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Ikar Fearlock Rayth

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a character in “Elphanor: Tipping the Scales of Fate”, as played by Ravelin


Prince Ikar Fearlock Rayth


Role: Prince

Which Kingdom Are They From: Ruthen

Background Information about Your Kingdom: Ruthen is a kingdom built on ancient kingdoms that are buried by the sands of time, which is how it earned its nickname 'Kingdom of Forgotten Kingdom'. With hellish heat, especially in the summer, there's no wonder why hardly anything green grows. There is a brief time that flowers bloom and the sands are covered with a thin layer of green plants, that during the wet season when Ruthen receive most of their rains. For a short time, parts of the desert looks like tiny meadows. Even the area around the oasis looks like a large garden that only lives for a short while. There's also a variety of building structures in the desert kingdom. Some of the more populated areas like the towns and cities, which there only small handful compared to the other land kingdoms, have buildings and the royal castle made out of rock and clay. Others, small groups of people that are larger than a few families but not large enough to make a town population, either travel around or live in carved in tunnels in the desert rocks. Those who hunt for the past, they mostly live under the desert ground and study the ancient walls of the fallen cities and kingdoms that were there before. There are also temples spread through out Ruthen.

Ruthen is a very religious and strict in their norms and customs. People in the desert kingdom worship two gods. Nyambi, the sun and fire god, and his wife Arebati, the moon and water goddess. Each temple only worships one of the these two, but if you see a Nyambi temple chances are there will be a Arebati temple not too far away. Reason? In Ruthen, the men worship the sun god while the women worship the moon goddess. Since Nyambi is believed to be more powerful, unforgiving since he creates the high temperatures in the desert, shines stronger and much brighter and has more authority over his wife. Men have more power in society than women due. But this doesn't mean that women are belittled, since Arebati does create life, can't have life without water, helps to light travelers' path at night (with help from torches of course). So women also play an important part in the kingdom, but merely supporters of their husbands. But in recent years, some of the younger generation of girls have become more 'adventurous' and nontraditional. The traditional Ruthen woman is a house wife that takes care of the home, visits one of Arebati's temples at least three times a week, listen to their husbands and in-laws, and wear veils to prevent them tempting other men other than their own. The few nontraditional girls hunt, explore, or work and tend to visit the temple some or none at all and most don't wear the veils. These girls are looked down on, but they are greatly more acceptable than half breeds.

In Ruthen, it's taught that since Nyambi and Arebati are, or believed, full bloods that the people should also keep their blood pure and not taint it with poison of another race. This doesn't include mixed bloods of the same race, like two different type of Golems having children with each other. Since they are two of the same race but from different 'branches' of the race. Mix bloods have the lowest status in society and if they are found out, they risk being put in the slave market. Most of the 'non-cities' are groups of mix bloods that value their freedom, and had and took their chance to run from the life of chains. Many of the castle's servants are mixed blood slaves. people sort of use enslaved mixed bloods as status symbols.

Apart of having slaves inside the castle, Ruthen courts are ruled solely on the royal family. Which mainly the king makes all the decisions, but after some thinking and listening the council of head priests of Nyambi's temples. Since women, traditional or not, have no place inside the royal courts. the royal family has always have been Golems, Sand Golems in fact. Since Sand Golems are mainly found in Ruthen and there's few (compared to the whole Golem race of all the kingdoms), it only made sense to have one of the Sand Golem families rule when ruthen was first formed. The family blood line stayed unlike the last names, since there were a few times that the past kings could only produce female heirs.

Age: 20

Race: Ikar is a mixed of a Rock Golem from his mother side and a Sand Golem on his father's side.

Description: Ikar has a very dark tone skin like the color of the rocks under the sand or in the inner caves, built body like most rock golems, and stands at a eve 6 foot. His golden eyes seem to match fairly well with his skin tone and his dark reddish brown hair (color like the pic above and the style in the link pic) and black face tattoo. The tattoo on his face is like a crown that the next in line ruler would wear int he other kingdoms. It symbolizes that Ikar will be the next king of Ruthen, but there have been some cases that the Ruthen heir being disowned by trying to change their traditions with outlandish ideas. When disowned, the former heirs would have a large scar covering the 'crowned' tattoo and usually lose use of their eye in the process. Ikar usually wears clothes and jewelry like those.

Ablitlies: Ikar's specialty is controlling sand since his Sand Golem is strong than his mother's blood line. He can control a small hill side pile of sand (about the height of the average tailor home) and change the shape of it. Like he could create a large hand, hundreds of sand needles, etc. He could also slightly control rock, a gift from his mother's blood, but only a single rock at a time. Plus the large than the rock, the more concentration the he has to put into moving it. For example, a rock that could fit in the palm in your hand, Ikar could move it easily without much thought. But a rock size of a small car, he has to put all of his concentration into move it and would be slow moving. So he if he can, Ikar would fight with sand rather than rock.

Weapons: Ikar carries a saber on his waist.

Personality: Being thick headed as a bull, someone would say if they didn't fear him. Ikar is a stubborn and arrogant prince that thinks his word is law, well it will when he is crown king but it never hurts to get in a little practice. If he believes that something is true or that he's right, nothing will change his mind even if you put him through the most horrid torture method. His stubbornness also plays a part in his cruel side of his personality. If someone goes against his belief, he would instantly hate that person. Sure he wouldn't want them hang from simply disagreeing with him (if they are not from Ruthen and are half bloods. He has a double standard with people, tends to be crueler to his subjects since they live in his kingdom and already know Ruthen's laws). Ikar also doesn't take any liking to people that question his belief, he's not the sharpest sword. So if they continue their questioning and he's unable to give in explanation, he would turn to point his saber at that person's throat and give them a single warning and then storm off.

Bio: Let's start with the fact that Ikar is actually a bastard child. When Ikar it was born, the fact that the queen didn't birth him wasn't hidden nor was it a scandal. The queen turned out infertile after five years after being married to the king and the king was in need of an heir. Actually heirs, a good ruler always have at least one "back-up heir" in case the first born shames the family or dies. So the king turned to Golem noble women, and one of those women gave birth to Ikar, the king's first born son. As the years went by, Ikar was followed by seven younger siblings but has two older sisters. The children of the king were raised that the queen was their mother but other women gave birth to them. Yes, on occasion they did meet and chatted with their birth mothers but nothing more than that rather they liked it or not. Since at a young age, the ten princes and princesses were taught to never question Ruthen's belief, customs, norms, and that Ruthen was blessed by their gods unlike the other kingdoms. They also payed many visits to their god's and goddess's temples as they grew.

The naturally took special attention to Ikar, since he was going to be crown king on day, and made sure to pound their way of life in his head and Nyambi's punishment if he went against him. Mainly bring shame to his family and giving him the disowning scar which usually ends with banishment to the desert. Other than king and crown prince relationship, Ikar and his father didn't and probably never will have a true father-son bond. Not that Ikar doesn't mind. Showing affection is a sign of weakness and weakness is a death sentence in the unforgiving desert. So beyone instruction or some sort of gathering, Ikar and his father hardly interacted with each other.

Not long after he's 20th brithday, only a few months, a dark elf came from Galanor with the announcement that he was going to be engaged. At first, it seemed like Ikar had won the gods' favor and was going to award him with a worthy bride. Since when the heir turns 20, he begins to look for his future queen to wed when he's 21. That was until the elf added that he was to wed a lowly commoner and Golems are not common through the other kingdoms, the chances are very high that Ikar would be forced to wed a woman from another race. Meaning the only children he would bring to the world would be half breeds....

Who is your fiancé: TBA

Love Interest:

Theme Song: The Offspring - You're gonna go far, kid

So begins...

Ikar Fearlock Rayth's Story