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Escasriet Leona Xandar

"The High King must be a few coals short of a forge fire if he thinks that I'm going to marry some spoil brat of a prince."

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a character in “Elphanor: Tipping the Scales of Fate”, as played by Ravelin


Escasriet Leona Xandar

Which Kingdom Are They From: Tibolt

What's Your Caharacter's Hometown was like: Escasriet is from a town called Thorncrest in the Tibolt kingdom.
The small town is surrounded by a good few miles of large, strong maple trees that were always covered with red, orange, and yellow leaves besides the wheat and pumpkin fields, apple and pear trees, and corn fields and orchards. Other than those, the buildings were in a small grass plain circle- compared to the forest. The most of the buildings were homes that were made in a simple cabin-like and had either straw or wooden roofs. Naturally, every town has a few stores no matter how small it maybe. The stores were built in a similar manner as the houses but had the foundation and most of the ground floor with grey stones. But there was one building that stood above the rest, mainly due to its size. That building is the XandarForge which is a blacksmith shop own and run by the Xandar family.

Age: 20

Race: Taura/Faaras

Description: Escasreit is medium height at 5' 6" and bright blue eyes. She has more muscle tone compared to most girls but she's not one of those 'the bigger my muscles the better' of Taura girl unlike 1/3 of the female Taura population was. Since her grandfather's blacksmith shop has it's working station outside with all the years of working as a blacksmith as well as training outside has made her skin a medium dark tan. One of the eye catching traits is her unusal hari style along with it's pale pink color. Escasriet's hair has a bit of spiking in the bangs and the right side of her hair, which only going a little below her ear in it's legnth. The left side of her hair is lazy curls from the ear down. Escasriet always walks with her head forward with a confident strive as if she's more than ready to take anything that comes her way.

On the other side of the Escasriet coin, her Faaras form is a large bird that has red and pale pink feathers with seven long odd shaped tail feathers. She has a wing span of 15 feet and stands around the height from a grown man's stomach to the ground. Escasriet also has a sharp beak and talons in this form, but she is unable to talk in this form. She could have expression on her little bird face and could do gestures, but other than that probably only other Faaras in their animals forms or real animals could understand her.
Faaras Form (The dark blue feathers are red and the white are pale pink)

Ablitlies: Escasriet doesn't have any other abilites apart of her non human strength, but she is a skilled swordswoman. She always makes sure that her favorite sword is with her at all times, and will use it at any sign of trouble. Her skill with a sword is not only powerful but it is also grace and precise. To train in the fall, she would normally go into the forest and stand in the center of a troop of falling leaves. By using precision, she would cut each leaf in half before they fell onto the ground. Other than swordsmanship, Escasriet is also somewhat skilled with lances, decent with bow/arrows, and fearsome with hand-to-handcombat.

She could turn into her eagle-like Faaras form, but only for a limited time unlike a full blooded Faaras. Escasriet also doesn't have the same strength as a full blooded Taura and would most likey lose to one if they were arm wrestling or something else that was purely power verus power.

Weapons: Her favorite sword that she has at all times, but she is also skilled with hand-to-hand combat as well as throwing knives
Throwing Knives

Personality: Most people that know Escasriet would use two words, prideful and stubborn. Once she makes up her mind about something or someone, you'll better believe she'll stick with it even if she has to go through Hell fire. She also is blunt and has a tongue sharper than her own favorite blade. Meaning she gets in a lot of disagreements and fights. Which if there's signs of a fight, Escasriet doesn't back down or run away and faces her enemy but not directly head on. She likes to think with her head while she fights, that's one reason how she earned her nickname "Eagle Eye". Escasriet has a natural talent of watching her opponent or her surroundings for a weakness or opening, maybe due to her Faaras form of an eagle. Which in turn earn her more than one victory. Yet, most likely ANOTHER reason why she gets in so many fights. Being blunt and confronting people trying to act their part around her.

She is cautious and a bit untrusting when she first meets someone, but after a bit of time she'll either warm up to you or try to ignore your existance. Depending on the person. But that is her outter shell, underneath the raging fighter is a loyal friend and lover. The few that can called themselves friends of hers know that she would put her life on the line in order to save them nor abandon them even if they abandon her unless it was some foolish reason like trying to fit in some other group or no reason what so ever. Escasriet is distance to people as it is, except the ones she allows to get close, especially after her mother done to her family but to her as well. So when she's betrayed, which hadn't happen yet, she will become a nearly emotionless loner for a short time period until she or someone else snap herself out of it. Other than that, she is rarely vulnerable and is a bit on the cocky and sarcastic side.

History: Escasriet was mainly raised with her five older brother by their grandfather. Her birth mother, Eris, was a full Taura like their grandfather, and her father was a Faaras. The six siblings' mother died from some illness that Escasreit forgot the name of a long time ago when she was seven. It illness had something in the Taura woman's body break down little by little after each brith until her body finally broke down. The father was out of the picture by the time that Escasriet was born. Actually, only the eldest son remembers him but the man's face is but a blur and vaguly remembers the man's voice. Escasriet briefly remember there mother going on yearly trips to the coast before she died. It was some time later, when all the kids were older, that her grandfather told them that it was their father that Eris was seeing every year by the sea once a year. He told him it was due to his job that he couldn't stay with them or their mother. Though every time their father was brought up in any type of conversation, the grandfather looks like he swallowed a jar full of slimy slugs. After a while, Escasriet and the others realized that their grandfather was not a fan of their fater unlike their mother was and stopped mentioning him. So most of Escasriet's live was highly influenced by her brothers and grandfather, who owned and ran his own blacksmith.

Her brothers all worked in the blacksmith at some point, but all for a short time since they grew their own interest. As for Escasriet once she started to help out in the shop at the age of ten, the little girl loved the forging of metal weopens and armor and pounding the hot steel with a large hammer. Even though she could do anything at the time besides getting the materials together and cleaning the floors and equipment. As she grew oldder, her grandfather taught her the tricks of the trade and let her start becoming a black smith. Now, Escasriet is one of the main blacksmiths like her grandfather in the shop.

Years went by and she and her family got by perfectly.Well, apart from the sibling brawls that happened at least once a day and more on others. Her brothers already moved out of the house and now had lives of their own and a few of them even had a family. Guys started to come by the shop when Escasriet was 18, and to her and grandfather's annoyance just to "talk" wit her. In other words flirt and try to ask her out. She flat out refused all of the guys that entered and hanged around the shop for periods of time without buying anything and just wasted her time while she was working. There were a few guys that got smart and talked to her when she was walking through town, Thronecrest was aminly filled with elderly people or older people that already started to form families. So Escasriet was popluar by defult. Anyway, she did try to date a few of the guys but dumped them not long after for various reasons. Some actually had the balls to cheat on her, some tried to change her into being more girlish, etc. (How she came to be one of the choosen girls will be revealed in the RP)

Who is your fiancé:TBA

Love Interest: No one, Escasreit can't be tamed while guys have tried. Though she did date a few guys and was even serious with one of them, but he soon had his eyes and mind on another girl that was everything she wasn't. So needless to say, after that relatonship, which ended a year and a half before the Elphanor offical came to Thronecrest, she remined single.

Theme Song:
Janet Dacal and Darren Ritchie-Don't Wanna Fall In Love

So begins...

Escasriet Leona Xandar's Story