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Carded Materos

"Can we make it a bit cooler in here, and can someone get me something to drink?"

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a character in “Elemental Rage”, as played by ceh12



Name: Carded "Hydrix" Materos
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Role: Water

Personality: An Element that changes easily and is always rushing, this element is known for having control over fresh and salt waters. It may seem like it's not dangerous but it really is. This Element can wield or control anything with H2O, and of course, it can even control your very body. It can rip the moisture out of the air and drown you if it wished so, step carefully around this one. Of course it can also heal others with a dab of water. Healing comes naturally and has no limits and no payments. Is often described as changing to adapt to any type of conditions. This Element is know for surviving through the worst possible situations. Can also freeze water to where it's entirely frozen and even make it not frozen.

Carded is somewhat of a joker, at least more than most of the others. As for his temper, he is a slight pacifist and would much rather try to calm someone down than fight them. He hates it more than anything where he has to do any of that. Technology is one of his strong suits and tries to get as much as he can and go as fast as he can to get things done as efficiently as possible. His powers effect him slightly to the point where he prefers to be wet and cold which makes him able to have more control over his powers. He does have a slight temper which explodes when provoked.

  • Heat-"If you had control over an element would you want the opposite of that around you ?"
  • Sand-"I know it's natural to go with water but I still don't like it."
  • Non-Waterproof Tech-"It sucks...It just sucks..."

  • Water-"My element, yeah no further explanation."
  • Octopi-"Cute little eight legged swimmers, I love them. I even have a pet octopus, Blip."
  • Tech-"I'm much faster and calmer with an Iphone in my hand."

Element Control: Carded's control over water is somewhat strong but only under certain circumstances. If he has some water on his body and is hydrated his powers are easily controlled but, the drier he is the worse his control is.
Power Range:
  • Healing-One of his two main powers he can heal someone by taking ordinary water and cupping it in his hands and pouring it over the wound, so far it only works on skin and some light muscle.
  • Gills-His second main power which makes him amphibious. When surrounded by water he will grow small gills on his neck, allowing him to breathe underwater naturally.
  • Ice -Ice is more of a secondary and only activates when he is angry, where it will freeze any water. He is currently working to where he can make a small bridge across water under his feet.
  • Waves-This is a basic power which allows him to make waves as big as a three story building given he can supply the water.

History:-Carded was born into a family of five with him being the eldest of them. He grew into technology and shunning the sports his siblings would often play as he stayed in hi room. At age fourteen he started to get into swimming. He found that he was a fast swimmer and didn't need to go up for air like his peers. He started to hurt himself as he started becoming more social and poking fun at some of the bullies. He would always return to the pool and he would feel better, although he wondered why this was. He was found by the mentor a few months later and has lived with the other elements ever since.


So begins...

Carded Materos's Story


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#, as written by ceh12
Carded lied asleep in the large bathtub he occasionally called his bed with a pair of board shorts. His neck was open with three slits on either side as he slept silently under the water. An alarm clock laid at the bottom of the water, the gears and clamps waterproofed for him. The clock struck 10 am and the metal clappers beat against eachother, causing the water to ripple as the boy under the water slowly woke up, stretching with his skin not the slightest bit pruned. The boy lifted his fist up to his eyes and rubbed them and yawned. His sapphire eyes stuck out from his pale skin as he sat up, his scrawny upper body showing as water beaded away since he was completely moist.

He yawned once more and slipped from his once warm bath as his gills retracted into his neck and he looked almost like a normal teenager. He wandered out and shook his head like he was a dog to get rid of the few droplets in his hair before he grabbed his clothes he had laid out the night before and started to dress.

He emerged ten minutes later fully dressed with a white shirt and a pair of jeans and went to his closet and slipped on a black jacket which helped enhance his silver hair. He started to the door when he heard a small splash and turned around to see his cheerful cephalopod moving around trying to get her master's attention. Carded chuckled and walked over to the tank to pet Blip. The squishy head made a ticklish feeling to the boy's hand every time. "I'm guessing you're hungry." he said then grabbed a small bottle containing her feed and dropped it in causing Blip to dart towards it and start to open the bottle.

Carded pulled his hand out slowly thinking she should be fine as he absorbed the water on his sleeve making it dry as a bone as he made his way downstairs. He saw that Sam was gone and Ember was on the couch. "Morning metalhead." he said with a smirk as he walked to an armchair and plopped down.


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Keeping a rather energetic rhythm with his feet, Lucas jogged gently through the natural land that surrounded the house. It was common for him to have a morning job, it kept him in shape for his other sports, and now and again he did try his hand a cross country. Being in the shape he was, his pace was quick, and he had managed to cover a fair distance in the short time he has been out.

Jumping out from some undergrowth near the drive of the house he watched the tail end of Sam's truck disappear. ' Yes.. free house' he said meaning that Sam would not be around to monitor him, though in his excitement, he gave a little fist pump, setting his hand on fire. ' Damn it i gotta stop that'. he thought wandering into the house as he put his hand out.

Once inside the house he wandered through the living room towards the kitchen, giving a nod to metal, before smirking to water " Sup fish boy" he said moving into the kitchen, pouring himself a glass of water. Coming back into the living room he looked at the TV, but shook his head slightly " Where did the old guy head off to?" he asked to no one in particular.