Elemental Collide

Elemental Collide


When Lilly is run down by an ancient evil, and the only way to escape is to work with her worst enemy, will she be able to work things out in time?

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Lilly was a normal girl with friends, a brother and a father, a perfect social life, and a boyfriend. She also has her enemies, and ... her worst enemy. They had never had gotten along, ever since they figured each other’s dark secret. They are part of an ancient war waging between good and evil. When a Dark magic awakens they are summoned to work together, they must travel to find the others, ‘The Lost’. ‘The Lost’ are the other elements, the only ones who can help in the final battle. Will Lilly and her enemy find The Lost in time? Or will the ancient evil find them before.

Lilly's Enemy- open

Fire- taken
Water- open
Earth- open
Air- taken
Spirit- open
Mind- taken
Body- open

The evil ruler- taken
Evil ruler's son- taken

Pick whom ever you chose. Lilly has fire, and her enemy basically counts as one of the elements. Choose wisely.

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Samael stood over the rather abominable sight that once held the title of his father and reigning king; torn apart from the inside out by some foreign substance. He laughed at his former ruler and teacher, until he looked around at the mess he had knowingly created with that final blow. "Look at this dad, you've spread yourself over the entirety of the room. I've never seen a technique like that, where did you learn it?" He crouched before the bloodied head and showed the grim face his bright grin. "Was there something lacking with my current display of talent? You seem to be rather quiet with your contemplations. Oh, maybe I've dumbfounded the great king with how much I've improved! That must be it." He stood erect, still wearing his happy smile, while his followers began to approach from the entrance to the throne room, likely having finished their tasks. "Ah, friends how does it feel to know that you stand upon the very tip of power in the world?" He held his arms out in welcome to those who had assisted him in his little coup, killing those who were still loyal to the deceased.

"It's a great feeling... king." The young looking girl, Kishin, answered his question joyfully while holding on to the arm of the taller girl known as Tiamat. The others nodded in agreement when they came to an appropriate distance their relationship seemed to expect. "What would you have us do now Samael?" The silver haired man spoke respectfully towards the one he had served since birth, and his question was echoed, albeit with some changes, by the aforementioned Tiamat. "Now that you have control, you must have something you actually want to do." The rising king looked towards his companions and turned towards the chair his father had no more need for. He walked casually to it, checking to make sure none of its previous owner had wound up on it, and took a seat.

"As a matter of fact, there are these apparent beings amongst the mortals. They have powers and must therefore be either turned to our side or rendered harmless. The former is the most desirable, but I don't want to tie your hands when facing a bunch of immature brats." He gazed out at his loyal followers, the sight of a demon relaying to him every tiny detail, and rested his cheek in his palm and allowed a sigh to escape him. "We'll find them for the upcoming battle father's enemies are so desperate to have, and when we cast the aggressors to the ground, then we will be able to do whatever we want." He laughed at the prospect of absolute freedom, accompanied by the sincere smiles of those before him. As he let his laugh ring through the hall, he stood and walked over to the group Laying his hand atop the green haired girl with the ponytail. "The three of you can rest for the day, we'll celebrate later tonight." He came down to eye level with the girl he had been petting during his dismissal of the other's responsibilities. "If you're not too tired, could I send you out to find one of these people? I would send the others but they might end up killing them before an offer is even made."

The girl looked down for a moment as the others left the room, the tall girl with a newly freed arm commenting on Samael's recent statement. When her gaze returned to her master it wore the smile that had been present since her arrival in this particular room. She gave a nod, "I'll try my best." She was thrown over her creator's shoulder as he carried her to where she would be leaving, giving minor resistance to the treatment as the escort laughed.


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Lilly ran home after school, she didn't want to be late again. As she dashed into the door, her brother had gotten home seconds before, she noticed. "Am I late again mom," she asked as she took off her shoes and backpack. Her mother just looked at her until she sat down, "You are late, Lilly. This was the last chance, and now we have no choice but to leave you here for the vacation. I didn't want to do this, but if you cant even be on time to get home, then you'll just slow us down." Lilly looked at the floor, trying her hardest not tocry. "I'm sorry mom, the principal asked me to stay after a bit and help her with somethings. I could help but say yes. You have understand mom," she tried, but was cut off by her brothers voice. "Mom, cut her some slack. Aren't you proud of her that she used her valuble time to help someone?" Lilly's mom shook her head. "I know, but she just ... look, it's settled, your going to stay here and watch the hose, alright?" Lilly looked at her brother, Micheal, and sniffed. He had always been so nice to her.

Lilly made her way up to her room silently to get a start on her homework. Micheal followed her p and sht their bedroom door behind him. Lilly and Micheal were inseperable, they always shared a room. "I'm Lilly, I didn't mean for this to happen. I wish mom and dad werent so hard on you." He pulled her Pre-Calc book from her hands and set it on the desk beside him. "Well, they think, in order to keep me sane, they have to. I mean, if you had a kid with such an odd power, woldn't you want to make sure they don't use it for the wrong reasons." Lilly's family had known about her strange power to control and summon fire since her and Micheal were small and Lilly had accidentily torched Micheal's neck. He still had a long trailing scar on his neck. "It isn't your fault you have a power like that. I mean, I think you power is epic. How often is someone born with a twin that has the ability to make a flame with her mind?" Lilly was about to reply when their mother and father showed up with their bag ready. "Come on Micheal, it's time to go." Their mom pulled him out the door and Lilly's father stood there, staring at his daughter. "I'm sorry Lilly, I didn't think leaving you here was a good idea, but yor mother said it would be best if we could prove we could trust you. Now, don't brn aything down and if somthing goes wrong, yo know what to do. Alright?" Her father came and hugged her breifly before rushing out the door. After a qick wave, Lilly returned to her room and began her homework.

After an hour of homework, she went downstairs and looked around. "Now what am I gonna do while I'm alone for the next two weeks."

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