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Jorlyn Stone

A quiet, young traveler.

0 · 435 views · located in Swinging Sword Tavern and Inn

a character in “Elena's Lament”, as played by KingNothing


Jorlyn Stone

Human // Young Adult // Male // Neutral


Physical Description
A lean figure, Jorlyn attributes his toned physique to his vigorous travels. At just six feet tall, this young man carries a mysterious presence; his eyes a steel-grey, pale orbs peering through thick, curly bangs. Complimenting his unkempt mane of dark locks, is a rugged mass of facial hair ranging from a full on beard, to a close stubble. Sun-weathered skin, he adorns a few notable injuries obtained from his past journeys: an old, but blatant vertical wound splitting the left side of his mouth, two missing fingers on the end of his right hand, and a nose that had been broken and healed just a bit improperly. Generally a quiet character, Jorlyn speaks with placid purpose -- his voice low and scratchy from lack of speech, yet articulate and understandable.

While wearing a serious expression for the majority of the time, Jorlyn's expressions are really displayed with his eyes. They shine joyously when by a warm fire with good company and better mead. They gleam in ecstasy when listening to a fine tune or melodious song. His eyes darken, however, when he feels threatened -- his typical adversaries being a band of Hilltribe Kobolds or a highwayman, or even the occasional troll under a bridge. Accustomed to the road and the challenges that come with being a nomadic drifter, Jorlyn tries to choose his battles and only fights the ones he feels he has to. Not knowing trust nor loyalty, he is reserved, tending to listen and gather information as opposed to being the one obliviously giving it away.

Equipped with a shortbow and a longsword, Jorlyn is adept in both ranged and melee combat. Even unarmed, he poses an impressive threat -- an unorthodox fighting method, he moves with unpredictable finesse. Clad in sturdy, worn leather, he has several pouches and pockets of varying sizes; a short dagger sheathed in his boot, and a dark grey linen cloak are also noted upon his inspection. Having hunted his food for most of his life, Jorlyn is able to move with minimal noise, balancing all of his weight in the ends of his feet as he creeps in the sidelines, unseen. On the road, he carries all of his supplies upon his back; he has materials for a tent, rock climbing gear, miscellaneous containers, and always a first aid kit.

Hailing from a small coastal town in the northeastern edge of the continent, Jorlyn has seen many places and endured many circumstances. While he does have kin that still live, little is known about them as he rarely speaks of his roots. Though just a drifter with much history left to the imagination of a common stranger, he does in fact have intentions that have led him to the new settlement of Amberwood. Only the events forthcoming in the near future will reveal his true motives.

So begins...

Jorlyn Stone's Story

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Jorlyn Stone

Jorlyn quietly tended to his mug of mead, his eyes staring into the space in front of him as he recollected his most recent turn of events. He had been traveling southward for days in search of the growing settlement of Amberwood when he had been bombarded by a pair of thieves on the road. While no brute warrior, Jorlyn was able to trick them long enough to deliver a surprise attack, using their painful confusion as an opportunity to escape. He had always been able to talk himself halfway out of a sticky situation... relying on his prowess in combat to pull him the rest of the way. Fortunately, New Destonia was only a half day's journey off; Jorlyn trailed into town unnoticed by most as he searched for a place to get a drink and a bed. Shielding his eyes from the bright morning sun, he saw it: Swinging Sword Tavern & Inn.

The sound of heavy wood-on-wood being scraped slowly together brought Jorlyn's attention to the entrance of the tavern. A small creature covered in auburn fur hobbled inside. A Mishqua! Jorlyn had only ever read about this rare hybrid being, so, like near everyone else in the room, the new patron had piqued Jorlyn's interest. He watched as the mishqua approached the bar, which to Jorlyn's slight amusement, was just a few inches shorter than he -- with common intuition, he deduced that it was a male. He spoke in a strange, albeit energetic tone to the charming young maiden tending to the Swinging Sword's patrons. The lady seemed kind and genuine, in fact, most of the townsfolk Jorlyn had seen this morning appeared friendly and joyful -- a foreign collective attitude to him.

The young man continued to watch the furry humanoid from the far end of the bar, but his mind began to wander again. Glancing around instinctively, making sure nobody was watching him, Jorlyn retrieved an old piece of parchment from one of his satchels, and flattened it as best he could upon the counter top. He reached for a small candle, dragging it closer and inspecting the scrawlings. It was a map -- and not just any map; it was a very old map of this very land... long before men had constructed kingdoms or law. From what Jorlyn had gathered, legend tells of an antique entity hidden away in the ancient mines of Singeist, a group of tunnels and caves beneath the mountain ridges that can be seen from town. So close now...

Feeling eyes upon him, Jorlyn glanced around and saw a few straggling gazes. Though he only meant to peak at it again, he must've had the map out in front of him for several moments before he hastily folded it and replaced it in his bag. In an effort to appear more casual, he downed the rest of his mead, and let forth an impressive burp. He had to admit, it was nice to be back under a roof and in the company of others... not to mention not needing to hunt his food for a while. Yes, this place will do nicely... After all, I don't see any reason to rush..., Jorlyn thought as he ordered another drink, now with a small but mysterious smile planted upon his face.