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"Once I cared for people, now I wonder if I should save them."

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a character in “Elena's Lament”, as played by Zaria


Name: "Pandora"

Age: Seems to be young

Gender: Female

Race: Vampire (Anything from like D&D is fine for the most part)

Appearance: Snowy strands of hair, snowy skin, and eyes like a blood moon, silent her demeanor seems to be, yet her clothes tell a story, story of a traveler and someone who once belonged somewhere. Her robes black and red, combined with but a little amount of light armor. It tells little about the past, but with her tattered robe comes a mark, or rather a round sign, sigil of some worth, something that once shown who you were dealing with, one may believe.
Plus a picture, just in case someone wants a picture ^^

General Strengths/Abilities:
Dead can’t be fooled – Most illusions won’t work on her, for she’s used to them, yet tends to say that’s because of her being an undead.
Hands, claws, better than a weapon – she’s used to fighting without a weapon, hence even in daylight she may pose a threat.
Demons, accursed, I know it all – She knows a lot about demons, forbidden magic, and cursed creatures.

I pretend not to understand the local language in order to avoid interactions I would rather not have. (Since we can use things from D&D ^^)
I judge others harshly, and myself even more severely.
Superiority complex.
Conflicted. (Maybe, not sure about it yet)
Sunlight - She won’t burn in the daylight (may be surprising), but she’ll be tired, and fairly weaker than on her midnight stroll (strength equal to that of a human at day).

Little bit of background/history:
A fallen hero that once tried to save people, a person that lost a master and a friend, a person filled with anguish.

Once a simple one that stood up to an oppressor, a revolt that ended in bloodshed and…death. Lost yet found, saved by one who died. A debt to one who died, a debt repaid to another. Loss and grief…then rage at the ones who took the one she cared for. This is what I know about the story of the two vampires that once lived in an old mansion, deep in woods…before hunters came. – Igzavar the travelling chronicler.

Overall Personality:
Silent from time to time, talkative when in need of something, always enjoys toying with people, but as much as cold she is, there will be kindness and genuine care for living beings, a true paradox she is.

You’ll see her breaking rules, for she’s a free spirit that won’t like being shackled.

Always repays debts. Loyal to friends is all one can say.

Quirks : Tends to stare at people for too long.

(Hmm, that's all for now, I'll add more later if something comes to mind ^^)

So begins...

Pandora's Story

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#, as written by Zaria
New Destonia, place to which she went, still wondering why she would listen to that grumpy man from before, curiosity was her best guess. All that heard about this new place had such hopes for peace, and yet as she went there with a caravan…not once, but twice it was raided.

It was truly fortunate, and unfortunate that they did it at night, thanks to it she had a snack in between the trees. Now, now caravan is nearing its destination, in a better condition than the expected one, all while she’s inside one of the horse-drawn carriage, shielded from light thanks to a simple sheet covering people and materials…maybe even some food.

She looked from under her hood at the people around, who were still afraid of a hooded traveler with skin pale as snow, but less than before.

Her early deception that she had a rare condition seemed to have eased their hearts, and with the last raid some may have even took a liking to her, especially one stupid boy who wanted to be a hero…

Boy that now had a book, book that she gave him, she sighed wondering why even bother doing it all - saving them.
Carriage soon stopped, and her thoughts were interrupted as sunlight flew into a carriage by sheet being pulled away, what followed was people stepping out, she stepped out as well, wincing slightly.

She took a few steps, and saw the smiling boy once more…

Immediately she felt a hug, someone’s head on her stomach, it was a young boy with a book in hands, who happened to come out rather quickly of another carriage. She stood still, stiff for a brief moment, then she lightly brushed his hair and muttered - You ought to focus on helping your father...

After a while he let go, his hands still clinging strongly to book she gave him, his eyes glowing with happiness as she nodded quickly. She watched him quickly ran back to father and mother, who weren’t pleased to see a book and a spark of hero’s beginning.

“Hiro, we’ll carry some boxes, book leave with mother...” Father said, but Pandora cared no more, curiosity existent yet light being too annoying.

She looked around, in search of a shadow, pleasant and maybe bit colder place, and she found such place, a shadow of building. Finally in a more pleasant place, she stood and watched as they slowly unloaded everything that was brought.

Now, staring time I guess…

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#, as written by Zaria
Just as she was able to relax, some priestess seemed to have noticed them, or rather her because she couldn’t ask anyone else. She sighed at the question, question to which answer was obvious.

“Question has an obvious answer, but I’m not here to answer it, just keeping bandits at bay, ask the priestie that came with us…” She said from under the hood, her eyes focused on the priestess.

I should have just pretended to not understand what she says… - she yawned lightly, and covered mouth with a hand in glove, that only showed her pale fingers.

Her sight now focused at the extended hand, wondering whether to accept it or not.

Ah, whatever, at least let’s pretend a warm welcome is really warm…

Just as she finished yawning Pandora extended her hand as well, holding onto the priestess hand and shaking it lightly.

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Elena Briarwood

The young priestess nodded, "Happy to have you here, please make yourself at home! Houses are still being constructed right now and we can always use another hand helping with those. If manual labour isn't your fancy though, please feel free to head to the tavern and speak with Florina. She's my right hand woman for planning and delegating jobs throughout the town. Otherwise, you may go explore the town at your leisure and relax after the long journey." She would release Pandora's hand and give another bow as she explained, "And please, if you have any questions about the town, myself, or this shrine here, don't hesitate to ask."

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#, as written by Zaria
Pandora did not expect to be welcomed so warmly, especially by priestess. Manual labor wasn’t a problem for her, but she would rather spend time on it at a later hour, when it comes to questions there were few that came to mind.

“Whose shrine is this? Other thing I’m curious about is a bit of you, and a bit about the town, always good to know where one stands.”

Before one could answer she added…

“I meant that it would be good if you’d tell us what to expect.” She looked at people who worked hard to get settled, priestess should tell them a thing or two about this place.