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Ai Quen

If you swim effortlessly in the deep oceans, ride the waves to and from the shore, if you can breathe under water and dine on the deep treasures of the seas; mark my words, those who dwell on the rocks carrying nets will try to reel you into their catch.

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a character in “Elphanor: Tipping the Scales of Fate”, as played by Machubi-Uniki


Ai Quen


Airis Commoner

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Ai does not actually belong to a town, she is a member of a small travelling carnival. Though, it is small, it is quite famous. First of all, it has stalls with foreign treats known to be delicious but also a expensive for they are always delicacies. Second of all are the actual talents. The people whom do the acts that attract so much attention. Ai, is a dancer. Talented both on land and in the water she is well known. However even beyond her fame lies the fame of the musicians. Talented beyond compare many will pay great prices to simply sit outside the ring and listen. However, with fame comes constant annoyance, and with travelling comes the misfortune of never having a real home and a complete lack of decent sleeping conditions.


Angel Fish Selkie

Ai’s fin, the one that actually propels her through the water is actually composed of three separate fins, and are a very slight pink color. Two of them are approximately three feet long and the third is four feet long and contain a black tip. Her actual tail also makes up more than two-thirds of her muscle mass, as well as three-fourths of her height. As a half fish she is approximately 6'11'' in length and weighs about 226 lbs. Ai has gills on the very bottom of her jaw, there it is extremeley hard to see and her ears extend into fins. She has extremely light blonde hair that extends far past the start of her tail. While she is in water she leaves it down and allows it to flow in gently ways about her. She usually has sea-flowers decorating the top of her head as well. Ai's eyes are considered to be a vibrant amber, so vibrant they have appeared golden. Around those eyes, thick and long eyelashes frame them. Her human chest is well toned, evident from her many years of dancing, however Ai also appears to be very dainty. As though if you touch her she will break. Her very pale skin tone, created through complete lack of an actual suntan, gives her the appearance of a porcelain doll. She also wears a top composed of silk and decorated with a pattern made of shells.

However, when Ai becomes human-like her fins are replaced with human legs, however they are covered in intricate tattoos that spiral up and down her legs and even partly up her back, these markings are the same color as her fins and tail. Her arms also possess these markings as well as her hands but not her fingers. When she gains her legs she loses both height and weight, but not tone or figure. She is reduced to being only five feet and six inches, and is reduced to only weighing a hunder and nineteen pounds. Her hair, now dry, curls in large, but seperate ringlets and thus thickens her hair and provides a little volume. However, her hair is not poofy or even frizzy. The constant moisturizers of the oceans and the salts kept her hair clean and smooth, so now her hair appears to be perfect no matter what she does to it. No doubt that is the reason for her pride.

-Angel Fish Communications: She can talk to Angel-fish, simple enough.
-In Water Fins-Out Water Legs: Self-explanatory but it means she has legs on land and fins in water.
-Dancing: Her ability to dance both in performance and battle. It also represents her grace both in the water and out.
-Healing Whisper: The ability to save a man or woman from drowning by whispering to the water in their lungs.
-Water’s Will: The Water’s desire to protect her from a magical attack. (Only works if she is in the water and if the attack is not water related).
-Shell Work: Talented with the use of shells both in clothing and accessories.
-Water Acrobatics: Simply flexibility and high swimming ability in complex swimming movements.
-Performer’s Acrobatics: Flexibility and high acrobatic ability for dancing purposes on land.

One Corseque.

Ai is most definitely not a shy spirit. She couldn’t be one, after all she is a performer, and you can’t perform if you are too shy to do so. However, she does have her shy moments. More regularly she is not only a flirt, but a seductress. She doesn’t need to reveal more than necessary to do either. Simply, she just knows how to play up and peak the interest of a man. Unless she likes that man, then all flirting and seducing ability dissipates leaving her with an awkward sense of self and silence. Thus she relies greatly on the emotion of jealousy to grab the attention of the man she likes rather than conversation. Fortunately she has a good sense of humour so she can at least still laugh at his jokes when they do speak, maybe even make a few of her own. Although, normally she doesn’t speak very much, relying more on her facial expressions and body language to do the talking for her. Last, but not least, Ai loves to smile. Whether it be a small smirk, a toothy grin, or an exclamation of joy, her smile comes in all shapes and sizes and all of the time.

Of course there are things that she doesn’t enjoy so much. For example tears, she hates to cry. So much so the last time she cried she was only a child of eight. Even before then she refused to cry in the presence of someone else. This of course means that she has years and years of pent up tears that she has not cried. On occasion this has caused her to exclude herself from many situations and place her self in areas where she can simply stare at any source of water for hours on end. She’d sit emotionless, and still as though she was simply nothing more than a statue.

Then she can also be angry, though it is not an easy thing to really piss her off. When you do she holds the grudge for weeks, months, sometimes even years. While she is mad at someone she provides back-handed comments left and right and in private outright insults them; sometimes even physically attempting to hurt that person. Although that only happens if the insults are returned and the grudge prolonged past the point of enemies.

Ai Quen was a young Selkie from a small town right outside the Large Central city of Airis, the town, a Selkie town, was deep underwater and was simply called Corral. Mainly because the houses themselves were made of corral, that and it is the most common name for most Selkie towns. Her mother La Roh was both a beautiful and strong Selkie, whose species relation was to the barbed zebra fish.

Her relationship with her mother was not a good one, and unfortunately she had no father, at least not one she had never met. When she was young her mother would express her disappointment in her lack of strength and power everyday, and everyday she rebuke her mother but alas it was to no avail. Her mother would never stop insulting and brutally attacking her self-confidence. Many times Ai would leave the house for days and sleep amidst the angel fish, her closest friends. When she did return her mother hardly noticed her absence.

When the carnival came to her home town she was amazed by the beauty of all the dancers and the music. The food even. It all awed her and she began to hope that one day she could be apart of something this amazing. Then she realized perhaps she could be apart of this. When they left Ai followed, and stayed a good distance away so that they would not notice her. She watched the dancers and began to teach herself and for a long time she stayed unnoticed. That is until a group of young boys from the carnival found her sleeping.

They surprised her and she swam away extremely fast but somehow they were faster. Apparently they thought she was playing a game of tag. Either way she began to enjoy herself, and afterwards she convinced not to tell anyone she was following them. They only kept her secret for a week. However, the carnival accepted her with open arms and she has been with them ever since. When she was sixteen the three boys Jin, Ryu, and Set taught her how to use a pole arm and one of the dancers Lana taught her the art of seduction. But alas, she still has been unable to seduce the one she truly loves.

Who is your fiancé:
This will me announced after all the characters are submitted

Love Interest:
A member of the carnival, Set, who also happened to be on of the original boys who found her and taught her how to use a weapon.

Theme Song:
Got To Be Somebody by: Nickelback

So begins...

Ai Quen's Story