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Jet Vareli

Oi, ain't this gonna be a hella'va 'venture?

0 · 373 views · located in Elenia

a character in “Elenia: The Journey Begins Anew”, as played by Magix




The pic without the Metal, without the rings, his arm coverings are made of a maneuverable leather and steel at the elbows and the various rings sewn in. He wears a shirt (usually a white one tucked into the leather coverings). He wears the steel plated eye patch over his left eye since it's gone blind from an injury that he rarely talks about.


Jet Vareli








Light Gem host


Master of Close Quarters combat, including but not limited to Mixed martial arts.


While not a fan of using much weaponry, especially ranged attacks as he sees them as dishonorable, he does use the few weapons he has spent years to develop his skills with.

Dual wielding Trench Knives (shown below), are arguably his most used weapons. While he's not as proficient with them as he is his Katana, he feels it more honorable for him to use them on a lesser skilled opponent. When he draws his Katana with the skull carved into the handle (the skill is seen in his profile pic, while the sword is shown below) against a foe, it signifies both his respect for them as an opponent, and his intent to kill them (or at least deal a near fatal blow).

The Trench Knife, he carries two, one on each side of his belt.

The Katana, he carries this on his back, never to draw it unless he respects the opponents skill level enough to take their life with it. He will refer to it sometimes, as the "Death Omen".

No matter what anyone says, he's a fighter at heart. He's a pretty passive guy overall, never really butting heads verbally with people over things that wouldn't matter to him, which is almost everything that would normally piss people off. That doesn't mean that he can't joke around with the best of them however, as he does like to bring a more lighthearted mood around when he doesn't need to be serious.

On the battlefield however, he's like a completely different person. He always takes in his surroundings, but on the battlefield it's almost all he does, other then fight of course. Bound by honor; much like a Samurai; he never attacks even the most dishonorable foe from behind. Only when they know he is there, will he fight them. Almost always will he draw his Trench knives first, and do battle with a new opponent. He only draws his blade, which he appropriately calls "Death Omen", to acknowledge his opponents skill, and 9 times out of 10 to signify his intent to kill. When the opponent is respectable, but he doesn't wish to kill them, he will pull a fatal blow and either just wound them or strike them with the back of the blade. There's quite a few scars on his body, but he's never had the dishonor of a foe landing even a single blow on his back, not that he's been in many all or nothing battles overall.


Growing up the only son of an old Dojo master, Jet was always into martial arts. He quickly rose to the challenge of learning many different fighting styles, adapting aspects them into his own personal style. After his father's death while Jet was 20, his mother having her untimely demise in childbirth, Jet found himself alone but never lost his outlook on life. He was considered a master of all his father had taught him, but he still strived to better himself and do more.

Closing down his father's Dojo for a year, he went on a journey across Yarevon, strengthening his mental focus and his endurance. After that he returned home stronger and more mature then before (although sometimes the way he acts may beg to differ). No matter what happens though, he always strives to better himself, keeps his hope and pride in tact, and above all else he never misplaces his sense of honor.

Upon his return to his hometown, he reopened up his fathers Dojo and has been running it quite successfully in his steed. Over the 8 years he's had running it, it's become quite popular, but martial arts is just a dying art and is becoming less and less popular the past few years. About a year or so after returning, he had found a young panther left on the doorsteps of his Dojo, injured and dying. Not knowing where it came from, but not caring much overall he nursed it back to health and had raised it as a pet ever since.


The Panther, known by it's name of Shadowmere, is extremely loyal, but unless backed into a corner an/or provoked it's as gentle and warm hearted as a normal house cat. The Strong Muscles in it's body allow it to easily carry around Jet and a smaller person for a decent amount of time. If wanted, Jet alone could ride him into battle, but that would leave Shadowmere too vulnerable for Jet to consider normally.


So begins...

Jet Vareli's Story