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"Walk by faith, not by sight."

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a character in “Elemental Battles: Rage Ch. III: Rebirth”, as played by Krypt




Nova was not particularly blessed to have a pelt that blended in with his environment. Unlike his fellow pack members, Nova has a rather sandy colored pelt with a white belly. In his frosty homeland, this color had been a curse. In the wider world of Nigerius, being able to blend in with other wolves has saved him countless times. In regards to stature, Nova is slightly smaller than the average male wolf, and his ability to fight is reduced as such. He is remarkably agile however, the benefit for the trade off of strength, and often is able to outrun any wolf without wings. It was a very useful skill, until he was blinded during a raid gone wrong. Now running quickly only leads to a harder bonk into a tree.


Nova possesses a rather reserved personality, not out of coldness or shyness, he just doesn't like to hold a conversation in length. When he does speak, it is often tinged with satire, and he does contain a good dose of arrogance. His conceitedness is generally in terms of his pack, for as most wolves do he views his pack on a higher plane than all others. He is level headed and rational, and is rarely aggressive. After all, any fight he would pick he would likely lose, and thus he has no qualms about escaping with his life when he is fighting a losing battle.

Times are changing though, and with time we all do to. As he has begun to see other packs as friends and not just targets, Nova has begun to loosen up, almost without being aware of it. Finding himself snapping off a joke more often than ever, he has realized that time spent with others is much more engaging when he can get the other person talking, even if the joke is often at the other wolf's expense.

Nova's use of his innate gift of frost is rarely used offensively, much less from a lack of ability than a lack of a desire. Usually only using his power for practical scenarios such as freezing bridges or halting water, he is also capable of sending rather sharp blades of ice at his enemies. Due to his lack of practice in combat with ice, or with anything for that matter, he had rarely used his ability when blow does come to blow. He has been learning in the recent months , and given enough time he is able to come up with more out of the box ways to use his element, such as slipping up foes as they run or cracking rocks high above their heads.

Sharp Teeth
Sharp Claws
Sharp Wit
Blind Eyes

Nova's younger years contain nothing unusual from the various trivialities and trials that most face in their youth. Growing up with only one other sibling, a sister, his parents were dutiful in raising him well, and instructed him in the virtues of the Ausi and the vices of all others. As he came of age, his physical appearance and temperament were ideal for a scout for the Ausi pack, and he was soon approached to become such. Due to the packs rather remote location, they elected to send him out first in order to judge enemy pack movements, what other wolves are up to, and the like. Obviously this would be valuable information to enemy packs, thus Nova has kept no maps or charts on him, just in his head. Nova had been content with his role, as he knows that he can exert a fair amount of leverage back home with his knowledge, without the usual show of brute strength that other wolves need to get others attention.

All that changed with a fateful decision to free a wolf caught up in a tree. The wolf he freed, Cerise, would go on to organize the most motley, disjointed, ill prepared group of wolves that would change the world. Nigerius would never be the same after her, for she exposed the works of the evil Rashid, who had been brainwashing legions to work for him. Her influence on Nova was immeasurable, for it was her that first convinced Nova that wolves of other packs aren't all the much difference than those of his own. He misses her greatly.

In recent times, he has begun to look at the world with a biting pessimism. Constant hardships, protracted adventures, and nostalgia for home has slowly contributed to his decaying outlook on the goodness of the world. Still he manages to keep his head, and though he does not have quite the Ausi nationalism that he once had, he still does not feel all that welcoming to strangers, whom so far has seemed to only lead him into trouble. The realization that he is not alone in this struggle has helped tremendously, even if the evil that seems to have started with Rashid keeps showing itself in many different forms. So while he still feels dejected about having pulled the short straw and being roped into this adventure, at least he knows that he will die with friends by his side.

So begins...

Nova's Story


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Prometheus's Palace

It was a cold dawn. It was peculiar for the Vulcans most of all. A land of smoke and fire, and yet, a chill came off the wind. A Wolf could mistake it as natural, but the wind felt abnormal. It was the kind of wind that bears an omen, an omen of the unknown, an omen of upheaval. What does the World owe to this invisible prognostication? Are the Gods about to break their millennia of silence to the World? Or does this mean that Elements shall soon perish, dooming all to the coldness of nothingness? However one may interpret this phenomenon it did not deter crowds from forming. Many a Tenneth and Canicus gathered into the Palace Square looking on high to a remote balcony overlooking the plaza. All looked with anticipation as all awaited to receive their glorious Alpha.

Within the decadent but brutal architecture of those gilded halls. Chanting rumbled low and rose in cadence and volume as it echoed throughout those halls. Moving forward in that infamous lumbering gait was the ash white Tenneth Alpha. Adorned in his golden and protruding crown he revealed himself, scars and all to his roaring public. Behind him were his loyal followers, Bero the Red and Borvo the Blue. Following were the Alpha's esteemed guests; The Governor-General Shimmer Doom and her loyal Thunder Guard. The crowd grew to be insatiable. Their fervor welled a sense of great pride within Prometheus as he eyed all with majesty. He rose his great, big paw as silenced hushed over the crowds.

"Good morning my subjects!" He bellowed out into the plaza. "I have gathered all of you here today to commemorate a moment that will surely go down in history!" Huge fanfare followed this quote as the crowds grew even more feverish. "Today my subjects our brave wolves begin the greatest offensive ever witnessed! Our enemies will soon know the meaning of superiority!" In midst of the crowd and beneath the notice of the Promethean guard, observed scouts from the Insurgency. The Loyalists found today's proceedings to be of particular interest. Just what was Prometheus up to? Whatever the answer may be, the Insurgents were indeed tense. "Even as I speak our allied forces stand poised at the gates of our greatest foes!"

Near the Floating Mountains of Era

Located in a nondescript formation near the foot of the Floating Mountains, stood Rowan Bane. Rowan pointed up with his snout and breathed in the morning air. It was misty at the Floating Mountains, the perfect condition to conceal their approach. The Avira will never suspect an assault by both the Tenneth and the Borak. Especially during the festivities of their cherished holiday. After his deep inhale Rowan Bane exhaled, "What a fine day for a conquest." He then grinned to his delight. Coming up his flank was another commander of this offensive, the Tenneth General Kay. Kay was gruff and obstinate and intensely disliked backtalk.

"I trust this plan of yours will see my wolves safely reach their objective?" He curtly asked. Rowan looked towards Kay with a tinge of annoyance. "Yes, General. Your Tenneth soldiers will survive the trip up the mountains. Whether they come back down is entirely up to their strength." He responded. "Have no doubt, Borak. My wolves are the finest pack of bloodthirsty warriors one could ever hope for!" Kay proclaimed quite proudly. Rowan scoffed, "I most certainly hope so. You aren't up against a pack of gardeners this time. This time you face the Avira Pack! One of the most contemptible but resilient Packs in all of Nigerius!" Kay took note of the subtle jab at his past failure. This caused him to growl.

"Gardeners!? You underestimate the Aven! I doubt you would've done any better since you can't handle getting a little wet." Kay retorted. Rowan's ears twitched at that remark. He turned menacingly towards Kay and with a low growl, "What was that?" "I know you heard me." Kay scoffed. Anger boiled up within Rowan as he stared down Kay. The proud Tenneth general did not advert his gaze. "How about it Borak? How about we see who in this command is the better?" He prompted. While the invitation to beat respect in this foul-tempered wolf was inviting. Rowan knew better and reminded himself of his agenda. He sighed. "No. As much as it would be a supreme joy to stamp you into the dirt, we have a job to do. Besides I wouldn't want to get on the wrong end of either of our Alphas." Rowan confessed. While feeling cocksure at Rowan's reluctance, Kay did have to agree with him on that last point. There was no other wolf Kay feared more than Prometheus.

Of course, Rowan had a greater prize in mind. If he could do the unthinkable, conquer the Avira, their longstanding rival. It would be the one thing that would finally have Rowan surpass Shimmer Doom. To be proclaimed the Governor-General of the Aviran territory. It was too good a title, the Alpha just might even name him his Beta. He just could not wait to see the, oh so elegant Alpha, grovel at his paws! "These pretentious know-it-alls are about to get their comeuppance," he thought. It was then a field officer came to report to the two generals. "Generals!" He addressed. "Our forces are in position and are awaiting the signal to commence the operation!" He finished. "Very well, go and tell them to stand at the ready. We shall begin shortly!" Kay barked. The Field Officer saluted and ran off to deliver the instructions. Rowan then looked back at the Eras and grinned. "Finally it begins."

Somewhere in the Onatah Cliffs

General Titus raised his head from the map of the cliffs. If the operation is to be completed successfully the main force will need to divert the attention of Stonehold's defenses. Titus was uneasy about the Alpha's strategy. It required them to trust in the Boraks and trust this device of his will even work. Nothing and he meant nothing has ever breached the sanctity of Stonehold's walls. Stonehold as a defensible structure is unmatched by any within Nigerius. The Dimitrios carved it from the hardest granite and shaped it into perfect dimensions to make it impervious to the local earthquakes. What force could there be to penetrate such fastidious defenses?

This has not been the first time in Tenneth history that attempted a full-frontal assault like this. One thought numbers equated to victory and marched a thousand wolves upon this fortress. Such numbers have never been seen again in the duration of this war. They might end up dwindling each other into nothingness before anything can be done to heal the Elements! General Titus was indeed old and wanted to finally retire from his role. He longed to return to the home he once knew. Vesuvius. He thought often about how he would invite his daughter's family to his home. He would speak of the glory days of youth where the World was bright and full of promise. Where emotion dominated the formation of thought, and not cold, rudimentary logic. Perhaps he would recapture some of that youth he has nearly forgotten. The bigger question is will that make him happy?

The General could no longer think about it as Captain Elkind walked into his tent. "Sir, the wolves would like to know what it is we are exactly doing?" General Titus looks to the Captain and squints. "We are here to lay siege to Stonehold to conquer it for the Alpha," Titus responds. "Yes, I believe the wolves understand that, but what tactics are we employing? What formations? From the way it looks, it's as if we are doing a blind charge? Do we really intend to blitz the enemy?" Elkind questioned. Titus felt compelled to tell Elkind how he feels, but some strange feeling comes over him. It felt so much like he was being watched but from where? There was never anything out of the ordinary around here. Besides the initial outposts, they've gotten pretty far in without much resistance. Things seemed off and he's never gotten so close to Stonehold since the Thousand Wolf Siege. Titus wondered if it was his old age showing or if this was intentional?

"We are to assault the frontal defenses as we will overrun the ramparts," Titus spoke. Elkind gave an incredulous look. "But sir, didn't they believe that at the Thousand Wolf Siege?" Before Elkind could continue to challenge him further, Titus stepped forward to whisper in his ear. "Something feels off, don't feel safe speaking. Keep the wolves under control and keep an eye out. We'll talk soon." Elkind just simply nodded. "If that's all Captain then move into position. We need to commence with the operation, Alpha's orders." He dismissed. Elkind then returns to his station leaving Titus with his thoughts once more. "What are you up to Prometheus?" Titus thought as the shadows wavered in the corner of his tent.

Prometheus's Palace

The Crowd grew larger as stragglers came into the plaza. The energy was indeed palpable as the citizens formed some parade of a choir. A choir of cheers, shouts, howls, and barks. Prometheus raised his great white paw. A hush blew over the crowd. The choir was now in complete silence as they gave their attention to their Alpha. Prometheus speaks, “Today, I have two very important announcements to make. The first will be about the strength of our military and how our brave wolves must be honored during this time of war.” Before he could continue a new round of howls and barks roared from the crowds. Prometheus lifted his paw up once more and with a sure smile, “Yes, I'm quite excited too. Today will go down as one of, if not the most important day in all of history. Today we will finally secure our victory in this war. The end is in sight and soon all the bloodshed will stop. By our victory, we will have begun to create a better world. A world free from all the territorial wars that have plagued our society since the beginning. It will bring an end to the devastation to our lands, and it will bring an end to all the pain, suffering, and strife.”

The Crowd cheered even harder deafening the plaza. “Proud Tenneth, allow me to introduce to you that very assurance. Our new ally, the Kamaria Pack!” As Prometheus declared the entire crowd was shocked into a dead silence. Even the scouts were astounded by what they had heard. From down the Great Hall, the sound of clacking claws on the opaque, obsidian floor echoed towards the balcony. Slowly stepping outside of the shadows was the visage of a horrendously burned Kamarian as he stood by Prometheus's side. His name is Erebus and with his “good” eye, looked down at the crowd. Many shuddered and turned their heads to avoid meeting the gaze of the disfigured Wolf. Prometheus then barked, “Don't you dare turn your heads!” His voice was noticeably irate.

“Is it because of his face?! Is that why you turn your heads so shamefully!? Is my face not also been the subject of trauma? Does my face appear disgusting to you? Shall I remind you all who exactly you are disrespecting!!!” The crowd reverted their gazes back at the balcony despite Erebus's scars. “This is Erebus, and he is the Alpha of the Shadow Pack. Erebus has long been a friend to the Tenneth. He meet with me a long time ago. He and I spoke and he believed in our mission. His Kamarian spies have been watching over our warriors like guardian spirits from Isra. Their intel has saved many of our brave Tenneth brothers' and sisters' lives.” The Tenneth, slow at first, was being reenergized. “That is why I am pleased to announce that we are making our alliance official! Tenneth, Borak, and Kamaria, fire, lightning, and shadow. We are the Alliance that will end the war and usher in a new age of peace. We are the Great Trium and today our enemies will feel our presence and weep!!!” Prometheus roared. The Crowd responded with roars of their own. Yet for the Insurgency, it felt as though overthrowing Prometheus would be like trying to jump across a gorge.


Along the impressive fortifications of the impenetrable Dimitrios city, Stonehold, stood three brave commanders of the Dimitrios army. They looked past the ramparts to see before them a charge of Tenneth warriors. One of the commanders smirked. “This looks just like the Siege. Shall we wager on how many we kill?” He turned to his fellow commanders. An older commander spoke.“Let's not be so sure. The Tenneth may be stubborn. Even to the point of ignorance but they aren't fools. There is no way they would commit to another blunder like this.” The third commander spoke up. “Even if this is a diversionary tactic we must commit to repelling these invaders. Wolves launch the boulders!” He ordered.

The Dimitrios defenders went to work using their element to load boulders onto catapults. Looking out to the rocky field before their walls came the stampeding charge of Tenneth warriors. They raised a battle cry as they advanced upon the stalwart walls. Spotters identified the best areas of impact as the catapult teams launched their ordinance at the charge. Boulders flew across the sky as they landed upon the wave of Fire Wolves. “SCATTER!!” A Tenneth yelled as the Wolves tried to bob and weave out of the path of the boulders. Despite some of their efforts, many Wolves found themselves quickly underneath the boulders' bone-crushing weight. With a thundering thud there followed the sickening sounds of flesh and bone being smashed and crushed. The bloodcurdling yelps from those who were not lucky to be killed wallowed in agony. Despite the demoralizing sight the Tenneth charged on unfaltering in their frontal assault.

“Load the next volley!” The third commander ordered. The Defenders went about loading another round of heavy boulders upon their catapults. The elder commander's countenance turned grim as he mulled over the off-hand comment of the commander beside him. “Could this be a diversion?” He thought to himself. “If it is then what are we not seeing?” The youngest commander walked up to his elder taking note of his perturbed glance. “You seem rather pensive considering we have the upper paw?” The elder commander turned to his young peer. “It may seem like we do, but I feel they are intentionally trying to lull us into a false sense of security.” The young commander raised his ear as his head drifted to one side. “What? That can't be, right? Look out onto the field of battle. Our defenses are rock solid at this rate they'll all die before reaching the wall.” He said rather smugly.

While the elder knew that his lack of experience is the reason behind his hubris he couldn't help but find it aggravating. Such is the folly of youth. A Scout ran up to their command and presented himself as he sat straight up and placed a paw on his muzzle in salute. “Sirs!” He barked. “Yes, what is your report?” The third commander asked. “Sirs, we have troubling news. There have been reports of quakes near the city. The Alpha calls for disaster protocols.” The Scout spoke. “What? We're in the middle of a siege!” The young commander protested. “Don't tell me you're going to disobey the Alpha's orders?” The third commander responded. “Civilian lives come before all else. Tell the garrisons to round up the civilians and take them to the quake shelters!” The third commander ordered. “Yes sir!” The Scout saluted one more time before making his exit.

“Of all the times for an earthquake to happen.” The young commander grumbled. The elder commander however felt an acute sense of dread. Something's off about the entire situation. First this senseless frontal assault followed by reports of quakes? It could be a coincidence but the timing seemed all too convenient. Just what was going on?

The Floating Mountains of Era

It was misty in the early morning of the invasion. The Avira was slowly waking to begin their day of work and play. While the war raged beyond their borders, the Pack of Wind largely enjoyed immunity to the atrocities and death that plagued the lands below. While some assaults have been made, none could reach the top of the floating peaks where the Aviras live in towns and cities. The natural defenses of their supernatural home afforded the Pack peace for the majority of the Great War. However, that peace was about to be shattered.

Flying her usual patrol, Desa flew past the city of Eurus where the Aviran Defense Force began their morning drills. The Drill Sergeant barked orders as the Cadets did their best to replicate the various defense formations taught at the Academy. “NOW COMPANY, MARCH!” The Sergeant yelled as the Cadets in their single line formation began to march around the Academy grounds. “Wow, Sergeant Gale has quite the lungs!” She thought to herself as she flew past the Academy. She continued eastward where she encountered her fellow patroller, Pinon. “Hey there Pin how are you-?” Before she could continue Pinon emerged from the mist badly injured. It was amazing he could still fly as blood dripped down his face and over his paws. Several of his feathers are missing while the others look frayed, almost like they were burned.

“Desa.” He wheezed as he fell into her wings. “Pinon! What happened to you!?” He looked up at her and managing with all his strength gasped, “They're coming!” “Who's coming?” She asked scared and confused. “The Borak...and the Tenneth,” he coughed up blood as it stained Desa's fur. “Please Pin! Don't speak anymore!” Desa cried. “You don't understand...they're coming by-,” before Pinon could finish the dead silence of the sky was broken by the sounds of war howls. “DESA GET OUT OF HERE!!!” Pinon shouted. Then came the sound of crackling lightning streaking across the sky. Desa could only look on in shock as Pinon bravely pushed her away from him. “Go warn them.” He said as lightning struck the wounded Avira. “PINON!!!” Desa shouted as his body dropped to the world below. The next sound to come from the mist would be the greatest surprise.

The sounds of beating wings could be heard echoing from that gray void. As if it was a flock of a million geese soon figures were starting to form in her vision. She squinted her eyes to gain a better look at what exactly is flying towards her. What she saw defied all expectations. Coming out of the mist was the Kita Pack! Yet they weren't alone. Tied to their bodies were a series of straps connecting them all, like reins on a horse. With their combined strength they were carrying what looked like large rowboats and inside those boats were Tenneth and Boraks! Before she could process anything else the Tenneth opened fire.

Moving out of instinct she flew away as fast as her wings could carry her. She had to reach Eurus and sound the alarms! The Borak and the Tenneth are coming and they're using the Kita to do it! Then came that horrific crackle of lightning as it surged right past her, narrowly missing her wings. She felt a sharp jolt but it was not enough to break her stride. She flew as tears ran down her cheek. She had to reach the Academy, she needed to reach the Thunderheads. Time seemed to slow down to Desa and what would normally be a few minutes to reach Eurus felt more like an eternity. Her heart raced as she began to pant profusely. Then she broke through the clouds to see the City of Eurus right before her. “I'm going to make it! I'm going to make it!” She repeated to herself like a mantra. That was when she was struck by a bolt of lightning. The surge of energy coursed throughout her body. The pain was excruciating as she felt like the blood in her body suddenly rose to a boil. Her eyelids grew heavy as her sight became blurred. She wasn't going to make it.

Desa, perhaps on pure will, shakily flew towards the nearest defense tower as one of the Lookouts spotted her approach. Seeing the injured Avira fly slowly at him sent a sudden shiver down his spine. “Go alert the Commander! There's trouble!” He barked at nearby guards. It was then Desa plummeted and fell on top of the tower by the Lookout. “By the Gods! Desa!? Desa! What happened to you!? What-!?” She was dead on arrival. It was then the Lookout heard the same mass wing beat. He looked to see what was approaching and when he caught a glimpse of the approaching invasion force he ran to the opposite end of the tower and shouted down to the grounds below. “RING THE ALARM!!! WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!! WE-!!!” Snap! Crackle! Pop! Another bolt rang throughout the sky and struck the Lookout as his body careened over the wall. The Cadets who saw their dead comrade fall caused sudden panic among their ranks. What followed was absolute bedlam. From the skies came the Kitas carrying with them the Tenneth and Borak soldiers. Sergeant Gale quickly rallied the Cadets. “WOLVES OF THE WIND!!! DEFENSIVE POSITIONS NOW!!!” He shouted. Raining down upon them was a torrential storm of fire and lightning. The Tenneth and Borak fired on anything and everything within sight. Fires raged throughout the Academy as the alarm bells tolled.

The Avira Cadets mounted a defense against the invaders but they were quickly dispatched from the hail fire of lighting and flames. Soon the seasoned warriors exited the barracks as they flew in to intercept the attackers. “AVIRA AT TEN O'CLOCK!” Shouted one of the Tenneth in the boat. The Boraks and Tenneths opened fire at the approaching Avira causing them to break formation. The Battle for the Eras had begun.

Prometheus's Palace

The crowds had found their vigor once again as they emphatically praise Prometheus. From what he said it sounds like their Pack will make decisive victories today against their strongest rivals. An end to the war that seemed eternal. The Insurgents undercover, feeling the pressing urgency to reveal their intel would stop and stay to hear the following. Prometheus holds his paw up high as the crowds below quieten. “Yes, I can tell from the excitement that we are all very pleased to hear that the end of the war is within sight. I will remind you all that we are not out of the woods yet. Not only must we deal with our enemies abroad but we have enemies here among us.” He spoke. The Insurgents present suddenly felt panic. Were they just ousted? This isn't good.

It wouldn't be easy to make one's way across this crowd without raising suspicion. The best they could do was act as if they belonged there. Until they could find an opening to slip through. “I, of course, am speaking about those band of traitors called the Insurgency.” The crowd began to jeer at the mere mention of the Insurgency. “Yes, yes, I know. This is why we can't always have nice things.” The crowd gave a laugh. “I assure you that these so-called 'Loyalists' are no laughing matter. They are violent criminals who wish to return to the warmongering ways of the former Alpha. To return to taking from each of you, your sons, your fathers, ever your mothers, and daughters. Sending them off to war to die for the Alpha's riches!” Prometheus emphatically declared. The crowd gave way to intense jeering. Some even shouted the names of loved ones lost in the war. “Yes, it hurt my heart and pride as Tenneth when I learned that awful truth. That our once beloved Alpha, saw us as nothing more than a means to end. To make himself more wealthy and more powerful. All the while stealing from you, your wealth, your vitality, your kin! That is why we needed a change and this is why we are here today. Real change has come and those traitors realize that. They want to take away any progress we make !” The crowd growled and some bit at the air.

“Just last week we had that direst of tragedies. The Industrial District was thrown into disarray as those terrorists blew up a major factory. Displacing not only hundreds of workers but also taking hundreds of lives. Now families are without their fathers, their brothers, their sons. All for what? To keep us from making changes that will benefit all of society? We cannot tolerate their criminal and radical behavior within our Pack. Are we, the Tenneth, going to roll over and allow them to do whatever they please?” Prometheus posed. The crowd responded with a resounding NO! Prometheus smiled. “Excellent. This is a call to true packmates of the Tenneth. Keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and if you do see something then speak up. Together we can prevent any further attacks on our way of life!” The crowd starts to chant, “Down with the Traitors! Down with the Traitors! Down with the Traitors!”

“I am glad to hear that my wolves are indeed lovers of freedom. Fret not my loyal subjects! I, Prometheus, will no longer tolerate their evil!” Prometheus looks towards his guards, “Bring forth our prisoner.” “Right away my Alpha.” Bero spoke as he and his brother run to retrieve the prisoner. “To prove to you that we are cracking down on these villains we have captured in the night one among their ranks!” This caused the crowd to gasp in wonder. “These traitors are not the only ones who dare to threaten our ways! Behold, an outsider they have recruited!” The turning of wheels squeak and screech as a large cage is being pushed forward. Yet this cage was different, this was a cage made of wood and held bound in rope and twine was...Summanus! Summanus squints. The light of the sun was blinding to one who has been held inside a dark dungeon. “Am I...outside?” He thinks to himself. Summanus groans. “My head is killing me...what did they do to me?” Summanus disoriented found himself confused at what he saw before him. Before him, a large crowd of Fire Wolves howled and barked obscenities in his direction.

Prometheus turns his gaze to Summanus. A small grin works its way upon Prometheus's face. “You're quite the spectacle! I've never seen so much attention being given to a Wolf. I'm nearly half-tempted to let them rip you apart, but we have greater plans in mind.” Prometheus spoke his voice dripping with arrogance and malice. Summanus could barely make out the shape of Prometheus much less hear what he had to say. Summanus could only assume it to be some kind of gloating. “LOOK! LOOK! Wolves of the Tenneth! Look at this as an example of the scum of the earth! Nothing more than an outsider and a terrorist! His crimes are indeed something to be both in awe and fear of! For this Wolf is no ordinary one, no, this Wolf is a famous mercenary! He is Summanus the Stray! Living Wolf's Bane! He has slain hundreds of wolves and helped to destabilize whole societies! This is a threat not only to us but to all freedom-loving wolves out there!” The vitriolic crowd hurdled even more obscenities at the tortured Summanus. Summanus could barely stay conscious.

The Insurgents in the crowd looked on in shock and horror! Their friend and comrade have clearly suffered and his weakly state gave the once fearsome warrior a now pathetic quality. They felt hurt and some even felt vengeful. Yet, they knew they could not reveal their position! The very fate of the Tenneth rests on their ability to keep on fighting. Something that couldn't be done locked in a cell. While this sickening display disturbed the Insurgents, what came next would shake them to the core.

The City of Eurus

The siege had begun. All across the Floating City of Eurus, vessels drawn by enslaved Kita appeared from out of the clouds. Carrying with them invaders from the world below. The Avira valiant in their defense, could not bring it among themselves to hurt their oldest allies. It was clear to the Avira that the Kita would not do such a horrific thing as bring their enemies to their doorstep. This made it difficult for the noble Avira to harm their attackers. “DAMN IT!” cried one of the vanguard. “How do we attack them without hurting our allies!?” He shouted at the skies above. Sergeant Gale looked to the young warrior and grimaced. “So it has come to this. Have they forsaken all honor and dignity? To hide behind the Light's the most despicable thing I've seen in all my years.” He growled.

“Sir! We can't sit here and do nothing! Even if they were our allies as of now they are aiding our enemies. Should we not treat them as hostiles as well?” Spoke Gale's Lieutenant. Gale growled at the thought. “For now we must disrupt their advance. Call forth the Ekaitz! Have them summon storms to make their approach difficult. Perhaps if we make it troublesome to land we can keep them from mounting a ground assault.” The Soldiers saluted Gale and gave an affirmative aye, aye! They went to gather every able body Ekaitz Wolf they could muster. It was at this time however a new player entered the field.

One such vessel was nearly upon the City when suddenly, SNAP!! The ropes that bound the Kita to the platforms were severed as Tenneth and Borak wolves fell to their deaths. Then came more snaps as a sudden woosh could be heard just overhead. With such speed and precision, only one group could be capable of such a feat. “FEAR NOT BRAVE AVIRA!!!” The Wind Wolves look up to see in his glory, Captain Huracan! “WE THE THUNDERHEADS HAVE COME TO YOUR AID!!!” The Avira cheered as the elite fighting force quickly works to dismantle the first wave of invaders. “Bogeys coming off our ten!!!” Shouted a Borak lookout. “Ha! Too late!” Barked Capala. She took her wing and quickly clipped the ropes plummeting the lookout and some soldiers to Nigerius below. The sounds of their screaming echoed back up into the skies. “Kita! Come with me and I will lead you to safe-haven!” Spoke Meriwether as he took his large wing motioning the freed Kita to follow.

Capala severs another invading vessel as the Kita flies away. “See that Captain! What do you think?” She said brimming with confidence. “I think there's more than one way to skin a cat.” Another Thunderhead appears as he swoops down and slices a platform in half. “These crates are a much bigger target and more easily exploited,” Ramiel said so matter-of-factually. “Damn it Rammy! Do you have to take the wind from underneath my wings?!” Capala responded as she stuck out her tongue. “I thought I told you not to call me Rammy...Cappy.” He retorted with a smirk. “Grr. How about we settle this with a bet then? I bet I can repel more invaders than you!” Ramiel pondered her proposal. “I'll take on that wager, what are the stakes?” “The stakes are your positions as Thunderheads. The enemy is at our doorstep and all you can think about is your egos.” A white Avira spoke as he flew beside Huracan.

“Ah, Sepher! I was wondering where you were?” Huracan spoke. “ The invaders were assaulting the northern side of the city. I've sent Reva, Levina, and Taranis to counter their advance.” Sepher reported. “Excellent.” “I must say Captain this is rather bold of the Tenneth and the Borak. Something big must be happening down below.” Sepher mused. “You're right. The Alphas must be making their move. I can feel that the war is heading to a boiling point.” Huracan then thought to himself. “I hope Cerise doesn't get herself involved once again.” “Ah if only Raiju and Fuju were here! They would've loved a chance to crack some Borak heads!” Capala said as she turned her head towards the Captian. “Did you really have to send them after your girlfriend, Captain?” Capala teased. Huracan squinted as he tossed a stern look towards Capala. “Look alive Thunderheads! The enemy is not done! I expect each of you to hold them off until reinforcements from the other cities arrive!” Huracan ordered. “Understood Captain!” They all spoke in unison.

Soon storm clouds gathered overhead as the sounds of rumbling thunder reverberated throughout the skies. “It seems the Ekaitz are at work to give us more cover,” Sepher mentioned. “I hope it will be enough. I have a feeling the worse is yet to come.” Huracan forebode. Soon more invaders began to appear from behind the rolling clouds. Once again being carried by the imprisoned Kita. “Continue formation we will stop both our enemies and rescue our allies!” Huracan howled. The Thunderheads howled back as they charged forth to face the oncoming wave.


The Dimitrios commanders look on as the enemy forces begin to retreat. “FALL BACK! FALL BACK!” A Tenneth Raid Leader barked. The Fire Wolves relent as they flee the flying boulders hurled towards them. The Young Commanders cheer. “You see that old man! I told you, Stonehold once again remains the most impenetrable fortress in the world!” The Commander boasted. The Elder Commander did not share in his colleagues' sentiment. He felt this entire “siege” was all too suspicious. The Scout returns. “Sirs! I come with an update on the disaster measures!” One of the Commanders gives him the go-ahead.

“We have finished evacuating the residents of the first inner wall. We are now working on evacuating the second wall.” He reported. “And what of the quakes?” The Elder Commander asked. “Tremors are light but consistent! As of now, we suspect the epicenter is many miles away! We should encounter little to no damage to the city, sirs!” He finished. “Very well, return to your post.” The Elder ordered. The Scout saluted and then ran down the ramparts. “Well then, good news all around. The Alpha should be pleased.” The Second Commander spoke. “So how about a round of drinks? The first one is on me!” The Young Commander laughed. The Defenders start to ease up feeling that victory has been achieved. It was in those quiet moments when suddenly the Scout returns with dread in his voice.

“SIRS! We have reports of a mysterious fissure erupting in the city center!” He cried. “What?!” The Elder Commander barked. “Our forces are intercepting the anomaly as we speak!” The Elder Commander then turned to his comrades. “It seems something foul is at play here. Wolves! I want any that we can spare from the ramparts to report to the city center!” The Elder ordered. Nearby Dimitrios saluted as they make their way down the ramparts. The Elder turns his attentions towards the city. “Why are we depleting our garrisons? It's probably just the quake!” The Young Commander argued. “I knew my instincts told me this was all too strange. I want us to reload the catapults and prepare to fire. This siege isn't over.” He ordered.

In the city center, large cracks quickly formed. The tremors grew worse as the Dimitrios begin to surround the epicenter of the tremor. What would follow next, none would be prepared for...

Prometheus's Palace

Prometheus looks beyond his perch. The crowds below have grown restless at the sight of the captured Summanus. Prometheus raises his paw as the crowd silences.”I have heard your cries of anger! You cry out for justice, and justice is what I intend to mete out!” Prometheus proclaims. The Tenneth howl with an almost religious fervor. “These terrorist Insurgents believed they have us frightened but it is they that will soon learn the meaning of terror! From this moment on I will crackdown on their activities there will be no place that they can hide! I issue a decree that all members of the terrorist Insurgency are public enemy number one! They are to be sought out and hanged for their treason! Anywho support or protect the Insurgency will also be declared enemies of the state and will be hanged!” Prometheus roared.

The Insurgents shuffle uncomfortably. “We will leave no stone unturned, no crook or cranny overlooked! We will sniff them out and exterminate them like the rats they are! And we shall begin with this one!” Prometheus declared as he pointed his snout to Summanus. “I hereby declare that by High Noon tomorrow, we will hold a public execution for this outsider filth! Summanus the Stay shall be hanged until dead! May his death be the herald of the Insurgency's end!” Prometheus roared. The Crowd then chanted, “Death to the Outsider! Death to the Traitors!” The Insurgents held back a gasp. They had to report this back to Headquarters. They need to know they plan to execute Summanus!

Prometheus then thought to himself. “Yes, you heard me right rats. I can smell your stench down there. I know you'll report this back to your leaders. Let them come and try and stop the execution. They will fail to save him...just as they have failed to completely stop my war machine.” He then laughed to himself. “The World will soon belong to us!”


“Hold!” Shouted the Dimitrios Captain. What looked to be an entire garrison cautiously surrounded the fissure. The Earth Wolves look about with confusion and anticipation in their eyes. They weren't sure what caused this fissure. It wasn't consistent with naturally formed fractures caused by quakes. Then came the tremors once again. At first, it began as a small rumble but it would quickly escalate in intensity. Soon the city center itself began to shake as the fissure blew wide open. “FALL BACK!” The Captain shouted as the Dimitrios retreated from the explosion of rock and stone.

Dust and debris clouded the city center as the Dimitrios gathered their bearings. “What happened?” Said a soldier between coughs. The Captain coughed as he squints to see a particular shape within the cloud of dust. His eyes widen. “Look alive, Wolves!” He barked. As the cloud of dust settles what they saw was something unimaginable to them. Protruding out from the giant hole in the ground was a large, mechanical drill! The Dimitrios was in shock and awe of the machine. It stood there motionless, solitary with no sign of any life. Yet it was big, big enough to perhaps hide some Wolves? The Captain was uncertain of what order he should give in this moment. This was new and unprecedented. The Soldiers grew restless as they shifted in their spaces uncomfortably. “Sir? What are your orders?” Asked one of the Wolves.

Taking a moment, the Captain analyzed the device and noticed it was constructed out of metal. “Have our Deon soldiers examine it. If it moves they can destroy it if needed.” The Captain ordered. The Dimitrios called for the Deon as a squad of the Metal Wolves stepped forward. “Sir?” Spoke the Deon Squad Leader. “You're here. As you can see we have a foreign...object here. We need you to check it out and if it tries to move you have my permission to attack.” The Captain finished. The Squad Leader nodded. “Alright soldiers! Approach the object cautiously!” The Deon gave an affirmative bark. The Metal Wolves slowly made their way towards the Drill. They began to encircle it eyeing it carefully for even the slightest of movements. After a few moments of gauging its threat, the Deons decided to move in.

The Deons scanned the Drill, sniffing it and pawing it. They took note of the craftsmanship seeing how finely even and smooth the edges were. The grooves of its treads were sturdy with precise spacing between each of them. Even the nuts and bolt work were just as impeccable. The Drill head itself was the machine's most impressive feature. Its point was razor-sharp and the metallurgy was a mix of steel and, most surprisingly, bits of a diamond. This machine was designed with only one purpose in mind and that was the burrow through solid bedrock! Only one other Pack could create something this magnificent and that would be the Tenneth. The ironwork itself was definitely of Tenneth make, the Squad Leader knew that for sure.

“Deon Squad! What do you have to say about it?” The Captain asked. The Squad Leader turned his head to the Captain. “Sir! There's no doubt about it, this machine was made by the Tenneth!” He declared. The Captain stunned by the revelation slowly realized that the assault must have been a diversion all along. Upon this realization, the Captain, almost in a panic, shouted, “DESTROY IT! This thing is too dangerous to be left in the enemy's control!” Yet by the time he had sounded the order, it was already too late. Little holes suddenly opened up along the sides of the drill numbering about seven on each side. Out poked what looked like nozzles that you would see on the end of a hose. The Deon turned and with a gasp out sprayed a reddish-brown gas. The gas fogged their vision as they began to cough profusely. “FALL BACK! FALL BACK!” The Captain cried.

The gas quickly dissipated leaving the surrounding Wolves are a quivering wreck. “Sir! What should we do?!” Fear was present in the Lieutenant's voice. “Soldiers! Soldiers respond!” The Captain shouted. The Deon was unresponsive at first as they stood there unwavering. Then suddenly the Deon became aggressive as they attacked each other. They snarled and snapped as they clawed at one another. The Captain uncertain what to do suddenly commands, “Soldiers! Break them up or they'll hurt each other!” The Dimitrios went in to pacify their cousin Wolves but when they got too close they were attacked! The Deon had completely lost their wits turning to viciousness and savagery. The Dimitrios yelped in pain as the Deon's powerful jaws bit down and shattered bones. “FALL BACK! FALL BACK!” The Captain cried out. The Deon turned their attentions towards the Wolves around them as they attacked everyone in a blind frenzy.

It was at this moment the Drill suddenly moved forward. The Drill continued to spray the rust-colored gas as it made its approach towards the front gate. The Captain then realized the plan. The Tenneth must intend to use this weapon to break open the front gates allowing for a total assault! He had to stop them but with the strange gas emanating from the Drill, the Wolves could not get too close. “WOLVES! Launch every rock and stone you can at that weapon! We must stop it!!” The Dimitrios gave a shaky but affirmative bark as they commanded the rocks and stones to fly towards the Drill. Soon the Drill was being pelted on all sides by every igneous rock available. Yet the metalwork was sturdy and the Drill was able to shake off every attack. Some Dimitrios unaware of the current situation was caught in the Drill's gas as they too entered a frenzy. It wouldn't be long before the Dimitrios found themselves fighting each other!

The Dimitrios garrisons panicked in the face of this unconventional warfare. The Captain tried to issue more commands but he would be interrupted by a frenzied Deon as the Wolf bit and clawed at his former commander. The Captain tried to fend him off but would make a misstep as the Metal Wolf bit down at his scruff snapping his neck. The Three Commanders atop the outer wall noticed the chaos coming their way. The Old Commander's fears have become validated at this moment. His face grew horrified at the sight. This wasn't normal for the Tenneth. This was dishonorable, demonstrable, and unethical. War is indeed horrible but, this is taking things to a level previously unthinkable. “Curse this 'Great War' that has transformed even honorable Wolves into desperate monsters. We have truly lost more than lives and territory if measures like these are now permissible.” The wizened Commander laments. The Young Commander however became temperamental over the old Wolf's reticent response.

“What are you talking about!? Now isn't the time to lose your nerve! We must stop that thing!” He barked. He then turned to the catapults. “ Dimitrios turn your catapults to that machine! We must destroy it!” The Second Commander interjects, “Belay that order! What are you thinking!? We might hit our own down there!” “Better than we allow that thing to breach the walls, or have you forgotten about the Tenneth army right outside our doors!” He argued. He then barks, “Launch the Catapults!” The Second Commander growls but relents. “Launch the Catapults.” He repeats. Nothing happens. “I said LAUNCH THE CATAPULTS!” The Young Commander shouted. No response. A Soldier, bloodied and wounded, weakly walks up to the Commanders. “S-Sirs...the catapults...we are being attacked by...urk!” The Wolf collapses. “Soldier!” The Commanders shout. “S-SHADOW WOLVES!!!” A Dimitrios screamed. The Commanders turned towards the screaming and just as baffling as what they heard, seeing it was even more so.

Kamarians were attacking the ramparts as the brave Earth Wolves find themselves completely off-guarded as their ranks begin to disperse. “This-This can't be happening!” Gasped the Second Commander. The Old Commander watched on as the Kamaria jumped from out of the shadows appearing just like phantoms. The Shadow Wolves encircle the Commanders as they huddle up in a defensive formation. “What are you doing here Kamaria?! This isn't your fight!” The Young Commander barked. “It is now. You Earth Wolves have grown complacent and ignorant behind your stone walls. So much so that you failed to recognize the threat right beneath your notice.” A Kamarian coolly responded. The Old Commander looked to the Drill and began to shed a tear as the machine bursts through the front gate. “Never in hundreds of seasons has Stonehold ever been breached...I never thought I would live to see the impossible. We were indeed fools.”

“There's the signal! The Gate has been breached! Attack! Attack! Storm their city mighty Tenneth!” Shouted the Raid Leader as the next wave of Fire Wolves rush the gates. The Drill ceases the gas flow as it burrows back down into the earth from which it came. The Tenneth overrun the outer city as they burn everything in sight. “Retreat! Retreat! The enemy has invaded the city! Retreat!” The Dimitrios cried. The Earth Wolves panicked as they rushed to evacuate as many of its citizens out of the city. The Tenneth howled in triumph as today marks the day they finally overcame their greatest enemy.

Prometheus's Palace

“Thank you my loyal subjects,” Prometheus resumes, “Even in dark times like these, we must never forget that we are the fire that forges the new way forward for all Wolves! The Tenneth Pack needs each and every one of you brave souls to continue to support our way of life, and defend it from all trespassers! May Phoenix's Flame never extinguish! Long Live the Tenneth!” He concludes with triumphant fanfare. The crowd echoes, “LONG LIVE THE TENNETH!!! LONG LIVE PROMETHEUS!!!” Prometheus gives a bow as he turns to leave the balcony. Prometheus looks to Shimmer Doom and Erebus. “I must retire now but please make yourselves comfortable. My servants are your servants.” Shimmer and Erebus nod. “You're hospitality is most gracious, Alpha of the Tenneth.” Erebus speaks his voice gravely and hoarse as he gives a courtesy bow. “Thank you, Lord Prometheus.” Shimmer responds with a small bow.

“Bero and Borvo, please send our captive back to his cell. I believe he has had enough torture. Give him food and drink, I want him conscious for his big day.” Prometheus said with a prideful and malicious grin. “Right away, Lord Alpha.” The Brothers spoke in unison. “I bid you all good day.” Prometheus finishes as he walks down the hall. Down below the crowd begins to disperse as they are herded by the Palace Guards. The Insurgent Scouts doing their due diligence to avoid detection sneak out with the crowds. Yet unbeknownst to the Scouts their presence did not go entirely unnoticed. Hidden in the shadows were the elite Kamarian assassins known as Hunter-Killers. Their noses were sharp being trained to detect the most subtle of scent changes. They picked up on the subtle notes of concern and fear when Prometheus announced Summanus's execution. They kept a sizable distance away from the Scouts always staying downwind from their noses.

Hephaestus City

The Insurgency Scouts enter the city as they separate from each other. Each Scout moves down random streets and alleys as they move in and out of crowds. Some even go to the market and buy smoked salamander doing everything to appear as innocuous as possible. The Hunter-Killers divided themselves into pairs following each Scout as they monitor their movements. The Scouts go about their day, none in a hurry to return to headquarters despite the urgent news. The Hunter-Killers watch the Scouts for hours after the Speech. Eventually, each Scout disappears from the crowds as they enter secret entrances found in multiple buildings throughout the city. No two Scouts enter the same entrance, in fact, it appears as if they are just coming home from a long day. The Hunter-Killers patient in their approach refrains from following. No, they take their time to scout out each of these locations before each team leaves to regroup.

Loyalist Headquarters

Deep underground the city lies an impressive network of abandoned tunnels, canals, and even buildings. Back in the city's beginnings construction was a difficult process due to the active lava flow making the ground supple and loose. Many buildings would sink into the lava flow making construction often dangerous work. Yet the sunken buildings would pile up one after the other as they began to fuse into the earth becoming new ground. The Tenneth of old would use this ground as impromptu foundations for the city. Due to timely eruptions, even the old foundations would give out and the new buildings would sink forming all new foundations.

This process of construction, destruction, and reconstruction would occur numerous times. Yet with each cycle, the city would be built higher and higher upon the ruins of the old. This eventually created foundations sturdy enough to resist even the most violent of eruptions. The Old City would inevitably be abandoned and forgotten as the Tenneth focused their efforts on ensuring the Upper City remains untarnished. Many rumors do circulate about the ruins beneath the City. Some say the Undercity is a haunted place. Filled with the souls of the many dead Tenneth who tragically died during these sinkings. Some say dying Tenneth instinctively make trips down here to find peace, seeking to return to the womb of the Earth from which they came. Regardless the Undercity is a bleak and empty place that would unnerve any Wolf as the environment invokes the sobering feeling of the grave.

The Insurgency Headquarters makes its home here as the Rebels use the labyrinthine ruins as a natural safeguard from any would-be intruders. The Scouts navigate through the ruins as they reach the Undercity's center. There they would see lights emanating from a solitary building, the ruins of an old town hall. It is here the Insurgency plans its secret maneuvers as they lead the charge for freedom against the tyrannical Promethean government. The Scouts gather at the front door as one takes a paw and scratches against the door. A Guard opens a door grille as he looks at the group of Scouts. “What is the passphrase?” He stiffly asks. “The Sun shines its brightest after the darkest of nights.” The Scout replied. The Guard opens the door as the Scouts return from their assignment. “Scouts you are to make your report immediately to Ezekiel! He awaits you in the War Room!” An Insurgent Sergeant spoke. The Scouts gave a salute with their paws and made their way to the war room.

Inside the War Room was a round table with Ezekiel at its head. Beside him was Castor, a member of Prometheus's War Council turned spy. Around the table were commander's of the Insurgency and in attendance were their allies. The Kamarians, Mydnyte and Fang Hunter, the Canicus, Durandel, the Ausi, Nova, and The mysterious Blue. Right outside the War Room sat the trio of Blossom, Tiberius, and Chaz. The Scouts walked past the three Wolves as they scratched at the door. “Enter,” Ezekiel called. The Scouts entered as they lined up perpendicular to the round table. “Sir! Recon Leader Tobias reporting!” Tobias spoke as he stood before the round table. “We are all anxious to hear your report Recon Leader,” Ezekiel spoke. “Right away sir! Today at eight in the morning of the late Autumn Season, at the appointed location of the Alpha's Palace, we are here to inform the Leaders and Allies of the Loyalist Insurgency, that Prometheus had hosted an attendance of the civilians of Hephaestus City. Not only was Prometheus present but so too were his allies. There was the Bork General, Shimmer Doom, her personal guard known as the Thunder Guard. Others included were Prometheus's personal bodyguards, Bero the Red and Borvo the Blue, and a surprise guest, the Alpha of the Kamaria Pack, Erebus!” The room grew silent, stunned over this new info.

“The Kamaria have a new Alpha?” Castor asked confused. “Yes sir! As announced by Prometheus!” The Insurgency Leadership began to chat nervously among themselves. “Quiet. Please Continue.” Ezekiel calmly speaks. “Yes sir! We regret to inform the council however that troubling news has arisen from this procession! Prometheus has announced that Kamaria Pack has sworn their allegiance to him and the Borak Pack forming the union he has dubbed, The Great Trium!” The Insurgency suddenly threw up their paws at the very notion of a union of Three Great Packs! “This is absurd! Since when do the Kamaria agree to be privy to alliances!?” “What are we to do now?! Our enemies have grown stronger!” Castor then spoke up, “Please, Wolves of the Insurgency! Now isn't the time to lose our wits. We are all aware that our enemies have been secretly plotting against us. We mustn't forget why we are fighting!” “Castor is correct. Our enemies may increase in number and strength but if we allow fear to invade our hearts and minds, then they will have already won without a single strike. We all understood that our fight would become harder and more dangerous as time went on. Yet do we, loyal Tenneth run away from the fight just because it seems difficult?” He asks. The Commanders mumble but then slowly shake their heads in disagreement. “They may be many but our enemy has grown more bloated and therefore harder to move without being noticed. Our numbers may be fewer but we can move far more quickly, quietly, and decisively. We do not need to defeat every Borak, Tenneth, and Kamaria that might come our way. You sever the head of a snake and the body will follow.” Ezekiel finishes calming down the Commanders.

Ezekiel then nods signaling for Tobias to finish. “Sir! We also regret to inform you about the fate of our captured comrade, Summanus!” The room tensed up once more. “It has been announced that our dear friend and ally, Summanus, will be publicly executed tomorrow at Noon!” Tobias then saluted the Leadership and fell back in line. “Thank you, Recon Team. You may retire to the Mess Hall, good work out there.” Ezekiel said solemnly as he dismisses the Scouts. “This is obviously a tactic to flush you out, Ezekiel,” Castor spoke. “I agree, but Summanus was instrumental to our victory at the Factory. To abandon him to his fate would make us look weak to the enemy.” Ezekiel responds. “Sir! You cannot be suggesting we interfere with the execution!” A Commander objected. “It would be a fool's errand to stop a public execution! After all, we need to consider the lives of our Wolves that are still free!” Another Commander chimed in. The rest gave a here, here! “It sounds as though we have some objections. I suggest we put it to a vote about how we should respond to this new development.” Castor suggested. “Very well.” Ezekiel nods. “Shall we interfere with the public execution tomorrow and attempt to free our comrade in arms, Summanus? Yay or Nay?”

The setting changes from Nigerius to Loyalist HQ


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#, as written by Krypt

In the cool of the underground room, Nova the sandy ice wolf scout listened with intent. It was all he could do now, for beneath the dressing wrapped around his head and eyes he could not see. It had taken several days it seemed for the others to accept it, with rousing words that he just needed time to heal. But from the moment that that window had exploded in his face, he had known. He would never see his home again.

“Shall we interfere with the public execution tomorrow and attempt to free our comrade in arms, Summanus? Yay or Nay?”

It was a simple enough question. So much easier to ask than to answer. For to say yay would lead to the death and injury of others to attempt to save one. And saying nay, well. That would to be callous to one they had all called comrade. Nova couldn't imagine that many would have the same will to fight if they knew their comrades would not try to save them on capture. But would not others feel guilt for those killed in the rescue attempt?

He didn't know how he what he would think were he the one in Summanus' cell. Before, when he could see, he felt like the answer would have been an immediate "get me out of here." But that's when he had a family to look forward to seeing again.

He had to stop these thoughts.

They were a worse curse than the blindness.

Nova's ears flicked as silence hung in the room. It seemed to have a weight all of its own, leading Nova to think that he was not the only one brooding. He licked his lips, deciding to be the one to bite back at the heavy blanket of silence. He put his paws on the table as a prelude to speaking.

"Well, if it were me, I would say don't try to get yourselves killed saving me," Nova started, feeling strange at being unable to read other wolves facial cues as he spoke. He assumed that since he wasn't being interrupted it was okay to continue. "But since he ain't here to say that for himself, I don't think we can decide that for him. I say aye."

Nova then leaned back, taking his paws off the table and setting them on the cushion, at pains to listen for a reaction. Considering he would be about as useful as a leaky bucket in any rescue attempt, would they think him selfish for assenting to a dangerous rescue attempt he could hardly play a part in?


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Mydnyte, Fang Hunter, and Durandel

Standing around the round table with the Heads of the Rebellion were Durandel, Mydnyte, and Fang. Each Wolf listened as the meeting discussed the latest intel and what strategies to apply. The big moment each was waiting for was the report of the Recon Team that went to spy on Prometheus's Speech. They had hoped to learn something about the fate of their friend they lost during the Raid. Durandel shifted about anxiously waiting for their return. Fang took notice of Durandel's anxiety and decided to place a paw on the Canicus. "Are you feeling alright, friend?" He asked in a voice loud enough for Durandel to hear, but quiet enough as to not distract from the meeting. Durandel looked towards Fang as he inquired about his emotions. Durandel shrugs. "I just, want to know if Summanus is okay?" Fang puts his paw to his side and nods, "I hear you. All we can do for now is just, hope for the best. Well...better than the worst." Durandel gave a sigh.

Then came the scratch at the door. "Enter." Spoke Ezekiel. The doors open to see the Recon Team has returned, and with shocking news! Durandel, Mydnyte, and Fang were washed with a wave of swirling thoughts and emotions. To Mydnyte and Fang learning of the Kamaria Pack officially allying themselves with Prometheus; has all but confirmed that Rashid is somehow involved. Mydnyte had recognized the name 'Erebus' in particular. It has been some time, but he does recall once having that Kamarian as one of his underlings. Perhaps what's even more surprising to Mydnyte is that he actually survived their encounter. Durandel and Fang looked about the uproarious commotion over this new development. It is indeed demoralizing to hear that your enemies have only grown more powerful. Yet all of the complaints were annoying to Durandel. It's only natural for their foes to seek greater and greater power. That's why it's up to all of them to never back down despite the odds. Anything can change given enough time.

This is why Durandel is comforted by the fact Wolves like Castor and Ezekiel are the ones in charge. They realize the gravity of the situation but they won't allow that to disturb them. Especially Ezekiel's calm, collected, and positive attitude reminds him greatly of Ezra. The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree after all. Yet another friend of his who has been captured by the Prometheans. It would be funny that two of his friends are now facing similar fates for their moral choices. These thoughts came to the forefront of his mind once the Recon Team disclosed the information about Summanus. Hearing about Summanus's execution occurring tomorrow gave a bittersweet feeling. On the one paw, Summanus still lives, but on the other, only until tomorrow. Mydnyte felt particularly at fault for Summanus's capture. He was one of the leaders of the Raid that evening. In spite of what would be good judgment, he allowed for Summanus to enter into that factory alone to disable their power. He should've sent someone as a backup in the event Summanus would fail or something along the lines of this occurring. The only reason he didn't was that he believed in Summanus's capabilities.

The Two-Tailed Borak is perhaps the most competent fighter they have. Not even he could say with confidence that he could defeat Summanus in a fight. It just goes to show how dangerous their foes really are, but they would have to be. If they were weak then they wouldn't even be able to imagine conquering all of Nigerius. It was then Ezekiel posed that difficult question to the Wolves in the room. Should they intervene and save Summanus or not? While the answer seemed easy it was the expressions from the other Commanders that Mydnyte felt concerned about. The room was dead silent. Some of the Commanders seem to shift about disturbed by the morally challenging choice. The next one to speak however would be the Ice Wolf, Nova. Mydnyte looked towards the recently, impaired Wolf as he provided his decision on the matter.

"Well, if it were me, I would say don't try to get yourselves killed saving me," "But since he ain't here to say that for himself, I don't think we can decide that for him. I say aye."

Hearing Nova's answer spurred Durandel to speak next. In a similar fashion to his friend, Durandel stepped forward and placed his paw down on the table as his claws clicked against the wood. Durandel stared at all in the room with fierceness and determination in his eyes. "I too say aye!" He emphatically declared. "Summanus is an ally and a dear friend of mine. We have been through many battles together and without him, I might not have survived any of them. It would shame my pride as a Canicus and as a warrior if I do not place my life on the line for his!" Durandel finished as he stepped from the table and stood by Nova's side in solidarity. Durandel's passionate words caused a noticeable shift among the Commanders in the room. There he was, their Cousin, displaying the very virtues they all claim to value. His words were spoken like a true proud Wolf of the Vulcans. Some felt ashamed of themselves as they seriously considered saying nay despite Summanus's brave sacrifice. If they were to truly respent the real Pride of the Tenneth then would they've been so hesitant? There are some that still feel that nay is the tactically reasonable decision. As much as it might wound some of their pride they still had a revolution to win. This operation could cost them that.

The room was conflicted that much could be seen. Taking upon this opportunity Fang spoke, "While I might not be able to speak about Canicus or Tenneth Pride, what I can say is that any choice involving life or death is hard to make. I'm not envious of the choice that anyone in this situation has to make. At least the choice is clear to me, and I choose to stand by these Wolves and by Summanus." Fang spoke as he stood by Durandel. The Commanders looked at these Wolves, most of them outsiders. Yet despite their differences, they are willing to die for one another. The Room then looks to Mydnyte almost expectantly for him to answer. "Is there anything else that needs to be said?" He rhetorically asked. "I've seen my fair share of battles with impossible odds, and I'll bet on us succeeding once again," Mydnyte said with firm certainty. It was then Commanders in the room began to say, Yay. This took about half of the Wolves here by surprise. "What!?" A more Vocal Wolf exclaimed. "We can't be seriously considering this operation?! Look, as much as I don't want to lose a comrade we have much more at stake than just one Wolf! We have a whole Pack to consider, or have you all forgotten why we're all here?!" He cried. This caused other Commanders to nod and even give a here, here.

"I for one don't want us to lose more of our Wolves and lose any advantages we may have against our enemy. For the future of the Tenneth I say, Nay!" He finished as he sat back down. This caused more than half of the room to say, Nay. Ezekiel solemnly nods, "The Nays have it." Ezekiel then looks at the group of Outsiders who have already done so much for them. "I apologize comrades but the Insurgency will not be supporting this operation." One could hear the disappointment in his voice. "Yet this does not mean you cannot go and try to save your friend. In fact, if left up to individual choice some here were prepared to fight alongside you. Do not think that we are no longer your allies, because I propose another option." Ezekiel then stood up as he looked all about the room. "I say that any within our organization if they so choose, have my permission to join these four in their rescue mission. Will that be satisfactory?" Ezekiel asked. The Commanders reluctantly nod in agreement. "There we have it. Take with you any who are brave or foolhardy enough to infiltrate the Palace and rescue your friend." Ezekiel said as he salutes Nova, Durandel, Mydnyte, and Fang. "This meeting is adjourned." Ezekiel smacks his paw down on the table dismissing the room.

While it might not be the full support they might've hoped for, nevertheless, they at least have permission to try. Perhaps that is all that they could've hoped for. Durandel, Mydnyte, and Fang exit the room. "Well, fellas do we have any bright ideas?" Fang casually asks. "Besides walking right up to the front gates and demanding Summanus back? Not really." Durandel responds half-jokingly. "We'll come up with something. I say for now we should muster our strength. If we're going to rescue Summanus it would be best to do it before tomorrow." Mydnyte spoke. "In order to avoid any unnecessary casualties among the civilians, huh?" Fang says as he nods in agreement. "How about you Nova? You got anything?" Durandel asks.


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#, as written by Krypt

The reaction in the council, although necessarily heated, was fair. The brusque manner of some of the leaders did not phase Nova, every wolf was under a lot of stress and that often came out with raised voices. At least they had given them the courtesy of attempting their own plan.

But what was their plan?

"How about you Nova? You got anything?"

Heck if he knew. His job had always been reporting other wolves plans, not coming up with his own. In fact, the last time he had come up with a plan on his own was...well...

"Well Durandel, I know you've been dying to get me back for our prisoners gambit back at the Onatahs, this could be your chance," Nova smirked, the first time he had smiled in several days, as he motioned his head towards where he thought the other fire wolf he had smelled some distance away was. "No doubt they know who we are by now, but didn't that other Tenneth say something about being a guard or something? Having him haul us in would at least get us close."

Nova was not even sure if he was gesturing in the correct direction, all he had to go off was smell. And while the fire wolves did definitely have their distinct smell of ash, it was hard to smell anything over Durandel's own sulfuric cinders. He hadn't really noticed that before. Was he the only one who could smell it? Geeze, his friend needed to douse himself or something, that was overpowering.


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Durandel, Mydnyte, Fang Hunter, and Chaz

"Well Durandel, I know you've been dying to get me back for our prisoners' gambit back at the Onatahs, this could be your chance,"

Durandel laughs. "I remember. That one Dimitrios she-wolf was really into you. I would think you would be in a rush to get back to her and have some cubs." Durandel teases Nova. "Still we did get out of there so I guess it wasn't THAT bad of a plan, but let's not do that ever again." Mydnyte and Fang take an inquisitive look at Durandel and Nova. "Nova has an admirer? What?" Fang questions. "How come I haven't heard about this before?" Fang speaks sounding almost disappointed that Nova or Durandel didn't share earlier. "What was she like?" He asks Nova. "Is talking about she-wolves really the priority right now?" Mydnyte grumbles. "I suppose not. I was just curious is all, but I'm not surprised. What's more surprising is that Nova here isn't fending off more potential mates with a stick." Fang laughs.

Durandel joins in the laughter. "Well, this isn't the first time I'll tell you. I remember there being a 'certain' Avira that Nova made some 'questionable' looks at before." Durandel snickers. "Oh really? Now I'm even more curious." Fang spoke. "Guys! Remember we have a comrade in danger or did you two forget?" Mydnyte scolds. "Sorry, just having a bit of fun. We've been serious all of this time and I don't see another opportunity for some levity any time soon." Fang explains. "That assumption will most likely be correct. I would just rather have us think about our next moves for Summanus's sake." Mydnyte admits.

"No doubt they know who we are by now, but didn't that other Tenneth say something about being a guard or something? Having him haul us in would at least get us close."

Durandel, Mydnyte, and Fang look over to the unassuming Tenneth. They hadn't even known his name and had in fact forgotten all about him. The suggestion sounded an awful lot like that other plan of Nova's. Still perhaps it could be worth a try. "I guess we could ask?" Durandel said with a shrug as he walks up to Chaz. "Hey there, we have a question to ask you?" Durandel said as he walks right up to Chaz. Chaz whips around and screams in Durandel's face. "AIEEEEEE!!!" Chaz then shakes and shudders. "It was'nt me! Chaz swears! Chaz was just think about spiced peppercake!!!" He cries. Durandel was understandably taken off-guard. ", wait what?" Durandel says horribly confused. "PLEASE!! Please don't beat up Chaz!!! Chaz will share! Honest!!" His continued hysterics began to annoy Mydnyte. The threatening Kamarian then stomps up to the pair and demands, "Hey! We don't have time for your foolishness! My comrade just wanted to ask you a question!" Spoke Mydnyte being short with Chaz. This action made things even worse.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! HE'S GONNA KILL CHAZ!!!!" He cries as he turns and runs away with tears in his eyes. "Why do these things always happen to Chaz!?!?" He pleads up into the heavens. Yet Chaz wasn't watching where he was going when suddenly runs into a random Insurgent. The Insurgent barely noticing he was bumped. Looked to see Chaz there on his rump. "Hey, watch where you're going." He spoke. Chaz then screams again. "BWAH!!! Another Wolf upset with Chaz!!" Chaz then turns and runs back towards Durandel and Mydnyte. The Insurgent was incredibly confused. Chaz then notices this time he was runing back towards the scary Kamarian."NOOOOO!!!!" Chaz then turns away again only to see that scary looking Insurgent still standing with a dumbfounded look on his face. "WHY!?!? THERE'S NO ESCAPE!!!" Chaz without any other options just runs around in circles, tears streaming down his face. Around and around and around again he runs bawling his eyes out. It was then Chaz stops suddenly to scratch his ear with his back paw. Chaz then gives a satisfying sigh of relief. Then he resumes running around in circles like a madman.

Durandel's never seen such a nervous wreck of a Wolf. At this point he began to feel embarrassed that he's a cousin of his. Mydnyte was also equally astonished. The Kamarian could do nothing but shake his head and groan. Durandel turns to Nova and says, "Are you hearing this? Are you sure we can't do better than this guy?" Durandel asks hoping Nova would agree. "There has to be someone else," Mydnyte speaks up, "This idiot will get us all captured too." Mydnyte said sounding embarassaed himself.


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#, as written by Krypt

Nova had to admit that he was glad for once to be blind, he didn't think he would be able to keep from blushing if he saw the faces that went along with his friends' teasing. Good thing that Ausi had thick fur. He had to admit, this was not the first time that he had thought about the shewolves that they had brought up since they had been separated, especially Cerise. Her idealism had been, well, entrancing in more ways than one.

The attention from Ash hadn't been bad either. It was hard to not want more of it, even after she had tried to kill all of them. Very Wolfio and Howliet.

Luckily, his suggestion from the sounds of it had turned out to be such a colossal failure in the form of that scrawny fire wolf that the others had let the subject change.

"Are you hearing this? Are you sure we can't do better than this guy?"

Yeah, he sounded like a real dork.

"Well if the guards are female, you fellas would probably be behind me trying to flirt with them," Nova couldn't help but joke, even if it may come at his own expense. It wasn't like he had a more serious alternative after that first idea was a bust. He thought for a moment.

The way he thought of it, they had three options: Force, deception, or stealth. Force, though it would likely be part of any plan to some extent, didn't seem like something they could rely on solely. There was simply too few of them. As for deception, that spaz Chaz was their only ticket and more like a worthless stub at that. Only likely to get them in if the guards were even blinder than him and stone drunk. That left stealth. That would normally be his specialty, in fact it was 90% of what he had been trained to do as a scout, even if recent events had left him a bit rusty.

And indeed, his recent forceful transition to a life without light was not as big of a drawback as it may appear on the surface. When it came to stealth, vision was a remarkably second class sense. They eye were incredibly limited in what they could actually see when a wolf was trying to sneak around and about. In order to peer around an obstacle, an entire huge head had to be exposed just to get the eyes in position, whereas relying on hearing and smell one could remain completely invisible. That wasn't to say sight was useless, but the more Nova thought about it the more he began to think it was feasible to go without. And wouldn't he have three extra sets from the others to cover him anyway?

"But before we have to sink to that, we could try sneaking in. We are a small group, so going by force ain't going to work, and with all the rebel activity going on, they will be too suspicious for deception to succeed," Nova reasoned. "I still know a few things about going unseen, with any luck I think we could sneak our way in."


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Durandel, Mydnyte, Fang Hunter, and Chaz

Durandel and Mydnyte would turn their attention back to Nova as Chaz tires himself out. While the Ausi has not been able to reopen his eyes one could still make out the gears turning in his head. There's still been some concern about having Nova continue to operate underneath his current conditions. Mydnyte doesn't believe it would be wise to rush head long back into danger without one's sight. The handicap could prove to make a situation unnecessarily difficult. Durandel wouldn't admit it but he does feel concern for Nova. Their relationship has grown in the days following the prison break. In Durandel's eyes, Nova is a Wolf he truly respects and seeing his injuries caused a swell within his heart. Yet, Nova's blindness did not appear to dampen his spirits. He even makes wise cracks causing Durandel to share a small laugh with Fang. One thing that was for certain this time he did not intend to be separated from his friends.

"But before we have to sink to that, we could try sneaking in. We are a small group, so going by force ain't going to work, and with all the rebel activity going on, they will be too suspicious for deception to succeed," Nova reasoned. "I still know a few things about going unseen, with any luck I think we could sneak our way in."

Mydnyte considers this course of action. After a pause, "Without the full support of the Insurgency it does leave us without the numbers for a proper siege. It would appear to be that infiltration is our only course of action." Fang listens as he nods. "I agree but I wonder how will we enter the Palace? I can't imagine it will be as simple as walking through the front door." "Maybe there's a back door?" Durandel chimes in. "Possibly. Palaces have all sorts of hidden entrances and exits for quick escapes." Fang concurrs. "That would make sense. Otherwise how'd they managed to escape with the Alpha's son is beyond me." Mydnyte then thinks about Ezekiel. "Perhaps the Leader knows of some path we can use to enter?" "I can speak with Ezekiel. I knew his son back when I was still apart of the Council. If he's anything like Ezra said he is then I'm sure he would be willing to lend us his help." Durandel spoke. The Lava Wolf departs from the group.

"Well with the question of how we sneak inside being handled. We just need to come up with some sort of strategy of how exactly we're going to free Summanus and escape without being captured ourselves." Mydnyte brings up. "Dungeons aren't known for being easy to break in or out of. Kind of defeats the purpose of imprisonment." Fang jests. "It wouldn't be our first time." Mydnyte motions between Nova and himself. "While that is true I don't think blasting your way out is going to be an option this time. We are breaking into a fortress armed to the teeth with our worst enemies. I think we should try and avoid a fight, yeah?" Fang suggests. "Agreed." Mydnyte turns to Nova. "You said you have some tricks up your fur? Have you ever snuck into a heavily guarded fortress before?" Mydnyte asks.


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#, as written by Krypt

Nova listened to Durandel pad off, hoping that the lava wolf's plan would pay off. Nova certainly didn't know where to start looking for a hidden entrance. Well okay, he would know where to START. There are only so many places around a wall that a sally port could be hidden. But it would still take time.

"You said you have some tricks up your fur? Have you ever snuck into a heavily guarded fortress before?"

No, as a matter of fact Nova hadn't. Most of his spycraft had consisted of going around trying to stop a giant war from breaking out, and that had surprisingly little to do with sneaking into heavily fortified places. Nova scratched the ground idly a few times with his front paw.

He hadn't snuck into fortresses, no...

But he did know a thing or two about how they operated. His father was the Chief Fortifications Expert of the Ausi. He was the one who helped re engineer Neva City's great walls. There were certain principles of defense that all engineers followed, simply because they were the best.

"Well, obviously we are going to want to ignore the gatehouse. That is always the most strongly fortified position. If this place is designed properly, they will also have interlocking sentry positions, so that no part of the wall is unguarded. But..."

He began to think back to how his father's walls were designed. There is always an inherent weakness in building a fortress anywhere that isn't a perfectly open, flat plain. Due to topography, there was almost always going to be a blind spot on the walls. Not as blatant as missing a tower, but a spot where the distance between the two towers is just too far enough away for the guards covering that sector to have a good look. Especially in the dark. That was just the reality of uneven terrain.

"If we can stick on the side of the fortress that has the guard towers spaced furthest apart, usually on a hill or something, we should be able to sneak in an area that is too difficult for the guards to watch."


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Durandel, Mydnyte, and Fang Hunter

Mydnyte nods. "If we can find a location that matches that description and underneath the cover of night, I doubt our approach will be noticed," He looks to the others. "Especially if our numbers are few." Mydnyte surmises. "Not a bad plan, but I can do you one better." The Wolves turn to see Durandel has returned with Ezekiel. "Why bother with the fortifications when you can just circumvent them?" This piques Mydnyte's interest. "Hm? What did you have in mind?" Ezekiel looks to the veteran Kamarian. "What if I were to tell you that I know of a secret passage that leads right underneath the Palace?" The others raise a metaphorical eyebrow. "There's such a passage?" Fang asks. Ezekiel turns his eyes towards the young Kamarian. "The only one that I know Prometheus doesn't know about. I used it to escape from the Palace when Prometheus attacked." A shimmer of hope flashed in the minds of the Wolves.

"Against my fellow Commander's better judgement, I agreed with Durandel to show you all just where it is." The others let out a gasp of surprise. "I'm surprised you were able to get the others to agree to such a thing." Fang chuckles. "Well...I didn't quite say it like that when it was brought up. As far as everyone else is concerned, I'm simply drawing out a map for you." Ezekiel laughs to himself. "Well I feel much more confident having you as a guide than a map." Durandel speaks up. "Wouldn't that be the safer option?" Fang asks. "Safer for whom? Me?" Ezekiel laughs. "I appreciate the concern but its riskier to have that kind of information on paper. Our enemies could take it and use it against us. The less they know, the better." Fang agrees. "Besides I do have a personal reason for doing this." Mydnyte perks up his ears. "What would that be?" Ezekiel walks up to the group and in a low voice says, "Since your goal is to free your captured comrade, I humbly ask if I may join you?" This surprises the group. "You see, my son, Ezra is also imprisoned in the Palace's dungeons. He is scheduled for execution, but because we lack the numbers to invade the Palace I've been unable to reach him. Yet, when I look at you all, well, I can't help but feel hopeful. As if the winds of victory howls wherever you go." Ezekiel pauses as if he seems lost in a thought.

"I know this request may seem crass. After all you each have done so much for our cause, but please I implore you. I am an old wolf and I realize I have not too many seasons left in this world. If I can ensure my son's safe return then I can die without regrets." Ezekiel then looks each Wolf in the eye. " Please, help me rescue my son and I'll help you infiltrate the Palace, sound like a deal?" Ezekiel proposes. Durandel looks to Mydnyte, Nova, and Fang. "I can't speak for the rest but I will do everything in my power to help rescue your son as well as our friend." Durandel responds. Fang looks to Mydnyte, "Well old buddy? Care to make a risky mission even more riskier?" Fang laughs. Mydnyte growls. "Are you giving me a choice?" Fang playfully banters, "No, not really. What do you think I'm going to say?" Fang laughs again. Mydnyte grumbles. "That's a yes for us both!" Fang gleefully declares. The rest turn their attentions to Nova in anticipation of his response.