"Finally... Revenge on the wolf kingdoms... is mine..."

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Ixtec is the son of the shadow deity, Obsidian and the death deity 'Aisha. Since it is a deity in itself he is rather big. He is larger than five Dimitrios put together. His face is rather skull like and his eyes are black as coal as well as his fur which streams and sparks out into the air causing him to look ghostly. His feet diminish down his legs until they are nothing so it doesn't really look like he is standing on anything. He has hundreds of long tails that stream out and are constantly moving like a snake. His teeth are the sharpest in Nigerius.


Ixtec doesn't really speak much. Instead he makes a series of snarls and growls to let others know how he feels which should tell you a lot about his personality. When he does speak it sounds between a hushed tone and a growl. Not much else is known about this god of death and shadows.


He uses his powers which are stronger than any other wolfs in Nigerius. His mother can kill a wolf instantly but Ixtec can't. Instead he has to either be touched or looked straight in the eyes. He can also engulf someone in a body of shadows in which they cannot return.


Millions of years ago the Shadow and Death gods of Nigerius had a son whom they named Ixtec. A joyous celebration was held about the birth of the new deity but unbeknownst to the gods that the fate of Nigerius was threatened because of the birth of Ixtec. Thousands of years have gone by and Ixtec has grown. The teenage wolf has a wicked mind and begins to lay waste to the others below satisfying his lust for blood and kill. Ixtecs parents are upset at the work of their son they tell him that enough death occurs already but Ixtec doesn't listen. Instead in only fuels him as he rampages villages and kills off towns. he then takes things too far when he kills off an entire pack which results in their deity to be killed along with them. Furious now the gods, including his parents, punish him by putting him in an underground chamber which no wolf can go in and out of. Ixtecs legs, chest, head, muzzle, and tails are all bonded by the most strongest of metals and chain and when ever he moves a shock wave of electrical energy travels up the chain and meets with his body sending a few seconds of pure torture. He also has to watch the wolves of the ground live out their lives and eventually deaths. Over a million more years of this it has driven him crazy. To the point where Ixtec, out of sheer frustration, destroys the entire chamber that has kept him prisoner. He travels through the underground crevices and caves until he comes across the 'heart' of Nigerius. The very thing that fuels the wolves powers, lives and the life of Nigerius itself. Ixtec sees the core as the one thing keeping him and everyone else alive and so he immediatly uses his powers to start to 'infect' the heart with shadows and he watches menacingly as the core is slowly being engulfed by the infectious shadows. This event happened 1 year before the wars.

So begins...

Ixtec's Story


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A wolf appeared from the shadows. His tails fading to nothingness at the tips and his paws doing the same looking as his he was hovering just above the ground. The skull like face of Ixtec looked down at the deity. "Well, well, well.... If it isn't the grand god himself... Solaris..." He said in his usual slow, raspy, whispery, tone."Oh...I'm not breaking it...Infecting is the proper term." He suddenly stopped speaking and looked into the eyes of the glowing wolf. "You have some nerve showing up here alone Solaris... Not such a wise move....from such a wise man himself..." Ixtec says darkly and slowly.


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Ixtec's grey eyes slowly looked into Solaris's and he began to cackle. His cackle sounded as if a skeleton was rattling his bones and a spirit was whispering in your ear. He continued on before gazing up at the deity. "My old friend. We all know there is only one cure for heart cancer... You must take out the very virus itself...That is the only cure..." He said in a hushed tone. Almost as if he was asking for a fight.


Rashid's Alphas~~~~

Anakin, Dumasani, Sipho, and Fox ran through the forest. Their minds had set on being the alpha and investigating the North East direction. They continued on their trek. They were far ahead from the others but they knew they could follow their scent. Suddenly Duma, the Jera, stops and pulls the others aside with him. Fox decides to step in. "What is it?" She asks in a bit of annoyance. "Shh!' He commands and everyone gets quiet. "Look..." Duma says as he looks over from behind the tree. The Alpha's look over as well when they see a tunnel guarded by a Canicus and Tenneth. "Hmm...Me and Duma will head in and try to take down the two in front." Sipho says with a smirk just as more wolves started to approach.

Sipho called forth a couple of Arlyne and Boracks. Duma only rolled his eyes before the wolves headed through the brush around the wolves, keeping out of their sight. The wolves had now surrounded the wolves. Duma then took his golden watch and used the sun to make a series of flashes signaling that the attack was to begin on command. In about another minute or so, Duma flashed the attack and Sipho charged up his fur making it electrical before he rushed out of the brush and straight towards the fire and lava wolf. Duma did the same as he lunged at the wolves until he clamped onto ones neck. The Canicus.

The Arlynes and Boracks all began darting out of the brush along with some of the others. Only the weaker against fire wolves like Fox and Anakin stayed behind to watch.

((You guys can control the Delta's and Alpha's, just keep in mind that these Alpha's are really tough wolves whereas the Delta's are a bit weaker.))