Goofy, carefree, and loud."Oh yeah, you big bully!??! You're about to get the biggest shock of your life!!".....oh, and a bit combative towards bullies.

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a character in “Elemental Battles”, as played by Hellbreaker


•Physical description: His mane and tail are pure white, and his main body is a sort of grey,with lightning like stripes running through the main color.HIs forearms are black, with the same stripes running on the backs.One of his eyes is an electric blue, and the other is gold.He wears, like other Borak pack members, a lightning bolt shaped pendant.He's more slender than other wolfs his age, and is often bullied cause of this fact.A black stripe runs down the front of his muzzle.
•Personality:As fitting a Borak pack member, he's lighthearted, but also boastful, often refering to himself as the 'Amazing and Wonderful Lightning Warrior Zaps'. Despite this, he's loyal, kind, and disliking of those who are bullies and cowards. He also hates those who misuse their authority, figuring that if you have power, you oughta use it to the betterment of others. He's also mischeivous, often preforming pranks.
•Equipment & Abilities: He's well skilled in tooth and claw, having had to learn to defend himself from bullies. And despite his young age,(he's the equilvalent of 16),his lightning power is rather potent, though he lacks the precision and control of experiance.
•Historical Background: An orphan cub, he was born to two borak members, though they died when he was a child. Since then, he's lived with various members. though right now, he's on his own, having decided to go exploring......

So begins...

Zaps's Story