Luna Silvern

A young woman who comes across as a mystery at first but then leaves you to question what reality is itself.

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a character in “Elements - Good VS. Evil”, as played by LukiaRein


Name: Luna Belevion
Experiment Number: 09327
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Picture (Anime ONLY): Image
Element: Greed
Weapon: Axelin (A crescent like staff except the crescent blade is more of an axe while the other end of the staff is a blade shaped like a spade)
Psyche Power: Shadow Step - Can move within the shadows, teleporting to place to place to stay either hidden or ahead of an individual person or group. She can not shadow step constantly for more than 5 minutes and she must rest for 20 minutes before she can shadow step again.

So begins...

Luna Silvern's Story