Aella Adessi

"Speed, speed, speed! The Wind is my Speed!"

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a character in “Elemental Spirits Reborn”, as played by Child of the Winged


Aella Adessi "Call me Zephyr!"

16 "The big one six!"

Hermes "Sly trickster and a good person to boot!"

Element: Air "And being awesome!"

Normal: "Ain't I amazing?"
Warroir: "So tough lookin'!"
Ultra: "I'm pretty powerful!"

Likes: "More please!"
Getting places quickly

Dislikes: "Eh... I'll pass..."
Slowing down
Being idle
Being hungry

5'9.4" "Hehe! I'm tall!"

- Control wind
- Fly "Explains the wings no?"
- Weild Hermes' enchanted dagger
- When in Ultra form, can make tornadoes "Sweep ya off ya feet!"

Hermes' dagger and a hand sickle "The Weapons of an awesome person!"

"People say I'm a fun loving glutton with an wanderlust tendency. I love making people happy, even if my own is sacrificed. I can't stay in one place for long and I hate being still! I often annoy people with my bouncing and floating but it keeps me sane... er. I tend to wander off from the path of right and all that rot but I mean well! Most days that is. I am the element of air, uncontrollable and tricky!"

Born in a heavily polluted town, Zephyr never felt the breeze as a child. She only read about the wind in books and was fascinated by it. She would wander through the town, trying to find a hole through the thick pollution and feel the mythical winds. She wandered out of town and never looked back. She wandered around, not really caring where she was swept away to, just like her soft breezes.

Being caged for too long

Elements you think you will get along with:
Water, color and earth "All three seem like awesome people! And me and water make storms!"
Her pet Amphiptere, South

So begins...

Aella Adessi's Story

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Aella opened one eye, awaking once more. South was curled on her chest, asleep, his own little body barely moving in time with her own breaths. She ran a hand over his feathered scales and hissed quietly. The hatchling lifted his head and looked her in the eyes, confused on the new smells and sights. "Well, good morning, South. Let's go explore some, shall we? New places always need to be looked at!" She slipped off the bed, smiling at all the clouds on the walls. They seemed to move slowly, like they were being carried by the wind. Her insatiable wanderlust forced her to keep moving, to find something new to enjoy.

Wandering around outside, in the grand hallways that seemed to go on forever, she managed to locate a couple more humans, or what she thought were humans, in a large dining room. Some were ethereal, unreal, amazing. The largest one, a giant in his own right, was speaking about gods, before he made another person, a girl, glow a dazzling white. Her eyes widened as she ventured in farther, South hissing worriedly as he slithered off her shoulders and onto the floor. She didn't notice as she spotted and watched as three more people began to glow with differing shades of blues. "My gods..." The lights were beautiful and she couldn't take her eyes off them. Who were these people and why were they glowing? Was she like them?

A large automaton-like humanoid stood behind her suddenly, one cool hand pressed to her spine, right between her shoulder blades. "I, Hermes, bless you with my powers of wind and speed. May you use it wisely, my child." She began to glow a honey gold, gasping as the light concentrated itself in her shoulders. "Oh my, frigging, what!?" Hermes laughed at his element as she spun, trying to see the lights on her back. She felt safe, not afraid, as she turned herself to look up at the machine, who stared back at her with fatherly adoration, or what she thought was adoration. The God had no face.

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Olive was having a peaceful dream, one where her father was alive. It was simple, more of a memory. He was sparring with her in their backyard back at Nellis Air Force Base. Then something disturbing happened in her dream. Her father's face changed and shifted until it was disfigured beyond all recognition. He lumbered for her pleading with her to end his misery. And then she woke from this dream turned night mare.

She was in an unusual place. It was rather bright and airy, very unlike her shabby apartment back in Las Vegas. She lay in a magnificent canopy bed with clean white sheets. She sat up with a shock, thinking she may have been abducted. It wasn't that uncommon in her neighborhood. Her clothes were still the ones she had gone to sleep in and she heaved a sigh of relief.

"You seem startled child." A female voice said to her right. Her head jerked towards the intruder. A tall, glorious woman sat in a chair in the corner. She was dressed rather odd. A sleet gray toga adorned her thin body and atop her head was a roman helm. At her side was an owl, hooting gently. "Who..who are you?" Olive asked. Her tone was both anxious and guarded. She jumped from the bed and edged toward the door. "I assumed you might recognize me a little. After all you devour Greek Mythology books more than any other tome." Olive was very sure who this was, but that was just mythology. It couldn't be real.

"You're Athena, goddess of battle and metal." Olive said outright. She would play this woman's game until she would be able to escape. "Indeed, child." She said standing from her seat. "You are to be the one who will wield my power. I have watched you over the many years. You have grown to be just as I wished. A strong, smart, confident young girl." Olive was a little bewildered by that last statement. "If you are who you say you are, them prove it." Athena smirked. "As you wish" she said and looked to a small nightstand by the bed. There was a fancy paperweight there, made of pure steel, that was in the shape of a wolf. Athena plucked it from it's perch and gave it a mighty squeeze. she opened her palm to reveal that the paperweight had changed. It was now an owl. " I have always preferred owls over wolves, don't you?"

Olive was in a state of shock."If you are really Athena, then I must be on Mount Olympus." she said more to herself than the goddess. Athena handed the owl paperweight to Olive and she grasped it tightly. "I..I don't know what to say." " You needn't say anything at all. Our powers are weakening and we must grant our powers to those descendants of whom we bestowed the Elements long ago. You are that descendant of my Element and I believe you are more than prepared." Olive took a deep breath. "I think I am too." She said with a small smile. Athena place her hand on Olive's chest over her heart and said, "Then, Olive Isadora Howard, I grant you my power over metal and my knowledge of battle. I know you will use it wisely."

A platinum glow grew from Olive's body and faded. Olive looked at her hands and flexed them. She felt powerful and confident and wise. "Now then," Athena said grabbing Olive's attention once more. "I have some gifts to bestow upon you. First is my spear It has seen many battles. Next is an owl. You may name her as you wish."

Olive was in awe of the wondrous gifts she received. She had never seen a weapon finer than this spear and owls have always been her favorite bird. Said owl flew from it's perch by the window and landed on her forearm. She stroked it's feathers gently. "I believe I will name you Andromeda." "That's a lovely name" At that point, Olive's stomach began to growl. "I believe that they are serving breakfast now." Athena said with a sly smile. Olive blushed and nodded.

She left the room and headed towards the voices that could now be heard. Athena followed close behind her. She stepped to the table, with Andromeda now perched on her shoulder. There were many odd characters here and she couldn't really decide where to sit. Athena gestured next to a boy that had bright orange hair. Olive was unsure, and glanced back at Athena. Athena gave a nod of her head and indicated that he was a fine person to sit by. Olive took her seat without a word and pulled a plate towards her and began to eat quietly.

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Lunas attention turned towards Dawn, her expression unfazed, until the thunder shook the room and a twinge of pain crossed her face. Maybe it wasn't the best idea slamming my head into that wall. She thought in a sigh. She could hear a small laugh come from beside her, as she looked up at Chione. My dear, but that's one of your strengths. You're dedicated. It was odd, Luna didn't find she was much like her god, she seemed so dedicated, so calm, like nothing could scare or faze her. Blinking her amber eyes, her head began the throbbing once more, at least not at the intensity it was at before. Luna grabbed and apple and took a bit out of it. Maybe I should call you snow white, with the apple and all She could hear from Chione, but the woman never had said it out loud.

After finishing her apple rather quickly she grabbed some food that was unknown to her, and tossed it down for her Ice Hound Demka to eat. Giving a warmer smile down at her pet. "Please excuse me, I find I'm not really that hungry." Luna said, her voice cool. Moving away with graceful steps, she walked passed the boy at the door, giving a small glance. Her ice hound trailed behind her, and so did Chione.

The hall was quiet, and empty. It seemed like such a peaceful calm place compared to the ruckess that had been occurring in the other room. Leaning against one of the cool walls, she closed her eyes and tilted her head back. She could feel the cool presence of Demka come by at her side. Smiling, she bent down and petted her freezing cold pet. The ice hounds fierce blue eyes seemed to warm towards Luna, and she seemed almost so distracted by Demkas calming presence, her head ache started to fade away once more.

"I meant what I said by that was one of your strengthens, you know." Came the newly familiar voice of Chione. Luna glanced up, and rose from the ground, looking at her with an almost confused look. "I didn't really know what else to try, and I don't have any idea what my strengths would be, see I can't remember anything past the point of waking up." Chione laughed and gave the same smile, it was like a mothers, it was warming, even from coming from someone so cold. "You will discover yourself, my child. You are stronger than you think, your words will be your greatest weapon, your words will send shivers down others spine, in your other forms, I will warn, you will be cold. As to what you may have been expecting." Luna couldn't stop looking at her god, her facial expression must have been a mixture of awe and confusion.

"But if you ever find someone in a situation you can't crack or be fazed by your words on the exterior, I would love for you to use this," said Chione. "I present you with the ancient sword of ice" As if by magic, the god seemed to conjure it up out of mid air, handing it to Luna. The violet haired girl blinked, as she unsheathed the sword. Surrounding a silver blade, seemed to be the same glowing sheer ice blue that surrounded her when Chione had given her the powers of ice and snow. This time there was no doubt that Lunas face was obviously awe stricken. "It's beautiful.. it feels-" Luna stopped, trying to find the right words. "It feels like home." The goddess gave a smile and a small nod. "Anything ice or snow will give you that sense of feeling, as you may notice you Ice hound Demka isn't the most friendly looking boy." Luna looked down at Demka, the dark blue fur mixed with the sharp ice, his seemingly larger bared teeth and the blackened shackles around his ankles, the cool old mist of his breath. He looked powerful, but to her she looked beautiful; and almost as if Chione read her mind she laughed, and said "You feel that warmth from him, because the cold comfortableness of his ice protects your soul, its who you are. Luna darling, you have great quality lying inside you. You're strong willed, your kind.. at least it your normal and warrior form" The goddess said, almost hinting at something but Luna shaking it off and listened as the crystallized god continued. "You are determined. You won't rest until you've cracked any code, person, or task that's in your way. You will remember, believe me, Snow White." She ended, adding a little wink at the end. Luna seemed almost rendered speechless, until she spoke with a new found confidence and said
"I am determined to do what I need to do."

After a couple of minutes after her and Chiones talk, she saw her god wander back into to room, leaving Luna and Demka at rest for a few minutes. Lunas headache had subsided now, and she had her eyes closed. Giving out one final cool air of breath, she said "If I have you Demka, and Chione I can do it." Standing up, her Ice hound followed her moves instantaneously, his like tail wagging back and forth. Luna Laughed and said, "come on Demka, lets go back in." With that said, Luna moved back into the dining room, sitting back down in her old seat, looking at the others, almost analyzing them by instinct, as she was curious about them.