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Alexander Rainiar Dezantro

"Let's hope that the legend helps these young people and secure a peaceful future."

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a character in “Elphanor: Tipping the Scales of Fate”, as played by Ravelin


The High King, Alexander Dezantro


Role: High King

Which Kingdom Are They From: Elphanor

Age: Over 80 years

Race: Warlock

Description: Being a man over his prime and seen over 80 years in this life, Alexander is ancient looking man. With his long white bead, side burns, and what is left of his hair and wringles upon wringles and upon more wringles. Many wonder how the old king could still get around, do his duties, speaking in a voice that could easily catch anyone's attention in a large room, or even breathing. A reason for him not falling over and having a heart attack is that in his younger years, he kept himself in shape by praticing combat skills other than magic unlike most warlocks. It is also have been said that a powerful warlock could prelong his life if he wished, but e/she will still age. Making a lot of warlocks died at normal ages and causes. The king used to stand at 6'4" but now stands at 5'5" due to the arching of his back. Alexander is never seen without the golden crown, symbolizing that he is the High King. The old man still takes his duties as serious as he was when he was first crowned at the age of 35. Though there are more than a few that question the old king's right of mind.

Ablitlies: Being a Warlock, the High King has a large number of spells in his arsenal. Some protection spells, offensive, elemental, transportation, and weather changing spells along with a few other types. Alexander did not earn the spot in one of the ten Warlock Saints for just knowing how to use a few spells. A Warlock Saint is said to be one of the most powerful warlocks that have onorable morality. The High King was and still considered a great Warlock thought he doesn't cast spells as much as he did in his youth. It takes a lot of consentration and energy to use a powerful spell or various weaker ones. Consentration and enegry that Alexander no longer has. If the was a need for him to strike an enemy down, then he still has one or two Warlock Saint worthy spells in him. Other than that, he simply can't do a lot of higher ranking spells but he can still do lower ranked ones.

Also in his youth, Alexander was skilled with lances and was a pretty good jouster back in his prime. But due to his age, he can't really fight with a lance or even really hold one proberly.

Weapons: Back in his prime, Alexander mainly used lances and his old spell book. He had a favorite jousting lance and battle lance that he would prefer to use over others. They are currently in a glass case in his bedroom along with the book.

Personality: When Alexander was younger, no one really expected him to become the HIGH king instead of his brother. As a lad, Alexander was arrogent and lived to have a good time, not going to boring lectures and sitting on a big chair listening to the people of the kingdom. He would much rather go horse back riding and sneak out of the castle and drink at the pub and ignore what was expected out of him. Even though his fater would always some how catch him and dragged him back into the castle and was given a tongue lashing, but at the each of parental speech his fater would give a piece of advise that Alexander would value much later after he matured. Being arrogent and had too much royal pride for his own good, the king's words went through deaf ears. Alexander would be proudly praining on his horse after winning a number of jousting matches and liked to show off his magic skills. Especially in front of the ladies. Which brings up an old personality trait of the old High King, be was a player back in his day. Had a red head under his right arm, a brunette under his left arm, and a couple of blondes around him and leaving a trail of broken hearts.

Most of this nonsense stopped when, to EVERYONE'S surprise, the High King before Alexander choosen him. Sure the changes didn't really change until a accident that occured after he was crown to be the next High King, but after that he was like a new man. Alexander rearranged is list of priorities and placed his kingdom and his people first. He no longer tried to sneak out and go drinking with questionable company. The arrogent, lazy, easy-going natured was replaced with a serious and fair personality. Also his womanizing days were over after he saw Eris who would end up his future wife and queen. Since he was going to be High King, he had the freedom (sort of) of picking out his queen from what the High King approved of. Though Alexander is a serious old man and king, he does enjoy a good laugh and is tricky like a fox. Mainly arranging one or more people's lifes for the better. Even though they themselves don't see it right away but usually thank them later for the insanity he put them in. Much like he is doing with the princes and princesses.

Bio: Alexander was the middle child out of three sons. The eldest was Ramesse and the youngest son is Phoebus. It was thought that Ramesse would be crown High King due to being the first born and a prodigy, excelling everything that he tried without any real effort. While Alexander or Phoebus would be crown King of Elphanor. Alexander struggled through most of his childhood trying to best his older brother in SOMETHING. It seemed like everything they compeat in either it was horse back riding, spell casting, arm wrestling, or how could charm more girls. Ramesse always won without breaking a sweat. After many, many, many loses and the younger constantly telling him to give up the idea of beating Ramesse, Alexander did. This is when his care free nature started and deglecting his duties for the name of having a good time. Since Ramesse thought that lances were not fit for a king and were foot soliders and jousting was a joke, Alexander decided to go for those while Phoebus was busy reading and drawing the days away. Life continued with Ramesse being the golden heir to the High King thrown, the arrogent Alexander doing whatever he want, and Phoebus really doing nothing. That was the day when the High King summoned the three boys (Ramesse was 22, Alexander 20, and Phoebus 19) to offically announce who was going to succeed him after the sun sat on his rule as High King. Everyone told for sure that he was going to name Ramesse as his successer, but gasps of outter most shock escaped through everyone mouth when he named Alexander to be crown High King after he was gone. Even the three sons were surprised and more shocked than everybody. All their lives they knew, well THOUGHT, that Ramesse was going to be High King and either Alexander or Phoebus be the king of Elphanor. For Ramesse, the High King humiliated him in front of the whole kingdom and made the pass 22 years live as a joke. That night, Ramesse left that castle with a vow that he would return and take back what e deserved.

14 long years passed after Ramesse's threat and it was forgotten. Alexander was still doing what he liked form before he was crown, much to his parents', old High King's, Phoebus's, and Eris's dismay even though he was no longer a play boy. Until simple disagreements between the other four land kingdoms turned into arguments that were serious that anyone the crossed any of the kingdoms' borders no matter if they were traders, they were either killed or took prisioner. Naturally the High King tried to step in, but when he did it looked like he favored one kingdom over the rest and made the situtations worst. Elphanor soon became in the middle of the anger kingdoms and war was in the air. It turns out that last 14 years, Ramesse had been behind the scenes and lightly pulling the strings up to this point. One of the spies sent by the Elphanor King, the father of the three sons, to check if Elphanor needed to defend itself saw Ramesse in Fraynia and rallying them up to war against the other three and Elphanor. The same spy tailed Ramesse when he entered the other three kingdoms and done the same thing. All of the four land kingdoms agreed that the battle to end all battles would be taken place in Elphanor. The spy went back to the king and told his report of what he had seen and about Ramesse's return. The Elphanoran King called his kingdom to arms and waited for the troops of the other four kingdoms.

The High King tried to reason with Alexander's father, but the man felt his kingdom, people, and family could only be protected by sword and shield. Sadly, the four kingdoms stormed into Elphanor's capital from four sides with Ramesse in the center of the disaster. Once the fove armies saw each other, everyone else besides their own was an enemy. It was far worst than Alexander had ever thought it would be. The High King challanged Ramesse dispite his old age, the man was around 75 at the time. The two fought in the center of the chaos but the High King was disarmed and fell to the ground as Ramesse rose his sword to deliver the final blow. That was until it was intercepted by Alexander's lance and pushed his older brother back and stepped in front of the High King, becoming Ramesse's opponent. The two exchanged blows but Alexander could keep a decent distance and still attack unlike Ramesse since a lance is meant for that. But it doesn't mean that Ramesse still didn't give up. He merely gave up on his sword and resorted to magic instead. Since Alexander was unprepared for the magic strike, he fell to the ground and his lance fell out of his hands. Ramesse stod over Alexander once again holding his sword and was going for the final blow, but Alexander summon a bolt of blue lightning from his index finger and aimed for his brother's heart. The magic went through and a large hole where Ramesse was in place of his heart, causing his to die a fast death. The battle still raged even after Ramesse was defected. In order to stop the fighting, Alexander summoned up on of the largest thunder storms in the history of Elphanor and the loud clashes of thunder and lightning got everyone's attention. Alexander than gave a speech that touched the hearts of everyone there which made them willing drop their weapons.

Peace was once again came to the five land kingdoms, but at a heavy price. The wounds that Ramesse infected on the High King caused the old man to die the next day- the day that Alexander turned 35. After the battle and the High King's death, Alexander finally realized how improtant it was too keep the harmony of the five land kingdoms and do whatever he can to prevent such a thing to happen again. For years, the kingdoms got along as they could and Phoebus rule over Elphanor came and went and died a happy man with grown children of his own. Alexander's wife also died from natural causes when Alexander was 78 years old. Even though he was sadden by the lost of his dear little brother and beloved wife, the peace of the kingdoms set his mind at ease. Until recently, the four kingdoms are once again disagreeing with each other. Though they are simple disargeements and small arguments, Alexander knows all too well that war cloud will be coming after he passed. So an idea of sorts came to the old fox's mind and thus decided to arrange the crown princes and princess to be engaged to commoners.

Theme Song:Wavin' Flag by K'naan

What he looked like in his younger days:


So begins...

Alexander Rainiar Dezantro's Story