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Demetrius Lastarus Septum

"Even with my flames sealed within, my heart remains cold as ice... It might be side effect for being so great. The cool and hot prince of Ruthen....That sounds about right."

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a character in “Elphanor: Tipping the Scales of Fate”, originally authored by FunnyGuy, as played by RolePlayGateway


Demetrius Lastarus Septum

Role: Prince
Which Kingdom Are They From: Ruthen
Background Information about Your Kingdom: Besides the large oasis the castle/palace is built on, Ruthen is a harsh and almost barren wasteland. There are are other settlements held at any other oasis within in the desert, but there are many that stick with just being nomads or even raiders if it comes down to it. The sandstorms misguide many, but hide many treasured secrets and deadly fortunes. The western part of the desert is known to be calmly ventured due to the large population of giant scorpions in that area. These are only a few of the surrounding elements of Ruthen.

Within the oasis, many tropical fruit can be found and regrown. With no population of Nymphs in Ruthen, the kingdom must depend on old fashion cultivating. Structures within the kingdom are made nearly of just stone.

The government system of Ruthen is one that can greatly compare to a Democratic Empire. Regarding internal affairs of the kingdom, the people have a voice. Demetrius is very favorable of this policy only because it takes some work off his load and keeps the people from revolting. External affairs such as trade, war, or threats to the people are dealt with by Demetrius and a council of three representatives. These representatives are chosen by different classes of people within the kingdom. The Laborers, Military, and Aristocrats. The Military representative is always the general of the military, while the other positions are chosen by the separate classes of people. The three representatives come up suggestions and even strategies that could be used to benefit the kingdom. Internal and External decisions need to be passed through Demetrius though. This approval is done after a representative(s) present their issue and solution.

Within the society, men and women have equal rights. This isn't shown much though as men hold higher positions in the society. This is mostly due to how recent this policy was put in place. The policy was only made after the previous king realized he no male heirs to pass the throne to. He refused to turn his family into commoners, so he slyly passed the law "for the people". The Septum family have had control of the throne for centuries, making the throne something passed down from heir to heir.

An unwritten and unspoken laws are very apparent in Ruthen when discrimination is found. With democracy and two separate social classes, decisions aren't always made so smoothly. Basically, Aristocrats and Laborers don't always see eye to eye in internal affairs. Ifirit are at the very bottom of the ladder in the Kingdom of Ruthen. You'll rarely find Ifirit Aristocrats in Ruthen. Ifirits can however, find a high place in the military as society only see them as people who were only meant to destroy. If you could put something below an Ifirit it would nothing other than a mixed race citizen. mixed races aren't looked at kindly within the six kingdoms, but Ruthen could be the harshest. Ruthen has a deep pride when it comes to pure races, especially with the Blood Sand Tournament, which is an annual tournament that presents riches to the victors family. Mixed races will be lucky to even find an occupation in Ruthen if they are discovered and are even banned from entering the Blood Sand Tournament. Though the mixed races have no serious laws against them, they are shunned from society.

Blood Sand Tournament: Is a tournament held once a year in Ruthen. Demetrius calls it the "lottery of the kingdom" as it gives poor commoners the chance to move up the social ladder. The competition is accepts one primary member of a family to enter. The tournament is centered around combat prowess alone and the victor not only gains fame, but they're also rewarded with great wealth
Age: 20
Race: Warlock and Ifirit
Description: Due to the sun exposure, Demetrius takes on a dark complexion as most people aren't pale in Ruthen. He is usually not seen with too much jewelery on except for his crown that he rarely wears because he finds it uncomfortable. He's usually dressed in robes which guard from the sun but don't make him feel too stuffy at the same time.
Abilities: Dimitri holds great pride in magic that flows strongly in his veins. Being half Warlock, he possesses magic that only centers around souls and spirits. Demetrius can notice very strong wants and desires within a person, but can't pin point them down to specifics (example: He can know if you want or dislike something, but won't know what it is. Like, just reading the emotion). He can also command and see souls of the dead, thought they can't do much for him without a body, and even then, they're almost mindless husks. He can command animals, but can only keep them to their natural instincts (so he can't make a polar bear give snuggly hugs and eat vegetation all of a sudden). Demetrius also tries to keep his natural affinity for fire from being discovered. His power over fire is powerful but very unstable due to suppressing for so long.
Weapons: None besides a spell book he takes a look at every now and then.
Personality: Calling Demetrius prideful is an understatement. He might as well call himself the High King from the way he acts. He'd be a tyrant if he wasn't so comical at times, or perhaps he's just too lazy to rule with an iron fist. Demetrius is often rude, and will give a smartass remark any chance he gets. He's simply the best in his eyes, and no one can tell him any different. As long as you understand that he's at the top of the totem pole, he has no problem with you. The man has always seemed to like the quiet. No one knows why, because most are afraid to ask.

Few know, but Demetrius' Ifirit roots are kept secret. He despises the mixed rce he has become only because he tries so hard to suppress his power over fire. He doesn't cast his hate onto Ifirits, but he hates feeling as if he's different and weaker than the rest of his family line. He keeps feelings from surface as he puts on his arrogant and snarky front. Commoners and Royals outside his kingdom would call him heartless.
Bio: Demetrius born from one of the hugest scandals kept secret by the Septum family in Ruthen. The young princess of Ruthen had been caught having an affair with a soldier of the Ruthen Guard. The man was an Ifirit that had helped saved the kingdom from being overrun by giant scorpions. He had caught the princess' eye for quite sometime after his daring feat, and that soon led to the two getting involved intimately. In Ruthen it was greatly looked down upon to have close relations to Ifirits if you were of another race, but what the princess did was completely unacceptable to her royal family. He was not only an Ifirit, but he was basically a commoner. The family felt that the only way to redeem their daughter and to keep the news from getting out and spreading, was to execute the Ifirit. The family thought all was done, until they discovered their daughter was pregnant. The family nearly banished her, but surprisingly, the child showed no traits that were common in an Ifirit. The family decided they would keep his heritage a secret.

Demetrius lived a very prosperous life. He was pampered greatly, taught by the finest of scholars, and was trained in magic regularly. As Demetrius aged, he began to question why his magic couldn't broaden out like the rest of his families. He wondered when he'd get an offensive spell, but he just couldn't grasp it. His mother wanted to reveal why, but she didn't know how to go about it. Even Demetrius was raised to think Ifirits were lesser than the rest of the races in Ruthen from how thin their blood ran through the kingdom. It wasn't until a cold desert night, that Demetrius unleashed a torrent of flames. He had been trying to cast a spell, but his frustration and anger soon caused him to unlock the sleeping power within him. He thought it was a simple Warlock spell, until his mother revealed his heritage to warn him of the destructive powers he held. Revealing this changed him somewhat. He seemed to hate the world after being told he was mixed and would be hated if anyone found out. It was like finding out that he was really a weed within a garden of roses. He eventually grew to accept being a secret abomination to society, but would continue to call himself a pure blooded Warlock. He even attempted to master the magic he was limited to in order to prove his pure blood. Most have never seen Demetrius in any sort of battle, so some believe he is nothing more than a figurehead with a high title.
Who is your fiancΓ©: This will me announced after all the characters are submitted
Love Interest: Demetrius has been introduced to several young women in the kingdom, but he either get tired of them or they end up hating his rude personality.
Theme Song: Break Your Heart

So begins...

Demetrius Lastarus Septum's Story