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Ryleen Bonumcorm

"Admit it, we're all snobs and bad people. Difference is; I don't try so hard,"

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a character in “Elite Wars”, as played by Bashie L. Craft


Ryleen Beulah 'Ry' Bonumcorm

Ryleen had been through more than her fair share of bad relationships. Her family is one of the wealthiest and oldest aristocratic blue-bloods there is. Her father, Richard has been through so many women in her life, she doesn't know who her real mother is. She is the middle child and has two brothers, Scott in college and Adam in junior high. They are all under their father's wing to take over the family business, an international oil and gas company called 'B.C.C.' She was always lonely as a child, her father was more interested in the ladies despite giving her all she wanted in a snap. Her brothers were the closest things she has until they had friends of their own. Ry was left in the dust.

Once she entered high school, let's just say things went downhill from there. She began to drink, smoke and see a boy called Miguel. Almost immediately, her path was crossed with a certain Sahra and all hell broke loose. What first started out at backhanded compliments and stealth insults turned to fights and pranks. She was usually the one arrested and suspended because 'No one will get the pretty b*tch,' said by Ry herself. She found herself secluded from the school most of the time and on the school's watch list. She found a friend in Chanelle, Sahra's ex-friend, and bonded with her. The only people she trust in life are her brothers, Chanelle and Miguel but you'll never hear her say that.

Her relationship with Miguel is, to day the least, crazy. She has fun with him wherever she is and one of the few people she would actually think she loves. They are each other playthings, almost like a regular couple if he wasn't such a player and she cared about who he slept with in the relationship. She isn't looking for a relationship but with Miguel, it's different. She's at her happiest and feels like she could trash any car. She opens up to him when she's weak and finds solace in him. She's comfortable in their relationship because she knows he would never leave.

Despite having the biggest reputation in school, Ry is intelligent in her school work and cunning in the business world. Unfortunately, her academics are always overshadowed by her wild antics and bad girl image. She is aggressive in more ways than one, too frisky and jaded for a young woman like herself. Wherever she is, she is prone to sarcastic, almost deadpan remarks and her offhand mentions are played jokingly. Bold and daring, she will do anything she feels like no matter what happens.

But beneath that hard shell is a heart of gold that Ry might not even know of. She is constantly standing up with her opinions in the air, telling everyone and anyone how she feels, and got arrested for them several times. Outspoken on her beliefs and cares greatly for her family and friends. She has, and will, hurt you if you even attempt to threaten her close ones. She doesn't care for money, using it for essential purposes, and either saves it for college or donate it to charity. She will try her best to put a smile on your face even if she can't.


So begins...

Ryleen Bonumcorm's Story


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Mornings weren't friendly to the future heiress. Her three of her alarm clocks were beeping madly as the sunlight peered through her bedroom windows. It wasn't even six yet the sun was hitting her eyes. Better sooner than later, she muttered to herself before getting out of her soft yet sturdy bed and entered the bathroom. She looked at herself closely in the mirror, her short pixie-cut was messy as usual and liked it that way. She stripped herself off her baggy pants and t-shirt and stepped into the shower, only washing off her body.

She did her regular morning routine, not caring it was the first day of school. To Ry, it was another day that the White Queen could rule and proceed to mock the 'little' people. Another day Ry would be falsely accused of whatever she had done and the ever-so-lovely queen would point her perfectly manicured little finger. That Ry would love to bite off and stick it down her bloody throat. Oh, that would be the perfect day.

Dressed in whatever she saw fit, the outfit was thrown together that very day with little make-up needed. Beauty was not something she cared about on a daily basis, unless she wanted to knock the life out of someone. She entered her family's kitchen. Her brother, Adam was there, eating an All-American breakfast whilie watching the tv. Scott was in college and her father was nowhere to be seen, again for the twenty-third time of the month. "Morning," she greeted him with a shake of his hair. She sat next to him, grabbing a toast from the table and ate it. Her brother grumbled slightly before starting discussion on TV. Family was everything to her, the small moments with her brother made her day.

Eventually though, the maid called out to Adam, the driver was sending him off and leaving Ry in the unnaturally large mansion. She left earlier than she should, grabbing the cup of coffee from Starbucks that her maids always readied for her and her school bag which . She drove on her Harley. A gift to her from Daddy Warbucks when she got her motorcycling licence. She entered the school's premises, parking her bike. One of the earliest ones to come, she just took her cup of coffee and walked from there. She hid under a tree with her sunglasses over her eyes.

Ry spotted Chanelle, texting something then heard her own phone make its funny ringtone. She took it out of her pocket and saw Chanelle's message.

Where r u? I just got here and I rly want u 2 see my new car. ~C

Ry almost rolled her eyes to see Chanelle. She walked towards Chanelle, "C," she suddenly wrapped her arm around her shoulders, "If you continue to text like that, everyone's gonna mistake you for an eleven year-old girl," She noticed Chanelle's stare at Chaz, Sahra's ditz of a 'boyfriend.'

"Cool car but I don't think that's what you're eyeing at," she turned themselves around to walk into the school, "He's dating the Wicked Witch of The North. Feelings suck and so do guys but he is off-limits. Don't try to be a homewrecker, that's Sahra's job,"