Rose Freewall

"I'm an orphan yes, so whats your point exactly?" A girl with alot of pride.

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a character in “Elements - Good VS. Evil”, as played by Evil But Cute


Name: Maria Freewall
Experiment Number: 23290PRIDE95343
Age: seventeen
Gender: Female
Picture (Anime ONLY): Image
Element: Pride
Weapon: A rapier with a gold hilt silver blade. A complex design on the blade. (She carries this in a black case which can also be used as a weapon.)
Physche power: She can lift and manipulate things with her mind as well as use the energy she can create from this and use it like a blast, or to push things or beings away. She can also use this as a sort of barrier to protect herself with.


Maria acts very calm and collected, always composed and quiet. She's very pridefull in who she is. not caring that she's a orphan she grew up protecting herself and only herself. She can be kind of scary when it comes to fights which mostly everyone in her orphange knew. A few times younger kids had been picked on, she stepped in and stopped it. Even though she has alot of self pride she's also quite caring of others and doesn't like to see them hurt. She takes pride in knowing she can protect others.


Violin & Case (Case can be used as a weapon if she has nothing else at the moment.)
Rapier & Case
Bookbag with
Reading books
Snacks and drinks
Change of clothes
Shampoo & Conditioner


Maria grew up in a orphange for the first ten years of her life protecting herself and the younger kids, soon running away a few weeks after her tenth birthday she lived on the streets for the next six to seven years. Learning how to fight, steal and survive on her own. And she learnt how to controll an ability she always knew she had. She could do things with her mind, which at first creeped everyone out around her so she kept it a secret untill she had left to be on her own. Not much is known about her now other then she's one of the elementals.

She loves the smell of hydrangia's and Orchid blossoms, she also loves training with her rapier and she loves music. More so the violin. She knows how to play like a pro and sports are something she also enjoys. She enjoys being around others, but she also likes her alone time.

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