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Scarlet Zaion

"Sometimes everyone needs to have a good time, ya know?"

0 · 298 views · located in Elenia

a character in “Elenia: The Journey Begins 2”, as played by Magix




^ For More Formal Occasions, or just in a mood to get dressed up


^ More her basic kind of clothing. East to move in is a necessity, as it's what she wears into battle as well.


Scarlet Zaion








The ability to wield Fire Magic of the highest caliber
Her abilities with it are limited to her imagination and what her body can handle


Always has been somewhat skilled with Fire Magic, but mastering the Gem's power is still a tall order.


She employs a dual claw technique. Designed to maximize damage done with armor piercing blades at a lighter weight then many other weapons, allow for quicker reaction speed, but at the cost of any ranged fighting.


She also carries twin daggers hidden on her person. These usually are just used when she isn't carrying her claws, or needs a quick weapon. Where these are hidden usually differ.



She's very happy and outgoing, despite the times they live in. She much prefers to joke around as opposed to being so serious all the time, although it's not like she can't be serious when needed. She's attracted towards other women much more then men, and will often try to make a playful, yet serious pass at someone she likes, unless she just wants to make someone uncomfortable. Her joking around around and her making a serious play at someone are pretty obvious differences however.


Always raised in a wealthy but strict household, she grew up resenting it. She would steal for the adrenaline rush, and broke every rule that she could almost any time possible. Her parents always getting her off of course. At 16 she got fed up with it all and tried to run away. However after just a few days she was apprehended and brought back. Every now and then she'll try it again and again, but to no avail. Maybe one of these days she'll actually get out.


So begins...

Scarlet Zaion's Story