Matt Parker

I'm not even supposed to be part of it...

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a character in “Elimination”, as played by ShanΓ©


Name: Matthew Shane Parker
Nickname: Matt
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Matt is your average teenager. He has a mop of unruly, thick, chocolaty brown hair, which is rarely cut. It often hangs around his eyes, and is almost always rather unkempt. It is also reasonably curly, though not to the extent of ringlets. Matt's eyes are also chocolaty brown, matching his hair, though they are an extremely dark shade. They usually have a serious look to them, and can also have a dark brooding kind of mood.
Matt's skin is quite brown, and his bronze body is quite muscular. Matt built himself up in order to compete with the other teenagers in his neibourhood. His face is usually quite serious and dark, and his mouth is often quite taunt and grim, especially in the current situation he has found himself in.



If you had to describe Matt in one word it would probably be stubborn. Once he sets his mind to something, he is going to do it, no matter how irrational it may seem. He is also rather negative, though not to the extent of a pessimist. His serious and brooding looks really show his true character. Unfortunatley, he is also rather arrogant. Growing up in the city Matt had access to numerous wealth, and this has also shaped his character.
Matt also has some good qualities. He is extremely loyal, once he believes he can trust you. Until then it may be safer to stay out of his way. He also has a rather sarcastic sense of humour, and although he jests alot, he doesn't usually mean what he says.


Family: Matt is an only child and he grew up with both his parents. Both are extremely wealthy, and seem to put their jobs before their son. One of both his parents pet hates is mutation, and when they found out he was on the list, they promptly rejected him, even though Matt shouldn't have been on the list in the first place.
Species: Matt is actually neither, though he is on the Elimination list for being a human criminal. One of his enemies dobbed him in for apparently helping a mutant. This actually never happened, but due to the governments highly suspicious nature, he went on the list anyway.
Mutation effects: None, Matt himself has a rather strong hatred for mutants.
Life: As mentioned above, Matt was wealthy. He didn't care for either of his parents, and basically enjoyed being a bit of a rebel. He spent most of his time spending his parents money and running a muck in the streets. He also has a gang, and his rival wanted to get rid of Matt to stop him taking the fame from his own gang. Consequently, Matt found himself on the Elimination list.
Other: Matt's personality may change after a while, though at the start his will hate mutations.

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