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Veronica Adams

Female Thunderbird

0 · 421 views · located in Earth

a character in “Elemental Connections Saga”, as played by ViceRicePres


(For some odd reason, the Thunderbird picture is not cooperating well with me. =3= To see the pic, click mehh~)

1. Earth Name- Veronica Adams

2. Original Name- Aylen

3. Gender- Female

4. Species- Thunderbird

5. Age- 19

6. Class Rank- Junior

7. Personality- Veronica is straightforward, determined, stubborn, and is the last person you’ll find gossiping. She has great focus and is able to work independently or in a team. Despite her brutal honesty at times—if you ask for her opinion, that is—she’s actually a pretty nice person although she does not like to sugar coat things. She never understood why people told lies such as babies coming from storks and whatnot.

8. Symbol Position- Right Hip

9. Magic Abilities-
Electric Manipulation- is the ability to generate and propel charges of electricity ranging from minor to fatal voltage.
10. Psychic Abilities-
Astral Projection - The ability to leave one's body and travel in spirit to another location.

11. History- Veronica comes from a fairly wealthy family, but her parents divorced when she was fourteen. She lives with her mother, grandmother, and younger sister, Vanessa, who recently turned thirteen years old. Even before the divorce, her father still spoils her; however, she herself is not spoiled. In fact, her father offered her money for any colleges she wanted to go abroad to but she declined, content with where she lived, wanting to work for her own needs and enrolled for a college in Upper State New York. But since her family resided in Syracuse, NY, she decided to live on campus instead of having to drive to and from school for an hour.
Veronica is now a Junior and currently has a part-time job at Walmart, often ignoring her gossiping co-workers.

Have FUN!!! :D

So begins...

Veronica Adams's Story


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Dark, almost pitch black clouds hovered over the ground as thousands of lightning bolts engaged in a full-out war. The raging roars of thunder made her flinch once in a while as they seemed to get louder and louder, deafening her ears as forceful gusts of wind danced around her. Heavy drops of rain felt like a million bullets shooting through her. Her body felt heavy from the drenched clothing but Veronica stood her ground and grinned, looking up at the sky wanting to get struck, as if daring mother nature to test her power.

In fact, Veronica was quite familiar with the scene before her and felt no need to be too afraid. But this time, the weather was much more severe and chaotic, lightning bolts striking down more frequently than usual. Suddenly, it seemed as if the whole world turned pitch black for a second or two until the darkness was interrupted by lightning, a dark shadow with large wings looming over her. Veronica turned around but the dark was much quicker and swallowed her once again. Lightning, followed by thunder came again but what Veronica saw was not a bird, but a silhouette of a man not too far in the distance. Her right hip was starting to warm up despite the cool, harsh weather. She took a step forward in pure curiosity but before she could reach out and call for the figure, a thick bolt of lightning struck down before her turning everything into white.

Veronica shot up from her bed, surprised that she was perfectly fine. She had the same dreams much like this one except she was always by herself. However she did always feel like someone else was there, watching her every move, but there was never a sign that showed she had company other than thunder and lightning. Shaking her head, Veronica stood from her bed and did her short, little stretching routine before grabbing her towel and heading inside the bathroom. She was very thankful that she had her own room. She wouldn't want anyone bombarding her with questions asking why she was always startled each time she awoke.

Veronice quickly got dressed into a pair of black baggy sweats with a plain white tee and brushed her teeth. She hadn't eaten breakfast yet but she hated going out without a fresh and minty mouth. She knew for a fact she didn't like it when some people she talked to early in the morning had dragon breath. Glancing at the clock real quick, Veronica grabbed her phone and keys. Good. I have enough time for my morning walk, she thought. She plugged in her earphones and started looking at her playlists in her phone. She skimmed through the variety of genres and decided to start the day off with Sleeping With Sirens. Content with her choice, she walked out the door and locked it.

She loved taking walks in the park especially when there were storms, ignoring enyone who yelled at her and claiming she was a lunatic. Sadly, today was fairly sunny but Veronica didn't mind too much. She tied her long indogi locks into a high ponytail as she walked down the block she passed a cafe, taking a mental note to stop by after her walk. Just as she walked by it, she felt an odd, tingly sensation. She wasn't sure if she liked it but it wasn't unpleasant either. Shaking off the nagging feeling, she continued her way to the town park. Weird.


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Chrysanthemum looked around. She had no idea where she was: just some random living room, she assumed, except there was only a couch, loveseat, and a coffee table with a lamp in the far corner. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew through the windows, making her tear up a bit and blinding her for a moment. Chryss struggled coming towards the window due to the huge force from the wind, but right before she could touch anything, everything seemed to have gotten bigger. That, or she shrunk. The win’s entrance was never ending, making a tornado in the center of the room. Just as as she saw something fly pass her out of the corner of her eye, she was sucked into an endless grey void… with the loudest shriek she ever heard.

“Chryssanthemum Jayne Ayala! Unless you want to feel pain this early in the morning, get your ass up right now! Don’t you dare be late for any classes as long as I’m the one providing you shelter, food, and clothes, got it?” Chryss didn’t even have time to react to her dream as a raging mother with short, blue-black hair and chrome green eyes with a frying pan barged into Chrysanthemum’s room.

“Ipshayfohmhohnclthtsndfohdihfiwhntedto. Yorhthawonwhuwntletmhphayfohthebillsh.”

“What was that? You get your head up from that pillow and talk properly to me, young lady!”

Chryss groaned. “I said ‘I pay for my own clothes and food now if I wanted to. You’re the one who won’t let me pay for the bills.’”

Her mother’s lips started quivering, eyes watering and hands shaking, gripping the frying pan tightly. “Now my own daughter’s talking back to me? I. Am. Such. A terrible mother! What have I raised?”

Now fully awake, Chryss swiftly got of her bed and hugged her mother, carefully taking the frying pan away from her. She whispered, “It’s okay, Ma. You’re not a terrible mother, and I won’t ever leave you.” Chrysanthemum knew that was her mother’s number one fear: her leaving whether it be from bad parenting skills or not. She knew this since she was young, though she didn’t know how because her mother never really told her any of her fears. She just knew. However, it wasn’t just her mother’s, but other people’s, too.

After soothing her mother and getting ready, Chryss headed out towards the door. “I’m leaving now! Sorry I can’t eat breakfast or I’m going to be late, remember?” It was mandatory for her to say that or else her mother would’ve started the waterworks again and doubt her cooking skills. It’s happened before.

“Oh, thank goodness I’ve raised such a punctual little scholar. You do pay attention during classes, right?”

“Bye, mom! See you later!” Chryss took her time down the stairs and out the main entrance of the lobby. She knew she still had a lot of time before college started but her mother preferred her to be early when attending things or she would panic. Feeling a bit hungry, Chryss made her way down a little café until she almost bumped into a student from her college.


During her walk, Veronica was deep in thought of her dream. It seemed so real as if she actually walked out her dorm and everything was swallowed into one big thunder storm. It was like the first time she walked out of her body, thinking it was some type of lucid dream.

Veronica was starting to head back to her dorm when she slowed down by the café she had passed by earlier. Crap. I forgot my wallet.

”Oh, hey, Veronica.” Veronica, caught off guard, flinched and quickly turned to see a friend—or acquaintance of hers. She half-heartedly grinned. “Good Morning, Chrysanthemum.” They weren’t close nor did they talk to each other so she didn’t consider her as a friend.

”Four syllables is a bit much, don’t you think? I’m fine with Chryss. You’re getting some breakfast here, too?” The indigo-haired girl shook her head. “Not really and no.” Chryss politely smiled.Well in that case, my treat. You must be hungry after a long walk, right? “It actually wasn’t long. At all.” Veronica replied dryly. “And it’s okay. I’ll just eat at home.”

”Are you sure?” Veronica sighed, not wanting to waste her breath arguing, and not knowing that would be the last time Chryss would ask. “Fine.” Veronica begrudgingly followed Chrysanthemum in the café when a whole bunch of different, weird types of feeling suddenly came over her.


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Daniel didn't feel like greeting anyone at the moment. His normally calm and collected presence was replaced by a nervous one. "Crap crap crap, Charl I'm going to have to call my parents to see where they're at. " Daniel said that with a tensed voice. He got out his phone and called his parents hoping they weren't anywhere close. He then grabbed two other phones and connected them to the conversation, he then gave them to Demetra and Charl. " Don't talk just listen. " He then began the gut wrenching conversation with his mother. "Hello, mom are you there? " "Yes, do you need anything son? " Said Daniel's mother. "No, just calling to see where your at, hey you wouldn't be the guests coming to the school that the everyone was talking about would you? ". "Why of course we are, we have to be sure you're getting a good education. " Said his mother. " It's fine really, I'm getting a good education and making friends. " " Nonsense, we must be sure your being treated with the best money can buy. " Said his mother. "Exactly when are you coming to the school? " "Next month we still have to get ready to go, and we're a bit a busy right now. " Said his mother. "It's fine you can postpone your trip a bit, I'm not in much of a hurry. " "Nonsense honey, oh and you people shouldn't eavesdrop on a conversation between a mother and her son. ". Daniel was baffled. How did his mother know there was other people besides him listening to his conversation? He then turned to Demetra and said " Don't let her tone of voice fool you. She's a pitiful fool who would slap you for staining her clothes, she thinks money makes her better then everyone. " Daniel returned to his cheery self remembering he had a month till people knew what his lineage was. " Hey do you guys want to go somewhere? I'll pay for expenses, just name the place. I just don't want to think about my parents for a bit, I think I'm making everyone be in a bad mood. Call me on my phone if you do, I'm going to be at the store. My piano's strings broke and I don't think I can play a song with broken strings, unless you want to go shopping too. " Daniel didn't know why he was offering this, he just felt he had a sort of connection with the two. He didn't care anyways fun is fun no matter what. Before he left he greeted the two people coming in. "Have a nice day, hope we meet each other later. Oh and nice hair. " He said that still cheery wondering what place Charl and Demetra would choose to go to. Daniel went to his car, it wasn't much. Yah he was rich, but he loved his car, it was the first thing he bought with money he earned. He just sat there waiting to see if the girls wanted to go to the store, if they didn't that was fine by him. He just started playing games with his phone.


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#, as written by Jayu
he was half blinded by the sun's critical glare as he walked barefooted along a thin metal beam.The scorching hot metal beneath his feet made it feel like he was walking right on top of a grill whose flames never seemed to retire. Despite it being an extremely hot day in the middle of nowhere, the beam ahead of him was always covered with fog. It seemed as if it was going to go on forever and ever so Cesar just closed his eyes and continued walking whilst whistling a tune of his own. How he kept so calm and balamced when his feet felt like they were being cooked was a mystery to him. However, he Cesar suddenly felt the need to jump.

And jump indeed he did.

Oddly enough, he didn't scream like most would when falling to their deaths. Somehow, he felt as if he werewaiting forthe right time to do the impossible: to open his nonexistent wings and just fly off to who knows where. He opened his eyes and saw a figure with long flowing hair on the beam, looking down and reaching out to him. He tried to reach back towards her but he suddenly found himself hurried in a pile of feathers as everything faded to black.

Cesar awoke in short quick breaths as if he just ran a marathon. He found it quite puzzling and ironic since he felt very calm and relaxed in his dream. Taking a deep breath and counting to ten, Cesar got up from his bed and got ready for whatever lay ahead of him. He didn't have much of jetlag since he was starting to get used to traveling during weekdays. He had just gotten back yesterday from the Philippines to help out those who were affected by the typhoon.

Donning a grey long sleeved button up shirt and black fitting-- not skinny-- jeans, Cesar grabbed his satchel and walked out the door, locking it once he was in the hallway. He then made his way to a little cafe not too far from campus. He entered the care feeling a lot of emotions at once. He patiently stood there, waiting for two familiar girls in front of him to get a move on forward. He felt relaxed yet annoyed at the same time. But no more than a few seconds later, he could feel his cheeks heatinh up, a subtle shade of pink grazing his cheeks. He felt anxious and embarrased. He instantly turned to a booth not too far away from where he stood. He saw a girl with long midnight blue hair and simply could not keep his gaze away from her as if she was an old forgotten friend. Then again, he could never forget a face like that! It just felt so refreshing to see her. He knew very well that there were plenty other females he had encountered that were drop dead georgous from other countries, but he felt like he could just keep looking at her. He also knew that it was too late to care if he got caught staring. She was blushing and was equipped with a violin. Judging from the girl's expression, Cesar could tell that he had just missed a performance. It also seemed that she was waiting for some type pf reaction or reply from the red-head in front of her.

It wasn't too long until Cesar identified who those red locks belonged to. He wasn't surprised at all to see Danny talking with people he didn't even know. He talked to the girl and went out the door, talking about shopping. Just as he left, another person he recognized very well, Charlotte, exited as well. He made sure to step to the side, careful as to not block any of their paths, going by unnoticed.


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Alec looked up as Orion came in and shook his head. Orion tend to run late from time to time, but at least he didn't mess around and got straight to work. It was a good thing the manager was a bit lenient when it came to her workers for most of the workers were college students. In the meantime, he continued his work because their seem to be so many people in the cafe that made his senses on edge. One in particular gave him goosebumps. It was coming from one of two girls that came in before Orion came in. It was someone with dark hair that was almost black but was just a dark blue-violet color. It actually took all his composure to act normal. Something was up for sure. Deciding to see what would happen, he walked over to the duo.

"Good morning ladies, what would you like?" he asked in a friendly voice.

((That's your cue Vice.))


Things seemed to be progressing smoothly for Craig. He had been keeping tabs on all the current chosen and was right now tracking down the new ones. He wasn't surprise to see most of the chosen at the cafe. The area itself was a focal point of energy and those with great amounts of positive energy would be drawn to it, especially the 16 charges he'd been assigned to watch over. He was already familiar with a few of them. Currently he was finishing his daily coffee and bagel as he watched Alec address two girls. He pulled out his notepad and jotted things down. Perfect! Looks like a few of the couples were already meeting! Craig couldn't help but feel excited. One of Craig's abilities was to 'see' a person's true form and to 'see' the connection between soul mates. It was one reason why he was chosen to do this. Now if only he could find a way to get others to meet.


Minerva sighed as she finished her first class. She had just gotten out of college algebra and now had some free time. So she decided she would use this time to go to the gym. Minerva's thoughts though weren't on her daily plan. No, they were centered around the dream she had last night. Stopping under a tree, she though about it.

Trees were everywhere and as tall as the sky. Flowers were all around her too. Minerva felt at peace with herself for she never seen anything so beautiful. Walking along, she didn't notice how the flora around her grew. Suddenly she felt something. Looking up, she saw a figure in the trees that seemed to be looking down at her. Who was that? The figure giggled and jumped from tree to tree around her before jumping down. Minerva stood transfixed and saw it was a female elf and a gorgeous one at that. Oh, to be as lovely as this one, Minerva thought. The elf pointed behind her and Minerva turned to see another figure. Her ankle heated up as she saw a male figure. Before she could do anything else though, fog rolled in and she fainted.

Thinking about it now made Minerva's heart beat faster. Who was the other figure? Minerva never had a dream like that before. Normally she would forget them, but this time she remembered it clearly. Shaking her head, she continued walking towards the gymnasium. When she got there, she went to the girls' locker room and changed. Deciding she would use the weight room first, she came in a felt a sensation go up her spine. What was going on here? Ignoring it, she decided to do some leg curls first.


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#, as written by Jayu
Cesar was somewhat embarrassed once he was caught staring but his face did not betray him as he kept a calm demeanor. However the corner of his lips tugged upwards forming an amused yet polite grin. The girl, or should he say woman, looked so nervous and timid. He just couldn't help but mentally chuckle to himself on how adorable she was.

[B]"Posso. Aiutere lei, Signor?"[\b] Cesar raised a brow. She was speaking in a foreign language but he understood every single word she said. [I]Italian? How... cute.[\i] How he managed to understood different languages was a mystery to him. Ever since he was little he was wondering how one could receive such talent. As far as he knew his parents held no interest in other languages except for his father who learned Spanish, long before he was even conceieved. When he was younger, he too did not have much interest in other languages until he came upon his 'talent'. Only then did he bother learning different languages and dialects so he could engage in a proper conversation with any foreigner. It also proved to be great help when visiting different countries. Sadly, Ceasar only started with Asian languages first so he is completely ignorant when it comes to Italian, unlike his brother who actually was an expert in European languages.

Ah, Cole. Cesar knew his late brother did not possess such talent or gift as his but he could not help but feel like his parents were still comparing them even until this day on. That is why Cesar wanted to learn Asian languages first so he could not be compared by how much his brother knew, but his father was always trying to make him feel like dirt, one way or another when it came to similar interests with Cole. His mother often told him that it was just to motivate him to try harder. [B]"Can I help you, Sir?"[\b] Too caught up in his own thoughts, he didn't even realize he was still staring despite the fact that he was completely thinking about something else.

Finally noticing the woman [I]glaring[\i] at him, Cesar couldn't help but mentally facepalm himself. [I]Crap! Now she probably thinks I'm some type of perverted creep.[\i] Cesar did not often have panic attacks or embarrassing moments but he couldn't help but ramble into endless possibilities of what the she may think of him now inside his head. He could feel anger radiating off of her. Said female slapped some money on the table and hurried past him. [B]"Coglione..."[\b]

[I]Jerk?[\i] Cesar felt a flash of fury before the woman exited and could not help but feel a bit heated as well although the she was much more open about it. His finger twitched as he stood there quite offended. He was the exact opposite of a jerk. He didn't do any wrong to anyone and he helped the needy! He couldn't help but feel confused as to why her opinion of him mattered to him so much. It's not like they even knew each other. The woman obviously didn't know him if she called him a jerk. Of course he partially blamed himself because he knew that staring was rude. He was very much aware that it was his fault for giving off a bad first impression but she shouldn't have judged so easily either. Shrugging the thought off to calm down, he patiently waited for the two other females up front to get their orders.

He then decided he owed the woman an apology the next time they see each other. [I]If[\i] there was even a next time.

Cesar grinned. Somehow, he had a feeling there would be another encounter with her, and [I]plenty[\i] of them.