Rima Cybelle Vallombrosa

The Lost Princess of Gai

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Rima Cybelle Vallombrosa


Role: Princess

Which Kingdom Are They From: Gai

Background Information about Your Kingdom: The Kingdom of Gai lies in the East and has an almost year round spring climate that supports the growth of phenomenal trees, flowers, fruit and vegetables which give the kingdom a dream like floral scent. At the center of the kingdom lies a tree which is centuries old and homes the castle of the kingdom. Gai is known for it's healing herbs, vibrant clothing, and peaceful nature. The Kingdom is almost entirely covered in a healthy green forest that promotes beautiful wildlife, but there are some parts of the forest which home dark creatures. To the north, where the kingdoms of Gai and Iroldak meet, the trees grow tall and thin with brittle branches. The animals and people of Gai do not dare venture here, for it is not uncommon for mountain lions and polar bears (and half breeds of carnivorous creatures) to wonder in to the eery skeleton like trees. To the south, where the borders of Gai and Ruthen meet, the trees fade away completely and only leave behind small parched bushes which die of thirst and heat. This part of the forest is avoided due to poisons plants which thrive in the heat and the giant scorpions and snakes which hunt in the blistering sun. To the east of Gai lies the vast ocean where you can get a glimpse of Airis, but larger creatures prefer to stay close to the shore so many do not venture there.

Age: 20

Race: Full blooded Nymph.

Description: Rima stands at 5'11" with a strong lean body, toned from her years in the forest climbing mountainous trees and eating extremely healthy food. Her shoulders are strong and rounded, her arms thin though shaped with the hint of strong lean muscles beneath her skin. Rima's chest is neither small nor voluptuous, simply suiting her body. Her waist is trim and narrow, curving out slightly to allow for the gentle slope of her hips. Rima's thighs are shapely and firm with muscle, moving in smoothly to her strong calves and calloused feet from climbing trees barefooted. Her skin is tanned in a healthy glow, covered in numerous small scars and henna tattoos on her shoulders which swirl down to her biceps. The largest scar is the six inch scar running down the length of her right forearm, caused by Sinclair. Her hair is a rich chestnut brown, falling in thick loose curls to just below her chest. Her hair is cut in a variety of layers so that it frames her face. Rima has distinctive high cheek bones, a straight nose, full lips, a fairly strong jaw line, dark angled brows. The most shocking feature of Rima's are her eyes which are a vibrant emerald with a rich glowing gold shining through. Her eyes are wide and framed with long thick lashes that curl out dramatically.

Rima wears vibrant colored clothing and has no problem with baring her skin in midriff baring tops or dangerously short skirts. Having grown up out in the forest, she never had feel self conscious about showing skin because it made her feel closer to nature. She does not walk around naked, however, or in skimpy clothing to appear flirtatious or sexy. She does it because it's what feels right to her.

Rima also wears a lot of loose bangles that she has made from wood and enjoys wearing bright colored makeup or facial paint that she made from berries in the forest.

Finally, whenever possible, she is barefooted.

*Voice of Nature: Rima can communicate with animals and understand them. She can do this through speaking or even by mimicking their calls with her voice.
*Touch of Nature: Through both touch and voice, Rima can grow and create plants, flowers, and trees. The larger the creation, the more energy it drains from her though she has gotten stronger over the years.
*Sight of Nature: When in physical contact with any creature, Rima can choose to see what they have seen through their own eyes. Her favorite animals to do this with are birds because she has a fondness for the endless sky and canopies of trees. This is an almost unheard of gift and the reason for her shocking eyes.

Skills: Rima has skills unrelated to her Nymph blood. She is very agile and sure footed from growing up in the forest and also has remarkable balance from climbing and walking along tree branches for all her life. Because she grew up with the three light elf brothers, they taught her to sing. Her singing carries no magic like theirs does, but she does have a soothing alto voice which birds find particularly pleasing.

Weapons: Rima often carries a dagger strapped to her right hip, as seen in her picture. It has elaborate carvings and a curved blade which she uses to cut fruit from trees and, if need be, protect herself. Even while in the darkest part of the forest, she was never attacked by any creature due to her nymph blood. The only thing that Rima feels could ever hurt her would be another person.


Personality: Rima is a very strong spirited and independent woman. Stubborn and outspoken, Rima has had a hard time fitting the into the role of princess and is often found breaking the rules of the castle. She has a strong sense of what is right and wrong (even if it does not fit with what others think) and hates to see anyone suffering, going out of her way to help people even if she does not know them. Having grown up outside of the castle, Rima has very little book or worldly knowledge but is incredibly bright when it comes to street smarts and surviving. She is quick witted and playful, always trying to find a way to have fun and make the most of a situation. Emotions like anger and sadness are things which she and the three brothers always tried to keep out of the picture, feeling that there was no need to waste a moment of ones life on such negative feelings. Rima is unpredictable and some have even called her wild on occasion, for it isn't normal for a princess to scale down the side of the massive tree which homes the castle and then run off into the forest with three men. Rima's confidence in herself always shows in her stride, though it should not be mistaken with pride for which she has none of; she simply knows who she is and is confident in that fact. She is fiercely loyal to those she loves and would never betray someone she cares for, even if it cost her her life. Unlike Vito, Saarik, and Antaeus, Rima trusts people completely until they give her a reason not to for she thinks it is unfair to do otherwise. Though she prefers to be with the brothers or even simply alone in the forest, she does not feel uncomfortable in front of crowds of people. She made a vow to herself that even though she was now a princess, she would remain true to who she is and never change to please anyone else. With all of that said, however, she really is a genuinely kind person who would never say a word against anyone unless they deserved it. It is hard to offend or aggravate Rima, but if you do manage to make her angry there will be consequences. She gets along far better with men than she does with women, simply because she does not understand why women gossip and constantly flirt and chase after men.

Bio: Rima was born to her loving mother (Queen Sylvie Vallombrosa) and father (King Kaiden Vallombrosa) twenty years ago. The kingdom was at peace, but little did they know that an evil was brewing in the darkest part of the forest. Rima was ten when Sinclair, a mixed blood dark elf/alcatraz, sought to take her and crush the happiness of the King and Queen. Sinclair's entire family had been banished years prior because his father, adviser to the King, tried to use his potions to control the King to do his bidding. The plot was discovered and his entire family was banished. The harshness of being banished, combined with lack of food and the dangers of the dark forests on the edges of the kingdom, soon claimed the lives of his siblings and parents... leaving only him alive.

Sinclair snuck into the castle, playing a lute to lull everyone to sleep, and kidnapped young Rima from under her parents' noses. He intended to use her blood to enact a violent curse on the King and Queen, but he needed it fresh so he proceeded to carry her through the forest. Once he had her back in the clutches of the dark forest, he sliced open her right forearm and let the blood fall from her limp magic sleep induced body into the iron cauldron. The moment her blood struck the concoction, it boiled and turned a vibrant gold and green... which was not what it should have done. A second later the concoction burst into emerald flames with thick gold smoke that enveloped Sinclair's body, draining his life from him in moments. As his body convulsed and began to turn to ash, he dropped Rima's unconscious body. Her head struck the edge of the cauldron at a damaging angle so that when she awoke a day later, she could remember her first name and nothing more.

You see, the moment Sinclair's father's plans were discovered, the King took precautions with his family. They were each injected with a special life long lasting potion created by the Kingdom's most skilled alcatraz which made their blood a trap all on it's own. Since the darkest of magic and potions required blood, if anyone ever tried to use theirs they would instantly be destroyed by their own evil curse or spell.

The King and Queen searched for Rima, but could find nothing but a bloody patch of earth next to a cauldron in the darkest part of the forest. They held out hope that she was alive, but slowly that hope drained away.

Rima wondered the outskirts of the kingdom until she was found by three light elf orphaned brothers: Vito (then 16 - now 26), Saarik (then 14 - now 24), and Antaeus (then 11 - now 21). They took her in and she has lived with them for the past nine years. They became her family and taught her the ways of the forest as she developed her skills as a nymph. She began to have a real fondness for climbing trees, hanging from the top branches to watch the way the sun set or how the wind caressed the tree canopies. The quartet lived as nomads, moving from one place to the next with no real home and often lived on the generosity of others though they tried their best not to. Rima loved this way of life and learned many things over the years, never once suspecting that she was a princess.

They lived on the edges of the kingdom so that they could be immersed in nature and live the way they wanted to. The brothers knew little about the royal family and didn't care much about learning more. News of the lost princess never reached their ears because since they did not have a permanent home, no guards came knocking on their door to ask for any information that they could give. They only traveled into the villages when they needed to purchase clothing or food, and it was during one of those trips a little over a year ago that Rima encountered guards from the kingdom. Antaeus called her name, urging her to hurry up her choice of fabric for clothing, which caused one of the guards to turn towards her out of habit. Even after nearly ten years, the guards were told to always keep an eye out for the lost princess of Gai.

At the age of almost twenty, Rima was now a woman and only the hint of the young ten year old girl remained in her... yet there was one distinctive thing about the princess that they had been told to look for. Her eyes were the color of the richest emerald leaves with the most unusual and shocking glow of gold that flashed like the sun breaking through the leaves of a tree. The young woman turned towards Antaeus and the guard nearly fell off his horse in shock as he saw her eyes. It was the princess!

Rima was immediately rushed to the castle, Vito, Saarik, and Antaeus followed behind in confusion and amusement. There was no way the scrawny brat they found in the forest was a princess! Yet, as it turns out, she was. Her parents burst into tears at the sight of her, gathering her into their arms for a warm and tear filled embrace.

Rima has lived the last year of her life in the castle with a fair amount of protection because of the fear her parents have that they will lose her again. She still remembers nothing of her childhood before the age of ten and desperately misses the freedom of the forest. The three brothers are permitted to visit her, which they do as often as they can, but it all seems unreal. She had barely started to adjust to the castle (often slipping out at night to join the brothers in the forest if she could sneak past the guards), but when her engagement was announced she felt as though her world had been turned upside down. Being told she was a princess was crazy enough, but being told that she was to marry a stranger to help prevent a possible war from breaking out was just too much. What was she going to do?!

Who is your fiancΓ©: To be announced.

Love Interest: For the majority of her life, Rima lived alone with Vito, Saarik, and Antaeus. She rarely saw anyone but them and because of that she never had crushes, fell in love, or dated anyone. Since moving into the palace she has found herself attracted to a few people, but love has not come into the picture. She is not innocent when it comes to love, but she is inexperienced. She has never been on a date or been kissed and does not desire these things the way most women do.

Antaeus, the youngest of the brothers who took her in, has been in love with her for many years but never had the courage to say anything to her. Since she was announced as the lost princess of Gai he has come to the hard conclusion that he will never be able to tell her how he feels.

Theme Song: Child of Nature - The Beatles

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