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Zetisuke Krovi

"My kin are dishonored because of one man. Can I make a difference to reverse that?"

0 · 387 views · located in Elenia

a character in “Elenia: The Journey Begins 2”, as played by Magix


Just to Note, he is usually called Zet rather then by his full name.

Age: 21


Light Elenian



He rarely takes off his hood other then for sleeping. However if he does under it one would see bright emerald green eyes and shorter white hair.

(Reading the Biography first will help understand this better)
Because of the way he was raised and not being able to reach his dreams, he is un trusting of people at first. However if he thinks of you as an ally, his loyalty is un surpassed. He would gladly lay down his life to save one of his friends. That being said he is pretty outgoing even if it is halfway faked at first so he can see what someone is like. He doesn’t let pain and despair rule his life, in fact it’s quite the opposite. He looks at every problem as an obstacle he can overcome and won’t stop until he does. A burning will, with an Iron clad goal, and a pure heart drives him to save the world from this war, hopefully restoring his families honor in the mix.


Being from a Clan that specializes in techniques utilizing blood (Krovi), Zet is no different.

- Blood Rage: He can activate this ability at will in order to gain a power boost that is different from normal means. This can make his blade sharper and much more durable, his throws stronger, ect, however it is all at the cost of bringing damage to his own body. Say he uses it to cut through a stone wall, his arm would begin to bleed as if it were cut open as well. A dangerous technique, that is even more dangerous without someone who can heal around as damage can stack up rather quickly.

- Krovian Durability: While not the most creative name, this is a secondary passive ability only certain Krovi clan members are born with. They must be of “pure heart” so they can avoid the evils that may come with the skill. The More Damage one takes and the more blood they are covered in (theirs or an enemies) the stronger, faster and more agile they become. However it cannot be intentionally put there by him or an ally. If that were to happen the reverse would occur and he would get weaker, slower, ect.

- Zet specialized his training in quick stealth movements and agility like an assassin, and tries to rely on his ability only when stealth is unavoidable or his target wears thick armor.


He carries Various knives on his person. Two small daggers carried on his waist are actually the only ones visible.

He carries one of these larger blades hidden in each of the gauntlets on his arms. They are actually his main attacking weapons, for close range combat.

Around various parts of his body he has about 20 of these even smaller throwing knives on him for ranged combat. He is capable at still only fighting mid range combat at a max, even with his skills. He is vulnerable to most long range attacks considering they are hard to see incoming and he wears very little armor.

Hidden up his right sleeve and wrapped round his arm he has a Kyoketshu-shogei.
The Chain reaches about 10 feet long, and the weapon (knife and chain) weighs roughly 25 lbs. To see how it's used watch this (it get's gory. If your not into that, don't watch it. I don't wanna make anyone sick.)

*Note: His clothes are specially designed to absorb blood and then to release it when water touches it without leaving behind any blood stains. It was a special gift from his Grandmother before her passing.*

He has spent many years honing his skills in battle as many of the Krovian line do. There has always been Krovian knights, however their blood based skills often made them more feared by their allies then most. He lived a fine life training to one day become a knight, until one fateful day. A Noble knight of his Clan who was also born with the Krovian Durability, went insane on the battlefield slaughtering his own allies in order to eliminate the enemy. The knight was put to death and the Krovian’s were forbid from ever joining any organized army again.

Zet now stands to use his extensive training in order to earn back the honor of his family. He’ll fight to restore balance to the world and even give his life in order to help his family. He hopes to one day ascertain the title of Knight, even if at this point it is impossible for him to.

Theme Song

So begins...

Zetisuke Krovi's Story