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Rie Renard

"You're here and that in itself makes all the difference."

0 · 488 views · located in Elenia

a character in “Elenia: The Journey Begins”, as played by Karri Khaos


When she got her job as a worker in the Library she was given the royal librarian robes. Now of course she has a different size from the one she received as a child but the same design.

A light beige colored long tailed, long sleeved coat, with a gold chain connecting both sides and black linings with a color that stops high on her neck. A black sleeveless under dress with black thigh high stockings and beige knee high boots with a small heel. She wears her hair half up in a low pony tail with a black ribbon, her mother gave her, tied in a bow.

Appearance: Image Image
Name: Rie (Ree-ay) Renard
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Light Elenian


Personality: While she minds her manners and speaks respectfully she does size a person up on the first few words they exchange and that determines how she acts to them after that. Usually she will either find them to be on her level and often she will be a bit teasing/challenging to them, in her own way to help them grow. Or she will think them of a higher level of skill and treats them with the utmost respect. Either way once she warms up to you she makes a good friend and asset, she has the inability to leave someone stranded and believes strongly in leaving no one behind. She's very stubborn at times and is steadfast in her beliefs despite her liking someone she often tries to hide her softer side from people. She can overcompensate at times and doesn't always have a good sense of humor and can't always pick up on jokes and while she is usually logical she has times when she follows her emotions at times when she shouldn't. She is a firm believer in tough love when someone needs a good slap to the face by reality.

She has a vast knowledge of medicine and human anatomy
She has gotten used to gathering information and interpreting it and has formed a sort of speed reading that allows her to scan whole books for key words and phrases and pull information from them in a matter of minutes.
Fighting wise she tried avoid getting close to enemies and has excellent aim
Over the years has come to grasp and be able to slightly wield a form of light magic he transfers energy into a physical form mimicking that of lighting. How ever, while versatile in the way she projects the lightning like energy, it's all she has come to learn to use so far and while it won't tax her right away if she uses it repeatedly in too short of time it will drain her energy causing her to pass out.
On a side note she is also an excellent baker



Weapon: A long bow she personally named Deliverance
The tome that she is studying her lightning magic from named Tempest that is chained her her left arm most of the time (see character pictures) if an enemy gets to close she will use it to bash them back in the head with if she has nothing else.
(If it's considered a weapon) A miniature Dragon named Momo. While she doesn't control Momo Momo is very protective of Rie and often aids her if an enemy gets too close, Momo can fly and has brute force strength for something his size and can easily lift enemies into the sky and drop them down. (See bottom most character picture)


Bio: Rie had a vast craving for knowledge at a young age. Her family was of noble ranking in the capital city of the Light Elenian race so she often attended important ceremonies, even at a young age. At one ceremony her innocent childlike charm and maturity got her a pass to be a librarian in the Royal Library. After that she started organizing the library and taking care of the scriptures and tomes in it, while looking through old, seemingly forgotten, tomes she found one titled "Tempest". She had spent most of her time content with just reading books in the library after doing her days work but this one intrigued her so much she knew she had to have it. After reading it a few times she asked permission to keep the book for her own research and was granted it. At around the age of thirteen she finally started to understand and comprehend the book, it was an ancient teaching of light magic, most of it still vastly beyond her comprehension, but with practice over the next two years she came to be able to use the most basic of magic control that the tome taught. Along with her practice in magic her father passed his bowman skills to her, and after another year of practicing in secrecy, at the age of seventeen, she finally was able to wield the magic effectively enough to show her family. After finding that out they advised her to make use of her talents and join the nights. While she wasn't one for fighting she was one for helping out and knowledge and thought about all the good she could do and all the things she could learn being with the knights and was accepted into the knights just recently after she turned eighteen. While she hasn't been in the knights more than a month she's known by a few people from her brigade, her brigade leader is her favorite person she's met so far, his name is Sydo Reemdel. While she wouldn't go so far as to call him an idol of hers she respects the man a lot and looks up to him. She's also come to find that she enjoys his company a bit more than the other knights that joined with her for they often tease her for being as they put "So lanky" and she feels she can learn more from him.

So begins...

Rie Renard's Story