Eloise Summers

You say childish, I say happy...

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Eloise Summers


Elle or Ellie


Eloise is small for an eighteen year old girl, standing only at 5'3" and weighing only 105 pounds- so she's rather skinny. Her hair is long, falling to her hips in deep red curls. She has creamy white skin and small hands along with a button nose and bright hazel eyes.


Eloise's style is very colorful but tomboyish. She usually wears shorts or jeans with a cute top or a tee shirt if she's feeling lazy. Only on very rare occasions will you ever catch her in a dress or wearing makeup. She has a massive collection of shoes, consisting of twenty-three pairs of Chuck Taylors, five pairs of combat boots, and ten pairs of Toms. She appears very simple and tomboyish with her hair almost always in her face or tied back in a pony tail and always refusing to wear makeup of any kind.


Eloise Summers is a very hyperactive and childish girl. She can't sit still, she'll always be tapping her foot or drumming her fingers or something because she just absolutely cannot sit still! She has a very big opinion on everything and will always let you know what it is, whether you wanted to hear it or not. Ellie is very childish simply because she likes to think that nothing and no one can hurt her unless she allows it, therefore adapting an "invincible" mantra and acting as though she is oblivious to all the bad and painful things in life like her parents divorce or her abusive ex when actually these things effect her greatly and hurt her deeply-she just refuses to show it.


It's the typical story. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, then boy meets new girl and leaves the first girl and their eight year old daughter for the newer and younger girl. When Ellie's dad left, she was only a third grader. She didn't understand why he left, but she still let his absence tear her apart on the inside even though she never showed it. She adopted a fake facade of happiness and closed her hear off from the world so nothing could hurt her again- but that didn't work. When she was sixteen, Eloise started going out with a guy she'd met at a party weeks before her sixteenth birthday. He was nice, sweet, caring, and basically perfect in every way. But, after a couple weeks, the guy changed. He started hitting Eloise. When she tried to end it, he wouldn't let her, saying he'd hurt her best and only friends- Lola and Jessica- if she left him. So she stayed with him and he continued right on abusing her. The only reason Ellie was free of him now was that her ex was arrested and sent to prison for possession of and dealing illegal drugs. Now Eloise doesn't let people get close to her personally. She keeps her past a secret. She's friendly and bubbly and hyper as hell, but there's something dead about her now.



  • Purple
  • Photography
  • Reading
  • Singing
  • Music


  • Liars
  • Pain
  • Heartbreak
  • Cheaters
  • Television
  • Her ex


Eloise has an extremely beautiful singing voice and loves to write songs, but she has stage fright and refuses to perform for anyone besides her two best friends

Her mother remarried when she was twelve and has a twelve year old step brother named Cameron

When she was a child, Eloise's family's house caught on fire and she was burned severely on her left arm which is scarred to this day. Ever since she has had an intense phobia of fire.

Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=OWEmWroORPs

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