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"Our enemies shall burn in the righteous flame!"

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a character in “Elemental Battles: Rage”, as played by Seveneleven



Name: Prometheus

Pack: Tenneth

Gender: Male

Description: Prometheus is a very large and burly wolf with snow white fur. Because of his appearance he is often called "White Smoke," or "Ash White." With burning blue eyes and nasty scars all over his face, the visage of this wolf is one that commands both fear and respect.

Personality: Prometheus is a wolf that is filled with outrage, so much so that his outcry has resonated with a good deal of the members of the Fire Packs. He is quite the charismatic leader, able to tug on the heartstrings of many a war weary wolf. He is intelligent but very aggressive in his methods. Fond of scare tactics, he likes to cause chaos and disorder to confound and defeat his enemies. He has no qualms with killing and will do whatever it takes to gain his revenge.

Abilities: Prometheus is very proficient in breathing fire, able to launch powerful, explosive fireballs straight from his maw. He is also very fond of using the flame throwing technique to bathe his enemies in a continuous vortex of fire.

Equipment: Nothing else besides the obvious.

History: Prometheus is something of a mystery, as he literally came from out of nowhere and rose in the Tenneth ranks. He is widely regarded to be a proud, nationalistic, Tenneth and a heavy political activist. He has gained alot of popularity for his guerrilla tactics that are really providing actual results in the Tenneth War Effort. He and his followers have been targeting many critical Ausi and Dimitrios outposts and bases. His men have also targeted crucial supply routes and have taken them for the Tenneth. His charisma and record of getting results are winning over many of the downtrodden and war weary of the Fire Wolves.

Yet, opponents like Durandel, see Prometheus as nothing more than a terrorist. As many Prometheans like to omit their willingness to target and destroy nonessential and innocent targets, just to place the fear in the hearts of the Tenneth's foes. They consider him a danger to the Tenneth way of life, especially since Prometheus likes to incite civil uproar. Some see him as a hero, others a villain, this makes Prometheus a dangerous wolf.

Not much is known of his past, he was once a soldier in the Tenneth army, but he suffered the lost of his family during a raid. He survived the attack only to disappear, but where he went, no one knew. Yet, when he returned he was covered in horrific facial scars and began his meteoric rise to power. From Prometheus's version of the truth, he was a prisoner of war, tortured by the Dimitrios, hence the scars. He has since used his story of torture and his inspiring escape as part of his efforts to sway the minds of others. Although the actual truth is something much more darker.

So begins...

Prometheus's Story

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The Lands of Nigerius, this was once a peaceful land before the war began. If one could remember past the times of violence and death, a wolf would remember the beauty they saw through their eyes, smelt the fresh breeze enter their nostrils, and felt the warmth of the Sun on their fur. A wolf could walk into any land, without fear of attack, as they once mingled and traded among each other. The land flourished and not a trace of warfare could be seen. Then, the land grew sick. Colors that were once vibrant seemed to have lost some of it's luster. Water was not as gleaming and pure as it once used to flow down the river. The clouds seem to huddle together and darken the skies by blotting out the sun. Storms started to become more frequent in places that it used to be occasional. Even the nights seemed to have grown darker and longer than they should be.

The Wolves took notice of this, but the worse came when they feared their elements would too suffer. Some tried to revive the land but couldn't, even the Aven couldn't fix certain parts of the world. This helped to cement the belief that their elements are becoming polluted as well, and this sentiment spread like a wildfire amongst the packs. Without any other explanations for these happenings, they resorted to blaming the other packs. Perhaps one element is becoming too strong and weakening the others? In order to defend their way of life they had to stop the culprits, and that meant going to war. Then war was waged as it would continue for years and years to come. No one when they entered this great conflict suspected this war would last as long as it did. Many brave wolves's lives were claimed and as Nigerius itself is heading to a boiling point, a last stand must be made.

Despite the war and death that is amassing, within the fires of this conflict heroes have arisen from all sides. Heroes that have tried to their damnedest to make a difference in their world. They have come close to finding an end to the fighting but the forces of evil have succeeded in distracting them and then separating them. Although it did come at a price for their plans as well. For months now a group of allies from all packs have gone their separate ways. Yet, in these coming moments disaster will strike and the journey will resume...


Screams could be heard echoing up into the frosty peaks of the Sharikeres. A most emboldened attack was launched in the icy, Neva City as fires began to rise. Almost like explosions, big bursts of flames were seen coming from several buildings through out the population, yet the biggest of all came from the center up into the highest floors of the Alpha's Palace. The Ausis were scattered and disoriented, surprised by both the sudden nature, and violence of the attacks. Never before had they believe they would be invaded by any outside force. Yet, when one expects something large sometimes, something small, can pass through unnoticed. One side of the large, domed roof was demolished from the largest explosion of flames that any Asui, not in the war, has ever seen. The Snowy Palace seemed to melt along the edges from the sheer intensity of the heat. Out from the large, gaping hole stood an incredibly large, white wolf as he looked down at the chaos caused by his subordinates.

The Ausi were a bit careless in their defense, sure they managed to erect some impressive stone fortifications thanks to their Dimitrios allies, but they felt a bit too secure, confident both the dangerous trek up here would diminish an incoming army to the point they can't get past their walls. It is a sound plan for your average warfare, but Prometheus, doesn't fight like that. This was the best mode of action he could do, being white it was difficult for the Ausi to think of him as an outsider, and due to his size and scars all over his face, they would assume him a soldier. Which helps to explain why he could have gained access to the Alpha's home but as for his forces, he did his best to find white, Tenneth or Canicus wolves, but had to rely more on convincing the Ausi's that these different furred wolves were of Dimitrios descent. Still the plan went off without much a hitch, his followers were loyal and devoted, true extremists in every sense of the word.

He laughed as he noticed a couple of wolves pulling a cart filled up with alot of snow. That was his cue. He looked towards the wolves he would leave behind, many where guards killed in battle, but there were a couple of high profile targets dead. Prometheus laughed as he rushed and jumped from the building. This wolf must be insane to risk such a stunt but his body managed to land into the huge pile of snow softening his impact. Feeling the sudden shake the two wolves mustered up their strength as they continued to pull. Soon they were able to exit the city underneath the cover of chaos.


Word soon reached the Tenneth of this recent attack on the Ausi. While the Alpha still lived, he was badly injured as he struggles to survive from his wounds, in the meantime his Beta has taken on the helm of command and is now leading the Ausi while the Alpha tries to recover. Many where killed in light of this attack including the Beta's son, and this Ausi now had a fire lit up in his belly burning greater than Neva City did that night. The whole city wasn't razed to the ground, in fact, only parts of it burned, this attack was not meant to be the final blow to the Ausi. So it raises the question, why did Prometheus not managed to destroy the Ausi Alpha? Could he have not assassinated him, or is there something else going on here? A gathering of Tenneth have come before their Alpha as they discussed the threat of Ausi retaliation.

"I cannot believe the action's of Prometheus! Why would he have done such a thing!?" One wolf shouted. "Does he not realize that the Ausi will retaliate and they will come for us all!?"

"I agree," Concurred another, "This war has worn us all down, and now with Prometheus fanning the flames it would seem this conflict would be revitalized into a fervor. And this is something that our people don't need right now."

"Well, I believe Prometheus's actions have gained more results than our forces ever could hope for." Chimed in another. "He managed to launch an impressive strike from within the Ausi defenses! We all know that sending a company of our soldiers into those mountains would mean the death of them!"

"He is correct, our wolves would have caught their deaths out there, those mountains are harsh and unforgiving...I think this just proves we need more wolves like him to help lead us to victory." Spoke another.

"Yes, we should really consider making Prometheus a general in our army, if he could do this much damage with just a small group of wolves, then who knows what he could do with an entire army." A fifth one spoke.

"As Kennan, and Moloch said, we should really use Prometheus. He is definitely leader material, he inspires the people and his wolves follow him without question." The third one spoke again.

"And do you know why that is?" Durandel spoke, on the edge of the table. "It's not because he inspires them, it's because he's using them. He says all these great and powerful words but that's just to fool you. Rashid spoke them, and his wolves were forced into bondage to do as he said. Prometheus is no different, he just uses the emotions of the people to enslave them instead of using his powers." Durandel finished.

The Alpha then stood up as the wolves around him grew silent. "Now before you all start arguing over this one Tenneth, what my concern is what can we expect from the Ausi, War Council?" The Alpha spoke.

"Yes Alpha, well we believe that the Beta would be angered enough to launch attacks against our many camps and outposts posthaste." Spoke one of the wolves. "I suggest we send reinforcements to our posts nearest the Ausis and the Dimitrios since they are their allies. Speaking of which, they would most likely be called upon to attack us as well."

"Hm." The Alpha thought. "Are there any wolves to spare?"

"Well are forces are spread a bit thin, but certain areas are not hot spots currently and we could spare to lessen defenses in some areas to bolster others." The wolf spoke again.

"Alpha, if I may?" Spoke the First Wolf. "Instead of drawing up battle plans, perhaps we should appeal to the Ausi? We should tell them that we do not condone any of Prometheus's actions and are acted beyond your approval, or anyone elses besides his own." He finished.

"That won't work out so well." Durandel spoke up. "I have worked with an Ausi before and trust me, they will be anxious to rise up and meet any challenges that stand in their way. Besides they too love their Alpha and their Pack and will fight to the death to uphold their way of life. I don't think they would listen to any Tenneth or anyone else...well, except for maybe another Ausi." Durandel almost murmured as he thought about Nova.

"What was that Durandel?" The Alpha spoke up.

"Well, I do know an Ausi, perhaps I can have him appeal on our behalf?" Durandel suggested.

"Heh! I knew a simple border guard should have not been apart of this council! That is the most ludicrously foolish ideas I have ever heard! What makes you think that your former, Ausi friend will listen to you, let alone be convinced to try and help us, his enemies!? He might as soon kill or capture you than give you time to speak." The Third Wolf spoke.

"Now Ephraim, be kind, at least he's coming up with methods that don't recklessly shed anymore Tenneth blood." The Second Wolf spoke out in defense.

"Perhaps, but as Ephraim pointed out, I doubt that course of action would present us with any fruitful results. Instead I have a better idea." Kennan spoke.

"Well lets hear it?" Ephraim asked.

"I believe we should commission Prometheus to antagonized the enemy by strategically striking at certain points in the Ausi Front. If he can slow down the Ausi threat, then it will be harder for them to amass a counter attack." Kennan answered.

"No way should we use Prometheus!" The First Wolf spoke. "We cannot associate ourselves with him, it will just make the Ausi angrier, we should just rely on our own strength. Besides I don't wish to give that monster any more power than he already has."

"Oh come now, Castor, you need to stop being so rude towards Prometheus, I mean the wolf is undoubtedly a proud Tenneth defending his home, how can that be a monstrosity?" Kennan responded.

One of the wolves gave a low but audible growl.

"Hm? What was that? Did you have something to say Ezra?" Asked Ephraim in a rather sarcastic tone.

"That wolf in not the kind of person you think he is." Ezra spoke calmly. "In fact I think that wolf is a greater threat to us than the Ausi and the Dimitrios at the moment."

"Please! As if you could-!" Suddenly Ephraim was interrupted by the Alpha.

"Enough of these arguments over Prometheus! I have not the patience for it today, instead we are going with Ephraim's plan and I will send able body wolves from our different sectors to bolster our target zones. In the meantime we will continue to have any association with Prometheus and his followers until a time I can decide if his intentions are honorable enough!" The Alpha spoke as the wolves grumbled over their leader's decision. "Although Durandel, I am curious do you think you can communicate with the Ausi?" He asked.

Durandel's ears perked up. "Well, I can try and see if he will listen, I am sure he won't attack me, a familiar face, but I would have to meet him alone so he won't get worked up." Durandel spoke.

"Well, since you have this unique of a position, I want you to try and speak with your old traveling companion and see if you two can work something out to avoid further bloodshed. I have grown weary of this war and I don't want to see anymore proud Tenneth and Canicus wolves die in the line of battle." The Alpha finished.

"Of course." Durandel spoke as he bowed his head.

"This council is dismissed, goodbye to all and my our fire never extinguish." The Alpha spoke as the wolves exited the War Room.

"I still can't believe, the Alpha would be so blind to Prometheus's cause!" Spoke Moloch to Kennan. "Yes, it's sad when an Alpha doesn't have as much love and drive for the Pack as a commoner does. These are quite dark days indeed." Kennan responded. Ephraim then walked up besides the two. "Don't worry, he'll come around to our way of thinking, just you wait, the Ausis are going to strike us hard, and he will see that we do need Prometheus in order to survive." Ephraim reassured the two. Durandel watched in disgust as the three walked off.

"Durandel a moment?" Ezra asked as he walked up to him. "Yeah?" Durandel responded lamely. "If your going out to meet with this, Ausi friend of yours, do you even know where he is?" Ezra asked. ", not really." Durandel hanged his head in defeat. "Look, I have some friends that could help you out, despite me being an Tenneth, I have made friends across most of the packs. I have some Dimitrios friends still believe it or not. We often communicate in secret to talk about our distaste for the war, I can ask them to speak with the Ausi and help them find out where your friend is." Ezra spoke. Durandel was quite happy to hear this but was confused over how Ezra could keep such contacts. "Well, thanks, and though I doubt you to be a traitor or spy, but how can you talk with people on the outside?" Durandel asked. "Well, I am an advocate for peace, and believe it or not there are many wolves from all packs that want nothing but a peaceful resolution to this war. We've never liked this war ever since it begun, but I don't want to bore you with our political dribbles. Anyway tell me what this Ausi's name is and what he looks like and I'll help you out, trust me as I am trusting you with this information about me, information that would incriminate me in the eyes of the Council." Ezra spoke unflinching in the face of Durandel.

Durandel was surprised by Ezra's forwardness but he respect the wolf and felt he could trust him to honor his word. "Alright his name is Nova and well, he would be easy to spot since he has a sandy colored pelt instead of a white one." Durandel described. Ezra nodded as he listened to Durandel as he even mentioned the Ausi was a spy or map maker or something along those line. Ezra remembered every single detail as he said his goodbyes to Durandel and put forth a request to his friends to find out where Nova is and tell him where he is as soon as possible. Ezra's contacts worked quickly to find Nova, but it would take sometime, and in the meantime, Durandel prepared himself for a new journey beyond the Vulcans. Yet, will Nigerius be the same as he last saw it?

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Durandel was impressed with the response time on Ezra's behalf in this current endeavor. He contacted his Dimitrios friends, yes, but not without going through his proper channels. Such channels include communicating with his Avira friends who cleverly used their communications with the birds to send messages back and forth. It wasn't long before his Dimitrios contact, Georges, was snooping around Neva City looking for leads. He of course, had some friends in the Ausi military to help him out, especially since he took the time to meet the warriors that oversaw their fortification project. Yet, it would be their Ausi contacts that would be the deciding factor in getting a read for Nova's location. Georges and his Ausi contact, did what they could and shipped some, new orders, to Nova at a known Ausi rendezvous. One that was particularly close to the Elian Desert, or as close as one would care to be. A copy of those coordinates was sent to Ezra.

With the information in tow, Ezra appeared at Durandel's home the following day with the papers. "Wow, how did you guys find him so quickly?" Durandel asked astonished. "We didn't quite find him, but we were told his last location which was in the Elian Desert. Hopefully he made it out of that sea of sand relatively unharmed." Ezra spoke as he took the paper out of his satchel. Durandel took the paper as he laid it flat on a nearby table to read. "Hm, at least I don't have to travel out into the Desert but it is quite the journey still." Durandel spoke as he wrapped up the paper and tossed in his own pack. "Yes, and it will be dangerous out there. Anti-Foreigner sentiments still run deep into every pack's own prejudices, I would take particular care to not be seen." Ezra warned. Durandel looked towards the orange furred Tenneth and nodded. "Yeah, I understand, well thanks for all of your help! I really couldn't have done it with out you." Durandel lauded. "Of course, it was no real issue. Whatever I can do to help stave off the course of violence." "I hope I can do my part to help as well. Goodbye Ezra, I hope things won't get too crazy before I come back." Durandel spoke as the shook paws. Durandel exited his home and then prepared to descend from the Vulcans.

This wasn't before, however, passing by the latest Promethean Rally. Many young Tenneth and Canicus have gathered to hear the latest speaker praise Prometheus for his actions in the war. They make it sound like attacking the innocent is something to be proud of. The Speaker was spewing nothing but hate speech towards the other packs and these wolves were just eating it up. Of course it was interspersed with some nationalistic dribble, but it was mostly promoting aggression by calling it a civilized response. It made Durandel sick to see his people stoop so low, but the Speaker was correct...the war has gone on for far too long. That is seemed to be the Promethean tagline, desperate times calls for desperate measures if the Tenneth are not only to survive but win the war. The Speaker uses this ideology to not only support but condone the unprovoked Terrorist attack on the Ausi. Saying that the Ausi-Dimitrios Alliance have given the largely singular Tenneth entity no other choice. The Tenneth did seem on the verge of forming an alliance with the Alva, if it weren't for some issues with the command structure of that pack. Which lead Durandel to wonder about that crazy Alva, BattleDemon. No one has seen or heard from her since escaping from Rashid's Prison.

Even he wonders if she was alright. He drowned out those thought as the loudness of the rally increased as more wolves gathered to hear it. That was when he realized a small parade of sorts was about to begin. Her came the conquering hero, Prometheus, as wolves flocked to see him return from the Sharikeres. The soon sparse streets of Hephaestus was quickly becoming crowded as the large, scar faced, white wolf was being carried upon a large float of some sorts. The fervor was rising, as Durandel could not feel anymore disgusted by the display. The wolf was treated like some war hero, and just who knows how many she-wolves and pups were killed during his "civilized response." Normally Durandel would have left by now, but something Ezra mentioned before about how the people seemed to choose him. He was never the most perceptive of wolves and does find it difficult to see the devil in the details. Yet, he could sort of see what the Tenneth was talking about. These wolves supported him, in ways he has never seen before. Not even those that love that Alpha have shown such emotion before, it seemed the very ideal of peaceful tomorrow brought tears to some of the wolves eyes. Durandel supposes this is what makes Prometheus so dangerous, it's like he knows how to get into people's ain't that familiar?

Durandel left before he got trapped amongst the crowds. He soon found himself descending the Vulcans for the second time in his life. The first was quite the adventure, but he hoped this time would be different. As he said goodbye to few of his old, border patrol friends, he could see the ashen rock and reddened skies disappear. As lava and soot was traded for water and grass, he had left the Vulcans and move forward with his mission. He just hoped he could reach Nova in time before he reacts to what has happened. Yet, his fears may become reality as Nova will not only receive his new orders soon but also news of the attack.

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Durandel found himself more and more confused over Battle's current...condition? He wasn't quite sure what to think of it all. Did she forget all about me? What about the others? And did she even forget all about Rashid? Durandel thought to himself. He was quite sure no one would forget such an ordeal, even if they may like to. He assumes the She-Wolf did and she must have gone to great lengths to do so. Yet, this seemed far much more than simply trying to's like the memories weren't even their to begin with. Which led him to wonder, is that true? He worried about the Alva, she didn't seem okay to what he can tell about the situation.

It was when she spoke more to him that he began to realize. She has no memory of him. This isn't simple forgetfulness, it's like she has amnesia! Of all of his rotten luck today, the one person that perhaps he could rely on, doesn't even know he existed until now! He could almost growl if he didn't control himself in fear of upsetting BattleDemon...or, er, Dey as she called herself. This was weird, how can a wolf just lose all their memories? She didn't even remember her own name for Gods's sake! Still she looked quite confused and he didn't want to leave his friend in the dark, even if she doesn't remember being his friend in the first place.

"Er, um, well, sorry to hear that...uh, Dey?" He spoke a bit unsure if he should call her that. "Well, it would be hard to explain that to you since...well, since I didn't expect to explain anything. But, yes, my name is Durandel and as to what's going on...well, I'm wanted by the Fire Packs, my own kin, for a crime I didn't commit. You looked alot like a She-Wolf I used to know...her name was BattleDemon." He spoke. He wasn't sure if he should just write this off as a case of mistaken identity, but he believed that would ease this wolf's troubled mind. "So since you looked alot like her...I just made the mistake of believing you were the same wolf. That's why I ran after you and then I got you mixed up in that mess with the traps...for that I'm really sorry. So you see, I was just hoping you were that wolf I used to know that way she could help find me refuge with the Alvas until the Tenneth and the Canicus learned the truth." Durandel finished.


Meanwhile on the edge of the Vulcans, a Tenneth awaited for the crew of Fire Wolves sent to handle Durandel grew antsy. "They should have returned by now." The Tenneth growled. "Something must have happened, it isn't like Segean to be late! I must report this back to Ephraim!" The Tenneth spoke as he turned back around and entered deeper into the mountains. Eventually he returned to Ephraim with the bad news.

"Sorry, boss, but it seems Segean and his wolves were either killed or perhaps captured." Spoke the Tenneth Wolf.

"DAMN!! They were supposed to capture him!! How did they screw up!? Are you sure you have no idea what happened!?" Ephraim barked.

"No sir, I don't!" Spoke the Wolf.

"Well, you should go back and check and tell me, WHAT REALLY HAPPENED!!!" It was then when a new voice echoed from the back of the room.

"Enough!" The voice bellowed.

"S-sorry, Prometheus, sir." Ephraim apologized as he hanged his head.

"Whether or not, Segean did what he was told is irrelevant. As of now my men are about to capture Ezra...soon we will have enough evidence to shake faith in the Alpha and the Council. Having a rat amongst them will make the populace angry and distrustful...the Alpha will have no choice but to restore faith in himself, lest he lose that position." Prometheus spoke.

"Then I and my subordinates will advocate for you to replace Ezra on the Council, and thanks to your popularity, he will have no choice but to except!" Ephraim spoke happily.

"Yes, then it won't be much longer until I gain supreme control over the pack and we can finally led the Tenneth into glorious victory!" Prometheus proudly barked as the wolves around him cheered.

"But sir, what if Durandel lives? He knows the truth, so wouldn't he pose a threat to our plans?" The wolf from earlier asked.

Before Ephraim could bark at the wolf, Prometheus spoke up, "Whether or not he lives is of little consequence to us, we will put the word out ourselves that Durandel was a traitor and if he dares to show his face around here, the people will be sure to put him out of his misery. After all the Tenneth will not listen to the words of a traitor." Prometheus spoke. It was then the other wolves laughed at the idea of Durandel returning to try and expose them. "Still, it does trouble me that we do not know of the fate of our brothers...Ephraim send out a small search party, and be sure they take a few Canicus wolves with them...I have a feeling that Durandel was not the cause for our brothers being missing." Prometheus ordered. Ephraim nodded as a group of five wolves were sent out of the mountains to find the missing party.

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Deep within the heart of the Vulcan Mountains, lies Lake Eldrid, the Lake of Lava. It is here above the banks of this fiery pool is the unassuming town of Lakeside. Within this town, lies in wait, a revolution, one that is soon to come full circle. A building sits, occupied by local war hero and celebrity, Prometheus and his candid followers. The large, towering wolf enters the headquarters of his faction, leaving the locals cheering and crying out his name. They were so eager to please.

The Prometheans as these wolves are fond of calling themselves, part ways to give their hero ample space to move at his leaisure. Some though are eager and they too cry out his name. Prometheus nods his head and gives a smile, warming their war weary hearts. It was then he was approached by two wolves, his top Prometheans, the brothers Bero and Borvo. "Ah, Bero, Borvo, how goes the movement?" Prometheus asked. "As you suspected sir, you're recent ambush of Captain Dice's forward command has left the Ausi retaliation rather demoralized...public opinion has never been higher!" Bero proclaimed ecstatically. "Yes, another quarter of the population are proud Prometheans!" Borvo spoke in equal pep. "Good, good, all good news." Prometheus said jovially. "Yep, ol' Alpha Cendrillion can no longer ignore the people! You'll be head of the war effort in no time!" Bero added.

The three entered into Prometheus's private chambers as he suddenly stopped and sniffed the air. He then smiled, "You two are dismissed...keep up the good work, now go spread the word." Prometheus ordered. Bero and Borvo stood tall, ears, and tails and all as they marched off closing the chamber doors. Prometheus lumbered his way to the center of the room as he sat upon his chair. "Shadow Devil." Prometheus spoke to the room in a disagreeable manner. "White Smoke." A voice responded in an equally aggressive manner. Out from the shadows came, Kaveh, Alpha of the Kamaria Pack.

"I apologize for not getting up to greet you, but I'm sure you understand." Prometheus spoke. "Come, come, Prometheus you're still not sore from what I've done to you?" Kaveh asked in a provocative manner. He barked, "You have some gall to show you're face to mine!" Kaveh then sneered, "Whatever I left of that face you mean?" Kaveh bitingly responded. Prometheus growled, a rumbling and terrible growl. "I don't presume you're here to insult me Kaveh!? What does he want? Obviously it couldn't have waited if he sent you to infiltrate the Vulcans." Prometheus grumbled. "He wants an update, Prometheus, and he didn't want to hear it from some underling you have bumbling their way out to see's far too risky." Kaveh answered. "Bah! I'll answer him but I don't need to be bullied by you to do it!" Prometheus snapped.

Kaveh growled, "Tell us...Prometheus, how goes your infiltration of the Tenneth? Are you nearing the completion of you're task?" Kaveh asked. Prometheus gulped, as fear slightly ran down his spine, " going as planned. The wolves here have all but rallied behind me...they think me as a hero and...they clamor to see me raise them out of war and bloodshed. And soon I shall, my supporters in the Council now outnumber my opponents, thanks to singling out Ezra and Durandel as traitors. Public opinion of Cendrillion has reached all time lows and if he expects to regain any favor with the Pack...he will have no choice but to swear me in as Supreme Commander of the Tenneth Army." Prometheus spoke resoundingly. Kaveh chuckled, "Good, he is very pleased." Prometheus looked about the room, "Is" He asked hesitantly. "Not in person...but his powers extend far, he understands you through me." Kaveh grinned. "Still afraid are we? Don't worry you will never return to those prisons again...soon you will have undisputed control of the Tenneth, just keep up the deception." Kaveh then scratched his head with an extended claw.

"You have piqued his interest though." Kaveh added. "What do you mean?" Prometheus asked confused. "He recognizes the name of Durandel, it belonged to one of those fool wolves who escaped our original prison. He's quite interested in what you've done with him?" Kaveh asked. "Well, he went out on a mission to speak with some Ausi scum he knew. It was because of his affiliation with one that helped me to pin him as a traitor to the Pack." Prometheus explained. "I've sent some of my wolves after him, I'm not sure if they've captured him like I asked...they haven't reported in for a while now, that troubles me. Perhaps I should send more wolves?" Prometheus trailed off. "He doesn't want you to worry about that...odds are they'll come to you." Kaveh reassured. "Really? How does he know that?" Prometheus asked even more worried. "He doesn't. But he understands the kind of wolves they are, and they are quite the anomaly, it's rather hard to find true heroes in this day and age." Kaveh looked over to Prometheus narrowing his eyes.

"These wolves are a problem and he doesn't like problems. When they show themselves, and they might, he wants you to kill them. Once that is done then little else will stand in our way...all of Nigerius will soon be ours." Kaveh grinned. It was then knock came at his door. "Prometheus!? Are you alright? We heard barking!" Bero exclaimed. "Everything is alright! Go on about your business!" Prometheus ordered. The wolves walked away. "Kaveh...," Prometheus turned to see the Kamarian no longer there. He then gave a large exhale.

The setting changes from promethean-headquarters to Springwood


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Through the thick brush and grass as near limitless trees cover the sky, the group presses onward as the forest itself parts ways. What seemed like forever, Durandel spoke up, "So, are we nearly there?" He asked. Mydnyte shrugged his shoulders in response to this question. "I'm not sure, I've been here before but I came from a different path." He said. It was then the Aven chimed in with a much needed update. "Fret not, we're here." He said just as the last brush moved aside to reveal a busy village. Avens were milling about as lights came from hollowed out trees. It seemed they have entered Springwood's marketplace as stands held produce and trinkets with vendors overlooking their wares and selling them to the public. It was almost difficult to imagine that a war was going on.

Yet the hustle and bustle of daily life suddenly halted as the foregin group of wolves entered their homes. It didn't take long for the Aven to sniff out a Canicus as the public bared their fangs and growled at Durandel. The Lava Wolf became nervous as they were lead deeper into the village. He worried that these Aven will attack him on sight for being what he was. "Fret not, Master Canicus, they will not harm you. Not since you've entered with us." The Aven reassured. He then brought them to a particularly big, hollowed tree with an over hanging signage called the Springwood Inn. "It is here that I shall leave you, I know the owners they are kind and hospitable and will surely give you lodgings." He explained.

"Yes, except we have nothing to pay them with." Mydnyte interjected. "True, that is why Fox went to the trouble to make for you and your fellows, reservations." Mydnyte was bit taken back from the news and curiously he asked, "We were expected to arrive at this time?" "Not exactly, Fox didn't know when but did give the owners specific instructions but that is all I know. For now, I leave, please enjoy your stay here in Springwood. Alright Wolves back to the Woods!" He ordered as their escorts left their company returning to their previous duties. Mydnyte looked over his shoulder to the rest, "Well let's head inside and see what Fox has done for us." He said as the group entered the establishment.

Once inside they asked at the wolf behind the counter and apparently it was true. Fox some weeks earlier had explained to the Innkeeper that a Kamarian named Mydnyte would come with companions to meet with her a few weeks later. Fang remembered talking to Fox about it but never expected she would go out of her way to do this for them. While their group was larger than expected, they had enough room for them all. The Innkeeper lead them to their rooms and bid them a good stay. And their stay would be a bit long, they were a week ahead of schedule and would have to wait in Springwood for Fox to arrive.


Nearly the week has passed, and they stay in Springwood is mainly pleasant. The Aven did little to give Nova, Blue, or even the Kamarians trouble. As for Durandel, he was often met with suspicion and angry stares. The Canicus did learn from biting tongues about what the Aven's call the Burning Edge. In the Northernmost part of the Acacias the Tenneth attacked with an impressive force of troops. The Avens were easily outnumbered but thanks to their knowledge of the Woods and the power of their element the Forest Wolves pushed back the Tenneth assault with minimal losses. The Fire Wolves were outraged they had the superior numbers but they couldn't even push past five miles of the Woods. Their Commander, enraged at this humiliation ordered his forces to begin burning down the trees. This method did provide assaults as the Tenneth managed to push deeper into the Acacias.

This forced the Aven Alpha to intervene and with a host of Forest Wolves, created a defense so strong they managed to block the Tenneth advance. They did this by moving the Dendrium Trees creating a wall of steel-like wood that was very resistant to burning. The Tenneth lost many Wolves during their foray into the Woods and finding themselves on the losing side of this battle retreated. Yet the damage was done as a good portion of the Woods were lost to the raging forest fires that Tenneth continued to perpetuate. This new forest edge has been dubbed the Burning Edge and restoration to these lost woods has been a slow-going process. Coaxing new plant growth has found itself a most difficult challenge. Never before have the plants been so ignorant of the Avens leading towards a scare that their element is weakening. This fear has since been translated into anger at the Fire Pack for their rampant deforestation of their home.

So Durandel spent most of his time indoors trying to avoid the burning glares of the Forest Wolves. It was the eve of Fox's arrival and as Durandel laid alone in his room there was a sudden skitter across the floor. Durandel perked his head up as the dim light of the lantern partially illuminated the room. The Lava Wolf wasn't sure what it was but didn't particularly care, it couldn't have been a little squirrel or something. Before he could completely dismiss it a shadow of movement brushed across his vision as the wolf perked up again. "Gods, I am going to get any rest tonight?" He complained as he stood up. It was then a crow appeared as it bravely showed itself to Durandel, even squawking at him.

The Bird walked up to Durandel as if on a mission as it stared up at the wolf. It's talons reached for him as if trying to signal him to come closer. It seemed the crow wished to give a letter to Durandel as the bird untied a knot detaching the string and paper from it's left leg. The Canicus was of course confused at this strange display and wondered just what was going on. The Crow sat there as it motioned it's head to the paper trying to coax Durandel into picking it up. Slowly, Durandel picked up the paper and with it a caw it seemed to have congratulated him. Durandel opened the paper and could see that it was note, from Ezra! Quickly Durandel began to read the note.

"Durandel, my friend, I am not long for this world, by the time you read this I am probably dead. It is my sincerest hopes that this letter reaches you in time to do some good. Much has happened while you were away on mission, one of which happens to be my incarceration, which is where I met my Jivanta cellmate, Chaim. We took a big gamble on this one. Once we managed to lure the Crow to our cell window, we had to use rats to steal for us pen and paper. From there Chaim sent the Crow to look for you and we worried it might not find you, but if you are reading this letter then our gamble payed off. Now it's your turn.

Durandel, Prometheus has done it, earlier this week Cendrillion named him Supreme Commander of his army and now Prometheus has access to hundreds of soldiers. I can only shudder to think what he might do with such numbers...actually, I had the misfortune of finding out. Prometheus's ambitions didn't end with his newly acquired title, he sought to become the Alpha himself. His new position left him dangerously close to Cendrillion and Prometheus used it well. By the way I write this letter, I'm sure you could probably understand what has happened. Cendrillion is dead...Prometheus is our new Alpha..."


End of Chapter One