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"All of Nigerius will kneel before me!"

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a character in “Elemental Battles: Rage”, as played by Seveneleven


Name: Kaveh

Pack: Kamaria

Gender: Male

Description: Image

A dark furred wolf, with purple eyes that glow eerily when manipulating his natural element. Although he is a wolf some of his features are very feline like. Including have a tight, compact frame built for stealth and speed. While he does have long, sharp claws his fangs are especially long and pointed.

Personality: A cruel and malevolent wolf, Kaveh is a ruthless and deadly foe. He gives no thought or care towards other wolves, including his own pack, seeing them as tools in order to enforce his will and achieve his desires. He is power hungry and ambitious, seeking to conquer land and wolves in order to build his perfect vision of a pack. He is also very paranoid and vindictive, seeing most wolves as enemies rather than friends.

Abilities: Shadow Sphere- Kaveh's special technique. Can create orbs of concentrated darkness that he fires like a projectile, causing damage to all that it touches.

Shadow Decoy- Described as a mirage made of shadows, Kaveh creates an image of himself to deceive his foes.

Death Bomb- A special technique that is designed to kill other wolves. A wolf is pumped with copious amounts of dark force energy as the victim explodes into a bluish sphere of darkness. For each death the bomb causes, the larger the sphere grows, swallowing more inside the swirling torrent of malignant energy.

Equipment: Kaveh wears form fitting armor made of strong hide, that has been tempered through a special process. Thus giving him the desired hardness of metal armor but without limiting his speed and mobility.

History: Kaveh was born and raised inside the company of death and warfare. He was the son of two Shadow Wolves who gave birth right on the battlefield. Seeing that a pup would get in their way, his parents had him shipped off back home to the Darkess Canyons to be trained in the ways of combat. Kaveh would never know his parents. Inside a training camp, he learned to control his element and become a soldier for his pack. Never knowing love and only discipline and rage, Kaveh was molded into a brutal warrior, one that their God could be proud of.

Yet facing grueling training and then facing the horrors of war soon after, Kaveh's mind was deranged. Only understanding and valuing competition and power, Kaveh sought to become Alpha of his pack by killing the current Alpha. Once he did so, he led his pack into an unsuccessful campaign of conquest that left many of the Shadow Wolves bitter, leading into a civil war that destroyed their homes in the Darkess Canyons. After squashing the rebellion, Kaveh took whatever followers he had left and searched for new lands to conquer and call home. This led him to Rashid and in his desperate bid for more power, sold his loyal followers as slaves to be controlled by Rashid. Now working with Rashid as his tactical advisor, he enforces both of their wills to dominate all others.

So begins...

Kaveh's Story

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Deep within the heart of the Vulcan Mountains, lies Lake Eldrid, the Lake of Lava. It is here above the banks of this fiery pool is the unassuming town of Lakeside. Within this town, lies in wait, a revolution, one that is soon to come full circle. A building sits, occupied by local war hero and celebrity, Prometheus and his candid followers. The large, towering wolf enters the headquarters of his faction, leaving the locals cheering and crying out his name. They were so eager to please.

The Prometheans as these wolves are fond of calling themselves, part ways to give their hero ample space to move at his leaisure. Some though are eager and they too cry out his name. Prometheus nods his head and gives a smile, warming their war weary hearts. It was then he was approached by two wolves, his top Prometheans, the brothers Bero and Borvo. "Ah, Bero, Borvo, how goes the movement?" Prometheus asked. "As you suspected sir, you're recent ambush of Captain Dice's forward command has left the Ausi retaliation rather demoralized...public opinion has never been higher!" Bero proclaimed ecstatically. "Yes, another quarter of the population are proud Prometheans!" Borvo spoke in equal pep. "Good, good, all good news." Prometheus said jovially. "Yep, ol' Alpha Cendrillion can no longer ignore the people! You'll be head of the war effort in no time!" Bero added.

The three entered into Prometheus's private chambers as he suddenly stopped and sniffed the air. He then smiled, "You two are dismissed...keep up the good work, now go spread the word." Prometheus ordered. Bero and Borvo stood tall, ears, and tails and all as they marched off closing the chamber doors. Prometheus lumbered his way to the center of the room as he sat upon his chair. "Shadow Devil." Prometheus spoke to the room in a disagreeable manner. "White Smoke." A voice responded in an equally aggressive manner. Out from the shadows came, Kaveh, Alpha of the Kamaria Pack.

"I apologize for not getting up to greet you, but I'm sure you understand." Prometheus spoke. "Come, come, Prometheus you're still not sore from what I've done to you?" Kaveh asked in a provocative manner. He barked, "You have some gall to show you're face to mine!" Kaveh then sneered, "Whatever I left of that face you mean?" Kaveh bitingly responded. Prometheus growled, a rumbling and terrible growl. "I don't presume you're here to insult me Kaveh!? What does he want? Obviously it couldn't have waited if he sent you to infiltrate the Vulcans." Prometheus grumbled. "He wants an update, Prometheus, and he didn't want to hear it from some underling you have bumbling their way out to see's far too risky." Kaveh answered. "Bah! I'll answer him but I don't need to be bullied by you to do it!" Prometheus snapped.

Kaveh growled, "Tell us...Prometheus, how goes your infiltration of the Tenneth? Are you nearing the completion of you're task?" Kaveh asked. Prometheus gulped, as fear slightly ran down his spine, " going as planned. The wolves here have all but rallied behind me...they think me as a hero and...they clamor to see me raise them out of war and bloodshed. And soon I shall, my supporters in the Council now outnumber my opponents, thanks to singling out Ezra and Durandel as traitors. Public opinion of Cendrillion has reached all time lows and if he expects to regain any favor with the Pack...he will have no choice but to swear me in as Supreme Commander of the Tenneth Army." Prometheus spoke resoundingly. Kaveh chuckled, "Good, he is very pleased." Prometheus looked about the room, "Is" He asked hesitantly. "Not in person...but his powers extend far, he understands you through me." Kaveh grinned. "Still afraid are we? Don't worry you will never return to those prisons again...soon you will have undisputed control of the Tenneth, just keep up the deception." Kaveh then scratched his head with an extended claw.

"You have piqued his interest though." Kaveh added. "What do you mean?" Prometheus asked confused. "He recognizes the name of Durandel, it belonged to one of those fool wolves who escaped our original prison. He's quite interested in what you've done with him?" Kaveh asked. "Well, he went out on a mission to speak with some Ausi scum he knew. It was because of his affiliation with one that helped me to pin him as a traitor to the Pack." Prometheus explained. "I've sent some of my wolves after him, I'm not sure if they've captured him like I asked...they haven't reported in for a while now, that troubles me. Perhaps I should send more wolves?" Prometheus trailed off. "He doesn't want you to worry about that...odds are they'll come to you." Kaveh reassured. "Really? How does he know that?" Prometheus asked even more worried. "He doesn't. But he understands the kind of wolves they are, and they are quite the anomaly, it's rather hard to find true heroes in this day and age." Kaveh looked over to Prometheus narrowing his eyes.

"These wolves are a problem and he doesn't like problems. When they show themselves, and they might, he wants you to kill them. Once that is done then little else will stand in our way...all of Nigerius will soon be ours." Kaveh grinned. It was then knock came at his door. "Prometheus!? Are you alright? We heard barking!" Bero exclaimed. "Everything is alright! Go on about your business!" Prometheus ordered. The wolves walked away. "Kaveh...," Prometheus turned to see the Kamarian no longer there. He then gave a large exhale.