn on the Alpha believing him to be useless. This caused a power vacuum with in the Shadow Pack as the Betas quickly turned on each other. Each of them vied for the title of Alpha causing mass infighting that began to dwindle their numbers rapidly. This caused many of the Kamarians to splinter off feeling they would have a better chance of surviving on their own. Soon only the most barbarous were left within the war-torn canyons to fight and fend themselves. This was the atmosphere that Mydnyte was born into.

Mydnyte learned from an early age that if he wanted to survive then he would have to fight, and kill to own anything. His parents were as cruel as they came. His Father had great expectations of his son. He wanted him to grow to become a vicious warrior, one that could become the Alpha someday. Mydnyte's father would constantly put the Shadow Cub through many life or death situations in an attempt to "toughen him up". Mydnyte grew up to resent his father, and when he became of age he killed him in a fit of rage. While he had no intent to honor his wishes Mydnyte did decide to live up to the legacy his father thrust upon him. The Kamarian went out and killed every challenger he came across. He quickly earned a name for himself and looked like a viable candidate to become the Alpha. His viciousness and malice in battle made him quite legendary amongst the Kamarians. Mydnyte carried on undefeated until he met Kaveh.

Kaveh was quickly making a name for himself, boasted to be every bit as ruthless as Mydnyte. Upon meeting Kaveh initially offered Mydnyte to become his Beta, to which he refused. Mydnyte could not trust anyone else's strength, but his own to become Alpha. Naturally the two fought and Kaveh would triumph over Mydnyte. This was the first time Mydnyte had ever experienced defeat. Kaveh was the better fighter in nearly every conceivable way. Defying convention Kaveh recruited Mydnyte rather than kill him. He saw no sense in letting such a fine warrior go to waste. Having no other choice, Mydnyte accepted. The Two would go on to gather more followers and it quickly became clear to the remaining Kamaria that Kaveh would become the new Alpha. No other Kamarian rival would dare stand up to the one they called Shadow Devil. Having the Pack underneath his paw, Kaveh would begin to look towards the more lush lands beyond their borders.

The Canyons have become a desolate wasteland and the prospects of a future were slim to none. Kaveh ordered the Pack to abandon this land and go forth and conquer new territories. As the Kamarians went out in force they found traversing the war-torn Nigerius to be rather cumbersome and difficult. The other Packs were keeping an eye on the activity of the Kamarians. They worried over their involvement in the war which had been largely absent due to their infighting. This caused many Packs to react with military forces that impeded the Kamarians from forcibly entering their territories. Kaveh would have no other choice but to fall back and regroup. With their movements constantly watched, Kaveh decided to split up the Pack into smaller units to better circumvent the larger forces. He commanded each of his Betas to go forth and survey the land. They were to report back to him with any information about new lands ripe for conquest. Mydnyte was sent out on such a detail.

It was during Mydnyte's survey is when he met Cerise and her friends. Mydnyte attacked believing them to be no match for his own skills in battle. Much to his surprise he would be defeated. This was the second time he had ever experienced defeat, and feared his honor would be in tatters. Yet, Cerise being a kind-hearted and empathetic wolf sheltered him while he recuperated. Mydnyte was confused by this gesture and thought of them as fools. Why would they be so kind even after he tried to kill them? It was unthinkable! But at the same time he was intrigued, and reluctantly accepted their hospitality. However, Mydnyte was late to report back in to Kaveh. This disturbed Kaveh as he wondered what had happened to his most valuable soldier. Ever since becoming Alpha, Kaveh had grown increasingly paranoid that one of his Betas might betray him to become Alpha. After all it wasn't outside of the realms of possibility. Fearing that Mydnyte just might turn, he had ordered him to be captured and returned to him. Soon the Kamarians would assault both him and his new acquaintances. Not looking to being dragged back to a possible execution allied himself with Cerise and the others to resist.

This would take Mydnyte down a whole new path, but one were he was free to be his own Wolf. Unbeknownst to Mydnyte, Kaveh had teamed up with Rashid, and had his Pack brainwashed to never betray him. Kaveh had not given up on Mydnyte however, and would come for the wayward Beta himself. Kaveh with a host of brainwashed Wolves captured Mydnyte and the others. They brought them to Rashid who delighted in forcing them to fight each other. However they would resist and wound up creating chaos. They would free many of his slaves through Alina's powers and created a riot. The Prison was soon crumbling all around them, and forced Rashid and Kaveh to retreat. With his Pack still underneath their control, Mydnyte vowed to hunt them down, and free his people. Mydnyte was a founding member of the Vigil as this group continued the hunt for Rashid long after the other Packs gave up.

During his search he met Fang Hunter who told him of the Black Valley. A new home where the splintered off Kamarians lived in peace. It was then Mydnyte knew what he had to do. He would reunite the Kamaria Pack and make it whole once more. Yet, this was easier said than done. Mydnyte would learn that Rashid and Kaveh were making big moves and it involved a suspicious Tenneth named Prometheus. As Prometheus rose to power this caused the Vigil to investigate him as he could be the lead they need to find Rashid. Mydnyte would team up with old and new allies alike for this new mission. This mission would bring them deep into the Vulcan Mountains where they met the Loyalist Insurgency. Becoming involved in their conflict, Mydnyte helped to lead the Factory Raid. While the operation was a success it came at great personal costs. Faced with having a comrade being held captive, Mydnyte couldn't help but feel responsible. All he wants now is to make up for this error, and save Summanus from suffering a terrible fate.

So begins...

Mydnyte's Story