An apathetic creature, with little motivation and a disdain for strenuous tasks.

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a character in “Elements - Good VS. Evil”, as played by Faineant


If one was to remark upon his facial features, one would remark that Sloth looks like the years have been unkind to him. After all, he looks like he is in his mid thirties, but indeed, is only 23. A wrinkled face, most prominent in the brow, which itself, puts no fight up against gravity, makes him a quite grotesque looking being. He only wears a simple brown cloak, for he is not one to care for fashion or the upkeep of his appearance. Rotting brown and yellow teeth are the hallmark of his lack of interest in personal hygiene. His fingers protrude from his palms like thin branches from a dying tree, which are tipped with unkempt yellow fingernails.

Sloth has the Psyche power of being able to dim the senses of others, and generally nullify their axions in the brain, making the victim unable to be capable of concurrent thoughts or actions.


Sloth is quite naturally a man of intense indifference. His views, his mannerisms, his behaviourism's are all quite dry and without passion. He is a sarcastic lad, who will quickly deride an opponents position without having a position himself. He is apathy. He is passionless. He is emotionless. However, without passion, he is quite naturally adept under pressure, and able to quickly solve any problem, for he doesn't care for the consequence if an issue becomes unresolved, due to not even batting an eye lid to such trivialities.

Not caring for work or strenuous effort, Sloth busies his mind with passive activities, such as reading and writing. He takes an interest in documenting how other people live their lives, and loves even more to critique them and their foolish goals.

Unfortunately, he is quite akin to alcohol, and becomes even more lethargic under the influence, and can be quite the thorn in a friends side.


Sloth never goes anywhere without his vast array of notebooks, pens, a few select books, and his hip flask.

Otherwise, he is quite a light traveller.


His history is quite similar to the other 'sins'. Perhaps more details will prevail if provoked.

So begins...

Sloth's Story