Lisa Sanders

'Perfect, and hold it for me? Actually, move your arm just a little...'

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a character in “Elite Modeling Agency”, as played by Angelika Petrova


Name: Lisa Sanders
Age: 25
Job: Photographer
Personality: Depends on her mood. When the work is piling up, she's brisk and snappy, but when she's relaxed she's cheery, relaxed, and generally improves a room's mood. She's a bright kind of person, and for some reason rarely calls her colleagues by their real names, choosing instead to call them by friendly nicknames.
Grew up in Bozeman, Montana, with her big brother after her dad had to run from the cops. Their mom died when she was a baby. She first started having an interest in photography when she was nine. Her brother was busy with college so he gave her a cheap camera dn told her to go outside and get him a picture of something cool. She followed in his footsteps and went to art school, studied photography and music. She still plays cello in her spare time at an old jazz club close to her apartment.

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Lisa walked in silently, too busy looking around to notice the people around her. She was dressed smartly, dress pants, white shirt and a black waistcoat topped off with a jazzy trilby, but she felt like a tiny child in the worlds biggest candy shop. Here she was at Raw Modelling.

She looked around the people, observing their various habits for shoot ideas. She already had a couple lined up in her head, she just had to put then on paper. but first. She had top introduce herself to at least one colleague. Okay. Let's see, she thought. There was a few guys, and a few girls. Jeez. She took a breaqth, walked up to a random guy.
"I'm Lisa. i do photography. And you are?"
'too businesslike!' she mentally scolded herself, but ignored it.