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Xerxes Aristoteles

"I don't see why I have to bother with this, I'm sure the others can perfectly handle this."

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a character in “Elemental Kings”, as played by libidinosus



"Oh, the water king is dead? That's a bothersome development."

Xerxes Johannes Aristotélēs

24 - Born September 15

Xerxes is a tall(5'7") male. He has blonde hair that is cut short and reaches as far as his neck on the back and as far as his ears in the front. He has eyes the color of amber that seem to simultaneously hold genius and boredom. His mouth seems to be perpetually in a sate of hinting at a smile, but never quite doing so. He has skin void of any sort of blemishes and has no tattoos or piercings on his body.

Asexual || Panromantic

Protector or King
Xerxes wears a metaphorical Crown - King



Abilities and strengths
Xerxes is the sort to prefer using intelligence, manipulation, science, and magic to his advantage in a fight rather than brute strength.

Overall, Xerxes has a powerful control over the air. He uses the air like an artist would use a brush, with creativity and unpredictability. He will move the air out of an area should someone, an enemy of his, be falling to the ground, effectively reducing friction and allowing them to accelerate quickly. If someone were to attempt using plant-like objects against him, he'd use blades of wind against them.

As for weapons, if needed, Xerxes prefers to use rapiers. They can be moved quickly and he doesn't have to expend much energy to use them. Xerxes however, mostly uses weapons as a last resort. Otherwise he'd get tired quickly.

While Xerxes is intelligent, he isn't very strong. You could most likely physically overpower him if you aren't weaker than the average person. You wont see him throwing buildings with his bare hands, you'll see him making others do it for him.

As for weaknesses regarding his abilities, air is not a very powerful thing when facing heavy objects. Sure, he can move heavy objects with wind, but it'll take a more energy for him to do so. Cutting up vines and biological matter is easy enough, but cutting through rocks and the such is harder.

Xerxes is able to use swords, but he isn't exactly the best at doing so. You wont see him beating professional swordfighters solely while using a sword.
What other characters should know about yours
Xerxes is not, nor has he ever been, an idiot. In fact, he can be considered one of the greatest minds on all of Iveir. He is known to have, literally, millions of books in his place of residence. He's known to be a scholarly king that spends most of his time reading and doing the things a king must.

It is a well-known fact that he doesn't often truly smile, yet he still holds the reputation of being calm and serene. If you were to ask someone about the air king's personality, you'd get that he was simply a scholarly king.

What other characters wouldn't know about yours
Xerxes is by no means a 'hero', but he isn't necessarily a villain either. He's simply a person that will do whatever it takes to survive. He doesn't hold qualms over using others as toys and will do so. Most people imagine that he wouldn't kill another to let himself live, but he'd do so easily.

Xerxes is your typical selfish person. He'd save innocent people if it was convenient and didn't prove any danger to him. He'd save horrendous villains if it meant his survival and didn't pose a threat to him. He's, to say the least, a person with others' best interests not in mind. Everything, in his mind, revolves around him and the other kings surviving. He wouldn't save another kind necessarily out of loyalty, but he'd do it because he would be put in danger if they're dead.

Xerxes puts on the appearance of a calm, serene, and benevolent king. He seems to be willing to help others and is seen as a 'wise' person. He is mostly either found in a library or his own place of residence.

Xerxes does not forget things, hi mind is a trap of knowledge. He could recite to you the whole of the Meridian(Made up name) plays word for word, but he wont have any reason to. He uses his knowledge gained from reading while using magic. He uses air pressure, chemistry, and physics when dealing with wind. He'd remove the air out an area if he wants to fall faster. He'd concentrate air under him if he wants to fall slower. It all depends on the situation.

Xerxes, the king of Air, was not always as he is now, but we'll have to start from the beginning.

Xerxes was born to the previous king legitimately, meaning that he wasn't born out of an affair or not of the royal bloodline. This meant that his position as heir was not challenged by nationalists and that he easily inherited his father's affinity for manipulating air.

Xerxes was a shy person throughout his childhood. He didn't talk much to others and seemed to try shrinking into himself. He wasn't picked, due to his ancestry, but he wasn't talked to either. He was just left alone by other children. Not that he actually cared. The young Xerxes preferred books to people and studying to talking. This meant that he didn't build up a routine for physical exercise, otherwise he would have ended up much stronger than he is now.

This percieved flaw, his shyness, was to be weeded out. His father forced him to leave the castle for a day, while monitored by guards, and speak to people. The young Xerxes hid in a park, under the roots of a large tree. This happened again the next day, both him hiding and being told to speak to people. The third day of this Xerxes was told he could not hide. As such, he did not hide, he simply sat down at a bench. He had not been, through a lapse of concentration, told to speak to anyone. He used this to his advantage and did not speak to anyone. The fourth day, Xerxes was told that he must not hide and that he must speak to someone. Xerxes, having already decided that he had tested his father's temper too much, complied.

To his disdain, Xerxes choose the wrong person to speak to. They were, in layman's terms, a bully. The boy, named Aleck, did as most bullies would when faced with a nervous and fidgeting person. Aleck stupidly decided to attempt bullying Xerxes. The boy was found in the nearby hospital, Aleck that is. Xerxes had not stopped with retaliation. He had gone beyond. He had decided that simply retaliating would not suffice. He had to be seen as an animal by Aleck, because people feared animals.

Xerxes had not been shy from that day on. Although he did stop smiling as much as he did before.

Xerxes does remember his father vividly, but he doesn't particularly care about the previous king. As for his mother, she died at his birth.

Xerxes at age 23 heard of Kanan, the person that was to be one of his protectors. His father, the previous king, had after naming Kanan a protector, given up his place as king to Xerxes. It was a shocking thing, to be crowned king, but Xerxes adapted quickly. Thus, Xerxes started his life as a king.



So begins...

Xerxes Aristoteles's Story

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Air kingdom, castle


"Shut up."

The incessant ticking of the clock did, much to the current Air king's dismay, not stop at his command. Not that it could anyways, it was simply a clock. Then again, the Air king, Xerxes as was his name, had just woken up and his state of mind is to be excused. It was nothing more than the tiredness one would expect from someone that has just woken up. It would actually have been surprising if he had managed to keep lucidity after doing so, but I digress.


"I said sh-"

He had composed himself and in turn, composed his thoughts. It was lucky for him, and his pride, that he hadn't been seen telling a clock to 'shut up'. That is, as far as he knew. Xerxes imagined that people would like to watch him, not out of narcissism, due to the fact that he was in a position of power. Spying was, after all, a very important thing. As important as the orbs and the kings were, Xerxes still didn't trust other king's with his life had reason to be wary of the other 'kings'. Well, not the royalty itself, but mostly the people that followed said royalty. Especially that annoying little earth protector, he was and is a real annoyance

Xerxes broke the clock on the wall with a flick of his wrist. It was a wonderful little thing, the way science worked to his advantage. Using magic was, to him, a science. If he hit a building at just the right spot, it would come crumbling down. Then again, he really had no reason to make buildings crumble. Being a king meant keeping his reputation up, and destroying buildings for fun would most likely alert people that he wasn't very sane make hateful rumors pop up about him, and he didn't want that, did he now?

Xerxes, after having moved the remains of the now broken clock into a fire, had stood up from his ornate bed. It was a bother, really, to bother having to choose what sort of housing he wanted, but he needed to keep his reputation as a proper and fancy king. For now at least. So for the meantime, he had to sleep in a ridiculously over-furnished room. At the very least it had a golden color-scheme, he had to thank the designers for that.

After having gone through his boring routine of getting ready for the most likely tedious day, which I will mercifully not bother to elaborate on seeing as it's become cliche to do so, Xerxes went directly to the throne room. He wasn't late, nor did he believe he would ever be. He liked being earlier than others and being overall a 'perfect' king, mostly to annoy the royals that would want him out of his position and to give them little to not have him there. It was fun, really, to watch them squirm in their places trying to nitpick at his decisions, giving him perfect chances to call out their obvious hypocrisies.

A few minutes after his arrival, there was a knocking on the two large doors a bit of distance away from where Xerxes was seated. The knocking, he assumed, was of one of the servants to the people he had arranged to meet him today. Those narcissistic brats, not that he was any better, wouldn't bother to open a door on their own. Xerxes opened the doors with a flick of his wrist, a bored expression on his face. It was going to be an annoying meeting, he could already tell that from the hurried knocking. It meant that the royals that were to meet him were either anxious themselves, angered, or any number of things.

They did not step in. They were expecting to be let in by him, to be acknowledged by one of the four most influential people in the world. It was annoying and somewhat funny, but mostly annoying. "I apologize if I forgot to hold your hands and lead you in, but this throne is oh-so-comfortable." Snark reverberated from under his voice, hidden carefully under a pleasant tone. The idiots royals took their cue and stepped into the room, then approached the red carpet leading up to the gilded throne. Xerxes hadn't bothered to use gold to make the whole throne as other more vain kings had previously done, but he instead used gilded copper. It's not like he cared. In all actuality, it was probably a hazard. You know, the whole fact that it was metal. That was pretty large flaw that he decided he would correct later.

"Sir," A male of royalty, one that Xerxes identified as a Duke, spoke up with venom in his words. Metaphorical of course, "There is apparently still an argument over whether or not the Fire King should stay as so, and you may be brought into the discussion." The duke, having forgotten of Xerxes' passive-aggressive insult, went onto describe something very annoying. "If they do not come to speak to me directly or are not a King themselves, then simply tell them that I support Siya, the King of Fire." Xerxes knew exactly where he was putting himself, and did not care one bit. He wasn't going to let someone else replace the current Fire King, mostly due to him thinking he could easily manipulate the current Fire King the trouble he would have to go through regarding the Orbs. But sir, you hav- The Duke had begun to get red-faced, annoyed that the issue was so casually answered. "You dare challenge my word? Tell me, do you propose I go against the current Fire King?" Xerxes smirked, leaning forward in his throne. It was funny, really, to watch the Duke squirm and try to find a comeback. "I thought so. You are dismissed. Xerxes didn't wait to see if the Duke would leave, already having gotten off of his throne and having walked to the large doors.

Xerxes was, as shown before, not one to waste time. He found that his word was usually right and wasn't afraid to go by it. At least not since his childhood, but that little time in his life wasn't known by many. Not that it was much of a traumatizing thing, for Xerxes that is, it was just embarrassing.

The two doors opened before he reached them, from a flick of his wrist, and he stepped out unto the garden in front of the castle doors. He began walking before abruptly stopping, having remembered that he had forgotten once again about alerting his protectors of where he was going to go. Not that he actually knew where he was going, but still, he didn't want to cause unnecessary trouble mostly because he couldn't afford to anger two of the few people that knew where he got a lot of his energy from.

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#, as written by Siryn
He looked down at his open palm. The wind blew lazily through the skies that were a beautiful pale blue color. The color reflected that of the stone that lay trembling in his hand. He could feel the power emanating from it. A deep frown pulled at his lips as he stared at the orb. Anger coursed through him, thick and boiling hot. Why... he thought to himself. It was a question that had plagued him for quite a while.

However, it didn't matter anymore. He was there now and that is what mattered. Eyeing the stone for a while longer he pondered just about everything that led him to that point. He needed those orbs. There was no exception and no one was going to get in his way. They couldn't stop him. He had no reason to answer to them either. He would get what was his and return with them, where they were needed. Where they belonged.

Tilting his hand, the orb rolled to his fingers where he scooped it up before it fell from the cliff that he was standing on, over looking the lush world below him. Lifting the ball of indestructible stone, he eyed it through the growing sunlight for a little while longer. Finally, he decided it was time. His heart settled from its excitement at gaining one of the precious orbs. He drew his hand to his chest and the orb sunk down into his skin.

The orb reacted with his body. Almost forcing him to crumple to the ground. He ground his teeth, bearing with the overwhelming energy and pain. He had to focus the energy, focus it onto what he wanted, what he needed to find. His left eye swirled from it's natural green color to a pale, glowing sky blue. Blinking once, he breathed out. Blinking twice, he breathed in. The orb settled and he stretched it's energy, searching.

There... the fire orb, he thought as the energy touched the other orb briefly, there the earthen orb again the energy touched this orb and finally the air orb. Satisfied, he shifted his search. He'd been in this world long enough to know that though he had the water orb, it didn't mean that there wasn't someone else for it as well. His manipulation of the energy made it very easy to find what he was looking for. Of course it helped that this woman had an affinity for water too.

Clearing his mind and pushing the energy down, his eye color returned to normal. He took one step off the cliff and dropped. He would head for the woman first. She was the highest threat to him.


It wasn't long after the Duke's departure that a familiar sound echoed through the audience hall. For a moment Siya's heart clenched tightly and he felt his face burn a deep red. He quickly controlled himself as he spotted Toki coming down from his perch above everyone else. Was he there the entire time!? he thought frantically. After a moment, he realized that it didn't much matter, so long as the protector was there.

“Give it up for Duke Lukair, true king of all things Sad and Boring!”

Well... maybe... the young King sighed as he glanced over to his highly energetic protector, "Toki..." he said softly, a slight chiding if it ever was one really. Siya couldn't really get mad at the boy. He was too... cute.

“Forgive my lateness, King Siya. I would have been sooner, but my night ran long. Did you want me to frighten the Duke with a little water?”

To this Siya couldn't help the small grin that spread across his lips as he rested there, his fingers closing into a fist to hold up his head as he leaned on the arm rest of his throne. With a slight roll of his eyes he let out a soft sigh, "No, don't do that. I would never hear the end of it," he whispered back.

"Stop being so nosy, it's still early morning and yet your so excited. Baka." This voice belonged to his other protector, Akihiko. The two always seemed to be bickering about something and sometimes Siya really wondered if they even liked one another.

"My king, I hope you slept well."

"Yes, I slept well, thank you Aki," he answered his voice soft. He slowly returned his attention to the hall before him, looking between the next group of nobles that were about to get his attention. He only listened partially though as he was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. The Dutchess' voice was soft as she spoke to him, laying out how one of the other Dukes that neighbored her lands was trying to get her daughter to marry his son. Apparently she didn't want this and was now appealing to their King because the Duke wasn't listening to her.

Siya listened as best he could. However, his body was starting to heat up unnaturally. As the fire King, heat normally didn't bother him. But this heat was coming from within and it was starting to become unbearable. The orb, which he'd never felt before, was doing something and he could feel it clearly, sitting inside his chest. The feeling alone was uncomfortable and made him want to squirm. The young King tried his best to combat the growing intensity and the unpleasant feeling. However, it didn't seem like it was going to stop and soon it felt as if his own fire was going to cook him. The words of the woman before him fell short as he felt a painful pulse of energy erupt from the orb in the center of his chest. Siya barely caught the gasp before it could alert the entire room.

Raising his hand, he cut off her next words suddenly. She looked shocked as Siya had never done this before. He straightened in his throne and put on a huge effort not to show his pain, "I'm sorry, my Lady. But I'm not feeling very well. Perhaps we can continue this another time?"

Slowly she nodded her head. With a bow to him, she turned and left the room. With a wave of his hand, he ordered the others out of the room as well. Siya wasn't sure how much longer he could keep the growing pain from being present on his features. As it was, he was breathing heavily. The room almost could not empty soon enough. He ground his teeth as the last of the advisers left and the double doors finally closed.

His hand pulled up to his chest, curling tightly over the area where the orb was. Closing his eyes tightly, he tried to steady himself. A soft moan escaped his lips as he leaned forward, head bowed and his hair slipping over one shoulder. The young King started to shake a bit. The energy from the orb was engulfing him, the fire was raging now and he felt as if it were going to burn him alive. Another pulse, and he fell off the throne with a sharp cry.

".... stop....make it stop," his voice slipped from his soft cries as he lay there and he soon succumbed to a relieving darkness. His thoughts before hand were choatic... What happened? Did something happen to another orb? Why is it reacting in this way?


Kanan moved down the hallway swiftly. He was doing his rounds as per usual. Protecting his King also meant protecting the strong hold in which his King lived. It was also a morning ritual for the young protector who didn't talk much. He took his duties very seriously and would not be told otherwise. The white haired youth moved swiftly, barely making a sound. His power projected from his body naturally, allowing him to feel where everyone was in general and more importantly who was there.

Kanan turned down a hall and was presented the small single door to the back of the King's throne room. He'd only been in attendance a few times. He disliked it, there were too many cruel intentions that he could feel from the other nobles and it was usually all he could do not to cut them down where they stood. With a shake of his head, he turned away, briefly feeling that his King was definitely inside and busy with one such noble.

As of yet, he hadn't spotted Riley, the other air protector. He was sure she was outside somewhere. She seemed to enjoy the outdoors far more than being inside the castle. Kanan had to admit that he too liked the outdoors far better. The wind was what he enjoyed the most. It made it easier to read feelings and others presences. He tapped the hilt of his sword as he finished his rounds, entering the enormous hall from a different side door than he'd ended up at earlier. He only entered because he could feel that the noble was gone. However, his King was also gone from the room.

With a frown on his lips, he glanced around the empty hall. With a slight huff, he moved swiftly and went to the large double doors. Pushing one opened he found himself almost face to face with his King as the man had looked to be coming back into the hall. Quickly back stepping, Kanan dropped down onto one knee and bowed his head to his King, "Sire." was the only word he offered.

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Riley strolled around the perimeter of the Air King's building, making sure that everything was in order and that no one suspicious was sneaking around. As she walked, she picked aimlessly at a chip in the bo-staff that was held firmly in her right hand. Riley's bare feet stepped so lightly on the soft earth that the only sound around her was her nails against the wood and her soft humming of an old drinking song that she always seemed to have stuck in her head. Riley closed her eyes as she strolled along and her humming seemed to become distant to herself as she heightened her senses and felt the vibrations of the earth beneath her feet. She knew that Kanan, the other protector would be making his rounds inside the building as usual, but she also knew that he would want to be outside as much as she did, so in her mind's eye, Riley kept a look out for him in case he were to come out and think that she were doing her perimeter check in a lazy fashion. In reality, Riley was closing her eyes in order to do her duty more thoroughly. With her eyes closed, she could use her ability to "feel the earth" more efficiently and easily because she did not have the distraction of her actual vision. Kanan might know this, but Riley also knew that on the outside it looked as if she were taking a nap as she walked.

Riley finally finished her perimeter check and she came into the royal garden. Stepping among the lush greenery of the enclosed outdoor space, Riley could feel through the earth below her bare feet that there was someone else in the garden -two others actually. She halted abruptly and stood silently, closing her eyes to focus on the vibrations of the other people. After no more than a second, Riley opened her eyes, having felt the vibrations of the King's foot steps and those of Kanan. She had learned the feeling of their footfalls when she first started protecting the Air King. Their walking pattern were almost as familiar to Riley as her own. So, now she wondered why it was that she had not sensed the two from farther away? And why had it taken her so much as a second to recognize their footfalls? "Am I losing my senses?" Riley thought to herself fretfully. She only thought on it for a moment before shaking herself mentally and realizing that she needed to go and present herself to the King and other protector.

Not wanting it to seem as though she had been sneaking around, Riley quickly stepped into their line of vision. Seeing that Kanan was already bowing at the King's feet, Riley waited only a short moment before giving him a deep bow as well. "My King," she said respectfully as she looked up at him. Riley was quite a bit shorter than either of the men adjacent to her, making her look almost as if she were a young teenager rather than a fully grown woman of 21. However, she had learned at a young age that holding herself straight and tall as she could could make herself seem more imposing than her normal stature allowed. So, she stood as tall as possible and placed her tall bo-staff perpendicular to the ground as well in order to give herself the appearance of being taller -and if not taller, at least to make herself seem less like a child.

Riley quickly looked from Kanan to the King and then back again at the other protector. "I've just finished my perimeter check, Kanan," she said in a low voice so as not to make it seem that she was ignoring the King's presence. This report, of course, was not an unusual occurrence for Riley. Although she was slightly older than Kanan, she still felt the need to respect him more than anything. He had been protector to the King long before she had come into the picture and she felt that in many cases -such as making daily rounds and perimeter checks- he had seniority over her. It was odd to think that an independent and hard-hearted woman such as Riley would ever respect and follow anyone; however, she knew that out of the two of them, Kanan was the better, more experienced protector and she respected that as she knew was right to do. Even though she did not directly and definitively take orders from him, she still believed that many things pertaining to the safety of the King were up to him to decide.

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Air kingdom, outside of castle

Xerxes began walking back towards the doors and was, much to his ease, intercepted by Kanan. Well, he wasn't really intercepted. He just had his self-given task of alerting his protectors made easier.

Having people bow to him was, since his childhood, a thing that seemed to happen on its own. Still, it was amusing to him, that people would so willingly bow before a person of his moral inclinations. "Sire." Kanan said this. Formality seemed to be another effect of being a King. People tended to speak with a sense of politeness to you, although people tended to do it for different reasons. Kanan for example, as Xerxes assumed, did it out of simple respect and not to gain favor. It was respectable and so easily usable by a person like Xerxes.

Xerxes was about to address Kanan, but was once agained 'intercepted' by another of his protectors. "My King," The protector was none other than Riley, an earth user. She seemed to be determined to bow as well. Xerxes found that she seemed, from the way she held herself, larger than she actually was. He noted this and filed the tactic neatly in the back of his mind. The staff she held seemed a bit, to him, unconventional, but he wasn't one versed in Earth Magic. He never really gave the two protectors any real reason to fear for his life mostly because he wasn't stupid enough to let them know what he did when they weren't around because he was a very careful king.

"This is convenient," Xerxes waited a few seconds before speaking. Xerxes didn't pay much mind to the words meant for Kanan, seeing as they didn't directly call for his input. "I didn't have to look for either of you." He paused for a bit, calm as can be. He had no reason to hurry, and he didn't want his next words too seem as if they were outrageous, "Since you're both here, I'll go ahead and tell you something." A smirk played upon his lips, without his consent nor acknowledgement, "I'm going into the city and exploring it." Xerxes, as he assumed, understood most of all that this was dangerous. It was putting himself out in the open and it was letting himself be a targ-

His pupils dilated and fear, a thing he had only just now shown, appeared on his face. Fear, it was not a new sensation, but it was something that he hated. No, to say he hated it would be a lie. He abhorred it. Nonetheless, he was showing fear and fell to his knees. His hand went to his forehead, where his orb was at. It had never, even considering its position, actually bothered him before. But it burned, felt sick, twisted, and acidic. His vision became blurry, but he could still see. What he saw however, was not of the present, it was the past. He saw every moment up until this clearly in his mind, all at once, but somehow managed to bring his mind back to the present before he was overwhelmed.

He let his hand fall from his forehead and to his side, then calmly stood up. His head still hurt, and he still remembered the feeling of fear, but it was all so funny. "Hah." It was funny, and he was mad. Oh so mad. No one made the Air King, Xerxes, feel fear. No one. A few seconds passed, of him trying to keep himself steady.

He coughed, then continued laughing for a few seconds. It hurt, perhaps even more now, but he had managed to get it under control. He had become accustomed to it, as one would become accustomed to sitting on a stove after a while. Through gritted teeth, he spoke, "Change of plans." Nothing more and nothing less was said. His legs were slightly shaking, having had adrenaline pumped through them. "Kan," He had no strength to bother with full names, "Help me stand." Xerxes hadn't thought of using the wind to help himself move, mostly due to the fact that he was busy keeping the memory of the pain out of his head. As was said before, perhaps in another document, Xerxes had a great memory. To his disdain however, his memory was not selective. "We're going to need to arrange a little meeting with the other kings." Xerxes knew that the Orbs wouldn't have just acted out for no apparent reason. Something must have caused it, and he planned on figuring out exactly what did it and possibly killing whoever dared make him feel fear.

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#, as written by Siryn

Xerxes' gaze could be felt down upon his head as Kanan knelt there. The young protector though, didn't look up at his King and remained on one knee for the entirety of the man's speech.

Another voice filled the room, this one very feminine and soft. Her presence was known to Kanan before she'd spoken -just as he knew she'd known of his and the King's presence before coming- and he'd waited until she said anything to acknowledge her. First she addressed Xerxes and then him, "I've just finished my perimeter check, Kanan."

Kanan gave her a slight nod, letting her know that he understood and had heard her. She was a very good protector and he was most pleased to work with her. Even though their opposing elements were something to keep in mind, he was sure that together they would be a force to reckon with should it ever come down to it.

"This is convenient. I didn't have to look for either of you. Since you're both here, I'll go ahead and tell you something. I'm going into the city and exploring it."

To this, Kanan's eye widened and he felt his blood pressure rise just a bit. He did look up then to see the small smirk on the man's face. Kanan sighed a bit, "Sire, allow us to accompany you."

Whatever the answer would have been, it was lost when Xerxes' gaze widened and he dropped to his knees. Without a second thought, Kanan sacrificed several of his rings, the metal exploding into blue sparkles that sunk deep into his skin. Unsheathing his sword at exactly the same time, he'd moved forward in a half lunge to be closer to the man as his gaze swept around them. His senses had stretched, trying to find the assailant, but getting nothing. For a moment he feared that something was wrong with his ability.

One arm was held outwards across his King's chest to steady the man that had fallen, while the other leveled his blade in a very threatening manner. His aura would have reflected his killing intent. It was only a few moments, but to the air protector it seemed an eternity that the man looked to be in severe pain. Just the thought that he couldn't do anything at all was killing him. Kanan ground his teeth.

Xerxes let out a small laugh as he got up, though he swayed on his feet, "Change of plans. Kan, help me stand."

The protector obliged immediately. Sheathing his sword he stood up and reached out to steady his King. Bringing Xerxes closer to his body to keep him upright. His senses were still on high alert as he stretched out his magic to try to 'feel' if anything had come close to them aside from Riley.

"We're going to need to arrange a little meeting with the other kings."

Kanan's eyebrow lifted as he looked over to Xerxes. For a moment he said nothing. His mind twisted around the implications. If Xerxes wanted to see the other King's then it most likely meant battle strategies, which meant that someone had just attacked his King. The young protector ground his teeth in frustration. Looking over to Riley he jerked his head to the opposite door.

"Send the message. Meet with me when you finish. I'll take him to his chambers," he said. It wasn't a harsh order, but his tone was rather sharp. He headed out of the throne room then with Xerxes. Now more than ever, he was determined not to leave this man's side.


The castle was dark, just as he remembered it. He liked the darkness. It was more suiting to his tastes as well as to his operations. The Snake slid down the hallway, his footsteps slow and deliberate. He hardly made a sound and should one have seen him passing, they might have thought him to be a dead man walking for the lack of visible breathing. The only sounds he did make was the long coat that trailed slightly behind him as it was opened from his waist down.

He could feel the sharp tension in the air that was left behind by Isabella's presence. Her type of presence was definitely one that none could mistake. He'd grown somewhat accustomed to it, though. Hebi wasn't to sure how she was going to take his coming back, not that it really mattered to him. So long as his life wasn't threatened, he wouldn't care what she said. There was also the dog to deal with. His lips curled upwards into a cruel smile. Oh how he enjoyed taunting that mutt.

Hebi knew exactly where to find his Queen and as he stepped into the hall what he found was... intriguing.

The Lady Isabella was trembling.

Hebi's lips quirked upwards even more as he set eyes upon the situation. An eyebrow lifted as he stood there. Unlike his fellow protector he made no move to help her. Instead, he watched her as she seemed to be in a great deal of pain. Her fingers curled tightly around his thick arm as she hissed out words that almost made The Snake laugh. Oh how I've never thought to hear such words from your pretty lips... he thought to himself.

"Perhaps you should help her, mutt" he offered, his sickly smile upon his lips as he waved his hand nonchalantly, "You could always.... remove the orb from her. She is a vampire, removing it wouldn't kill her. At least it shouldn't, being immortal and all. A little more pain wouldn't be all that bad if it eased her suffering right now, would it?"

He knew he wasn't helping the situation, but that's exactly what he was around for.

To make things interesting...


He groaned, the sound loud in his ears. Everything buzzed loudly at first, a sharp ringing filling his hearing. His teeth ground together as he lay there. He felt... wet. Wait... why was he wet? And not just slightly, but soaked. Slowly, Siya opened his eyes. Water was on his face, drenched his clothes and made it cling to his body. Taking a deep breath he started to regain his senses to their natural state. What was most notable though, was the fact that his orb couldn't be felt anymore.

Looking off to his right and left he watched both of his protectors. Both seemed very on edge, and both had worry etched on their faces. He sighed a bit and lifted his hands to run through the loose strands of his hair that framed his face. Reaching out he touched both of them, "I'm fine now," he said, though his voice shook a bit.

He resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Having passed out, he was shaking and unsure if he could move just yet. So instead he lay still. Releasing both of them he put one hand against his forehead where he rested it, palm outwards. The other thrown across his waist. A heavy sigh filled the air. It was getting rather uncomfortable laying there in his wet robes. He was a little worried about using the power of the orb after such an ordeal, but he was also curious as to what would happen.

With a small bit of concentration, his body heated up like normal and the water evaporated, drying himself and his clothes. Releasing the power, he waited a moment, his breath bated. When nothing happened he was more than just relieved, he was curious. What the hell was that... Perhaps I should get in contact with the others... He pushed himself upwards only to have the room spin before his eyes and he fell back with a grunt.

He hated this.... "Please... help me up. I have to get word to the others."

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Riley turned her head from Kanan back toward the King as he spoke. "This is convenient. I didn't have to look for either of you. Since you're both here, I'll go ahead and tell you something. I'm going into the city and exploring it." Riley smirked a bit along with the King. She could feel Kanan tense beside her and she knew exactly what he was thinking and RIley understood, but she also understood the King's want to explore the city. She too had been something of an explorer in her years prior to becoming a protector and Riley knew that it would have been fun had she not been so reckless.

"Sire, allow us to accompany you," Kanan spoke and Riley nodded in agreement. She would never pressure the King, but she agreed with Kanan that they should accompany him. Riley opened her mouth to reply as well; however, she did not get a word out as the King dropped to one knee in a daze as if hurt by some unseen force. Instantly, Riley was on high alert. She made a small sacrifice and her feet tingled as her vibrational feeling stretched farther than normal. She unsheathed the throwing daggers at her side and held them in one hand while holding her trusty bo-staff in the other as she jumped to guard the side of the King that Kanan was not guarding.

In those few moments, Riley had the rare sensation of being able to feel just about everything within a mile radius while still being completely focused on where she was. She could feel everything from the King's and Kanan's increased heart rates and breathing to the beetle crawling on a rock a few feet away to the trees on the other side of the palace growing. Those short moments seemed to slow to a crawl, but after what seemed like an eternity, Riley felt Xerxes rise and chuckle. She only half turned toward where Kanan was keeping him steady. After such a rare and high sensation as she had just experienced, she knew that she would be on high alert for a while.

"Change of plans. Kan, help me stand." Riley sheathed her throwing daggers and tried to ease her muscles as she noticed that the King was not being harmed by any outside source. "We're going to need to arrange a little meeting with the other Kings." Riley's brow furrowed at her King. What was he getting at? He must have felt something strong if he was calling each of the Kings to him.

Riley got no time to muse on the matter as Kanan jerked his head toward the door in a commanding gesture. "Send the message. Meet with me when you finish. I'll take him to his chambers." Riley nodded in an official manner and stepped lightly and quickly out of the room, making no noise as she exited. She was reluctant to leave her King after the events that had just transpired, but she trusted Kanan to make sure that he was alright - even though she would have liked to see to that herself. Her bare feet continued to tingle as she made her way silently through the halls in search of the King's runner who would take a message to the other Kings. Riley found him quickly with her still heightened sense of vibrations and told him the message that he would relay, telling him not to stop on the way and get there as quickly as possible. As the young man took off out of the large doors, Riley turned and began to head back toward the King's chambers.

As she came upon his chamber doors, Riley gave a knock out of courtesy. She knew that Kanan's senses would still be heightened as well and he would have sensed her presence when she was still on the other side of the castle as she had sensed theirs from so far away as well. Stepping inside, Riley looked from the King and then to the air protector and then back at the King again. "I've relayed the message to a runner." Riley paused and rolled her shoulders back an almost indiscreet amount, attempting futilely to ease the still potent tension that she was feeling. "How are you, My King?"

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Air kingdom, outside of castle

((OOC) The previous font was obnoxious, so I wont be using that anymore.)

Xerxes did not very much like having to lean on others, or rely on others for that matter. Displaying weakness, was in his opinion, a terribly stupid thing to do. His protectors however, were the only exception to this. Believe it or not, he had a sort of attachment to them both, one that could be exploited. Not that people would know about this, mind you. It was business, he had to trust them or risk believing that his enemies were near him. Yeah, it was definitely that.

Either way, I've begun to digress.

Xerxes, after having been helped stay up by Kanan, managed to not fall flat on his face. Which would have happened, much to his embarrassment. After having mentioned organizing a meeting with the other kings and having forgotten to say how he planned on doing so obviously left the decision on how to send the message up to Kan, eyed the door. He still wanted to explore the city, but he didn't imagine he would be able to, due to both the fact that he had been very rudely attacked by someone or something most likely targeted by an entity or subject to an unknown effect of the Orbs. Either way, the decision was made for him.

"Send the message. Meet with me when you finish." Kanan asked ordered really Riley to get the message sent. That was not the decision, but it came before it. "I'll take him to his chambers." This was not the deci- nah, it actually was this time. Xerxes thought of asking not to be taken to his chambers, but he decided against saying so. He wasn't planning on leaving for the city just yet. Not that he thought he could, seeing as he assumed Kanan wouldn't let him nor leave his side. Loyalty did have its cons, but it was mostly useful. As such, Xerxes decided to comply. It took him a few seconds to notice the leave of Riley, seeing as she had masterfully left without making any noise. He had to, at the very least, give her credit for that.


The messenger, an air magician light on his feet, ran as quickly as one would imagine Hermes himself would. Well, he didn't run all of the time, he did occasionally fly, but that's besides the point. The messenger arrived at the Fire Kingdom first, carrying the Air Kingdom's emblem on his chest and leaving a message to a few of the servants. He wasn't new at this, he knew not to trust only one person. "I come bearing a request from the Air King, Xerxes. The air King has requested that the other Kings meet him in three days. More time would be given, but the situation is urgent. The location is the Arcadian palace in the Air Kingdom." This request was sent to the other Kingdoms just as quickly, all done under the time of eight hours. It was a very quick time, considering the distance between kingdoms. Either way, the messenger was tired by the end of it.


Xerxes ended up back in his chambers, the one with a golden color scheme. He wasn't necessarily hurt, as far as he knew, but he didn't want to take any chances. After all, his orb was located behind his forehead, so he had no idea what messing with it could have done. In fact, he had no idea of what exactly happened. "How are you, My King?" If this had been asked by anyone other than Riley, one of his protectors, Xerxes would have very rudely told them not to ask stupid questions asked them if they needed him to state the obvious. "Amused," He paused for a second, gathering his thoughts, "I imagine that I've just stumbled upon something new, seeing as there isn't any record of things like this happening." He was probably mad, not that he cared. It was, after all, starting to get a bit boring. This new development proved something to focus his mind on, "Although I probably should have choosen a more subtle approach when asking for a meeting. The whole continent's probably going to be trying to figure out why the Air king has suddenly decided to call a meeting." It was funny, really, the way people tried to discern his every move.

"The meeting..." He trailed off, noting exactly the trouble he would have to go through. He would have to make sure the location was secure, that transport was ready, that his protectors were ready, and that he nor the other Kings were hurt. "We'l- I'll have to make preparations." Xerxes had not, as of that moment, heard of the Water King's death, so he didn't bother mentioning that. It seemed to him, at that moment, ludicrous that anyone would bother killing a King. Sure, he imagine that the others were hurt as well, but he didn't imagine that they were dead. "Do whatever you think is necessary. I trust you two with that. Just do be ready for travel in three days." He wasn't sure if the other Kings would come, but it wouldn't matter as long as one other came. If the other were stupid enough not to come reluctant to come, then so be it, it was their funeral.

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#, as written by Siryn

"How are you, My King?" Riley asked as she entered the room. Kanan spared her only a quick glance before returning his attention to his senses. He had done nothing but stand in the center of the room, starring at the window with his power on high alert. Every so often, one of his rings would sacrifice and sink into his body to keep up the continual use of his magic.

"Amused," Their king answered, then stopped for a moment before continuing, "I imagine that I've just stumbled upon something new, seeing as there isn't any record of things like this happening. Although I probably should have chosen a more subtle approach when asking for a meeting. The whole continent's probably going to be trying to figure out why the Air king has suddenly decided to call a meeting."

Kanan shifted his stance, hand still on his weapon but he moved his weight to his other leg as he glanced over to Xerxes. Though he didn't say anything, his aura was clear enough. It mattered not what the continent's thought about the Air King calling for a sudden meeting. The important part was to find out what had happened and if the others had experienced the same phenomena.

"The meeting... We'l- I'll have to make preparations. Do whatever you think is necessary. I trust you two with that. Just do be ready for travel in three days."

Kanan lifted an eyebrow briefly before glancing over to Riley, "Sire," he stared slowly. He thought about telling the man that he should rest and not do to much at the moment, but he figured that the King wasn't going to listen anyway so he threw that thought aside. The young protector already knew what he was going to be doing. He was sure Riley was going to be doing the same.

Giving a deep bow to Xerxes, the pale blue eyed boy turned on his heel and left the room. The man was fond of his own solitude anyway. Kanan didn't want to invade any longer than he had to. Even so he was still going to be in the hall, with his senses stretched out entirely to feel everything against the wind. He was only slightly restless. Three days was more than enough time for something else to happen, and he worried about the other Kings as well. The sudden attack was an ill omen to him. Something is wrong... he thought to himself as his eye narrowed in deep thought.


"Lay still you majesty, moving around is probably not a very good idea after what just happened."

Siya sighed heavily. Even so, Akihiko helped him upwards, though not into a standing position immediately like he'd wanted. Which, in all honesty, was probably a good thing. As he was pulled upwards into a sitting position he was assaulted by dizziness. He groaned slightly and fell heavily against Aki's shoulder. He took a deep breath, trying to reorient himself. His gaze was languid as he stared down at the floor. So tired... he thought wearily to himself.

"I agree with your conclusion your highness, though I suggest not trying to rush around and be a busy body just yet."

Slowly, the young King nodded his head in agreement. He couldn't even bring himself to disagree at this point. No matter how much he really wanted to get things done immediately, he just couldn't muster the energy. It was about then that he felt Aki's fingers twisting a small lock of his hair that had come loose from the braid. His face flushed a bit from the touch as it always did when his protector decided to play with his hair. It was a pleasant feeling, though, relaxing and just about putting him to sleep as he leaned against the boy.

"I... Let's get you back to you chambers, the other can be contacted as son as you have had a chance to rest and heal for it will be no good if you pass out due to over exerting yourself."

Siya pulled away from Akihiko then, sad for the loss of touch. Slowly he reached up and ran his fingers through his hair that framed his face. Heaving a heavy sigh he glanced at both of them briefly before nodding a bit, a frown on his lips, "Yes, you're right. I can't concentrate right now anyway."

He pulled his legs up under him and attempted to stand up. At first he just about face planted into his throne before catching himself. Straightening he managed to keep his feet this time. Stretching his lithe frame, he rested one hand on his hip while the other rubbed at his temple. After a moment he gave them both a weak smile, "I'm alright now."

A knock on the doors to the chamber resounded. At first Siya tensed up, his heart jumping at the sound before he called out for the person to enter. A couple of his servants and a knight walked in. Bowing to him, they relayed a message that had his eyes widening and mouth opened in shock.

"We come bearing a request from the Air King's messenger. The Lord Xerxes has requested that the other Kings meet him in three days. More time would be given, but the situation is urgent. The location is the Arcadian palace in the Air Kingdom."

"Sire, it will take you three days to get there on horse. You should prepare to leave as soon as possible," the knight urged as he stood behind the servants.

Siya bit his bottom lip as he flicked his gaze between them. It was so like Xerxes to send the message to multiple personel. It was just how he worked. He nodded then, "Thank you... I'll get ready as soon as I'm able," he waved his hand at them and they left.

Turning to his two protectors, he felt his face flush. They weren't going to be happy about this, "Well... I suppose I should sleep for a little bit first and then we can set off later this evening?" He hoped this would sate them, though he was sure that at least one (if not both) were going to give him an earful.

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Riley could not help but give a small frown at her King despite her respect as he answered her question. "Amused," he spoke and Riley could tell that there was a hint of annoyance in his voice. "I imagine that I've just stumbled upon something new, seeing as there isn't any record of things like this happening. Riley nodded along as he spoke, but she kept quiet, careful not to interrupt the King. "Although I probably should have chosen a more subtle approach when asking for a meeting. The whole continent's probably going to be trying to figure out why the Air king has suddenly decided to call a meeting."

Riley shook her head slightly and said in a respectful tone so as not to seem like she was arguing with the King, "I doubt not, My King, that the public would find out about this meeting one way or another. No matter how subtle you had been in calling it." Riley stopped and bowed her head slightly, once again showing that she meant not to argue with the King.

Xerxes seemed to not give mind to Riley's statement as he continued to speak, "The meeting... We'l- I'll have to make preparations. Do whatever you think is necessary. I trust you two with that. Just do be ready for travel in three days."

Riley's eyebrows came together slightly and she took a quick look over at Kanan, seeing the tail end of him glancing back at her and she knew that they were thinking the same thing. They were both vowed to protect the King and Riley knew that Kanan also thought Xerxes should be resting; however, Riley also knew that both she and Kanan were too smart and had known the King far too long for them to think that he would ever heed their request for him to take a bit of rest before leaving.

In any case, Riley shot Kanan back a glance telling him what he already knew: that they should leave the matter and heed the King's request. Riley, of course, was not a servile woman by nature, but when it came to the King, she knew when to hold her tongue. So, with Xerxes's indirect order of leave, Riley nodded to Kanan as he turned on his heels and left and then she turned back toward the King. She spent only a moment longer in his chambers as she quickly glanced at his features, studying his emotions. She knew that he, along with many people that Riley knew, did not like when she read people like this, but truthfully it was just a habit of Riley's to study the faces of others. After a quick moment of mentally reading the King's emotions, Riley gave him a customary bow and turned toward the door, leaving in the same fashion that she had come in: silently with only the occasional click of her bo-staff on the ground beside her.

As she slipped out of the King's chamber doors, Riley once again made a small sacrifice so that her senses reached out to both the King as well as Kanan. Although she didn't show it much, in the past years, Riley had come to care for not only Xerxes, but also the other protector and she had sensed his customary worry for the King mixed with something akin to -but not quite- fear in the young man and she only wanted to make sure that the both of them would be alright. As Riley strolled silently back down the corridor, she made sure to keep an eye -or rather a foot- on each of the men. She would be ready, like the King asked, in three days, but until then, she was going to keep herself on high alert to make sure that nothing harmed Xerxes -that she could prevent- and that Kanan did not overwork or over-worry himself.

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"Sire," Kanan had seemed intent on saying something, but had refrained from doing so. Either way, it wasn't particularly hard to figure out what was to be said. Xerxes imagined that Kanan was going to say something regarding rest, but Xerxes did not mention his assumption. He was too busy running his thoughts on the matter at hand.

Xerxes did not pay mind to their absences. It wasn't alarming to be, even considering the circumstances, alone. It wasn't as if whoever, or whatever, had attacked him would do so again. At least he hoped that wasn't the case. It would be bothersome to have his head hurt once again. Still, he was enjoying himself.

The prospect of doing something, of keeping his mind centered on a task, made him excited. Perhaps it was mad, for him to think so, but it didn't matter. Xerxes planned on enjoying this little problem as much as he could.

In the meantime however, he had to take care of bothersome little things. Xerxes moved, albeit slowly, to the door of his chamber. He exited, closed the door behind him, then headed directly for the library-like portion of the building. He sat a table and began going through things in his mind.

First off, the Aracadian palace went through is mind. It was his literal home away from home, the place where he went when away from his actual castle. It was large and thankfully not too far away from his actual castle. The most important detail about it however, was that it contained a meeting room and guest rooms. Getting there was easy enough, but there was the problem of what he was actually going to say.

Xerxes began drawing up a plan for what he was going to discuss and what to do in cases of emergencies. He didn't trust luck to be on his side, so he imagined that he would need to be prepared. Not to mention that he would be able to bait in his possible attacker with the premise of having all four kings in one location.

He would need to address the matter of the 'attack' he had experienced and see how much it varied from those on the others, if they even were attacked. He had to figure out a way to speak about it without giving away too much detail regarding how he was affected. As such, he planned on asking them to give their descriptions and seeing how they matched up with his. That was to be the first part of his plan.

The second part of his plan was to see if the others had any knowledge regarding this. Even past mentions of things like what had happened to him would be useful. If it turned out that this was not something new, he could rule it out as a simple side-affect of the orbs or look further into history. If it turned out that this was new, he could safely assume that something was up. There was also the fact that he needed any and all books regarding the orbs and their origins. What he would or wouldn't find would be wonderful evidence he could use.

Lastly, he would need to make preparations to perhaps enter a war or to fight a conspiracy, either being very plausible things. He would not, to keep the public at ease, begin ramping up his military, but he would begin taking notice of things that happened. Xerxes smiled smugly to himself, getting ready to get out of his seat and actually get ready.

Then it hit him, something he hadn't thought about. The other kings could very well be dead. He had, foolishly, assumed that the other Kings had experienced the pain at the same level as his and that this was the only possible 'attack'. He had to prepare for the worse. If only he had asked his messenger to report the conditions of the other Kings to him... Still, he couldn't mull over that thought. He decided to leave that small suspicion locked away in his head. He couldn't be hasty and assume the worse, yet. After all, it was a wild idea that someone would kill a King. Yes, there was no way it would have amounted to that. Or at least that's what he told himself before returning to his chambers. Still, he felt as if he was missing some very important detail.

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#, as written by Siryn
He moved slowly through the small town that he'd ended up in. Following the flow of energy that he'd focused on finding those that he needed to find, he'd come to a place that bordered the deep forests just on the edge of what he'd come to learn as the Earthen Kingdom's domain. Being around long enough gave him the ability to discern information from idle conversations that he passed by. With that, the young man knew where he was. Pulling his cloak up tighter, he adjusted the hood to hide his mismatched eye color.

In his chest, he could feel the water orb thrumming with power as he neared his destination. It hadn't taken him long to control that power during his travel across the land. Three days was all it took to get him to where he felt the 'vessel' for the water orb. She was a dangerous woman whether she realized it or not. Making his way through the small throng of people, he stood outside of a tavern looking building for a brief moment before entering.

He took a quick look around the bar area and the tables. His hood shadowed his face so when he set eyes upon the beautiful face of the elvish woman and her companion, he was sure she hadn't noticed him. Covering his presence was easy enough as well. Moving to the side he examined the taverns occupants even more before deciding on his plan of action. They didn't seem to be a village of well trained warriors, and even if they were... well, they would have a very hard time dealing with him. Past anger and hatred began to fill his chest as he stood there, staring at the vessel.

Finally, he reached up and pushed back his hood as he took a few steps forward. His destination was very clear as he crossed the room. It wasn't until he was three steps away from her that he shed his cloak completely and allowed his presence to be felt. He let his anger pour from him as he stepped up to the table. Adding pressure to his already heavy aura he was sure he'd overwhelm her easily. Ignoring her companion completely, he snatched her arm and dragged her from the chair she was seated upon.

Calling upon the orb that was inside his body, he lifted up his fingers to hover just over her face. Water swirled around his finger tips, his mismatched gaze of green and bright blue were narrowed as he watched her with a deep frown settled on his lips. He would drown her in her own power.


Three Days Later

Pulling the reigns of his steed, Siya eyed the place of their arranged meeting. It was rare for the Air King to call them all together, which told Siya that something had happened to his orb. Most likely it was the same thing that had happened to him, which meant it had also happened to the Water King and Earth Queen. He shuddered briefly at the thought of Lady Isabella. She was a very beautiful woman, exquisite even. However, she had certain... tendencies, that made the young Fire King more than just nervous around her.

Glancing over his shoulder he eyed Akihiko briefly, a bit of a frown on his lips that he'd lost his other protector. Left with only one made him slightly nervous as well, but he knew that Akihiko was very capable. He trusted the shorter youth with his life. Siya also knew that should anything happen, he wasn't entirely useless as well. He knew how to fight well enough to hold his own. After a moment he realized he was staring at the boy and blushed before quickly regaining himself. Offering a smile he turned back to the Arcadian Palace and pushed the horse through the gates of the tall wall that surrounded the palace.

"I hope we're not too late," he said softly as he noted that the sky was growing darker by the second. His journey was a bit longer much like the Water King's would be. He was farther away from the air kingdom after all. Most likely he would have been the last one to reach the meeting place though he'd made as much haste as possible. He would have gone faster, but for the sake of his horse, he did not push the beast to it's breaking point.

As he reached the double doors of the palace he met someone that he remembered vaguely. The man was tall with pale white hair and an eyepatch over one eye. The metal of the patch flashed against the fires that burned just outside the doorway as he shifted his body and looked up directly at the Fire King. Kanan Siya remembered the air protectors name as he dismounted and walked up to the taller man. Also, if he remembered correctly, Kanan didn't speak very much. The Fire King wasn't too sure what he thought about that aspect of this protector.

"Kanan, it's been a long time," he offered with a smile and a short bow, "This is Akihiko, my protector."

Kanan lifted an eyebrow as he regarded the other,
"Where is your second?"

The young man's deep voice was rich and being so close to him made Siya's chest tremble slightly. He had such a cold voice sometimes it was startling to hear it, "He... left."

For a moment, Siya thought that Kanan would continue the questions, but thankfully the protector did not. Instead he only nodded once and turned to the double doors to let them in. He'd obviously been waiting for Siya and his protector to join them at the Arcadian Palace. They followed Kanan through the hall and approached a single door that led into a large room. Kanan paused a moment and knocked onto the door before opening it slowly. He bowed as he entered, his body moving to the side to allow Siya and Akihiko inside.

"Sire, the Fire King,"Kanan offered solemnly.

Siya stepped into the large circular room and gave a deep bow to the occupants of the room. He swept his gaze around the table noting the Lady Isabella with her protector Hebi. Xerxes sat at his usual spot at the head of the table as it was his palace they were in. Behind him there was Riley and soon to follow Kanan was by his side as well. Siya felt a lump in his throat. Only one of us has our required number... I wonder what happened to Isabella's protector Lyeros... Siya only wondered briefly on this as he wasn't too sure he wanted to know exactly what had happened.

"My Lord, my Lady," he said as he took his place at the table. It had been a rather long few days and he hoped that they would be meeting quickly before turning in for the night, "My apologies on my arriving at this late hour," he took a breath almost continuing with his original thoughts before he noted that something was off. He glanced around the table. Siya knew that he should have been the last one to arrive due to his having to be the longest journey across the continent, "Where is the Water King?"


Hebi watched the display of his Lady punishing Lyros for his display of... incompetence. The Snake felt his lips pulling up into a wicked smile as he watched, not moving to help and having no intention of doing so either. Perhaps his words had thrown the mutt off kilter and he wasn't recovering very well? Whatever it was, he didn't stand a chance against their Queen's beautiful weaving of her power. It was almost too much to watch. It excited him far too much. Hebi bit his lower lip to keep himself from showing too much of his enjoyment.

However, his enjoyment was cut all too quickly as she turned her attention on him, sending a shiver of ice down his spine, "Welcome home Hebi....You smell of the Water Kingdom. It would please me to hear of your travels as we make our way to the Arcadian the mean time, Tox and Vein are ready for venom extraction, and my supply is low, and I trust yours is as well. We leave for the Air Kingdom in the evening.....We also need to find a replacement protector, unless you feel you could handle the responsibility....and do not even think of running off again until one has been are just as easy to dispose of as Lyeros.......but that would put me in a much more.....unpleasant mood."

Hebi ran his tongue over his teeth as he regarded her for a moment. How much he would tell her and how much he would not. Even the Lady Isabella couldn't get everything out of him. He knew how to word things so that questions stopped prying and his answers seemed to be good enough for many things. That and he was very good at going around questions and giving answers that were just as vague and nothing more. His gaze flicked over to Lyros who was hung still by her vines. Hebi's gaze flashed a bit as he watched the man. Behind him, he felt two of the girls cowering and nearly laughed out loud.

"She's right you know. I would have much more fun watching you two wither at her feet than to help you in anyway," the Snake offered as he stepped back and put his arms around both girls, essentially shoving them forward. The woman squealed in terror as his sudden movement, but quickly subdued themselves as they were ordered to take the werewolf to his newest accommodations. Tilting his head off to the side, he eyed Isabella for a moment.

"My Lady," he said with a bow that might have been considered mocking, "Yes, I was in the Water Kingdom, how perceptive of you. Just as always," he grinned, "As for your replacement, well I'm sure we could find someone far more suiting for you. I have no plans of leaving for the moment. I've nothing to entertain me at the moment, aside from this meeting. Now that sounds far more interesting."

Three Days Later

They had arrived in a timely manner, just as Isabella would always have things. The woman was punctual to the letter. Never was she late for anything. They were the first ones to be there, aside from the Air King who greeted them. At least, his protector greeted them. Hebi had to refrain from picking on the quiet youth. The one eye'd air protector was a mysterious man all on his own and did more than just perk the Snake's interests. He wanted to see what the boy looked like when angry, upset or something else other than that stony look on his face.

However, the Snake kept to himself this time. With Lady Isabella so close, he would be tempting his own fate should he do anything to stir things up too soon. So they waited, and waited. Hebi thought he was going to go insane at the long drawn out silence and having nothing more to talk about than catching up with the other King. Finally, the Fire King showed. He was late, but given his travel time Hebi assumed it would have been normal. Lord Siya offered his apologies and then took his seat. It wasn't until that the youth offered up the obvious question.

Hebi smiled as the young King asked about the whereabouts of the Water King. Thinking for a moment, the earthen protector figured now was as good a time as any. His lips parted into a wicked smile as he gazed at the Fire King's orange eyes. Crossing his arms he tilted his head off to the side, his thick black hair sliding to one side.

"The Water King is dead, my Lord Siya."


Three Days Later

Kanan had met the Earth Queen and then the Fire King at the front doors of the palace and led them both into the inner workings of the structure to the meeting room that Xerxes had settled into. Taking his place on Xerxes' left with Riley to his right, he watched the others as they settled in. A peculiar thing about this setting was the missing protectors. Both the Earth Queen and Fire King were missing one of their protectors. His gaze narrowed. Flashing a quick glance over to Riley he wondered what she thought about this whole ordeal. Kanan certainly didn't like the implications.

Then the entire scene went cold. Siya had asked where the Water King was and Hebi's cold smile seemed to turn everything to ice. His voice penetrated the room, announcing the death of the Water King. Kanan's heart jumped to his throat. His mind whirled around the information before settling on one solid conclusion. All of this done within a span of a mere two seconds. Kanan unsheathed his heavy sword and was suddenly across the room with a burst of wind to move him faster.

He halted with his blade right under Hebi's chin who only looked down at him from the length of the huge weapon. Blue sparkles surrounded Kanan's frame as he sacrificed more, preparing for a fight with the other protector. How Hebi had known about the man's death, -if there was even a death-, could only mean one thing to Kanan.

Hebi is hiding something he thought to himself as his pale blue gaze narrowed, "How do you know," he asked coolly. His blade thrummed slightly as air began to gather around it. Kanan was preparing his wind blades. Depending on the answer, he would either back off or he would cut the man down where he stood. He didn't care if it was a protector. If the Snake was a threat to any of them, Kanan was going to do everything in his power to eliminate him right there.

"Because," Hebi started slowly, his lips curled in their wicked smile still, "I was there."

Kanan's breathing slowed, his heartbeat dropping down to an unnatural rate. He went immediately into killing mode as he prepared his blades.

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Xerxes sat with a relatively bored expression at the head of the table, but an excited internal disposition. He was anticipating what would end up occuring, hoping that something fun would happen. He wanted the whole Orb ordeal to turn out to be something important and challenging. Mostly due to the fact that he was still angered and needed someone to direct that anger at. He did however, hide his emotions under a wall of memories and near perfect body language.

Isabella, the earthen 'King', had managed to arrive at a very punctual time. He had to, internally, commend her for that. He did however, hold slight caution. He couldn't be too careful around the Earthen kingdom's higher ecchelon. Not that he necessarily hated them, mind you, they just seemed too similar to him for his comfort. After all, it takes a predator to know one. Or at least that was the impression he got from them. He mused that he could be completely and utterly wrong, but it didn't matter. They hopefully wouldn't be stupid enough to kill him considering the fact that finding someone to replace him would be tedious foolish enough to cause his body to be unable to host the Orb. "Welcome, Thorn, Irikisha, I hope the trip was enjoyable." At the very least the meeting wouldn't be boring. Maybe tedious, but not boring.

Someone knocking on the door gathered his attention, causing his head to slowly turn to face the three people that walked in. He noticed the fact that the other two Kings had only one protector with them and felt a bit of internal worry. Sure, it gave him an advantage, but he wasn't there to fight the other Kings. As much as he may have not felt camaraderie for them, he had to keep them alive, or have to worry about the repercussions. "Sire, the Fire King," Kanan, Captain Obvious, told Xerxes of Siya's arrival. "Welcome, Himura, Ukomo, I hope the trip wasn't too disagreeable." Xerxes was not one to say 'My lord' or the such. He preferred, as had many of the previous Air Kings, to call people by their last names when being formal. Perhaps it was a strange custom, but it was one he had grown accustomed to.

"My apologies on my arriving at this late hour," Siya had not, for obvious reasons, bothered to elaborate on why he had been late. After all, the Fire Kingdom was a great distance away. It took him a few seconds to gather the implications of this. The Water King was late. Late. The clock ticking on the wall seemed to punctuate his idea, as did Siya, "Where is the Water King?"

Oh no.

He saw the wicked smile on Hebi's lips and braced himself. He knew what was going to be said, but did not want to believe it. He had expected it, but no, it seemed ludicrous. "The Water King is," Xerxes mouthed the word silently to himself, "dead, my Lord Siya." Hebi seemed to be enjoying this development, not that Xerxes could blame him. This was large. Ridiculously so. "Imposs-" Xerxes didn't get to finish what he was to say, seeing as his protector had deemed it necessary to put his blade at Hebi's chin and to ask as blunt a question as he could.

"Because," Hebi the annoying little Earthen protector, had the audacity to say, "I was there."

"You're an idiot." Those were the first words that came out of the annoyed Xerxes' mouth. Who this was directed to however, could be debated. "Kanan," Xerxes put a calm emphasis on his protector's name. He didn't sound angered in the slightest. He seemed calm, unnaturally so. It was probably however, due to the fact that he was annoyed beyond belief. "Do not kill him." It was a simple command, one said with a calm face. Sure, he might have wanted to kill Hebi as well it was an annoyance to just be told this, but it wasn't like he hadn't been expecting it. "If you'd think about it, Hebi is not enough of an idiot to have killed the water King." He used his own deductions, which may have been wrong, but they seemed the most plausible at the moment.

"Otherwise, he'd be putting his life, as well as the lives of my fellow Kings and myself, in danger." If the idea that Hebi would have put his own life in danger was not enough of a deterrent to Kanan, then the idea that Hebi would have been putting Isabelle's life in danger hopefully was. Either way, his plans were sidetracked for the moment. He had to be alert to stop any serious wounds from ending up on Hebi, and more importantly, Kanan. If Hebi was killed, Xerxes would have to deal with Isabelle, and even he knew not to take her lightly. To his surprise however, he was smiling.

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#, as written by Torex

Isabella entered into the Aracadian Palace in silence, only nodding her head slightly in regards to the Air King's protector, Kanan, her attentions were more focused on the meeting that was about to take place, while they all respected each other, they also respected the territories of the other Kings, and they were merely tolerated by Isabella, and she could assume the same about Xerxes, and had this issue with the orbs not have been so pressing, and possibly threatening, it could be accurately assumed that the four would go without the company of the other three.

"Welcome, Thorn, Irikisha, I hope the trip was enjoyable."

Isabella nodded to the Air King as he greeted them before returning the greeting in similar fashion "Thank you, Lord Aristoteles, it was pleasant enough." She knew the details of her journey would fall on deaf ears with the air King, and she would rather keep everyone in suspense as to what had happened to her missing protector. When the Fire King arrived, she had noticed the Water King was still not in attendance. Hebi had come from the water kingdom, and she assumed that he would know the cause to his lateness, but the trip had not allowed her to pry much from her protector, but he was good at keeping things quiet until he wanted them known.

Isabella nodded in recognition as the Fire king greeted them, and gave apologies for arriving so seemed she was not the only one lacking a protector. It was then that the elephant in the room had been noticed. Isabella was not in the least surprised when she heard Hebi speak next, her eyes widening only slightly when she heard he was dead, but it had made sense, one of the keepers of the orbs were put into jeopardy, and as it seems killed, so the orbs reacted violently.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the Air Kings protector, Kanan, felt it necessary to put his blade to her protector's throat. Had they really thought that much of her? Of all the Kings, she would be the first to smell any trace of blood, and even if he had murdered the other king with a clean killing...he would have shown signs of battle when returning to her. She eyed the foolish protector who stood, threatening her protector and so threatening her well being, threatening her kingdom, with distaste. His actions reflected badly on Xerxes. Yes Hebi, was not the greatest protector either, hardly even a protector, he would have never threatened another kingdom.

She remained silent as she listened to Xerxes correct his protector, giving him reasons that should have been obvious to someone who served under a King who was known for his knowledge. After a moment, she simply placed a finger on his blade, no doubt being held with a firm hand, and looked to the protector with venom in her eyes. "It would do you well to listen to your King, I have of my protectors. You would not want to be the one to take my second from me, now would you? Do you really think I would be such a foolish Queen? Having the one sworn to protect me, kill one of my kind?" Pressing ever so slightly on the blade held so firmly, Isabella split her own finger against the metal, her eyes never leaving the protector. "Now, please, stop insulting me, and your King, and return your sword to its sheath so we can get down to business, my dear." With that, Isabella removed her finger from the blade and licked the blood from her finger, waiting for the discussion to begin.

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Riley stood silent and vigilant at Xerxes's right side as Kanan led the Earth Queen and Fire King into the meeting room. She was sure that she had met the two prior to this day, but Riley did not care to think back on when and where exactly she had met the Earth Queen and the Fire King.

As the two settled into two seats around the table, Riley glanced over at the Earth Queen, 'Isabella,' Riley remembered almost immediately, and along with the memory of the woman's name came the memory of her personality. Riley remembered that the "Queen of Thorns" -as some called her- was not a particularly kind woman. In any case, Riley would only regard her with the utmost respect seeing as she was 1. there to meet with Xerxes and 2. the very ruler of Riley's own element. Riley's gaze then flicked to the Fire King, 'Siya, Riley once again remembered. He had been a bit late to the meeting, but Riley knew that there was still one more King to come -the Water King.

Seeing that the other Kings only had one protector each, Riley's eyebrow knit together only slightly in confusion. She reached her senses out a bit further than they had been in order to encompass the gates of the building; however, Riley did not sense anything out of the ordinary aside from the other Kings and their protectors. Riley glanced over at Kanan momentarily, wondering if he knew something that she didn't. However, as she saw his gaze flicker back over at her, Riley was assured that he knew just as much -or as little- as she did.

Riley suddenly felt the hairs on the back of her neck prickle and she turned her gaze to the Earthen protector, Hebi. As the question passed Siya's lips, Riley saw a smirk fall over Hebi's features. "Where is the Water King?"

"The Water King is dead." Riley jumped nearly as quickly as Kanan did. She did not find the words as threatening as Kanan had found them; however, she followed suit, trusting him and knowing that his actions must be justified -and maybe he did know something more than her. Rather than jumping to the throat of the Earth protector -whom Riley had decided she disliked from the moment that he strolled in behind his Queen- Riley instead stepped slightly in front of Xerxes, driving her staff resolutely into the grow, and tensed her body. With a regular sacrifice, the Earth surrounding Riley and Xerxes also seemed to become rigid.

"Because, I was there." Riley's tensed stature dropped slightly and the Earth around them seemed to loosen once more. This man that called himself an Earth element was certainly an annoying child that needed to have the smug wiped off his face, but he was not a murderer. He was certainly incapable of killing someone as powerful as one of the Kings.

Riley mentally shook herself and proceeded to take her place back at Xerxes's side instead of in front of him. The air was tense for a few moments until Xerxes's irritated yet unsettlingly calm voice broke the silence, "You're an idiot," her King spoke, and Riley could not help the small nod of agreement that she made at his side. "Kanan, don't kill him." In any other situation, Riley would have smirked at the words -or perhaps told Kanan to kill the annoying brat anyway- but Riley knew that this was a serious matter and she had to keep her vigil.

Xerxes chided Kanan for a moment and Riley stood idly by; however, Isabella began to speak and Riley furrowed her brow at the Earth Queen's words. She was standing directly in front of Kanan, one finger on his sword. "It would do you well to listen to your King, I have already lost one of my protectors. You would not want to be the one to take my second from me, now would you? Do you really think I would be such a foolish Queen? Having the one sworn to protect me, kill one of my kind?" Riley looked on with a hint of confusion. There was venom in the Queen's voice and in her eyes as she sliced her own finger ever so slightly on Kanan's blade, holding the protector's gaze the entire time. 'This is the Queen of my own element,' Riley thought with confusion, 'yet we are nothing alike.' Riley's musings were cut short as the Queen continued speaking to Kanan, "Now, please, stop insulting me, and your King, and return your sword to its sheath so we can get down to business, my dear." Isabella returned to her seat and Riley tried to not glare daggers at the woman.

Riley almost felt the need to come to Kanan's aid by making a quick retort to the Earth Queen, but she held her peace knowing that it would only lead to more embarrassment for herself, Kanan, and Xerxes. The silence following was stiff once more. They had only been in congress for a short period of time and already, the tension in the air was thick enough to cut. Riley knew that the others could feel how strained the Earth around them was once more. She tried to loosen her mental "grip" on the Earth; however, her thoughts and muscles refused to let up any tension, so the Earth remained rigid throughout the room.

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#, as written by Siryn

"You're an idiot."

Kanan heard the words from behind him, though they were soft and muttered. The air carried them to his ears and he halted. Thankfully his King had said something for Hebi's life was hanging on the edge. The man must have known it for his lips twitched ever so slightly as he gazed down at Kanan. The one eyed protector didn't move though, his gaze solid as he watched the earthen protector.

"Kanan, do not kill him."

The command was soft, no anger in the tone but Kanan knew better. Xerxes was irritated with him, and most importantly, disappointed. Still, the young protector did not move. He hesitated as he glowered at Hebi who grinned at him knowing now that he wasn't going to die at the end of the boy's blade. Even so, Kanan didn't regret his action to get the jump on Hebi. He would do whatever it took to protect Xerxes even if it meant killing the preposterous man who called himself a 'protector'.

"If you'd think about it, Hebi is not enough of an idiot to have killed the water King."

Kanan turned and glanced over to his King briefly. Of course he'd thought of that, but still... Hebi was much to sly. The man was the very definition of a snake, just as his name sake. Kanan frowned a bit as Xerxes continued his rendition.

"Otherwise, he'd be putting his life, as well as the lives of my fellow Kings and myself, in danger."


"It would do you well to listen to your King, I have of my protectors. You would not want to be the one to take my second from me, now would you? Do you really think I would be such a foolish Queen? Having the one sworn to protect me, kill one of my kind? Now, please, stop insulting me, and your King, and return your sword to its sheath so we can get down to business, my dear."

The woman took him off guard as he watched her press her finger against his blade. He could feel the steel vibrating under his grip, but it wasn't from her struggling to push against his weapon. No, he was struggling to hold the heavy sword upright under her one finger. He shuddered inwardly. Kanan's heart elevated as he watched her with a stony expression so as not to belay his sudden shock. Though he was sure that a closer look from either Xerxes or Riley, they would notice how his body tensed up under the pressure. He had been around them long enough for both to notice the smaller quirks that relayed his inward emotions.

When she sat down again, he pulled away slowly. Hebi, though, decided to make his own move. Now that the man knew no one was going to do anything to him, he snatched a hold of Kanan's wrist and drew it downwards hard, the blade slamming into the table. The other hand snaked out and gripped Kanan's throat, just under his chin. Standing right up next to him, Hebi leaned down to his ear as he tightened his hold on the shorter protector. Kanan went rigid, his heart pounding hard as he grit his teeth, finally breaking his otherwise singular facial expression. Shaking in the man's hold, he struggled to get free.

"The next time you point your blade at me, you'd best be ready to kill me with it, little one eyed boy."

Kanan gave a sharp sound, his fingers tightening around both the blade and Hebi's wrist. His wind magic kicked in and cut at the man's hand that gripped his face. Hebi gave a short laugh as he released Kanan and stepped back. His grin sent chills down Kanan's spine and the one eyed protector wanted nothing more than to kill the man where he stood. Once he was free, Kanan stumbled backwards where he glowered at the man, his sword trembling ever so slightly.

"Try not to threaten my Queen and I next time, little boy," Hebi continued for everyone else to hear.

Backing away slowly, he rejoined his King at the man's side and glowered at the floor as he slowly sheathed the sword again. It would be quite some time before he calmed and so he was thankful when Lord Siya spoke to direct the conversation else where and even offered to reconvene in the morning when everyone was well rested and not irritable from a very long day. Irritation... such an understatement, Kanan thought to himself sourly.


Siya gasped as Kanan moved insanely quickly and leveled his blade at Hebi's throat. The very air seemed to sing as the young protector attacked without thought. For a mere moment the young King thought that Kanan wasn't going to stop and just run Hebi through completely. His heart settled though as this was not the case. Instead he inquired more from the earthen protector, whose only answer was that he was there at the scene. To this, even Siya had his doubts.

An eyebrow rose at the confession of his presence in the Water Kingdom when the man supposedly died. It was hard to grasp, the idea that the water King was dead, but it made sense at the same time. The fact that the orb in his chest had gone haywire just a few days ago could have been proof enough of the incident. As he sat there, he felt the air stir and the aura around Kanan grew icy cold. It was then that the young fire King stood abruptly, his mouth opened to yell at the other protector, eyes wide in fear.

However, Xerxes beat him to it as the man commanded his protector with a calm, solid voice. It amazed Siya so much at how the man had absolute control over himself to remain so calm in such a situation. Siya's heart was pounding so hard in his chest that he was sure the others could hear it. He stood there, hands on the table with every limb shaking slightly from the tension that was in the air. That tension only built as Lady Isabella stood from her seat and added her own threatening words to the conversation.

It was clear that Kanan was struggling against her single finger, though his face didn't show his shock or surprise. Siya watched with bated breath. He hoped that nothing happened right from the start. We all just got here too... he thought desperately. Perhaps getting them all together was a bad idea. It wasn't like the Kingdoms had any treaties to get along with each other or work together. He sighed slightly as he stood there, head starting to bow forward. His attention was caught once more as Hebi now made a move that could have ended the momentary peace between them. This time Siya did intervene.

"Please! Stop this, both of you," his words most likely fell on deaf ears as both protectors eyed each other with Kanan's stony features now broken and his body visibly trembling. Siya felt the worst growing, but nothing happened as Kanan finally pulled back to stand next to Xerxes.

The young fire King sighed once again, loudly this time. Straightening from the bent over position he was in, he ran his hands through the loose strands of his shoulder length white hair that was pulled into it's usual braid, "Perhaps we should all retire for the night? It has been a rather long day, especially for those of us that traveled for these past few days," he glanced over to Isabella when he spoke, hoping that she would concur with him. Even if she didn't he was going to retire himself. His body wasn't quite ready yet for so much stress.

Shaking his head a bit, he put one hand on his hip, "I'll be retiring myself and we can reconvene in the morning, yes?" His words didn't really leave much to be answered, he was leaving either way to get away from the tension. It felt as if the thick air in the room was suffocating him, breaking him in pieces even. Looking over to Aki, he motioned for the door and turned to leave the meeting room. Glancing back, he looked at Xerxes before leaving.

"Thank you, for the hospitality for the time being," he offered with a slight bow and pushed the door opened.

Several hours later: The Fire King's quarters

As fate would have it, Siya couldn't find any ounce of sleep. He was in a different room and the tensions from earlier that night still lingered around him. Eventually, the young King gave up on trying to sleep and went to the desk in the room he was given to stay in. He'd brought a few books from his library in the hopes of doing some research while he was in the Arcadian Palace to try to figure out what had happened to the orbs exactly. So far he'd gotten nothing from his research.

He was seated there with a little flame burning over the desk to give him light when he heard a soft noise behind him. Before he could register what was going on, a gloved hand slipped over his mouth and dragged him from the seat. Two fingers pushed into his mouth, pressing down something small that dissolved almost immediately once it met his tongue. A second arm wrapped around his chest, holding him tightly against his assailant. Siya twisted and jerked, trying to free himself as he nearly choked on the fingers in his mouth.

The moment he was free, he coughed hard to try to clear his mouth of the feeling and taste. Glowering at the intruder whose face he could not see past the dark clothes he was wrapped up in, Siya immediately invoked his orb. Or rather, he tried to and failed. Nothing happened. No fire came to his fingers, nor did it heat up his body like normal, or even spark in any place. Once this realization hit him, he gasped in shock as he looked back up to the intruder. The man wasted no time though and slammed into Siya, forcing him up against the desk he'd been working at.

He gave a soft grunt of pain from the pact as the small of his back was dug into the edge of the wooden table. One hand wrapped around Siya's throat, cutting off air as he was pulled forward, stunned by the assault. In the next moment, the young fire King found himself up against the wall with something thick and rubbery wrapping around his body and wrists. Suddenly, he was dragged upwards, arms up over his head and his body dangling in the air. Twisting around, he landed a hard kick to the man's side, earning a grunt of pain, but nothing else.

He lost the ability to move though, as an arm came down over his leg and pinned Siya to the mans' side. As the King went to shout for his protector, a gloved hand clamped over his mouth, the force of the impact slamming the back of his head against the wall. Dizzy and numb from that, his body went limp for a moment. A dull buzzing filled his ears that he couldn't seem to get rid of as he dangled from the thick vines holding him up. When he finally regained his senses, it was already too late.

The intruder leaned forward, his hand glowing a brilliant blue light that reminded Siya of what a sacrifice looked like. How is he doing that? the King thought with a slight slur to his thoughts even. He groaned slightly as he tried to focus on what the man asked him.

"Where do you keep your orb, hm?" the voice was a deep rumble, something that Siya could say he'd never heard before. Slowly he shook his head. The assailant released his hold on Siya's leg, wrapping one arm around his waist to hold him still, "Suit yourself," the voice rumbled just before his fingers sunk down past his clothes and into his skin. Starting at his shoulder, the man moved from his side down and then back up again probing Siya's entire frame for the orb.

He shuddered, violently squirming as his body was alight with an unimaginable pain. He kicked, trying to get free but found that the strong hold on him was too secure to even break away from. Siya's voice filled the room with screams of agony, his cries choking every so often when the hand moved to a different spot. When his assailant's fingers touched the area over the orb, his eyes flew opened and he gasped. Every inch of his frame tensed, his back arching in the intruders hold as the fingers sunk deeper and curled around the fiery orb.

"A-ki..." he struggled to get the word out past the searing pain, "Aki... AKI!!" the name of his protector ended in a terrible scream as the fingers started dragging the orb from him.