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Lucas Deas

Fire, The Wild Element. Those who seek its warm embrace soon lose themselves and burn from existence. Don't play with matches

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a character in “Elemental Rage”, as played by umbra Alastor


Name: Lucas Deas
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Role: Fire Element.

Personality: Lucas is a energetic and stubborn lad.His energy normal has to be put towards something physical as he struggles to sit down and not doing anything for major stretch of time, and once his mind is focused on what he wants to do, it is hard to steer him off that path.He act boisterous often in social situations not really knowing how else to put himself across.
Dislikes: -Swimming
-Cold weather
-History, Or rather any boring education
Likes: - Sport
- Practical training
-Warm weather

Element Control: In his normal state of mind, Lucas has a reasonable control over his element, Often not being troubled, but if he gets over excited or angered, he can soon lose control becoming rather dangerous.
Power Range: His range extends from Pre-existing fire manipulation: Manipulation an existing source of fire to his will. i.e. taking the flame from a candle and using that for a fireball. Flame generation, and Immunity to to all forms of fire or heat.

History: Lucas was given up as a child, his parents sending him to an orphanage, he does not know why but assumes it was due to his powers.He was never allowed out too much as for when he got excited to head outside, his temperature went up and the staff kept him inside due to suspecting a fever, yet the child was healthy. Due to a issue with his temper, the mentor soon picked Lucas up from the damaged orphanage and took the wild child into his care to try and tame the destructive gift of his.

So begins...

Lucas Deas's Story


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Keeping a rather energetic rhythm with his feet, Lucas jogged gently through the natural land that surrounded the house. It was common for him to have a morning job, it kept him in shape for his other sports, and now and again he did try his hand a cross country. Being in the shape he was, his pace was quick, and he had managed to cover a fair distance in the short time he has been out.

Jumping out from some undergrowth near the drive of the house he watched the tail end of Sam's truck disappear. ' Yes.. free house' he said meaning that Sam would not be around to monitor him, though in his excitement, he gave a little fist pump, setting his hand on fire. ' Damn it i gotta stop that'. he thought wandering into the house as he put his hand out.

Once inside the house he wandered through the living room towards the kitchen, giving a nod to metal, before smirking to water " Sup fish boy" he said moving into the kitchen, pouring himself a glass of water. Coming back into the living room he looked at the TV, but shook his head slightly " Where did the old guy head off to?" he asked to no one in particular.


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Nirvana made her way casually to the living room, about the same time Lucas did. Giving a kind of scornful frown, she said "You know, names aren't polite." As she over heard his saying. Leaning against the wall she let her eyes wander around the room, taking in her rather new surroundings. She didn't particularly like it here, but she did realize it was for the best and was a better place than where Sam had found her. He had found her in a hospital, I guess after somehow hearing about a weird case of a girl that seemed so drained of energy. They had kept running tests on her but they had no clue what was wrong with her. She new exactly what was happening, but it's not like she could tell them that she had used her spirit to much, and that it weakened her. She would sound Psychotic, but at that time also I guess she kind of seemed that way anyways.
A cough escaped her and she went to cover it by moving her arm in front of her mouth; a slight pain had throbbed in her head also. Guess I'm still not fully recovered. she thought to herself, before moving into the kitchen and grabbing some water.