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"Walk by faith, not by sight."

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a character in “Elemental Battles: Rage Ch. III: Rebirth”, as played by Krypt




Nova was not particularly blessed to have a pelt that blended in with his environment. Unlike his fellow pack members, Nova has a rather sandy colored pelt with a white belly. In his frosty homeland, this color had been a curse. In the wider world of Nigerius, being able to blend in with other wolves has saved him countless times. In regards to stature, Nova is slightly smaller than the average male wolf, and his ability to fight is reduced as such. He is remarkably agile however, the benefit for the trade off of strength, and often is able to outrun any wolf without wings. It was a very useful skill, until he was blinded during a raid gone wrong. Now running quickly only leads to a harder bonk into a tree.


Nova possesses a rather reserved personality, not out of coldness or shyness, he just doesn't like to hold a conversation in length. When he does speak, it is often tinged with satire, and he does contain a good dose of arrogance. His conceitedness is generally in terms of his pack, for as most wolves do he views his pack on a higher plane than all others. He is level headed and rational, and is rarely aggressive. After all, any fight he would pick he would likely lose, and thus he has no qualms about escaping with his life when he is fighting a losing battle.

Times are changing though, and with time we all do to. As he has begun to see other packs as friends and not just targets, Nova has begun to loosen up, almost without being aware of it. Finding himself snapping off a joke more often than ever, he has realized that time spent with others is much more engaging when he can get the other person talking, even if the joke is often at the other wolf's expense.

Nova's use of his innate gift of frost is rarely used offensively, much less from a lack of ability than a lack of a desire. Usually only using his power for practical scenarios such as freezing bridges or halting water, he is also capable of sending rather sharp blades of ice at his enemies. Due to his lack of practice in combat with ice, or with anything for that matter, he had rarely used his ability when blow does come to blow. He has been learning in the recent months , and given enough time he is able to come up with more out of the box ways to use his element, such as slipping up foes as they run or cracking rocks high above their heads.

Sharp Teeth
Sharp Claws
Sharp Wit
Blind Eyes

Nova's younger years contain nothing unusual from the various trivialities and trials that most face in their youth. Growing up with only one other sibling, a sister, his parents were dutiful in raising him well, and instructed him in the virtues of the Ausi and the vices of all others. As he came of age, his physical appearance and temperament were ideal for a scout for the Ausi pack, and he was soon approached to become such. Due to the packs rather remote location, they elected to send him out first in order to judge enemy pack movements, what other wolves are up to, and the like. Obviously this would be valuable information to enemy packs, thus Nova has kept no maps or charts on him, just in his head. Nova had been content with his role, as he knows that he can exert a fair amount of leverage back home with his knowledge, without the usual show of brute strength that other wolves need to get others attention.

All that changed with a fateful decision to free a wolf caught up in a tree. The wolf he freed, Cerise, would go on to organize the most motley, disjointed, ill prepared group of wolves that would change the world. Nigerius would never be the same after her, for she exposed the works of the evil Rashid, who had been brainwashing legions to work for him. Her influence on Nova was immeasurable, for it was her that first convinced Nova that wolves of other packs aren't all the much difference than those of his own. He misses her greatly.

In recent times, he has begun to look at the world with a biting pessimism. Constant hardships, protracted adventures, and nostalgia for home has slowly contributed to his decaying outlook on the goodness of the world. Still he manages to keep his head, and though he does not have quite the Ausi nationalism that he once had, he still does not feel all that welcoming to strangers, whom so far has seemed to only lead him into trouble. The realization that he is not alone in this struggle has helped tremendously, even if the evil that seems to have started with Rashid keeps showing itself in many different forms. So while he still feels dejected about having pulled the short straw and being roped into this adventure, at least he knows that he will die with friends by his side.

So begins...

Nova's Story