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Kano Warheart

"I carry the strength of the wilderness!"

0 · 264 views · located in Elenia

a character in “Elenia: Dark Age”, originally authored by FunnyGuy, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Kano Warheart
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Power: Geokinesis
Skills: Natural fighter
Weapon: Steel scimitar and a shield made from stone goat’s skull. He may resort to using whatever he can get his hands on or his hands alone.

Personality: Kano is a brash and very primitive man. Don’t let his appearance or dialogue fool you though. Kano is a force to be reckoned with in combat. He will brag to companions, telling them of how powerful he is. Fighting seems to be the only thing on his mind most of the time. He possesses skills to help him survive in the wilderness, but has trouble with things that prove to be too complex or technical.

Bio: Kano was abandoned in the wilderness as a child at the age of three. He has no idea why to this day why it happened, but he eventually and luckily found a tribe of indigenous people who helped raise him. Though they were a small group of people, they were able to endure the brutal wilderness surrounding the Terran lands. These people were more fit than the average Terran, and with time and hard work, Kano became one of them. He soon became a hunter for his new people, but that was short lived when the village was attacked by soldiers with aims to steal special mineral from their tribe. Kano had been hunting with some of his ‘brothers’ and returned to see his home in ruin. With hate and anger in his heart, Kano sought out these men. Even when his brothers had advised him not to, he went forth and attacked a Terran army camp in the middle of the night. He had spared no lives, turning from a hunter of beasts, to a killer of men. Committing the foul act had not only got him his revenge, but it exiled him from his village. Kano thought he would have lasted only a few months, but it wasn’t until he came across a wealthy man who hired him as an extra guard that he realized that his strength could produce currency. With time, he found something he felt was more valuable than money; a deadly reputation.

So begins...

Kano Warheart's Story


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Character Portrait: Kano Warheart
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Within the thick wooded area of Terramoure, the dry leaves rustled and the critters with their various odd appearances scattered across the ground as two men sprinted for their lives. The men breathed heavily as they leapt over rocks and shrubs, dodged trees, and pushed low branches out of their way. They were both breathing so hard that they couldn’t even ask the other if they were heading the right way or if the impending danger was getting closer. They only had a little longer and they’d be safe. All they had to do was reach the other tree line which wasn’t too much of a distance as Terramoure lacked many trees.

“I see it!” One of the men managed to yell as he saw the end of the woods before hearing strong deep breathes behind him. Shit! The man attempted to run faster, but wounded up tripping over a tree root. His partner that had been running alongside him only stopped for a second before running off. “Geoffrey!” The man on the ground called out before sharp blade stabbed him through the back, pinning him to the ground. As he bled out, he only caught a glimpse of his killer’s backside as he seemed to continue chasing his partner without retrieving his weapon. The only thing he could do now was question why he risked his life so foolishly for a bit of coin. To insult the man now chasing Geoffrey was like asking for a rich brew of poison.

Geoffrey ran for his life, as he knew he was only a few dozen strides away. The man running with him, Martin had actually given him a chance to get away by slowing his pursuer. He felt hopeful, until he heard a low chant from behind.

“Stride of the steed! Ferocity of the mountain cat! My bloodlust I shall feed! Seek my prey like the bat! Stride of the steed! Ferocity of the mountain cat! My bloodlust I shall feed! Seek my prey like the bat! Stride of the steed! Ferocity of the mountain cat! My bloodlust I shall feed! Seek my prey like the bat! Stride of the steed! Ferocity of the mountain cat! My bloodlust I shall feed! Seek my prey like the bat!” The chant son became louder and louder. Tears welled up in Geoffrey’s eyes before leaping out from the tree line. Unfortunately, before his feet could touch the ground, he was caught by his head. “Seek my prey like the bat…” The huge man that now held Geoffrey said those words before swiftly snapping his neck and tossing him aside. “No man outruns Kano!” The huge man roared before hearing a soft clap. Turning to the source of the sound, he realized that he had basically reached the north end of Terramoure. In front of him was a small beach with a boat in its shallow waters. The man clapping in amusement was heavily armored and was armed with shield and a sheathed sword. So heavily armored that no inch of his skin seemed to be revealed! “Do you praise me? You should. I am the…” Kano stopped as the man shook his index fingers in response to his words. “So you mock?!”

“Yes, Kano Warheart… and now I kill.” The man announced as he made his way toward Kano who was without a real weapon.


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Character Portrait: Dorian Elegantius Character Portrait: Kano Warheart
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Kano quickly looked down to his hand where his sword would have been. Most men would have cursed their luck for not having a weapon to fend off a formidable looking opponent, but Kano just looked to his shield held tight against his forearm.

Meanwhile, the fully prepared warrior approaching just thought of the glory in putting down the infamous Kano Warheart. People would fear him for putting the beast of a man down with such ease. All he had to do was promise two foolish men a good sum of coin to antagonize Kano into running through the woods. Everything was coming along rather smoothly. The two men were dead, Kano was probably tired out from his sprint, and he was even without a weapon. You could say that Dorian Elegantius was very pleased.

“Tin man! You think without a weapon that Kano can’t crush you? Do you?!” Kano shouted almost in rage before running quickly across the sand toward his enemy. Dorian smirked at the warrior’s foolish pride before using his shield to block Kano who thrust his own shield forward. He would have stabbed the man where he stood, but Kano had quickly spun his body around counterclockwise off of Dorian’s shield. By doing this, Kano wound being on Dorians left. Dorian had been taken by the move, but quickly spun around to beat Kano’s next move with a slash to the gut. Unfortunately for the armored warrior, Kano had bashed his shield against the back of his head mid spin. With Dorian’s efforts for an attack slowed, Kano managed to duck and ready himself to perform a powerful uppercut. “Like the trapdoor spider…” Kano whispered as Dorian’s sword missed him. Dorian couldn’t believe he was being outmatched by a man comparable to a caveman. He didn’t have much time to think of a neck move as Kano’s fist connected with the helmet of his armor and set him stumbling back. “I strike from below!” Kano roared before rushing his dazed opponent.

Dorian could only grunt before desperately using his wind magic bring sand up into Kano’s face. Kano’s scream indicated the sand getting into his eyes. Now he could kill Kano with much of a hassle… No. Kano had staggered, and Dorian was well and ready to end this fight with a swing of his sword, but then everything seemed to slowdown around the two of them. Soon enough, Dorian found that he and his enemy were both just standing motionlessly on the beach. Kano thought the end had come as he couldn’t see what was going on with his eyes shut.

Seems that your paths have crossed before I forced them to…

The ominous and omnipresent voice said this before the surroundings of the two men went dark. It seemed like hours before they found themselves in separate places.

“Welcome all! To the great! To the incredible! To the Six Gem Coliseum!” A booming voice announced, but no one could be seen. Dorian continued to look around before finding himself surrounded by multiple adversaries. They charged in to attack, but Dorian easily defeated them, leaving the gladiators dead on the arena floor.

“Is that it?”

“No. You’ll never finish the way you’re doing it!” a child said from the stands. The boy seemed to be the only one there. Dorian scowled at the child before the gladiators seemed to respawn.

“What…” Dorian said before fighting off the enemies again. This time they weren’t as easily defeated. “Still no match!”

“Booooo! Can I tell you how to beat this?” The boy’s voice echoed. Dorian just scoffed within his helmet before the gladiators spawned again. This happened several times, with Dorian wiping the gladiators out. It took more and more effort however. Dorian could have asked the boy, but he decided against it. Son Dorian became tired and was almost taken out, only to call out to the boy

“How do I win!” Dorian asked with a shout. He was actually this desperate. The boy just smiled.

“You just have to ask.”

Meanwhile Kano found himself in a room sealed by a large stone door. Walking up to it, he tried to push it open to free himself, but it wouldn’t budge. He then bashed it with his shield in rage as cursed furiously. He tried every means of attack, but failed miserably before finding himself lying on his back and staring up at the ceiling. Reading the words up top, he realzed what he had to do to get the door opened.

“Open… please.” Kano said before the door slid open on its own. Kano then stepped into the light and finding himself facing Dorian. His eyes lit up with rage.

“You dare place sand in my eyes!” Kano yelled before spitting onto Dorian’s helmet. “Men fight with power, not with…” Kano cut himself short before looking at the people around him. Dorian was about a minute ahead of him, wondering what was going on.

“What is this? Are we captured?” Dorian asked out loud, not paying attention to Kano who just looked around at all the fully clothed people.

“Where have you taken us with your sand magic!?” Kano demanded to know what was going on. He assumed it was Dorian’s doing. Dorian shook his head before turning away from the primitive man.

“I know nothing of this.” Dorian replied quietly as he awaited an answer to his question.