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"If I die, at least there'll be one less killer in the World."

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a character in “Elemental Battles: Rage Ch. III: Rebirth”, as played by Seveneleven


Name: Summanus

Pack: Borak

Gender: Male

Description: Summanus has been described by many to possess a freakish form. Uncharacteristic of his Pack, he is a black-fur wolf with a bluish-grey underbelly. Yet, his most distinguishing characteristic would have to be his two tails. Summanus is a sizable wolf, one that is especially large by Borak standards. With big paws and big haunches, it is often surprising to many of his foes how swiftly he can move during battle. His fur is often spiky in appearance due to his body holding an excessive amount of static electricity. The ends of his fur behave like conductors that visibly emit electricity whenever he uses his Element.

Personality: A quiet and pensive Wolf. Summanus is an introvert whose slow to join in conversation or activity. The Wolf is often lost in rumination and prone to bouts of wandering. Summanus is the very definition of a Lone Wolf. Many who've met him describe him as being aloof and standoffish. Yet, upon closer examination, one can discover that Summanus feels quite often and quite deeply. A guilty conscience weighs heavily on this Wolf's soul antagonizing him into action. He easily burdens himself with the problems of others in an attempt to atone for his perceived wrongdoings. He is honorable, loyal, and resolute to a fault. While he tries his best to hide it, he cares deeply for his friends, and will raise his blade against any threat to their wellbeing.

This protective behavior leads him to be naturally suspicious of strangers. He analyzes each wolf, looking for any signs of malevolence or duplicity. He is slow to trust and will pry in order to test their character. If he is satisfied they are genuine he then becomes more relaxed around them. If not, then he's constantly vigilant awaiting for them to make a wrong move. When facing enemies he is judicious, effective, and cold. He is not one to respond to taunts or threats. His enemies often cite how difficult it is to get under his skin. Because of his brutal efficiency he is a dangerous opponent who is not easily shaken or dissuaded. Which is why the best way to undermine his stonewall presence is to threaten those he cares about.

Abilities: Summanus is talented with his Element as it courses through his body like blood in the veins. Lightning is a natural extension of himself, as Summanus can channel high amounts of voltage. Yet, this power can easily become unruly if Summanus does not maintain concentration. If he is rattled or becomes emotional, then his Element responds to this distress and often releases itself against his will. Summanus prefers close-quarter fights making use of both his sword and his Element. His Individual Signature allows him to absorb and hold a charge for extended periods of time. Think of him as a living battery. His signature move uses this excess charge to release a field of electricity that can shock many opponents at once. Another strategy he's fond of his conducting electricity through his sword to cause greater damage.

Equipment: Summanus carries on him a serrated-edged sword. The blade is usually found sheathed and strapped to his side. Summanus had once owned a birth pendant, but lost it during the escape from Rashid's Prison.

History: Summanus had, what you would call, a difficult childhood. He grew up in an orphanage never knowing who his real parents were. The only thing that he ever had of theirs was his birth pendant. In war you would hear all about the epic battles, and those who had fought and died. What hardly gets attention is the extent of the devastation war brings. Growing up in the orphanage was hard as the number of orphans seemed to increase daily. Young pups barely old enough to stop weening are left without a family. The unsung casualties of the Great War. The Orphanage was looking after so many Pups, it was beyond the capacity of the current staff. Food and comforts were difficult to come by. Summanus would have to fight and claw his way for any food or attention. The only attention he would receive was abuse. Constantly harassed by the other Pups for his uncommon appearance. He was labeled a freak and a monster for having two tails. Sometimes they would attack him and the staff would have to separate him in a room by himself. He hated being alone at first, but he came to realize that he was safest when he was alone.

His appearance greatly affected his chances of ever being adopted. Most Boraks that came by wanted Pups that looked similar to themselves. A black coat, two-tailed wolf did not fit the image they had in mind. Some ignored him, while others, cruelly called him deformed. As the other orphans were chosen over him, Summanus felt he was nothing more than a mistake. Some thing that was never meant to be. When Summanus was old enough he ran away from the Orphanage, leaving the Arjunas never to look back. Summanus looked for jobs where he could. Most of his employers could only pay very little as Summanus scraped and scrounged whenever he could. He felt barely above a street urchin. Living life without any direction, any prospects, any future. He did not have any ideals or values instilled in him from a mother or a father. He was hardly even asked what his dreams, and desires were. All that he knew was instinctual. He needed to eat in order to live, and he needed to kill in order to eat.

Killing, it would turn out, would be Summanus's greatest gift and his greatest curse. Summanus became a Wolf for Hire, a mercenary who performed various odd jobs for anyone who could pay his price. His track record became impeccable as Summanus earned a name for himself, the Two-Tailed Borak Stray, it was quite the tag line for any sale. Due to his notoriety he would later be approached by a Dimitrios named Ramzey. Who came on behalf of the Mercenary Trade to recruit him. Seeing an opportunity for better pay and protection, Summanus quickly agreed. With Summanus the Stray added to their ranks, he would make fast allies in Ramzey, Chappell, Hilda, and begrudgingly, Atalanta. The Group would soon form the Yellow Demon Company named after their two, star Borak members. The Yellow Demon Company became one of the highest paid groups in the Trade, with only the Sons of Sum staying above them in price.

The Company's renown earned them an unique contract when they were recruited into General Shimmer Doom's ranks. She hired the Yellow Demons to help her overtake the Kita and add their territory underneath the Borak Flag. Shimmer Doom was wealthy, paying the mercenary band well for what was otherwise an easy job. Summanus was then released from his service to Shimmer after he turned down her offer of being hired on as a permanent soldier. While he didn't care at the time, he did find conquering the Kitas to be in very poor taste. The other members refused her offer except for Atalanta, who was rather taken with Shimmer Doom's ideals and influence. The Yellow Demon Company disbanded after that contract as Summanus would elect to return to his wandering ways. He finally had his fill of the mercenary life. It was then he would encounter Cerise and her friends being ambushed by Rashid's legions of brainwashed wolves. He too found their assault to be in poor taste. It was a senseless display as the hunting pack clearly outnumbered their prey. Being unable to turn away, Summanus came to their defense and helped to turn the tides. Unbeknownst to him trouble hanged over these strangers like flies on dung.

He would be captured by Kaveh and sent to Rashid's prison to partake in his Elemental Battles. Fending for himself he critically injured BattleDemon, but this left him with a tremendous amount of guilt. In order to repent for his actions he was instrumental in their escape helping to blow a hole right to the outside for them to escape through. Despite their victory, Rashid would slip through everyone's grasp as the mad Zalika lurked somewhere out there in the wilderness. It was during this time that Summanus met a Kita named Alina. She was brave Kita wolf who seemed to have a personal vendetta against Rashid, but when Summanus revealed the fate of her Pack, she was devastated. Dejected, Summanus wandered Nigerius trying to come to terms with his hand in the conquest of the Kita Pack. It was then he decided he must right his most terrible wrong and went to work trying to recover the Kita's rightful territory. He would work with the Vigil, coordinating with Alina to help sabotage the Borak war effort. Before long, Summanus would be reunited with the very Wolves he helped escaped from that hellish prison many seasons ago. The Vigil had a new interest in Prometheus since the Tenneth was making big moves even teaming up with the Borak Pack. Summanus's path would once again intertwine with these danger prone Wolves.

Summanus would be a key ally in infiltrating the Tenneth lands where they met up with the Insurgency. Having some Vigil connects in the Insurgency, it was only natural to aid them in their rebellion against Prometheus. Summanus was a massive help to the Factory raid whose actions helped to ensure the Insurgents an opportunity to enter the building, and plant their explosives. During this skirmish, however, Summanus would be captured by Shimmer Doom and his old comrade, Atalanta. Now Summanus is being held prisoner by Prometheus as the tyrant plans to use him as live bait to lure out the Insurgency. Summanus can only hope his friends and allies would not do something so rash as invade the Palace. Yet, he knows this most likely won't be the case.

So begins...

Summanus's Story