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Naryka Pierson

"Frickin Voidlings!"

0 · 99 views · located in America

a character in “Elementals: Void's Return”, as played by Roseclaw



Gender: Female

Age: 16

Element: Tech

Talents: Really good at climbing and kickboxing

Location: Lansing, MI

Race: American


Naryka is an extrovert. She’s fun-loving and rarely ever serious, always finding some way to bring joviality into a bad situation. Though some people could say that she is always looking for trouble and is insane, which is actually true for the most part. She’s a “forgive and forget” kind of girl, never letting any negativity get her down even when times are tough. And the teasing of her friends may seem mean but it’s her enemies who really need to watch out because that’s when the truth of her “insanity” shows.


A beat-up laptop that used to be her older brother’s.


Despite Naryka’s upbeat personality, she has had a fairly rough life. She vaguely remembers her parents who died in a surprise attack on their home when she was only five years old. The attack had been carried out by some voidlings that had managed to find the location of her family’s home. If it hadn’t been for her older brother, Naryka wouldn’t have escaped the attack and she’d be dead as well. For several years Naryka and her brother had wandered the streets of Detroit, MI as orphans, surviving however they could in that harsh city.

Naryka vaguely remembers her parents, knowing only what her brother had told her about them. He was also the one who told her that they were elementals and everything else she needed to know. Her brother had already had a few years of experience with his element of electricity, taking after their mother, so he was able to protect himself and Naryka well enough while on the streets. And as the years passed, they found that Naryka had taken after their father in his element of tech. So unlike her brother who had had a teacher to learn from, Naryka had to learn her element on her own.

Naryka was quick to learn though even if she was teaching herself. She got stronger and stronger in her element just as her brother did, which changed their tactics for survival. They knew it was wrong to do what they did but they didn’t have much choice. They were careful not to go overboard in using their powers for personal gain, trying to use them as least as possible while at the same time not getting caught by the authorities. But even with how little they used their powers they were still found by their people’s worst enemy – voidlings.

The fight was unfortunately quick and merciless, Naryka and her brother outmatched in every way by the three voidlings. Her brother had taken on two of them while she barely managed even one. And when the voidlings were just about to kill them both, her brother used the last of his energy to attack them so that Naryka could escape. It was the same as before. Though her brother managed to kill one and just give the other two minor injuries, he was killed viciously.

Naryka was on her own after that, determined to survive by any means necessary, even if it meant using her powers whenever she needed to no matter what. That especially went for finding the other elemental descendants so that they could find and destroy Void once and for all.

So begins...

Naryka Pierson's Story


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"Okay, so... This goes here.. That there. Plug this in.. What the hell is this? Oh, junk.." The small, plastic knob was tossed carelessly over her shoulder as she stayed focused on the thing she was working on in front of her. What it was Naryka honestly had no idea yet but she knew it would be something! That was one way for how she came up with new gadgets and gizmos thanks to her elemental abilities. Sometimes she knew what she wanted to build and other times she built something without ever knowing what it was or what it did before she was even done building it. At times it frustrated and confused her but she otherwise just shrugged it off and went on with the flow.

It was quiet in the room she was working in, the work bench set up in the middle of the room so that she could move around it freely. Then there were cupboards, tables, desks, and shelving units lining the walls, which was where she kept all of her techie things. Set up on one table was a television set that she had actually built herself, along with all the parts needed to build a satellite receiver so she could actually watch TV. Then there was the alarm set up she attached to it as well that she either ignored or just plain forgot about most of the time since it hardly ever went off. So when it did, Naryka's hands jerked away from the thing she was working on at a not-so-very-good-time because when she did something clicked and she got a good dose of electricity. Then something else in the device short circuited and a plume of black smoke rose up from the circuitry.

"Well..."-she blinked rapidly a few times-"..that wasn't supposed to happen..." The dose of electricity she had been hit with might've left her with scars on her hands or knock her unconscious but instead she just felt like she had drank a few cans of soda.

Naryka finally looked down at the blundered mess and sighed, noticing quickly that she'd have to replace a few parts already. All thanks to that damn alarm she had so brilliantly attached to her TV. But the alarm going off meant only one thing and the news channel had already been pulled up automatically. She caught a glimpse of the news anchor a moment before the image changed, showing a city that was in chaos. A display of letters showed that the image was of Seattle, WA but what Naryka had her eyes on were the black flame-looking creatures roaming around in the city. She knew what they were instantly and that they were the cause of the chaos.

"Well, looks like it's time to get going." It didn't take long for Naryka to pack what she needed for the trip, making sure she had all the gizmos and gadgets she needed along with a few sets of clothing, and the most important thing her beat-up laptop. Once she had everything she shut the TV off and headed out. It was time to search for the others.


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Horauk followed Lev. He then looked back at her parents, still a bit scared of her father. Her mother was interesting too, an Electricity and an Air Elemental can make a storm, literally. He then walked behind her, but then he got another vision as he stood behind Lev. He then gets another vision, of a red haired woman entering Seattle, the city in chaos. And then he gets another vision of a large best, not Void, but certainly on his side. He then shakes this vision off and snaps back into reality, following Lev to his room.